The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 13

The Next Morning

Sesla’s sun rose in the early morning sky over Bedsult. The desert birds were singing their beautiful morning songs to welcome the new day. The desert breeze was still silent as it often is before being stirred by the warm sun.

Maxx was finally drifting into a more restful sleep as the natural events of the morning were taking place. He was sleeping without rolling and his heart rate was calm.

The morning continued as Sesla’s sun rose higher in the sky. The warm rays caused the wind to increase. The bright rays and wind gently flowed through Maxx’s bedroom window. His curtains began flapping back and forth with the gentle, warm breeze.

Maxx continued to sleep soundly in his warm bed. His horrifying nightmares had stopped. His pulse was regular for sleeping. He was quiet as the sunshine and warm breeze entered through his open window.

As the morning progressed, while in a deep sleep, Maxx rolled and covered his face. Under the shade of the blankets, he continued to sleep.

The warm breeze and sunshine continued to roll into the room as he slept. He lies quietly under the blanket as he remained in his REM state of sleep.

Several more hours past as he lie quietly while his eyes moved rapidly under the lids. Sesla’s sun rose higher in the morning sky.

The curtains blew gently back and forth with the warm breeze. The bean of morning sunshine was almost fully receded as Sesla’s sun neared the zenith in the sky. Maxx drifted quickly out of his deep sleep. He began to stir.

After several more minutes, Maxx opened his eyes. He moaned, “Another night of horrible nightmares.” He turned and gazed through tired eyes at his clock. “What!” he groaned shockingly. “It’s nearly noon.”

He moaned as he rolled and sat on the side of the large bed. He said with irritation, “I slept all morning again.” He rubbed his soar head. “It’s too late for a stroll. I don’t feel much life walking anyway.”

He stood. “I need a cup of tea. My head and stomach don’t feel so good.” He trudged out of the bedroom and struggled toward to kitchen. “These nightmares have to stop. I’m so wrapped up in my research on psychopathy and Zith Fleen—it’s causing horrible nightmares. I can’t sleep.”

Maxx started the water. “A cup of tea will help my head and stomach,” he said as he leaned on the kitchen counter.” As he supported himself with the counter and gazed into thin air, his water heated.

“That’s good,” he mumbled as he grabbed the cup. He dropped the tea bag into the hot water and splashed it several times. He drew the cup to his lips. After blowing, he took a sip. “That’s good,” he said as he leaned. He took another.

Maxx slowly ambled toward the living room while carrying his tea. After placing the cup on his side table next to last night’s newspaper, he sat. He grabbed the remote and turned on his flat screen.

The large TV immediately powered and Kinkorx TV News began to air. The noon news program was on. Maxx picked up yesterday’s copy of The Bedsult Daily News and began skimming again as he sipped tea and inattentively listened.

“In other news,” anchor Meez Broplen reported, “Last night’s performance by the Horned Hares against the Mighty Doxers at Tos-Xiron can only be called dismal. During their impressive victory, the sea Doxers maintained control the entire game—they seemingly scored at will against the lackluster hares.”

Maxx watched with attention as Meez Broplen continued the report about last night’s mesnuk game.

“Adding to the hare’s misery, the doxers performed a late game surge. The final score was the Doxers – 12, and the Horned Hares – 2.

The entire game was televised here live last night. As always, Kinkorx TV Sports anchor Derrix Weyd, the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares was there and covered the game. Also present was Kinkorx TV program director Stin Gismurr. He insured to the quality of the broadcast.

Coach Mydos and the horned hares have a lot of work to do if they are going to be successful in “It’s the Rallies.”

“In other news,” Meez Broplen said, “There…

Maxx thought as he returned to skimming the newspaper and listening distractedly to the news broadcast, “Guiss didn’t mention the defeat last night. I probably wouldn’t have either.”

He grabbed the cup for another sip. He said, “I need more tea.” Maxx sat the newspaper down and stood. He walked to the kitchen with his teacup. “I’m starting to feel better. This tea is helping,” he said as he entered the kitchen.

As he prepared more tea, he thought, “Coach Mydos can’t be happy with his team right now. He doesn’t need these other distractions.”

Maxx placed the new tea bag in the cup and bounced it up and down as he stood without leaning on the counter. “Let’s see what else is in the paper,” he said. With his fresh tea, he sauntered back to his plush recliner.

He placed the tea on the table and sat. He grabbed the cup and took a quick sip.

