The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 12

Maxx and Art continued to sit and talk in his charming living room. While remaining on Maxx’s extravagant leather sectional sofa, he took another sip of water.

Maxx sat on his luxury leather recliner as he asked, “How did you like studying the mesnuk game films?” He took another sip of water.

Art responded, “At first it wasn’t making any sense to me. Big coterie males running all over the mesnuk field while trying to put the sludder into the kloxyn. Both teams seemingly trying to kill each other.

Then I started analyzing the horned hares players. I started noticing a trend. From the films, Zith Fleen does appear to be the star player on the horned hare’s team – even though almost always, he’s the smallest player on the field.”

Maxx took a sip of water as Art explained.

“I noticed on a lot of plays, Zith was the first player to attack the other team. I also noticed he performed many solo plays. During many of those plays, he outran his team and was hit hard by the opposing players. On the films, it looks like he’s the fastest player on his team. He looks really fast,” Art explained. He paused to take another sip of water.

He continued. “I could see a pattern but I needed more game films. I drove to the practice field and asked to see more. The horned hares head coach, Jo Mydos, was eager to show me the films.

I spent most of that day in his office watching game films and taking notes. There are thousands of films in his office. Coach Mydos bought my lunch while I was there.

“Anyway,” Art said as he took another sip. “I looked at the film when Zith Fleen was injured. Then I watched several more after he was gone. It was obvious that after he was carried off the field following that head injury, the players started playing like a team. Suddenly they were a lot faster. They swarmed the opposing player – like the Generals played.

I could see why Zith Fleen was complaining. His allegations could be true.”

Art paused for another sip of water before continuing. “I checked the films of several weeks before Zith was injured. I looked at the films from the perspective that Zith’s allegations were true. I made a list of the players who were most obviously abandoning and forsaking him on the field—thus encouraging an injury. My list starts with the most obvious betrayer on the field and works down.

The first player on my list who I thought betrayed Zith Fleen the most on the playing field is Nead Beeing. The second is Cillo Fistor. The third is the team captain, Guiss Korter. The forth is Ti Gurmis.

Zith murdered Nead Beeing first. Second, he murdered Cillo Fistor. He killed Ti Gurmis next. My guess is that Zith Fleen tried to catch Guiss Korter alone several times and failed. He moved to the next player on his list due to the failed attempts with Guiss. That probably really frustrates him. Being a serial killer, his plan, and organization is very important to him. I believe he will try to kill Guiss before he goes on to the next player–which I think is Ric Swien.”

Maxx took another sip as he listened to Art’s report.

“Zith and his pet wolf killed Nead Beeing in old downtown Kinkorx as he walked home after a mesnuk practice. They ripped him to pieces on the street and carried the pieces to a busy road. The body was found by a motorists.

Chief Pomur and the Kinkorx Police caught him in the desert. He was tried and sentenced in Judge Lykun’s court. Judge Lykun sentenced him to life in Xcuymir Correctional.

Eleven months later, he escaped. Several weeks after that, he killed Cillo Fistor in the same manner. He and his pet wolf attacked Cillo as he walked home in old Kinkorx after a mesnuk practice. The dismembered body was moved and dumped on another busy street.

Several days later, Zith and his wolf murdered Ti Gurmis inside his home – not far from here. It was a bloody murder in his bedroom—on his bed. I’m sure you saw the breaking news report on Kinkorx News. Zith waited for Ti to get home after a mesnuk game against the Generals in Wyluxx Stadium. They dumped his body like the rest.

It’s been nearly two weeks since he killed Ti. I believe Zith will strike again soon. He seems to like killing after a mesnuk game or practice.

The Horned Hares are playing the Doxers at Tos-Xiron tomorrow night. I think it’s a good possibility Zith Fleen will try to kill Guiss Korter after the game – probably in his home. I think we should do a stakeout.”

Maxx was again amazed at Art’s research and reasoning. “I promised Jeqrix Grexenn we would at least try to work with Chief Pomur and the Kinkorx Police when he hired us,” he said. “Wait here. I’m going to call the Kinkorx Police station.”

As Art waited, Maxx walked to his office. He sat at his database and picked up the phone. He dialed the station.

At the Kinkorx Police Station in Downtown Kinkorx

Police Officer Jitta ReFrex was sitting at her cubicle desk in the open work area of the station. Her phone began to ring. She sighed deeply with irritation as she answered it. “Kinkorx Police—Officer ReFrex.”

