The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 14

Art drive through Bedsult as Sesla’s sun was dropping into the evening sky. “I wonder how long we’ll have to wait before Zith and his wolf show up?” he asked as he drove.

Maxx replied, “It’s hard to know. We’ll have to stay hidden in the hall closet and wait.”

“I can’t wait to see the expression on his face when we jump out of the closet,” said Art as he drove toward the outer limits of Bedsult.

Maxx replied, “I hope Guiss Korter doesn’t get in the way and get hurt.”

“I hope so too,” Art replied. “He’s really fast and strong. I watched him for hours on those game films.”

“That’s good,” said Maxx. “If he’s really fast, the wolf won’t catch him before we catch the wolf.”

Art continued to drive into Kinkorx as he said, “I can’t imagine a wolf that rips coteries apart just for the fun. The bodies were not eaten. All of the parts were accounted for.”

“I can’t imagine that either,” said Maxx. “I do know, we need to do whatever we have to do to stop that wolf—even if that means killing it.”

“That won’t be easy. But then, neither will catch Zith Fleen,” Art replied.

“When Zith arrives, we’ll need to work together. We’ll have to keep him inside to capture him,” Maxx stated.

They continued farther into Kinkorx. Art said as he drove, “Guiss’ neighborhood is just ahead. I can’t believe he lives in such an Expensive area.” He said with exclamation.

“He does indeed,” said Maxx. “I’m not sure he makes enough Joxels by playing mesnuk to live in that neighborhood.”

“There’s his road,” said Art as he slowed and turned. They began driving down the upper-class road that Guiss Korter lives on.

Before long as Art drove, he said, “Guiss Korter’s house is just ahead. Maybe we should park along here.” He began to slow.

“Good idea,” said Maxx. “It’s probably wise to park in a different place.”

Art slowly drove to the side of the street and parked. “What do you think?” Art asked.

“I think this will do splendidly,” Maxx declared. He grabbed his bag from the back seat.

They exited Art’s convertible and walked casually and quietly along the flawless sidewalk toward Guiss’ home. When they reached his house, they walked to the back yard.

Maxx and Art walked to the patio door. Maxx reached inside his bag and grabbed the tools. He placed the bag on the ground. He inserted the tool into the lock – just like before. He twisted and jiggled the tool for a brief moment.

“That’s got it,” he said. “Just like before.” He slid the door open. Maxx grabbed his bag and put the tools back in. He stepped into the darkening home as Art followed and slid the door closed again.

“Guiss will be home a lot earlier tonight,” Maxx said as they walked farther into the home. “The sun is setting. It’ll be dark in an hour. Running practice will be over. It won’t take him long to drive home.”

Art replied, “Zith and his wolf could be here before long. We should hide.”

“Let’s take a quick look around and see how everything looks. Then we’ll hide in the closet,” Maxx said as he continued walking and observing while carrying his bag.

As Art was becoming anxious, and the house was darkening, they walked. They checked out the large, overstocked kitchen. “Guiss has a lot of cooking equipment. I’ve never seen so many kitchen gadgets and knives. He has enough tools to open a cutlery store,” Art declared.

Maxx chuckled as he walked, “Being a mesnuk player, he probably eats a lot. Maybe he likes to cook and entertain.”

“As big as he is, he probably eats a lot,” said Art as they moved to the living room.

Maxx said as he scanned the room, “Nothing’s changed in here.”

“This living room’s huge. He must do a lot of entertaining in here,” said Art.

They walked toward the entrance area. “This is where the attack will probably begin,” said Maxx. “There’s very little to use as a weapon or a shield.”

“If Zith blocks the kitchen and living room while the wolf blocks the front door, the only escape is upstairs,” said Art.

“Let’s take a look up there before it gets too dark to see,” Maxx said as he started up the stairs. “We have to stop Zith before he runs Guiss up here. I’m sure that’s his plan.”

Art nervously followed. “He probably plans to kill Guiss Korter the same way he killed Ti Gurmis—in his bedroom,” he said as he walked upstairs behind Maxx.

Once upstairs, they walked into the master bedroom. Maxx and Art looked around. “This is the largest bedroom I’ve ever seen,” said Art. “It’s not that this house has a lot of extra rooms—the rooms are gigantic.”

Maxx chuckled as he walked. “These are indeed very large rooms.”