Maxx continued to read the newspaper more thoroughly as he paid less attention to the news broadcast. “I can’t believe the horned hares were beaten so badly. The doxers are a mediocre team at best. Coach Mydos is no doubt upset. He said they needed to win that game,” he chuckled as he thought and skimmed, “From a coach’s perspective, all games are a matter of life and death.”

After several minutes of casual skimming, as he sipped the tea, he thought, “How did I miss this?” The story was from The Wet Lands News via the news wire. The headline by reporter Veem Weazan read: Wet Lands Businesses Recovering From Gang of Five Attacks

The Wet Lands News: After months of countless daily phone calls reporting Joqzonion space ship sightings, our phones have been silent on that matter. This newspaper has not received a call from worried citizens since the day of terror a week ago.

As we all remember, Mustler and the Gang of Five, along with numerous Joqs attacked businesses in Meslerr and Guytic City. That act of terrorism was a week ago. Since then, Mustler and his gang have been silent. Not a single wet lands resident has reported seeing a Joq saucer or the Gang of Five.

The shops that were attacked during that horrific raid are being quickly rebuilt and will be open for business soon. Many of them will be reopening with new owners.

Even though citizens remain on high alert, everyone is breathing a little easier due to the gang’s silence. We hope this pattern continues and there are no more Joqzonions on Sesla. We also hope the Gang of Five has somehow been neutralized…

Maxx continued to sip his tea as he finished the article. “No one wants the Gang of Five and the Joqs neutralized more than The Melá-Jutis. I wouldn’t want to have to fight them again anytime soon,” he thought as he read.

He quickly searched through the newspaper for more articles. “That’s it. Nothing more of interest,” he thought. Maxx glanced at the TV. “The news is over.”

Maxx gazed at the wall clock. “It’s after 1:00 o-clock. The news would be over.” He grabbed the remote and pushed the off button.

His large flat screen went grey as he sat the remote down. “I feel a lot better now. It’s time to call Coach Mydos,” he thought. While carrying his tea, Maxx stood and walked to his office.

He entered and sat before the database. After taking another sip, he sat the cup down and picked up the phone. He dialed the coaches work number. Maxx took another sip as the phone began to ring.

At the Horned Hares Practice Field in Downtown Kinkorx

Coach Mydos was angrily sitting at his desk. He was reviewing the game film from last night’s shellacking by the Tos-Xiron Doxers. As he watched and took notes, his phone began to ring. He sighed angrily as he grabbed the annoying phone. “Coach Mydos,” he answered angrily.

“Good afternoon Coach Mydos. This is Detective Zeqster.”

Mydos paused the game film. “Yes…Detective Zeqster,” he said with irritation, “How did your stakeout go?”

Maxx paused before answering. “I’d say, it went about as well as your game.”

That answer caught Mydos completely off guard. “What happened?” he asked with shock.

Maxx replied, “We did just like I told you. We tried to imagine how Zith Fleen would carry out his attack. Art and I hid in a closet and waited…”

Coach Mydos sighed with irritation as he listened.

Maxx heard the sigh of irritation and shortened his story even more. “Lieutenant Neuyh arrived later and joined our stakeout. Zith Fleen never showed. We left when Guiss arrived.”

“That’s it!” demanded Mydos.

Maxx grinned slightly. “Not exactly,” he replied.

“What else happened?” Mydos asked with anger and exasperation.

Maxx grinned slightly as replied, “When we left the home, we walked around to the front of the house. Lieutenant Neuyh drove a police car to the stakeout—”

“So what!” Mydos said when he interrupted. “He can drive whatever he wants,” Coach Mydos said with anger.

Maxx replied, “I would agree. The police car wasn’t the problem—”

Mydos interrupted again. “Then what was the problem?” he asked strongly.

Maxx patiently continued. “When Lieutenant Neuyh arrived, he parked the Kinkorx Police Car in front of Guiss’ home. Right in front!”

He did what?” demanded Coach Mydos loudly as he exploded with rage.

Maxx added, “He parked where Zith Fleen could not miss the car.”

“Why would he do that?” demanded Mydos again while still in a fury.

Maxx replied, “You’ll have to ask him that question yourself. As I said, we saw the car after we left.”

Mydos paused for a moment as his temper raged. He sighed deeply to regain control. “What are your plans?” he asked as he tried to control his temper.

“That’s why I’m calling,” Maxx replied. “I need to know what the schedule is. Don’t the players get the day off after a game?”

Mydos replied as his anger subsided, “Normally they do. However, as you pointed out, last night’s game was a disaster...No—it was worse than that. After games like that, I punish the team.”