“Good afternoon Officer ReFrex. This is Detective Maxx Zeqster.”

Jitta made an eye roll that shook the room as he introduced himself.

“I would like to speak with Chief Pomur. Is he available?” Maxx asked.

Jitta replied, “I’ll see.” She quickly placed him on hold. She stood and walked across the small foyer to Chief Pomur’s small, dingy office.

She said with annoyance, “Chief! Maxx Zeqster’s holding. He wants to speak with you.” She rolled her eyes again.

Chief Pomur looked up from his mountain of paperwork. “I’m not here! Tell Lieutenant Neuyh to take the call,” he ordered angrily.

“Yes Sir Chief!” she said strongly. She walked out of his untidy, smoky office and sauntered several feet across the smoky, trashy, cubicle filled room.

She approached Police Lieutenant Aqe Neuyh’s desk. “Aqe, Maxx Zeqster’s holding. Chief wants you to take the call,” she said with a smirk.

With an angry look, he grabbed the phone and pushed line one. “Lieutenant Neuyh,” he said with irritation.

“Good afternoon Lieutenant Neuyh. May I assume Chief Pomur isn’t there and you’re the next in command?” Maxx asked.

Aqe’s anger and repulsion was growing by the second. “What do you want?” he asked coldly.

Maxx replied, “My detective agency was hired by Jeqrix Grexenn – the owner of The Kinkorx Horned Hares –”

Neuyh interrupted, “I know who Jeqrix Grexenn is,” he said coldly.

Maxx cleared his throat before continuing at the rudeness of the Lieutenant. “One of the conditions of our involvement in the case was that we were willing to work with Kinkorx Police. I’m fulfilling that agreement with this call.”

Lieutenant Neuyh quickly asked, “I’m very busy. What do you want?”

Maxx replied quickly. “We’ve looked into the recent killings of the mesnuk players. We feel Zith Fleen’s the killer. We also think we know who his next target is.”

Neuyh sighed deeply with exasperation as he listened.

Maxx heard the impatient gesture and continued, “We think it’s a very good possibility Zith Fleen will attempt to kill Guiss Korter in his home tomorrow night. He will be away from his home for several hours. They’re playing the Doxers at Tos-Xiron. We think Zith Fleen will be waiting for him when he returns home. We are planning a stakeout in his house. I’m informing you and inviting your department.”

Lieutenant Neuyh responded angrily, “This department does not believe Zith Fleen is the killer. We’re pursuing other suspects.”

Maxx replied quickly, “Does that mean you’re not interested in helping us with our stakeout?”

Aqe’s anger and repulsion was quickly growing into fury and hatred. “Why do you think Zith Fleen is the killer?” he asked as he raged, “And why do you think Guiss Korter is the next target?” he asked with a red raging face.

Maxx replied calmly, “That’s what our research indicates. We are simply following up on our work.”

“We think the killer is someone else,” Aqe said as he fumed.

“I promised Jeqrix Grexenn when he retains our services that I would make an attempt to work with you. Whether you assist us in our stakeout or not is entirely your decision. I’m fulfilling my obligation with this call,” said Maxx.

Lieutenant Neuyh’s face was red with disdain and fury. “I will personally attend your stakeout just to prove you wrong. You’re looking for the wrong killer!” he said loudly. While in a rage, he slammed down the phone.

At Maxx Zeqster’s Home

Maxx walked back to his living room as Art waited. He sat in his recliner. Maxx said, “There now. That’s done. Lieutenant Neuyh is going to meet us at Guiss Korter’s home. He thinks we’re looking for the wrong killer.” Maxx took another sip of water.

Art replied, “If he’s so sure I’m wrong, why’s he meeting us?”

Maxx replied with a smile, “In case we’re right. He can take credit for the capture. I’m going to call Guiss Korter at the practice field and inform him of our plans.”

Art said, “Sounds good. I’ll be here tomorrow evening. We won’t need disguises.” He stood and walked toward the front door. He turned and said, “This will be a completely different experience. We’ll hide inside Guiss’ home with the police present and the owner’s permission. This will be weird.”

Art opened the front door and walked through. “Nice car!” he said as he saw the new, silver convertible in the driveway. He closed the door and walked toward his blue convertible.

Meanwhile Inside

Maxx was sitting at his database. He had already dialed the number on his phone.