They walked into the rear guest bedrooms. “These small bedrooms are bigger than my mom’s room. She has the biggest bedroom in our house,” said Art as he mentally measured.

After several minutes of walking around and studying the upstairs, Maxx and Art walked toward the stairs. As they walked, the house was becoming darker. As Art’s anxieties continued to grow, they started down the dark, plush, turning staircase.

“We should hide,” Art said nervously as they reached the lower level. “Zith Fleen will be here soon. Guiss will be arriving home from mesnuk practice before long.”

“Perhaps you’re right,” Maxx replied, “We should hide.” He walked to the hall closet as Art followed. While carrying his bag of tools, Maxx opened the closet door and walked in—Art anxiously followed.

Maxx closed the door to only a peep while placing his bag on the floor. He and Art stood in the darkness. “I can see both doors from here,” Maxx said as he opened the door slightly and peeked. “When Zith Fleen and his wolf try to sneak in, we can jump them.”

Art replied, “I know we’re right. He’ll be here any minute.”

They waited in the large, dark, closet as Maxx peered through the small opening. The dark silhouettes in the house made it difficult for him to see.

Several minutes past as they stood quietly.

“You should change into your super-hero suit,” Art stated quietly as he stood blindly in the dark while brushing into several luxurious evening jackets.

Maxx nodded his head in the darkness as he said, “That’s a good idea.” He began to remove his casual shirt. Suddenly he heard the back patio door slide open. “Someone’s coming,” Maxx said quietly to Art. He stopped removing his shirt and stared through the small door opening into the dark kitchen – at the patio door. The dark silhouettes made it almost impossible to see.

As they stood quietly and motionless in the dark closet, they heard, footsteps walk into the house. “Someone’s inside,” he whispered quietly to Art.

The kitchen and hall lights turned on. “Is anyone here?” Guiss Korter asked loudly after turning on the lights.

Maxx continued to peek through the small opening. “It’s Guiss Korter,” he whispered to Art.

Guiss began walking into his lighted kitchen. He tossed his keys on the counter.

Suddenly, a hand reached through the still open door and turned off the lights. In the darkness, Zith Fleen and his large grey wolf entered through the patio door behind him.

Maxx was again blinded by the darkness as he peered through the slightly open closet door. “What?” he asked quietly with confusion as he felt the strange vibrations.

Guiss turned toward the patio door. He saw the silhouette of someone and the silhouette of a large animal. His anxieties exploded. His heart pounded in his fit chest. He could smell the stench of wild animal. As he panicked, he asked, “Who are you?”

While in the darkness, the wolf began to growl ferociously as it exposed it’s large, deadly teeth. The wolf slowly stepped toward Guiss as it growled savagely.

“You!” Guiss said in a panic when he realized it was Zith Fleen and his wolf. “I had nothing to do with it!” he screamed in the darkness.

“Kill him Neechehe!” Zith ordered loudly.

Melá-Jutis!” Maxx yelled from the closet.

Neechehe sprung at Guiss as he tried to run behind a kitchen island. In the darkness, the large grey wolf leaped and grabbed Guiss’ leg with her large, powerful teeth.

The long, sharp teeth ripped through Guiss’ flesh. “Aaahhh!” he screamed as his blood splattered around the kitchen while he continued kicking and screaming.

Zith followed Neechehe and ran around the island. He attacked Guiss’ upper body. He began hitting Guiss in the face and head as Neechehe ripped his legs. Guiss’ blood was splattering everywhere from the numerous deep gashes in his legs as the wolf savagely bit and twisted.

The Melá-Jutis rushed into the dark, shadowy kitchen while Guiss fought the attacking wolf and Zith Fleen. Guiss’ blood was splattering over the counters, floor, and walls as he kicked the large wolf while fighting Zith with his fists. “No!... Aaahhh!” he screamed as he fought the deadly killers.

While guided by vibrations, Maxx attacked the wolf. In the darkness, he grabbed the large wolf and pulled it off Guiss. With super-speed, he delivered a mighty blow with his huge fist to the wolf’s head that sent it sailing into the wall. Neechehe yelped from the punch before she slammed against the kitchen wall.

Before Zith Fleen knew what was happening, Maxx leaped toward him. He grabbed Zith and knocked him off Guiss. Then he delivered a punch to Zith’s jaw that sent him flying.

