The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 15

Meanwhile at the Kinkorx Police Station

Police Chief Pomur drove into the station parking lot. He hurriedly exited the police car and hustled toward the station. He rushed through the parking lot door.

Upon entering the main foyer, Officer Jitta ReFrex said, “There in the jail.”

He looked at her angrily. “You should have called me earlier,” he said with irritation.

Jitta replied defensively, “Chief. You only went home a few hours ago after your double. You needed a little sleep.”

“You should have called me,” he said angrily as he continued through the doors and into the jail.

Lieutenant Aqe Neuyh said as the chief entered, “He’s down there.” Lieutenant Neuyh and the other officers jumped up and followed the chief. They hurried toward the cell where Zith Fleen was handcuffed and locked.

Chief Pomur looked at the pitiful, Pirtt-Coterie. “You’re disgusting—and a murderer,” he said with disdain.

Zith sat on the hard cot with his hands bound by cuffs – while staring at the cell floor. He did not respond to the chief’s insult.

Chief Pomur’s red, tired eyes burned with rage. He said, “I hear your wolf lost her head. Lieutenant Neuyh tells me the wolf’s blood is everywhere in Guiss Korter’s kitchen. I guess it’s a bloody mess.”

Zith cried out, “No!...Neechehe was my friend! They killed her! I’ll make them pay! I’ll kill those detectives!” He continued crying loudly.

Pomur stared at Zith as he cried. His grin of satisfaction was noticeable. “You’re not killing anyone – anymore. You’ll be locked up in maximum security for the rest of your miserable life.”

Lieutenant Neuyh said, “I called Sheriff Mairytin. He should be here soon.

Chief Pomur turned to Zith—as he continued sobbing. “Neechehe. You named that wolf Neechehe. What kind of name is that?”

Zith sobbed as he said, “Neechehe was my friend.” He continued to sob as he sat on the cot-like bed and looked at the cell floor – while being confined by handcuffs.

Chief Pomur grinned slightly at his accomplishment as he walked away from the cell. The other officers followed as he walked back to the foyer.

“I can’t believe that pathetic little Pirtt is a killer. I don’t remember his face looking so scary. He looks like a freak,” Chief Pomur mumbled as he walked into his small, messy office. He sat at his cluttered, decrepit desk and stared into thin air.

The other officers were seated at their own cubical desks. They all thumbed through their stack of paperwork as they waited for Sheriff Mairytin and his territory troopers.

Several minutes past as they all quietly pretended to work.


The team from the Xcuymir Sheriff Department arrived at the Kinkorx Police station. The group drove into the Kinkorx Police parking lot and parked. General Sheriff Kein Mairytin and his troopers exited their vehicles and rushed toward the parking lot door of the police station.

Sheriff Mairytin opened the door and hurried into the station as his troopers followed.

When they entered the foyer, Officer ReFrex said loudly, “Chief! Sheriff Mairytin is here.”

Chief Pomur stood and walked out of his office.

When Mairytin saw Chief Pomur, he asked sharply, “Where is he?”

“Follow me,” Pomur said. He walked toward the door and opened it. As he walked through, Sheriff Mairytin and his team followed.

They walked into the small jail and to the end where Zith was being caged.

Sheriff Mairytin and his troopers looked at Zith as he sat cuffed while staring at the floor. “I bet you thought you were too smart to be caught. That you could kill whoever you wanted and no one could stop you,” Kein Mairytin said. “You’re going back to Xcuymir Correctional. This time in maximum security.”

“No!...” Zith cried out as he sat on the small, board-like bed while staring at the floor.

Chief Pomur opened the cell door. Sheriff Mairytin’s troopers walked in and grabbed Zith by his arms. They lifted the small Pirtt-Coterie to his feet.

As Zith struggled, the troopers forced him out of the small cell and down the hall.

Zith continued to struggle as they walked back to the foyer. The other officers watched silently as the group held Zith securely. “We’ll take him back to Xcuymir Correctional. Thanks for calling us. Good work as always Pomur,” said Sheriff Mairytin.

Aazon Pomur just smiled. “He’s all yours,” he declared.

“Let’s go,” said Mairytin. The officers in the cubicles remained silent as the sheriff and his troopers exited the large room with Zith Fleen.

As Zith struggled, they walked to the rear door. They walked out the door and entered the parking lot. Zith continued to struggle as they approached their sheriff’s trooper’s cars.

The troopers stopped and waited for orders. Sheriff Mairytin said, “Put him in the back of my car.” He looked into Zith’s eyes and said, “You’re riding with me. I hope you try to escape. Give me an excuse to put a bullet in your sick head and save the citizens some tax Joxels.”