The phone at Kinkorx Horned Hares Head Coach, Jo Mydos’ desk began to ring. He picked up the phone. “Coach Mydos,” he answered.

“Good afternoon. This is Detective Maxx Zeqster.”

“Good afternoon Detective Zeqster,” Coach Mydos replied pleasantly. “It’s good to talk with you. Mr. Grexenn told me several days ago that he hired you. I met Art a couple of days ago. He spent most of the day in my office watching game films. I bought his lunch when I sent out for mine. He took many notes. He said he needed to discuss his findings with you before he could say anything. Did you learn anything from all those films?”

Maxx chuckled as he thought, “He’s chatty.” He replied, “That’s why I’m calling. We learned a great deal from your films. Thank you for making them available to us.”

“No Problem,” Coach Mydos said with enthusiasm. “Chief Pomur never asked to see game films. Actually, he never asked for anything. I never understood how he could solve a murder case without asking questions or looking at anything.”

Maxx smiled and continued, “After studying the films and considering other evidence, we’ve formed a theory. We would like to conduct a stakeout at Guiss Korter’s home tomorrow night during the mesnuk game. You’re playing the Doxers at Tos-Xiron from what I understand.”

“That’s right,” Mydos said. He paused. “You think Zith Fleen’s next target is Guiss Korter?” he asked shockingly. “You think he’ll be waiting inside the house for Guiss to get home from the game?”

Maxx replied, “That’s our theory. Lieutenant Neuyh has agreed to aid us in our stakeout.”

“What happens if you’re wrong?” asked Coach Mydos. “What if Zith doesn’t show?”

Maxx replied, “We might be wrong. This is only a theory. If Zith Fleen and his wolf don’t show up, we’ll keep trying. We’ll catch him. I promise you that.”

“What about Lieutenant Neuyh and the Kinkorx Police?” Mydos asked. “I’m surprised he’s attending your stakeout. Chief Pomur is looking for a different killer.”

“Whether or not Lieutenant Neuyh continues to work with us after tomorrow does not affect our work. Art and I will hunt Zith Fleen down and put him back in prison where he belongs – hopefully before he kills any more of your players,” Maxx said strongly.

Coach Mydos ask anxiously, “Do you need a key to Guiss Korter’s home?”

Maxx smiled as he chuckled silently. He responded, “That won’t be necessary. Please inform Guiss of our presence in his home.”

“I’ll tell him after the game. He’s the team captain. I don’t want him thinking about anything except for beating the Doxers. We need to win that game,” said Coach Mydos. “Good luck with your stakeout. I hope you catch that psychopath.”

“Thank you,” Maxx replied, “So do we.” He hung up the phone. “That went well,” he thought. “I’m going to spend some time on research. I want to learn more about how psychopaths think before we have to do battle with one.”

As the afternoon progressed, Maxx typed in “psychopath” on his computer. As the information flooded his screen, he began to read.

He quickly became consumed by the topic as he read.

Time Passed As Maxx Read About Psychopaths

I’m getting hungry,” Maxx thought as he read one article after another on the subject. While his mind was engulfed in the personality disorder, he walked to the kitchen.

While enthralled, he opened the fridge and grabbed a large snack and water. While still focusing on psychopathy, he walked back to his database and continued with the fascinating study.

The afternoon was advancing into evening. He snacked and studied one medical paper after another on psychopathy and the causes. Maxx also read numerous articles and reports on the behaviors associated with the disorder.

The evening progressed. He remained enthralled in his studies.

Maxx started yawning as he continued with his research. The evening became later.

As he continued reading and yawning, he said, “I’m getting tired. What time is it?” he wondered. He glanced at the clock on the wall that he had hung next to one of his landscape paintings. “Oh my,” he said, “It’s 11:00 o-clock. I’ve been working on this for hours.”

He stood and stretched. He winced from the pain. “The pain is improving. My newspaper is on the porch. I’ve had enough studying for one night,” he said. He walked out of the office and to the front door. He opened it.

Maxx walked out onto the porch. He gazed at the new, silver convertible. “Silver is growing on me. Kotor said it’s new,” he said. He wiggled his lips and bobbed his head. He grabbed the newspaper and walked back inside.

After closing and locking the door, Maxx walked to the kitchen. He opened the newspaper and quickly skimmed. “I don’t see anything big,” he thought as he yawned. “I’ll read it tomorrow.”