While using a flashlight from Maxx’s bag, Art hurried into the kitchen. “Art! Get Guiss out of here!” Maxx ordered loudly.

Neechehe was quickly recovering from being punched by The Melá-Jutis and slamming into the wall. She was shaking her dizzy head as she tried to stand.

Zith was shaking his head as he tried to recover while struggling on his knees.

Art rushed to the severely wounded mesnuk team captain. As blood flowed out of the deep gashes in his legs and onto the floor, Art helped him to stand. “Hurry,” said Art. Art groaned as he tried to support the weight of the enormous mesnuk player while they hobbled out of the kitchen.

Guiss turned on the master lights as they struggled down the hall. Most of the lower level lights came on. The lights in the staircase also illuminated.

“Kill him Neechehe!” Zith yelled.

The wolf’s mind quickly cleared. “Grrrrr!” Neechehe growled. Her savage teeth were exposed as she stared at The Melá-Jutis.She leaped toward Maxx.

“Want some more?” Maxx yelled as he leaped toward the wolf. “I’ve got plenty!”

Maxx and Neechehe collided in the air. A deadly battle began as they fell to the kitchen floor. Neechehe bit and twisted as Maxx hit and kicked.

Zith ran out of the room and pursued Guiss Korter and Art.

The violent battle in the kitchen raged. Maxx’s casual clothing was quickly ripped off by the teeth and claws of Neechehe. He was now battling in his magical suit.

Neechehe growled as she bit and clawed. With her powerful jaws, she was unable to bite though the magical Melá-Jutis suit as they battled.

Maxx delivered one massive punch after another to the large wolf’s head. Each time, Neechehe was knocked to the floor. She shook her head and immediately recovered. She growled while showing her menacing teeth before attacking again.

Blood was oozing from Neechehe’s nose and mouth from the devastating punches of The Melá-Jutis as the battle continued. Neechehe growled and bit as she clawed. With her powerful jaws, she was unable to penetrate his magical suit and skin. As she continued to bite, she was unable to rib through his flesh as they battled.

Maxx continued to deliver one powerful punch and kick after another as he fought the wolf while standing and wrestling on the kitchen floor.


Before climbing the stairs, Art had removed his shirt and ripped it into pieces. He used the strips to make two emergency tourniquets. Art applied the tourniquets to both of Guiss Korter’s bleeding legs to slow the hemorrhaging.

After the emergency first aid, Art and Guiss had hobbled up the staircase. They left a trail of blood as they searched for a place to hide. They slowly struggled into the master bedroom.

After locking the door, while Art supported Guiss’ large body, they struggled to the master washroom. A trail of blood spots gave away their hiding place.

Art had locked the master washroom door. As Maxx battled the wolf downstairs, Art was frantically trying to stop the bleeding as Guiss sat on the washroom floor.

Two puddles of blood were forming under his bleeding legs. “Your legs are still bleeding—badly. I’ve got to put on better tourniquets,” said Art frantically. As he began wrapping Guiss’ legs tight with wash towels, he asked, “Do you have a phone up here?”

The loss of blood was causing him to be light headed. He answered dizzily with slurred words, “By my bed.”

Art was hurriedly applying more first aid. Guiss’ legs continued to bleed. “I’ve got to get to that phone. We need the police. You need an ambulance,” Art said while frantically wrapping more towels tight on his still bleeding legs. Guiss continued to sit on the floor and lean against the wall as he became lighter headed.

Suddenly Zith rammed the master bedroom door with a coffee table—breaking it open. While in a crazy fury, he followed the blood trail to the washroom door. He rammed the thick table into the master washroom door. That door broke and flew open.

Art leaped at the crazed psychopath while Guiss sat bleeding and struggling for consciousness on the floor. He started hitting Zith with all his strength.

Zith Fleen quickly engaged the small, non-athletic, detective and knocked him to the bedroom floor. He savagely attacked Art beside the bed and applied a strangle hold.

As Art struggled to break free from the death grip, he yelled, “Maxx!

Maxx and Neechehe were circling for another battle. Blood was oozing from the large wolf’s mouth and nose. She was limping badly as they circled. “Well come on,” Maxx taunted. “You’re not so tuff. That looks like blood to me. Is your leg broke? I bet it hurts.”

When Maxx heard Art’s cry for help, he said, “That’s Art! He’s in trouble!”