Maxx asked, “I’ve never heard of your punishment. What do you do?”

Coach Mydos stated, “It’s simple. I take away their day off and make them run.”

“Is Guiss practicing now?” Maxx asked with anticipation.

“The entire teams here. They’re running the track,” Coach replied with irritation.

“How long have you had this policy?” Maxx asked.

“As long as I’ve been here,” he replied.

Maxx smiled. “Does Zith Fleen know about your rule?” he asked.

“Sure! I did the same thing when he played,” Mydos stated.

Maxx questioned, “How long will they be practicing today?”

Mydos replied, “My punishment practices are always the longest. I’ll keep them running until it’s too dark to see. You’d think they would learn. Every occasionally they play like children. That’s when I take away their day off and make them run.”

Maxx smiled and wiggled his lips. He thought, “I have an idea.” He said, “Today sounds like something only the players know about.”

“Probably,” replied Coach.

Maxx continued, “Guiss will be running for the rest of the day. Zith Fleen is probably hiding in Kinkorx somewhere and knows this. I think he’ll try again tonight. I would like to do another stakeout.” He paused. “Do you wish for me to include the KPD in further stakeouts?”

“Are you kidding?” Mydos asked as he laughed. “Just to give Lieutenant Neuyh another change to mess it up. Forget the police! Catch that psychopath before he kills anyone else.”

Maxx smiled. “Can you inform Guiss of our presence in his house again tonight?” he asked.

“Of course. After practice,” said Coach Mydos.

“Thank you and sorry about the game,” Maxx replied.

“Me too,” Mydos said. “We needed to win that game. I need to check on their running. Let me know how this stakeout goes. I’ll inform Mr. Grexenn of this call. Good luck,” he said. He hung up the phone.

Coach Mydos hurried out of his office toward the players as they speedily circled the track.

Back at Maxx Zeqster’s Home in Bedsult

Maxx sat at his data base while still in his sleep-ware. “That went better than I could have possibly imagined. I need another cup of tea before I call Art. We have a stakeout tonight – and no more police!” he said strongly as he smiled.

While carrying his cup, he walked to the kitchen.

He began preparing another cup of tea. “Those players will be running track all day. That’s some punishment,” he thought as the tea warmed.

“That should be good,” he said. Maxx dropped a fresh tea bag into the hot water. He started back to the office. “Art will be surprised. We thought the next operation would have to wait for days,” he said as he walked.

After a brief stop in the lavatory, he continued to his computer. He sat and took a sip. “That’s so good. I’m feeling much better,” he said. “It’s time to call Art.”

Maxx picked up his DunyII and dialed Art’s DunyII number.

At the Home of Detective Art Nekuma in Wyluxx City

Art was sitting at the desk in his large, home office. He was learning all he could about psychopathy before they conducted another stakeout. As he researched, his duny began to sing. It sang a somber song. He picked it up and looked at the caller Id. He grinned when he read the number.

“Hi Detective Zeqster!” Art said excitedly into his DunyII.

“Hi Art. How did you sleep last night?” Maxx asked.

“Probably a lot like you slept. I dreamt about psychopaths all night. I even dreamt we were fighting Zith Fleen and his wolf,” Art replied.

“That sounds a lot like my night. I’ll be glad when we catch him and he’s behind bars again. Then I’ll stop reading all these reports. Their keeping me awake at night,” Maxx stated.

“I’ve been doing research since I woke. This stuff’s really scary,” Art replied.

“I just spoke with Coach Mydos. He’s punishing the players due to their dismal performance last night,” said Maxx.

“I heard the game was embarrassing,” said Art. “The hares got beat – Bad!

“Coach Mydos is taking away their day off and making them run. Their running now. He’s having them run until dark,” Maxx reported.

“Wow! That’s rough. I wouldn’t want to play for him. Actually, I wouldn’t want to play mesnuk at all. I’m not a runner,” said Art.

Maxx laughed. “He said this has been his policy as long as he’s been a coach. He punished his players this way when Zith Fleen was a horned hare.”

Art smiled. “Zith Fleen knows the players are running today. It’s a good possibility he’ll try again tonight.”

Maxx chuckled. “Right as always. I told Coach Mydos we would perform another stakeout tonight.”

“Are you calling Lieutenant Neuyh?” Art asked.

“After I told Coach Mydos about the police car incident, he told me not to call the Kinkorx Police again. He’ll inform Jeqrix Grexenn of his decision,” said Maxx.

“Cool. I’ll drive to your place. I’ll leave after I tell my parents,” said Art with excitement.