Maxx opened the fridge and grabbed a full bottle of water. While leaving the newspaper on the counter, he walked with his water to the washroom.

He bathed and changed into his sleeping attire. He took another sip as he exited the lavatory and walked to the bedroom.

Maxx sat on his bed and placed the water on the side table. “I never knew there was so much information on psychopathy—personality disorder. It’s a fascinating subject.” He crawled onto the bed and closed his eyes.

In seconds, he began to drift off to sleep.

As he slept fitfully, he dreamt of psychopaths.

He dreamed that Zith Fleen and his pet wolf entered his home as he slept. In his dream— there was a great, bloody battle. The Melá-Jutis defeated the intruders.

The night progressed. Maxx tossed and turned in the large bed while dreaming Zith Fleen and other psychopaths.

The Next Morning

Sesla’s morning sun began to shine in Maxx’s bedroom window. The warm desert breeze blew his curtains back and forth. He lies in his bed still in a deep sleep.

Due to his violent and disturbing dreams, Maxx had slept very poorly. It was in the very late night, just before daybreak, that he had finally settled into a restful sleep.

As the morning progressed, Maxx slept.

It was late morning when he began to stir.

Sesla’s sun was nearing the zenith as Maxx awoke. He groaned as he stretched. “I slept terrible,” he said as he lay on the bed. “What time is it?” Maxx rolled and looked at the clock. “What!” he moaned. “11:30! How can it be 11:30?”

He slowly climbed out of bed and stepped to the window. “Sesla’s sun is almost at the apex. I slept away the entire morning. I still feel tired. I dreamt about Zith Fleen and his killer wolf and other psychopaths. I dreamed I fought Zith in this house.”

Maxx slowly walked to the kitchen. “I need a cup of tea,” he said as he began to heat the water. As he waited, he skimmed through the newspaper he left on the counter. “There’s nothing of interest in this paper. Slow day for news,” he thought as he flipped the pages.

When the water was ready, he made the tea. “I’m too tired for painting. I slept too late for a stroll. I’ll spend the afternoon on research,” he said. While carrying his tea, Maxx sauntered to his computer.

He moaned as he sat in the cushy office chair and turned on his computer. As the database was starting, Maxx sipped the tea and recalled the dreams. “I dreamt all night about psychopathy. What an awful night sleep,” he mumbled.

“Back to my research,” he said as the computer became ready. He typed in “psychopath.” As the screen filled, he began to read as he slowly sipped his tea.

Maxx quickly became engulfed again in the material. He read report after report. Article after article. “There’s so much material. How can anyone learn all there is to know about psychopaths?” he thought as he read and learned.

The Afternoon Progressed

“I need to learn all I can. We can’t be caught off guard by anything that Zith Fleen does—even something crazy. I have to be ready for anything,” he thought as he continued to read.

As he worked, his stomach began to growl. He glanced at the clock. “It’s 4:00 o-clock. No wonder I’m getting hungry,” he thought. Maxx walked to the kitchen.

“I could use more tea, my stomach still doesn’t feel very good,” he said. He began warming the water. While he waited, he opened the fridge and grabbed a quick snack.

“That should be good,” he thought. Maxx put in the tea bag and splashed it.

With his tea and snack, he walked back to his computer. He sat back down and placed his items on the small table. Maxx grabbed a bit and said, “Where was I?”

He began to read again as he slowly enjoyed his food. He continued the research on psychopaths and their strange behavior.

The Afternoon Changed to Evening

After reading another medical article about the unpredictability of those who suffer from the mental illness, he glanced at his clock. “Art will be here soon,” he mumbled.

Soon, as he studied, there was a knock on his door. “That’s probably Art,” he said. He glanced at his attire. “I’m still in my sleep-ware,” he said. “Good thing it’s just Art.”

Maxx hurried out of the office and into his bedroom. He put on his plush robe. “This’ll be ok. Art’s practically family,” he thought. He exited the bedroom.

He walked quickly to the door and opened it. “Hi Art,” he said. “Please excuse my appearance. I had a rough night and slept late. Please come in,” he said as he held the door open.

“Not a problem,” Art said. He walked inside. “I hope you’re feeling better. Bad dreams about psychopaths?”

“You could say that,” he said as he closed the door.

Art stated as he stood by the door, “I’ve been doing more research on Zith Fleen, his accident, and psychopaths – I’ve been looking into everything. I want to be ready for whatever happens.”