Neechehe tried to catch The Melá-Jutis off guard. She quickly attacked. She leaped into the air and grabbed Maxx’s arm in her powerful jaws. Rather than trying to break free, as he had previously done, Maxx applied a strangle hold to the wolf’s neck.

With all his magical strength, he squeezed and twisted the wolf’s strong neck.

Neechehe howled loudly as her neck vertebra shattered. A second later, as Maxx pulled and twisted with all his enchanted strength, her neck ripped from the torso. Blood gushed as Maxx tossed the wolf’s head onto the floor.

Neechehe’s dead body collapsed to the floor. Two puddles of blood quickly formed from the hemorrhaging head and neck.

“Art!” Maxx said. With super-speed, he ran toward the stairs.

Meanwhile Upstairs

Art had broken free from the chokehold. He tried to get to the phone. Zith Fleen attacked him again and they began fighting on the floor. As they fought, Zith grabbed Art by the throat again. He immediately tightened his grip.

Art struggled for air as Zith continued the pressure. Zith said as he strangled Art, “I’m going to kill you—Detective Arthor Nekuma. I’m going to watch you as you die. I want to see your eyes. Open your eyes,” Zith said with a somber face.

Art drifted toward unconsciousness as Zith Fleen continued the strangle hold. Zith watched and absorbed Art’s terrified eyes as he applied the pressure to Art’s neck.

Maxx rushed into the bedroom. “Oh no!” he said. With incredible speed, he leaped at Zith Fleen. Maxx knocked Zith away from Art—thus breaking the strangle hold.

Art began to breathe when the death grip was released. He started breathing and coughing painfully as he grabbed his red, irritated neck.

Zith ran out of the bedroom – toward the stairs.

With super-speed, Maxx ran after him. Before Zith reached the stairs, Maxx leaped and tackled him. Maxx quickly applied his own strangle hold. While wrapping his hulking arm around Zith Fleen’s small neck, he asked, “How do you like my strangle hold? I’d say – it’s a bit more powerful than yours.” He applied a minimal amount of strength while Zith chocked and gagged.

As Zith chocked, he asked, “What happened to my friend Neechehe?”

While continuing the strangle grip with very little effort, Maxx replied, “Your friend is Dead!” He looked into Zith’s eyes as he said, “I expected your wolf to be tougher. I easily ripped her head off. She made two big puddles of blood where she died.”

“No!” Zith screamed. He began to hit and kick as Maxx restrained him on the floor.

“You’re lucky I don’t rip your head off,” Maxx said as he stared in Zith’s face while continuing the strangle hold.

“Do it! Do it! I want to die!” he cried. Zith continued to sob over the death of his friend.

Maxx replied, “That’s too easy for you. You’re going back to jail—maximum security. You won’t break out of there.”

While continuing the neck hold, Maxx stood. Zith struggled as Maxx pulled him to his feet. He walked back to the bedroom while Zith struggled and sobbed.

When he didn’t see Art in the bedroom, he followed the blood trail and walked into the washroom. “Oh no!” he said when he saw Guiss sitting on the floor unconscious. His legs had bath towels wrapped around then that were blood soaked.

“He needs an ambulance,” said Art. “He lost a lot of blood. There’s a phone by the bed.”

While continuing to restrain Zith with the headlock, he walked into the master bedroom with Zith struggling. He walked to the side table. “Maybe in there?” he thought. He opened the top drawer. “Good,” he said.

With his free hand, as Zith continued to fruitlessly struggle, he picked up the phone. Maxx dialed the Kinkorx Police – then put the phone to his face.

The Phone At The Kinkorx Police Station Began To Ring

Police Officer Jitta ReFrex was working the third shift as she sat at her desk. She sighed deeply at the interruption as she tiredly picked up the phone. “Kinkorx Police—Officer ReFrex.”

“Kill me!” said Zith as he struggled. “This is Detective Maxx Zeqster. We’re at Guiss Korter’s home. Guiss is severely injured. He needs and ambulance. We have apprehended Zith Fleen.”

Officer ReFrex said quickly, “I’ll send an ambulance. Officers are on their way.”

Maxx replied, “Make it fast! Guiss has lost a lot of blood.” As Zith futilely struggled, he hung up the phone. “Why don’t you kill me? Do it! Do it!” Zith pleaded and cried. “Kill me like you killed Neechehe!”