“That’ll be good. Hopefully we can end this case tonight and put Zith Fleen behind bars again. See you when you get here,” Maxx said.

Art ended the call on his DunyII. “This is going to be fun. I hope we catch that psychopath tonight,” he said. “I need to tell mom and dad.”

Art walked out of his office and headed toward the patio door.

Upon reaching it, he slid the glass door open and walked through. He shielded his eyes from bright sun light with his hand as he approached them.

His parents were sitting on their loungers while playing cards. They were reclining under large patio umbrellas to shield themselves from the mid-afternoon sun. They were both wearing their new sunglasses.

“Hi honey,” said Lyndi as she saw Art while wearing her new, very fashionable sunglasses. “Two cards,” she said to Rydon as she threw two cards onto the patio table between them.

“Hi son. It’s a beautiful afternoon,” Rydon declared as he gave Lyndi two cards. He was wearing his new sunglasses as well. “Thanks for the sunglasses. They work really well. Your mother looks very fashionable in her new glasses – don’t you think?”

Lyndi looked up briefly from her cards and grinned while showing off her designer sunglasses.

You look great mom! I’m glad you like your sunglasses. I’m going to Detective Zeqster’s home. We’re doing the stakeout again tonight,” said Art.

“Is that bone-head cop going to be there again?” Rydon asked as he looked at his wife Lyndi. “Wasn’t that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard? Parking in front of the house like that. Did he actually thing the Slasher was going to go in with his car in front?”

Lyndi replied, “Really stupid!… Two cards please.”

“Do you two ever play a different card game?” Art asked.

“She likes this one,” said Rydon with a smirk. He turned toward Lyndi and handed her two cards.

“I’ll be home late,” said Art.

“Good luck honey. Hope you catch him,” said Lyndi as she scrutinized her cards.

“Get the Slasher son. Put him behind bars where he belongs,” said Rydon.

As his parents continued to play cards in the bright mid-afternoon sunshine, Art walked back inside. As he walked toward his office he mumbled, “I’m glad Lieutenant Neuyh won’t be there. It makes me nervous being so close to a cop. I’ve learned not to trust any of them—especially the powerful ones.” He snickered as he remembered Chief Zog Morxoc. “I hope he’s enjoying his prison sentence,” Art said.

He walked into the large office and grabbed his keys.

Art walked out of the office and hurried toward the front door.

After exiting, he hastily walked across the porch toward his car. “Guiss Korter won’t be home until well after dark. That gives us plenty of time to get there and hide in his closet. I hope we catch him tonight. I’m getting tired of reading these sick articles about psychopaths. This stuff’s giving me nightmares,” he muttered as he jumped into his blue convertible.

He started the motor. Immediately the loud Rock music blasted. Art backed out of the nicely paved driveway onto Sunny Trail Drive. He put the transmission in forward and drove his older, mid-sized convertible down the street.

“It’s very bright,” he said. He grabbed his new sunglasses and put them on.

Art continued through the Wyluxx City suburb toward Wyluxx Highway. “I’m anxious to get over there and begin the stakeout. I hope we’re right. I hope Zith and his wolf so up,” he said as his music played loudly.

As Art continued to talk and think about the case, he drove closer to the highway.

In minutes, he slowed and turned toward Bedsult. As he drove along the Wyluxx Highway toward the open desert, he listened to the Rock music and planned. As he mostly talked, Art imagined every possible move Zith could make. “He won’t hide in the kitchen. There are too many knives and pans readily available. He would be easily beaten in there.

I still think he’ll force Guiss into the bedroom and try to kill him on the bed—like Ti Gurmis. I think that was his plan all along. From what I’ve read, that’s how psychopaths think,” he said as he drove.

Art drove across the vast desert toward Bedsult. He was oblivious to the natural beauty of the multi-colored sand or the ancient colorful, metallic stone formations. Nor did he notice the aromatic smells from the host of desert flowers in full bloom. He continued driving while Jamming to his Rock music and planning every move he thought Zith Fleen would make.

“I hope The Melá-Jutis can handle that wolf. I’m sure it’ll be there. It’s been at every murder. That wolfs a killer – just like Zith Fleen,” he said as he drove closer to his destination.

“I wonder when Zith will arrive. We have to be there first. Even if we wait a long time in his closet—we need to be there first,” Art stated while driving.

Soon, as he drove and planned, he neared the Bedsult turnoff. “I’m really excited. This is going to be fun.”