Zith looked into his eyes. He said, “Do it! Do it! Kill me! I want to die!”

Kein Mairytin was angered by the response. “You’re a crazed psychopath,” he said. “Put him in.” Mairytin ordered.

The troopers opened the car door and shoved Zith in. He tried to jump out as the door was shut. “No!” he cried out again as he kicked while in the back seat.

“Let’s go!” ordered Mairytin. He opened the driver’s door and climbed in.

The troopers all entered their cars. They started their motors. Sheriff Mairytin turned on his car siren along with the red and blue spinning car top lights.. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

The other troopers turned on their sirens and lights—as well. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

As Sesla’s moon was setting in the early morning sky, the convoy of territory sheriff’s troopers drove out of the Kinkorx Police parking lot as their sirens screamed and lights flashed in the early morning darkness. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

The screaming sirens were causing Zith Fleen’s head to throb as they drove speedily away from the downtown area toward the highway.

General Sheriff Kein Mairytin lead the speeding caravan as they rocket away from the downtown. Before long, they were on the highway that leads to Bedsult. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo…,”

Zith was attempting to block the noise from the sirens as his headache continued to increase. Sheriff Mairytin gazed into the back seat as he drove speedily. He saw Zith wincing strongly from the pain and noise. He said, “I heard you get a lot of headaches. I bet the sirens are giving you a splitting headache.”

Mairytin mumbled as he drove like a rocket, “Serves him right. He deserves a few headaches after killing those mesnuk players.”

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” The group drove past Bedsult and speeded toward the open desert.

Their sirens continued to scream and the red and blue spinning car top lights flashed as they drove across the open desert at a high rate of speed. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

Zith continued to shield his ears as best he could as General Sheriff Kein Mairytin rocketed toward Jxobslyn. His troopers continued to follow close behind him with their sirens on while screaming and lights flashing. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

Before long, as they drove like rockets, with their sirens screaming and lights flashing, they entered the outer-limits of Jxobslyn. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

Sheriff Mairytin slowed as he entered the rural residential area. The convey slowed as well. Their sirens continued to scream, “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” The top lights flashed red and blue.

“You’re almost home,” General Sheriff Mairytin said to Zith.

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

Kein Mairytin drove into the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility driveway. He slowed and stopped as he approached the guard station. He turned off the flashing lights and the siren. The other troopers turned off their red and blue spinning lights and sirens as well.

Zith stopped shielding his ears and bent down in the seat as his head pounded.

“Good morning Sheriff,” said the guard. “Warden Stelth said you were coming.” The guards opened the gates. Sheriff Mairytin drove through the gate with his troopers following close behind and continued toward the prison entrance.

The guard dialed Warden Stelth’s phone number.

Warden Stelth was in his office as he waited for the sheriff to deliver Zith Fleen. When his phone rang, he answered it immediately. “Warden Stelth.”

“Sheriff Mairytin and his troopers are driving into the prison,” said the third shift guard.

“Good,” said the warden. He hung up the phone.

Warden Stelth picked up the phone again. He dialed the guard office. When the lead guard picked up the phone, Warden Stelth said, “Sheriff Mairytin is delivering Zith Fleen to the front entrance. Bring him to my office.”

“Yes Sir Warded,” said the lead guard.

The head guard said into his pager to the other guards on duty, “Zith Fleen is being delivered to the main door. All available guards report!”

At that moment, numerous guards within the prison rushed to the entrance.

Meanwhile: Sheriff Mairytin and his troopers parked outside the main entrance. Mairytin said to Zith, “Are you ready to go inside? I’m sure Warden Stelth misses you.” Zith was still bent over in the back seat from headache pain as the sheriff spoke.

The group of prison guards rushed out of the door and approached General Sheriff Mairytin’s car.

Mairytin climbed out of the driver’s seat and opened the rear door as the other troopers exited their cars. “He’s all yours,” declared Mairytin.

The guards reached in and grabbed Zith as he struggled. “No!” he screamed as the guards pulled him out of the sheriff’s car.

“Thanks sheriff,” said the night guard. “Warden Stelth wants to see him right away.” As Zith continued to struggle, the group of guards forced him inside the prison.

“Let’s go,” said Mairytin to his troopers. They climbed back into their cars and drove toward the guarded gates.

The prison guards closed the doors and locked them with the chains. “We’ve missed you Zith,” a guard said as they began to walk toward Warden Stelth’s office. Zith continued to resist as they pulled.