Maxx walked toward the washroom—while dragging his captive. “Chief Pomur will be here soon. He’ll take care of you,” Maxx said as he walked while pulling the struggling prisoner.

He looked into the large washroom. “How’s he doing?”

Art replied with worry, “He won’t last much longer.”

“The ambulance is on the way,” Maxx stated. He paused to feel the pulsations from Guiss’ heartbeat. He said, “If the ambulance gets here soon, he’ll make it.”

Suddenly they heard an army of sirens racing toward them. “There comes the police,” said Maxx.

In seconds, as they remained in the washroom, the assembly of sirens stopped in front of the house. The sirens quieted.

Only seconds later, they heard a swarm of footsteps run into the house. As they remained in the washroom, they heard someone downstairs say, “Follow the blood trail!”

Maxx and Art heard a stampede running up the stairs.

“In the bedroom!” someone shouted.

In only seconds, Lieutenant Neuyh, along with several officers and paramedics carrying a stretcher rushed into the washroom. “Cuff Zith Fleen. Get that psychopath out of here!” Lieutenant Neuyh ordered to Officer Figua Yirre. “Yes Sir! With pleasure!” he replied.

As Maxx continued to restrain Zith with a powerful headlock, Officer Yirre put Zith Fleen’s hands behind his back. He cuffed his small wrists. “Let’s go,” said Officer Yirre.

Yirre and several police officers pulled Zith Fleen as he struggled. “No!” he yelled as they pulled him out of the bedroom and toward the stairs. “Struggling won’t help. You’re going back to jail. This time it’s maximum security for you,” said Yirre.

They walked down the stairs as Zith continued to struggle.

Meanwhile: Back In The Washroom

The paramedics had finished loading Guiss on the stretcher. “Let’s go!” ordered the lead medic. While carrying Guiss Korter, they ran out of the washroom toward the stairs. “There’s blood in the ambulance. We have to hurry. He doesn’t have much time,” said the lead paramedic frantically as they ran down the stairs with Guiss.

Back in the washroom: Lieutenant Neuyh asked Maxx, “What’s with the suit?”

Maxx replied, “It’s a long story. It would bore you.”

Lieutenant Neuyh shrugged his shoulders. “Uh…Ok…So what happened here? We ran past the wolf. It’s missing its head. There’s a lot of blood down there.”

Maxx replied nonchalantly, “Coach Mydos ordered another stakeout. We got lucky. Oh yes, the wolf got in the way.” He turned to Art who was sitting on the floor still. His neck was red from the strangle holds. “Our work is done. Let’s go home.”

While irritated, Lieutenant Neuyh walked out of the room. He walked downstairs.

Art slowly stood. “I’m ready. I hope we don’t have to do this again. I’m not much of a fighter.”

They walked out of the washroom and into the master bedroom. “I need some clothes. The wolf ripped mine before I could take them off. I’m sure Guiss won’t mind,” he said as he opened a drawer. “These will do.” He grabbed an older, inexpensive sweat suit.

While carrying the well-used sweat top and bottom, Maxx walked out of the bedroom as Art followed. They walked toward the stairs and down.

Upon reaching the main floor, they headed toward the kitchen and the rear patio door. As they walked past the hall closet, Art reached inside and grabbed Maxx’s bag of tools. “I’ve got your bag,” Art said.

“Thank you,” Maxx said as he stopped. They walked into the kitchen.

Lieutenant Neuyh was staring at the dead wolf, severed head, and the numerous puddles of blood that were everywhere. He turned to Maxx. As he saw the dried blood on Maxx’s swamp green and dark grey suit he asked, “You did this? You ripped off the wolf’s head. There’s a lot of blood.”

Maxx replied, “I got lucky.”

“You said that,” replied Lieutenant Neuyh with irritation. “That’s a crazy suit you’re wearing. Are you sure you don’t want to tell me about it?”

“Nothing to tell,” said Maxx. They continued past the bloody, headless wolf and the blood covered head as they avoided the puddles of blood as best they could. They walked past the large puddle of blood and Lieutenant Neuyh.

While Maxx carried the sweat top and bottom and Art carried the bag, they stepped through the patio door into the darkness outside.

While they walked around the back of the home, Maxx quickly put on the sweat top and bottom over his bloody, magical suit. “Melá-Jutis,” he said softly. His magical Melá-Jutis suit instantly disappeared with the wolf’s blood. Thus leaving him with only the sweat suit – and a little blood and other remains on his face and hair.