Maxx replied, “I’ve been doing a lot of research myself.” He frowned. “Thus the nightmares. Hopefully we won’t be surprised by anything he does.”

Art replied, “This is going to be a strange operation. I’m not used to working with the police and the owner.”

Maxx said, “Let me change into some clothes and grab my bag. I keep a few items in a bag for work like this. Grab water from the fridge and make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

Art walked to the kitchen as Maxx walked into his bedroom. Art grabbed water and walked to the sofa. He sat and opened the water. He took a sip and waited.

In less than a minute, Maxx walked out of his bedroom while wearing casual clothing. He entered the office and grabbed his bag.

He walked back to the living room where Art was sitting. “Lieutenant Neuyh is meeting us at Guiss Korter’s home. We should leave,” Maxx stated.

Art stood and left the water on the table. They walked to the door. Maxx said, “It’s probably not the best idea to drive the loaner. It could get damaged. Perhaps we should drive your car. Do you mind driving?” he asked.

“That’ll be fine,” Art said as he exited the home. Maxx followed while closing and locking the door. They walked toward Art’s blue, mid-sized convertible that he parked on Lypont Drive. “That’s a really nice convertible,” Art said as they walked past.

While carrying his bag, Maxx climbed into the passenger’s seat. He placed the bag in the back. “Silver’s growing on me. I’m thinking seriously about purchasing it,” Maxx said.

Art walked around and jumped into his seat. “Silver’s cool,” he replied. He started the motor and off they went. As he drove along Lypont drive, he said, “Guiss Korter lives in the ritzy area of Kinkorx. We’ll be there in no time.”

Maxx replied, “He’s been a mesnuk player for the horned hares for a long time. He probably makes a lot more money that the other players.”

“Guiss won’t be home until midnight. He has to drive from Tos-Xiron after the game. That’s a long drive,” said Art as he drove toward the richer area of Kinkorx.

Maxx replied, “That’ll give us plenty of time to look over the house and devise a plan. We need to catch Zith Fleen and his wolf inside the home.”

“Are you concern about the wolf? It sounds vicious,” Art asked as he drove into the up-scale area of Kinkorx.

Maxx smiled. “I don’t think a wolf will be a problem for The Melá-Jutis.”

Art turned and drove down the street that Guiss Korter lives on as they continued to talk. “His house will be coming up soon,” he said.

“Drive a block past his house and park. We’ll walk,” Maxx instructed.

Art drove past the elaborate cape-cod home. “Nice home!” he said as he drove past. He continued farther down the street before stopping. “This should work,” he said.

Maxx replied, “This will work nicely.” Once parked, Maxx jumped out with his bag of tools. Art quickly followed. They casually walked along the sidewalk toward Guiss’ upscale home. They walked past several ritzy homes along the way.

As they approached the large, expensive home, Maxx said, “Let’s walk around back. I don’t want anyone to see us break in.” Without calling attention to themselves, they walked to the rear and approached the back patio door.

Maxx reached into his bag and pulled out his lock pick tool. “Hold this,” he said as he handed the bag to Art. He inserted the long, thin tools into the lock. Maxx moved it around for only a few seconds. He grabbed the nob and twisted.

He gently slid the glass door and opened it. He chuckled quietly. “Coach Mydos asked me if we needed a key,” he said as he entered the upscale home. Art followed while carrying the bag. He closed the sliding door.

“This is a big house!” Art said as he looked around.

“Jeqrix Grexenn must pay him a big salary to afford this home,” Maxx said as he gazed around.

Art stated, “When Zith Fleen and the wolf killed Ti Gurmis, they killed him in his home. They murdered him upstairs in his bedroom.”

“Let’s take a look around,” said Maxx.

As the evening progressed, Maxx and Art walked further into the home.

“There’s the stairs,” Art said. They walked to the staircase and began the climb. The two detectives walked up the plush steps. “Soft,” Art said as they climbed the carpeted steps.

They walked along the upper level hall toward his bedroom. They walked in. “Wow! Nice bedroom,” Art said as he scanned the exquisite furnishings.

Maxx replied as he checked out the master bedroom and bath. “There’s definitely enough room in here to make a big mess while killing and dismembering someone. It Zith Fleen wants to kill Guiss up here, there’s plenty of room for the attack.”