Art slowed and turned into Bedsult. He drove into the suburb as he continued to be unaware of the beautiful natural surroundings. He focused on the mission. “Zith won’t attack in the living room. The furniture could be used as a shield,” he thought.

Art continued through the small neighborhood. “We’ll have to park in a different place – maybe even further away,” he said as he drove.

Soon, as Sesla’s late afternoon sun shone less intently, he turned onto Lypont Drive. “I can’t wait to get going,” he said as he smiled.

Art was still deep into planning as he slowed and parked on the street in front of Maxx’s home. While focusing on the stakeout, he exited his convertible and walked up the walkway. He didn’t notice the new, silver convertible parked in Maxx’s driveway as he walked beside it — only feet away.

“Everything should go as planned,” he muttered as he walked up the steps and onto Maxx’s front porch. He knocked on Maxx’s door.

Art was still deep in planning when the door opened.

“Hi Art,” said Maxx. “Please come in.” Maxx politely held the door open.

“Hi Detective Zeqster,” Art replied as he walked into his partner’s welcoming home. “I’ve been doing a lot of planning. I hope we can out think Zith Fleen.”

Maxx closed the door. “It’s a little early – still. Please have a seat. We’ll talk.”

Art approached the sectional sofa and sat while Maxx walked to the kitchen. He opens the fridge and grabbed two bottles of water. With the waters, he walked to the living room.

After handing Art water, he sat in his recliner.

“Thanks,” said Art with a delay due to his preoccupation with the case.

“Sure,” Maxx replied as he opened the bottle and took a sip.

Art took a sip. Then he said, “I’ve been reading a lot of articles, medical journals, and other reports about psychopathy personality disorder.”

Maxx replied, “So have I. I must admit, this information is giving me nightmares. I’m not sleeping very well.” He frowned as he took another sip. “Last night was bad. Only minutes ago, I finally changed out of my sleep-ware.” He frowned again.

“I know what you mean,” Art said as he took a sip. “I’ll be glad when this case is over. Reading all these disturbing, scary reports is causing me to have nightmares – too.”

“I think we’re right so far on everything,” Maxx replied. “Zith Fleen’s probably hiding somewhere in Kinkorx where he has access to information. I’m sure he knows that Coach Mydos is punishing the players after the dismal performance in Tos-Xiron last night.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” Art said. “Also, no other horned hares player have been killed in two weeks. I think he keeps trying to kill Guiss Korter before he moves down his list. His list and organization is very important to him.”

Maxx took another sip. “From our reading, I think we have a reasonable understand of how he thinks.”

“I’m hoping that nothing he does will catch us off guard,” said Art as he took another sip.

The Melá-Jutis will handle the wolf,” Maxx stated as he bobbed his head.

“I hope so. That wolf sounds savage. According to the witness who saw Zith and the wolf kill Nead Beeing, the wolf’s big, and it’s vicious – it’s a killer,” Art said with concern.

“I shouldn’t have any problems. If I can handle an army of Joqs and their space ships, I can kill that wolf. Don’t worry,” Maxx insisted.

Art changed the subject to ease his anxieties. “After looking over the entire house, I still think the hall closet is the best place to hide.”

“That would seem like the best place to me,” Maxx replied.

“I wanted to ask you—what did Coach Mydos say when you told him about Lieutenant Neuyh and the police car?” Art asked.

“When I called him, he was already angry with his team. He was making them run laps. So, he was very impatient with me from the beginning,” Maxx replied. “I explained briefly— very briefly, how the stakeout went and that we left when Guiss arrived home. I told him we saw the police car parked in front of Guiss’ home as we walked away.”

Art asked excitedly, “What did he say?”

“As you might expect, he exploded. That’s when he said not to involve the police again. He’s plans to inform Jeqrix Grexenn of his decision,” Maxx explained.

“So he’s making them run all day?” Art asked as he shook his head. “I couldn’t be a mesnuk player,” he said.

Maxx chuckled. “Neither could I…We’re still a bit early.” He glanced at the clock. “The evening news is on. Let’s see if Meez Broplen has anything interesting.” He grabbed the remote and turned on his big screen TV.

After only seconds, the TV was on and Meez Broplen was beginning the evening news program. “Our top story this evening is in Wyluxx City. Pymur Muxx is there with a live report.”

The TV Switched to Inside of a Retail Store in Wyluxx City

“Thank you Meez. I am Kinkorx TV News roaming reporter Pymur Muxx. I’m standing in the rear of the Kicnix Casual Wear clothing store in Wyluxx City. Less than two hours ago, an explosion ripped a large hole in this wall.”