They quietly walked to the front of the house. Art said softly, “Lieutenant Neuyh is parked in the same place. I’m glad he didn’t get a chance to ruin this stakeout.”

“So am I,” said Maxx.

They casually walked along the walkway, in the darkness, in front of several very expensive homes to their car.

Art and Maxx climbed into the blue convertible. Art tossed the bag in the rear seat.

Sesla’s moon was in the late night sky as Art started the motor. He turned the car around and began driving away from Guiss’ home. “What do you think happened to Zith Fleen?” Art asked as he drove.

Maxx replied, “He’s probably in a cell at Kinkorx Police Station. He’s being held until an armed escort can arrive from Xcuymir Sheriff Department. Sheriff Mairytin and his troopers will take him back to Xcuymir Prison. Warden Stelth will place him in a maximum security cell.”

As Art drove out of the ritzy area of Kinkorx, he said, “I hope Guiss is ok. He lost a lot of blood.”

Maxx replied, “I felt the pulsations from his heart. His heart was strong. I heard the paramedic say there was blood in the ambulance. I think he’s in Mirchester Hospital right now. Dr. Rotizon might even be his doctor.” Maxx looked at Art. “You remember Dr. Rotizon?”

“Don’t remind me. I try not to think about that cave and those scorpions,” said Art as he drove through Kinkorx.

“The police are going to have to get that dead wolf out of Guiss’ home,” Maxx said.

“It won’t be easy to get all that blood out of his house. It’s going to take a lot of money,” Art said as he drove into Bedsult.

“There’s a lot of blood in the kitchen. Some belongs to Guiss and some is wolf blood,” Maxx replied.

“That was a mess. That’s for sure,” said Art as he drove closer to Maxx’s home.

Maxx looked at Art. “Your neck looks better. It isn’t as red. Did it hurt when Zith strangled you?”

“Yes it hurt,” Art, replied as he turned on Lypont Drive. “The scariest part was when he looked into my eyes. It was like he was absorbing my fear – like he was feeding on it.”

“Creepy,” said Maxx.

Art slowed and drove into Maxx’s driveway. He parked next to the silver convertible and put the car in park. “What a night,” said Art.

“Indeed. I’ll call you after I talk to Jeqrix Grexenn. It’ll be a few days,” Maxx, said as he exited Art’s car. “We need some time to recover.”

“That’ll work. I could use some rest after the past few days,” Art replied as his convertible motor idled.

“Tell your mom and dad I said hi,” Maxx said as he stood next to Art’s car.

“Will do,” said Art as he put the transmission in reverse. He began backing out of the driveway.

Maxx said loudly, “No more reading about psychopaths!”

“That’s for sure,” Art replied loudly as he drove onto Lypont drive.

Art drove down Lypont Drive and began his long drive home as Sesla’s moon was setting in the late night sky.


Maxx used his hidden key to unlock the front door. He hid the key before grabbing the newspaper. He walked inside. After closing and locking the door, he walked toward the kitchen. “I’ll need to return Guiss’ sweat suit,” he said as he walked. “Guiss won’t mind but the police will make an issue if they find out.”

He tossed the newspaper on the kitchen counter and opened the fridge. He grabbed water and closed the door. He said, “I’m really tired. I’ll look at the paper tomorrow. I’m going to bed.” Maxx took a big drink and put the top back on.

He carried his water and walked to the washroom. He made an extended stop to scrub his hulking body of the wolf blood, fur, and saliva—and put on sleep-ware. As he walked out, he said, “I feel a lot better now. I was covered in wolf.” While carrying his water, he walked to his bedroom.

Maxx sat on the edge of his bed and glanced at the clock. “No wonder I’m so tired. It’s 3:30 in the morning. Time for bed,” he mumbled. He took another sip and placed the remaining water on the side stand. He crawled into the king sized bed and covered his entire body. He yawned. “I hope I don’t dream about Zith Fleen and psychopaths,” he said under the blanket.

Maxx quickly drifted off. He immediately began a dream-filled, fitful sleep. As he slept, while talking in his unconsciousness, he dreamt of fighting the wolf. He also dreamt of capturing Zith Fleen as he strangled Art. He mumbled as he slept while turning back and forth in the large bed.

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