They exited the large bedroom and walked back down the stairs. They moseyed into the entrance area. “We need to see what’s on this floor,” Maxx said as he walked around.

As Sesla’s sun was setting and the house was becoming dark and silhouette filled, they walked around the main floor. “If I was Zith Fleen, what would I do?” Maxx questioned.

Art replied, “He won’t attack in this kitchen. Guiss would grab something to use as a weapon. There are too many knives and pans. Zith and his wolf would be easily killed by a powerful mesnuk player in this kitchen.”

They walked to the very large living room and looked around. “If Guiss was attacked in here, with his athletic ability he could use the furniture for a shield while he fought back,” Maxx said. “The attack won’t be in this room either.”

Art replied, “Maybe Ti Gurmis was murdered in his bedroom because that’s the way Zith Fleen planned it. There’s very little in a large bedroom to use as a weapon or a shield. Nothing to fight back with. It’s the same in this house.”

Maxx replied as the house was becoming dark, “Our research is proving invaluable. We’re thinking like a pair of psychopaths. I think we’ve discovered why Zith killed Ti Gurmis in the bedroom. He planned it that way.”

Art responded, “He’s probably planning to attack Guiss Korter where the only place he can run is upstairs. He’ll kill Guiss on that large bed just like he killed Ti Gurmis on his bed.”

Maxx replied, “He’s going to attack Guiss in the entrance area near the steps. He’ll block the kitchen so Guiss can’t grab a weapon. The wolf will block the door.”

Art replied, “Leaving only one escape. Upstairs to the bedroom.”

“Where he’s defenseless,” said Maxx. “He and his wolf will murder Guiss on his bed just like Ti Gurmis.”

“He’ll enter through the unlocked patio door and hide where he can see Guiss as he enters the house. We need to hide in there,” Art said as they both pointed at the hall closet.

In the darkness, Maxx looked at his watch. “It’s hard to read my watch. I think the game will be ending soon. Guiss will be on his way. I’d say, he‘d be here in two hours—maybe less. We need to hide. Zith Fleen will be here soon – if he’s coming tonight.”

Art asked, “I wonder if Lieutenant Neuyh is going to show?”

“I don’t know. He thinks we’re looking for the wrong killer,” Maxx said as he entered the roomy hall closet.

“If he does show up, we can see him from here,” said Art as he entered behind Maxx.

Maxx kept the door open a small amount as they waited in the dark.

“Here’s your bag,” Art said.

“Thanks,” said Maxx. He grabbed the bag and set it by his feet.

They quietly waited in the dark.

Minutes past as Maxx peered through the small opening.

Suddenly, Maxx heard the patio door slide open. Seconds later—the glass door slid closed again as he listened. He heard footsteps slowly walk into the dark house. “Someone’s here,” he whispered to Art.

The footsteps came closer to the closet. “Maxx Zeqster. Are you here?” Lieutenant Neuyh asked softly as he walked slowly in the dark.

Maxx sighed as he said, “We’re in here.” He opened the closet door wider. “Come in. We’re waiting for the killer.”

Aqe Neuyh turned on his flashlight and shined it toward Maxx. He entered the closet.

“Turn that light off,” Maxx said in a whisper. “You can wait with us. If Zith Fleen shows, we can catch him together.”

Maxx, Art, and Lieutenant Neuyh waited in the dark—in the hall closet. They didn’t say a word as they waited.

Time past as they waited.

Suddenly the patio door slid open. Footsteps entered the dark home.

“Someone’s here,” Maxx whispered. The trio made ready to pounce on Zith Fleen as he approached the closet.

The lights flicked on. Guiss Korter walked past the closet. “Is anyone here?” he asked loudly. “Coach Mydos said someone would be here.”

“We’re in here,” Maxx said somberly as he opened the door wide and walked through while carrying his bag. Lieutenant Neuyh and Art followed.

“Nice night,” Guiss said politely.

Lieutenant Neuyh looked at Maxx angrily and said, “I told you this was a waste of time.”

Maxx said, “A waste of time for tonight anyway. We’ll be going.” He turned to Guiss and said, “I’ll be in touch when we have another plan.”

As Guiss stood bewildered and Lieutenant Neuyh fumed with anger, Maxx and Art quickly walked through the kitchen. They exited through the patio door.

In the darkness, they quickly walked around the home.

As they approached the front of the house, they were dumbfounded—their jaws dropped. Lieutenant Neuyh drove a Kinkorx Police Car. He parked in front of Guiss Korter’s home.