Another guard asked as they walked—while Zith struggled, “Did you really sneak out in the garbage? You were in that garbage truck all day—I can’t believe it.”

Another guard asked as they walked closer to the warden’s office as he continued to resist, “You must have been covered in garbage. How did you like the smell?”

As Zith struggled, they walked into Warden Stelth’s office. The warden was sitting at his desk. “Bring him in,” he ordered with a redemption grin.

Zith Fleen continued to struggle as the guards forced him to stand before Warden Stelth. Zith continued his silence as he resisted the guards. He only stared at the floor.

Warden Stelth looked at Zith and smiled. He said, “It’s good to see you again. I knew you’d be back…You look like you have a bad headache. Are you still getting those chronic head pains?”

Zith stood silent with his head lowered as the guards held his arms.

The warden continued, “You’re not as smart as you think you are. Did you really think you could hide forever and keep killing? It was only a matter of time before you were caught and brought back to me,” he said with a grin. “Your escape earned you a permanent cell in maximum security. You’ll be in this cell for the rest of your life.”

As Warden Stelth smiled with satisfaction, he ordered, “Take him to his cell.”

“Yes Sir Warden!” said the guard. As Zith remained silent, the guards shoved him. They walked out of the warden’s office. Zith walked without struggling.

“You’re going to love max-security. You don’t have to work in the kitchen. We have other fun things for you to do,” the guard said as they walked.

“I heard you were real good at peeling potatoes,” said another guard as they approached the maximum-security wing of the prison.

The guards escorted Zith along the creepy corridor into the highest security area. He continued to walk without a struggle.

After they had passed numerous small cells, they stopped. “This one is yours,” the guard said. He took out his keys and opened the solid steel door with only a small window.

The guards walked into the creepy, dark, cell with Zith. They forced him onto the wooden bed. “Prisoners in max-security don’t get a mattress or a pillow—or any furniture. Oh yes, the floors are dirt. You’ll discover why – soon enough. I hear there are lots of spiders and bugs in these tiny cells – enjoy the bug bits and the smell,” said a guard.

“One more thing—those cuffs stay on until the warden says to take them off,” the guard said. They exited the tiny, medieval cell. They closed the solid metal door and locked it. “Hope you like your room,” the guard taunted through the small square hole with bars in the door. They began to walk back along the spooky, run-down corridor.

Zith sat on the small wooden bed in the darkness. There was minimal light due to the small, square window in the door. He was slumped over due to his splitting headache. His hands were cuffed. His stomach was becoming nauseous due to the strong smell of urine and feces.

As he sat on the hard bed, he mumbled angrily, “They killed Neechehe. She was my friend. When I escape, I will kill Detective Maxx Zeqster and Detective Art Nekuma.”

Meanwhile: In Warden Stelth’s Office

Warden Stelth was sitting at his desk. He had a glass of whiskey in one hand and the phone in the other. He was talking to Meez Broplen at Kinkorx TV News during the morning news broadcast.

The chief news anchor was taking the urgent call during a commercial break.

Warden Stelth reported, “Zith Fleen was apprehended during a late-night stakeout at Guiss Korter’s home. I don’t know the details. I have him here in my prison. Sheriff Mairytin delivered him several minutes ago. He’s locked in a maximum security cell.”

Meez Broplen replied, “Have you called anyone else?”

“I’m giving you the exclusive story,” replied Stelth.

“Thank you,” said Meez. “I owe you again. I’ll send you another case of whiskey. I need to go. The break is almost over. I’ll put this on next.”

Warden Stelth grinned as he downed his glass of whiskey.

In The Kinkorx TV News Studio

The commercial ended. Meez Broplen continued, “While the commercials were airing, I received a Breaking News Store by phone. During a brief call, Warden Stelth of Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn informed me that Zith Fleen was apprehended. There was a nighttime stakeout at Guiss Korter’s home in upscale Kinkorx. Guiss Korter is the team captain for the Kinkorx Horned Hares. The exact details of the stakeout or Zith Fleen’s capture are unknown at this moment.

Warden Stelth has informed me that Zith Fleen is locked in a maximum-security cell at his prison. General Sheriff Mairytin of Xcuymir Territory delivered Zith to the prison only minutes ago.

We will stay on top of this Gigantic Breaking News Story. We will inform you immediately as we learn more details.

Again, to summarize, Zith Fleen, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher has been apprehended. He is in a maximum-security cell at Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn. Kinkorx TV News is bringing you this exclusive story.