The camera technician showed the large gaping hole in the outer wall as Pymur continued with his live report.

“Luckily no employees or customers were injured in the explosion. The damage was limited to this wall obviously, and numerous shelving in the area—as well as clothing.

The store manager immediately called Wyluxx City Police. In minutes, Wyluxx City Police and Fire Departments were on the scene. After the arrival of the emergency personnel, the store was evacuated of all employees.

Officials have closed the store until an investigation by WCPD can be completed. Repairs must also be made before the store is ready to reopen. The owner, Trezor Kicnix, is assessing the damages with the Wyluxx City Police.

At this time, a motive or a suspect for this bombing is not known. The only information the police were willing to share with me was that their initial finds suggest this was an act of terrorism—poorly organized terrorism. They feel the terrorist is inadequately trained and the effort was very feebly planned—thus the minimal damage and luckily no fatalities. The WCPD feels this was the work of an unintelligent, perhaps maladroit, terrorist bomber.

I am Pymur Muxx. Reporting live from the Kicnix Casual Wear clothing store in Wyluxx City. Back to you Meez.

The Station Switched to the Kinkorx TV Newsroom

Meez Broplen continued. “In other news today…

Art was shocked as he watched the news story from Wyluxx City. “I was just in that store a few days ago. I bought three pairs of sunglasses. I go in there all the time,” he said.

“Did you see anything suspicious when you were in there?” Maxx asked.

He shook his head as he answered, “No—nothing. That store is always busy. They have a large selection—and good prices too. Actually, many of our clothes have come from there. When I brought my mom and dad home from Dunjyn Asylum, they didn’t have any clothes. I bought a lot of outfits really fast.” He frowned. “It seems I’m still buying a lot of garments from there.”

Maxx laughed. “There’s nothing like a family. Someday, I hope to have a family myself.”

Art replied, “I’ll stop in there tomorrow and see what happened.”

Maxx asked, “Do you have any suspicions?” He took another sip of water.

“No I don’t,” Art replied, “All I know is, and Trezor Kicnix and Girzi Kicnix own six stores. Two in Wyluxx City—one was bombed today. A store in Horxant and one in Nivcozz. A store in Jxobslyn and one in Soxtuss. The Wyluxx City store that was bombed was their last store to open and it’s the largest—by far. I’ve been in all six. The prices are all the same. I heard Tremor and Girzi Kicnix were working on adding several stores in Kinkorx. I don’t know what’s happening with those.” He shrugged his shoulders. “The stores are plain but ok. They all have many clothes. I can’t imagine why anyone would set off a bomb in that store.”

“It doesn’t sound like the authorities know what happened. Maybe it’s a good idea to check it out and see what you can learn,” Maxx replied.

“I’ll see what I can find out. I hope there are no more bombings. We don’t need more problems right now,” Art declared.

“We certainly don’t,” Maxx agreed. He looked at the wall clock and bobbed his head. “It’s time we drove to Guiss’ home.”

Art said excitedly, “It’s time for our big stakeout.”

Maxx chuckled. “Let me grab my bag.” He stood and walked to the office.

He picked up the same bag that he carried on the first stakeout and walked back. “Do you mind driving again?” Maxx asked.

Art replied, as he stood, “Not at all. I think we need to park in a different place this time. I don’t know if Zith Fleen cased the street.”

“He probably did,” Maxx replied. “You’re right. We need to take every precaution. It would not be a good thing for our car to spook him.”

They walked toward the door and Maxx opened it. Art walked through and Maxx followed while carrying the same bag of tools. He locked the door and followed Art.

“How do you like the car?” Art asked as he glanced at the convertible as he walked along the sidewalk toward his blue convertible.

Maxx replied as he walked, “I haven’t driven it yet. Kotor Buknus told me it’s new—with more features. I’ve always liked a red convertible…Maybe it’s time for a change?” He bobbed his head as he walked. “More accessories would be nice.”

Art said cheerfully as he stepped into his blue convertible, “And silver’s good. The Joqs won’t look for you in a silver convertible.”

Maxx climbed in and said, “You’re right. I’ll get at least one attack before they discover I’m driving a different car.” He placed the bag in the back seat.

Art started the motor and drove down Lypont Drive away from Maxx’s home. “I’m anxious to start the stakeout,” he said.

Maxx replied, “So am I. I’m anxious to catch Zith Fleen and put him behind bars again. I don’t know what will become of his pet wolf. We’ll have to wait and see.”

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