They remained quiet as they casually walked down the well-lighted street toward Art’s blue convertible. When they approached the car, they quickly jumped in. Maxx tossed the bag into the back seat.

Art started the motor and drove down the street. He turned the car around and began driving back toward Guiss’ home.

As they drove past, Lieutenant Neuyh walked out of the front door. He walked to the police car and jumped in as Art and Maxx continued down the street and out of sight.

“I can’t believe it. That was really dumb,” Art said as he drove. “If Zith Fleen was here, he would have aborted his mission.”

“I don’t know what to say about that. Maybe Lieutenant Neuyh was in such a hurry he didn’t realize what he did,” Maxx suggested.

As Art drove speedily away from the luxurious houses, he said, “Either he didn’t realize what he did or he blew the mission—Purposely. Chief Pomur thinks the killer is someone else. He couldn’t have been happy with our stakeout. It does look a little suspicious.”

As they continued through Kinkorx, Maxx replied, “Your research is rarely wrong. I still think Zith Fleen is the killer. I’m sure we have the right target.”

Art was driving into Bedsult as he said, “We still need to catch Zith and stop his killing. Let’s do another stakeout.”

Maxx replied, “I’ll call Coach Mydos tomorrow and get Guiss’ schedule. Then we can plan another stakeout.”

Art asked as he hurriedly drove down Lypont Drive, “Are you going to contact the Kinkorx Police again?”

“Only if Coach Mydos insists,” Maxx replied.

Art turned into Maxx’s driveway and parked. “I’ll call you after I talk to Coach Mydos,” said Maxx.

Art replied, “I’ll do more research and see what else I can learn. We need all the information on psychopaths that we can find.”

“You’re right. We don’t want to be surprised by anything. I’ll do the same,” said Maxx. He exited Art’s convertible. “Tell your mom and dad I said hi.”

“Will do,” Art said. He backed out of Maxx’s driveway and turned toward the Wyluxx Highway. He began the long drive across the dark, nighttime desert, back home.

In the darkness, Maxx walked past the silver convertible as he stepped onto his porch. He grabbed the newspaper and unlocked his door. “I wonder if there’s anything good in this paper?” he mumbled.

He walked in and closed then Locked the door. “I don’t want any psychopaths coming in this house while I’m sleeping,” he said.

Maxx glanced at the clock while carrying his newspaper into the kitchen. “It’s after midnight. That stakeout took all night just to end up a bust. I can’t believe it. What was Lieutenant Neuyh thinking?”

Maxx grabbed a water and snack from the fridge. “I’m too wound up to sleep. Maybe there’s something interesting in my newspaper. If I read for a while, it’ll make me sleepy,” he said as he walked toward his recliner.

He placed his water and snack on the side table and sat. Maxx took a sip of water and a bite of his food as he skimmed the front page. A headline immediately caught his attention. “I wonder how Chief Pomur likes headlines like these? It wasn’t that long ago when the reporters were attacking me,” he thought. He read the article by Girma Resior.

Chief Pomur Has No Leads in The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher Case

The Bedsult Daily News: Earlier today, I contacted the Kinkorx Police Department and requested a phone interview with Police Chief Pomur. He was unavailable for my call as I was directed to Lieutenant Neuyh.

During a very brief phone interview, Lieutenant Neuyh stated, “At this time, we do not have any strong leads in the recent murders.”

I asked Aqe Neuyh if the KPD had reconsidered their position on Zith Fleen. His short answer was, “We do not believe Zith Fleen is the killer. We feel the killings are completely different and random.”

He followed with, “We are pursuing many different angles while we attempt to uncover the identity of the killers. We are also working closely with the Xcuymir Sheriff Department.”

After the brief interview with Lieutenant Neuyh, I called General Sheriff Kein Mairytin of Xcuymir Territory. I wanted a report on their progress on this alarming case. I quickly learned that everyone was out of the office and unavailable for comment.

While Sheriff Mairytin and the Kinkorx Police persist in looking for a phantom killer, Zith Fleen remains free. Are the local authorities right? Is there another serial killer on the loose in this area? Are we all in danger from two killers? We can only hope the local authorities are wrong and Zith Fleen is The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher.

Only time will tell if the Slasher kills again. Let’s hope another Horned Hares mesnuk player doesn’t have to be brutally killed and slashed before the authorities get on the right track. Written by Girma Resior.

Maxx chuckled as he read the article. He thought as he sat in his over-stuffed recliner, “It wasn’t so long ago that the reporters printed stories like this about me. It doesn’t feel very good does it Chief Pomur?”

He took another nibble of his snack and downed it with water as he continued to read.

Soon, he saw another article that he thought amusing. The story was via the news wire from The Wet lands News. Maxx began to read the headline by Chief Editor, Vyll Pitmir.

Serial Killer Still On The Loose In Xcuymir – Local Authorities Baffled

The Wet Lands News: Today this newspaper received more disturbing news from the authorities in Xcuymir Territory. I spoke briefly with Police Chief Pomur of the Kinkorx Police Department after a long wait on hold.

I asked him if his department had made any progress in the Slasher case. His response was brief, concerning, and unexpected. He stated while seemingly angry and in a rush, “We do not feel there is a Slasher. Those rumors are unsubstantiated. The recent killings were random in nature. You and the rest of the media are creating a phantom Slasher that does not exist. You’re causing unnecessary panic.”

As I asked a follow-up question, I was cut off and Police Chief Pomur ended the conversation. He stated, “As you’ve indicated, I have a killer to catch. I am very busy. If you will excuse me.” Then he hung up the phone.

At The Wet Lands News, we certainly appreciate how busy Chief Pomur and the rest of his department are. We would never suggest otherwise.

Sesla is a small planet. It is reasonable to be concerned that without capture, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher, as he is referred in Xcuymir, could easily venture to the wet lands. Zith Fleen could stretch his reign of brutal killings into this area.

The wet lands already have a terrorist’s gang. Mustler and the Gang of Five seem to be more than the local authorities can handle. The last thing the GCPD, KPD, and the residents here need is a serial killer.

At The Wet Lands News, we are hopeful that Police Chief Pomur and Sheriff Mairytin can catch Zith Fleen quickly. We have confidence that he will be back in Xcuymir Correctional Facility where he escaped from, due to the local authorities diligence.

Maxx laughed loudly as he completed the article by Vyll Pitmir, the Chief Editor of The Wet Lands News. “The local authorities – diligent?” he asked loudly while laughing. “The only diligence that’s going to catch Zith Fleen is ours.”

Maxx continued to skim through the paper as he finished his light snack.

He yawned. “I knew reading the paper would make me sleepy,” he said tiredly. He glanced at his wristwatch. “Oh my. It’s 2:00am. I need to get to bed. I want to take a stroll in the morning before I call Coach Midas.”

Maxx stood and gathered his empty containers and remains. While leaving the newspaper on the table, he walked to the kitchen. He tossed the snack remains into his trashcan. “Coach Mydos is going to be shocked when I tell him how Lieutenant Neuyh botched the stakeout,” he said as he walked out of the kitchen. He yawned as he walked.

After a quick stop in the washroom to freshen up and change into sleep-ware, he walked to his bedroom. “I’ll have to shorten my morning stroll. I want to call Coach Mydos early. We need Guiss Korter’s schedule to make our plans.”

Maxx sat on his bed. He thought aloud as he slowly crawled into the middle of his king-sized bed, “This certainly has been an interesting day. I was shocked beyond belief when I saw the police car in front of Guiss’ home. Chief Pomur insists Zith Fleen isn’t the killer. It’s arguable that our stakeout was purposefully sabotaged.

I hope Coach Mydos doesn’t stipulate that I need to call the KPD again. I think we will have to work independently of the authorities to catch Zith Fleen – like we always do,” he mumbled.

He chuckled as he lies in his bed. He mumbled, “It’s amazing how often we have to work outside the local authorities to solve our cases. It’s no wonder the police don’t like us. When we catch Zith Fleen, and we will, we are going to make Chief Pomur and the KPD look incompetent. ”

Maxx laughed again. “That won’t be good for our relationship,” he mumbled.

“I need to sleep. I have another busy day tomorrow,” he said as he closed his eyes.

In seconds be drifted into sleep. As he slept, be began to dream about Zith Fleen and his pet wolf. He dreamt The Melá-Jutis was fighting them is Guiss Korter’s home. The nightmare battle was severe and bloody. The horrifying dream continued through the remainder of the night.

Maxx drifted into and back out of restful sleep as he rolled and tossed until early morning—due to the violent dreams.

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