In other top stories…

In Guiss Korter’s Hospital Room at Kinkorx Mirchester Hospital

Guiss Korter was recovering from the emergency surgery performed by Dr. Rotizon in the middle of the night. He had hundreds of stiches on the inside and outside of his legs. He was resting comfortably in his room on Dr. Rotizon’s ward.

He was watching Kinkorx TV News as he finished the second Big breakfast.

As Meez Broplen continued the broadcast, Guiss said, “I’ll give Meez the details.” Guiss picked up the phone.

The light for Guiss’ phone came on at the nurses desk. Nurse Bien said, “Nurses desk. Nurse Bien speaking. How can I help you Guiss?”

“I need the number of the Kinkorx TV News Studio,” he said.

“This is a bit unusual,” she replied.

He asked insistently, “I’m sure it is. Can you look up the number on your database?”

“Give me a moment,” she replied. “Here it is. According to my computer, this is Meez Broplen’s personal hot line for news tips.”

“That’s what I want,” he replied.

“It 559-111-22,” said Karee Bien.

“Thanks,” he replied. He disconnected the call. He dialed Meez Broplen’s hot line.

At the News Room in the Kinkorx TV Studio

Meez Broplen was sitting at his desk. The morning news program had just ended. He was preparing to contact Chief Pomur of the Kinkorx Police for more information on Zith Fleen’s capture.

Before he could pick up the phone, it began to ring. On the half ring, he picked it up. “Meez Broplen,” he said with anticipation.

“This is Guiss Korter. I saw your broadcast.”

Meez grinned as he readied his tablet and pen. “Yes Guiss. What can you tell me?”

Guiss stated, “There was a stakeout in my home last night. Detective Zeqster and Detective Nekuma were there. No other police were present. I walked in the door after mesnuk practice. Zith Fleen and his wolf walked in right behind me. They attacked and the wolf ripped my legs really bad…”

Meez frantically wrote as Guiss reported.

“…Detective Zeqster saved me. He fought Zith and the wolf in the kitchen while Detective Nekuma helped me hide upstairs in my washroom. I lost a lot of blood. Art put several tourniquets on my legs.

Before I passed out from blood loss, Zith found us and attacked. Detective Nekuma began fighting Zith. The last thing I remember was Zith had a chokehold on Art. After that, I passed out.

Detective Zeqster and Detective Nekuma saved my life. Make sure you report – no other cops were there,” said Guiss. “I’m at Mirchester Hospital. I had emergency surgery in the middle of the night. Dr. Rotizon stitched up my legs after that big wolf ripped them apart.”

Meez was frantically writing. “Is there anything else?” he asked.

“That’s all I can remember. Like I said, I passed out at the end,” Guiss replied.

Meez said, “Before I go back on the air, I’m going to call Chief Pomur. I need to verify your story.”

“Whatever!” Guiss replied. He hung up the phone.

Meez immediately dialed the Kinkorx Police Station.

The phone at the Kinkorx Police Station began to ring. Police Officer Jitta ReFrex answered while exhausted from her long night shift. “Kinkorx Police. Officer ReFrex,” she said as she yawned at her desk.

“This is Meez Broplen from Kinkorx TV News. Is Chief Pomur available?” he asked.

“He’s home sleeping. Can I help you?” she asked.

“Is Lieutenant Neuyh available?” he asked.

“Look,” she said with irritation and exhaustion. “There was an emergency situation in the middle of the night. Chief Pomur and Lieutenant Neuyh were both called in. The situation was handled. They are both home sleeping. Chief Pomur will contact you with the details as soon as he awakes. He worked a double. He’s been up for a long time.”

Meez asked cleverly, “Are you referring to the capture of Zith Fleen in Guiss Korter’s home? The Breaking News Story that I reported only minutes ago on the morning news broadcast.”

Officer ReFrex replied angrily, “Yes. But I can’t answer your questions. As I said, Chief Pomur will call you.”

Meez replied with a sly grin, “That’s fine. I look forward to his call. You sound exhausted yourself. You need some rest.”

“I plan to sleep soon. My shift is almost over,” she said angrily with exhaustion.

Meez hung up the phone. He laughed. “I got my confirmation!” He began to work swiftly to prepare his next Breaking News Story.

At Detective Maxx Zeqster’s Home in Bedsult

Sesla’s mid-morning sun was shining in Maxx’s bedroom window. The warm desert wind was blowing unusually strong. The curtains were flapping wide as the strong, steady wind blew through. Sesla’s warm sun was shining on his attractive face as he restlessly slept. The warm breeze was blowing on his alluring face as he tossed and turned in his large bed.

Maxx tossed and turned as he talked while sleeping. He dreamt of fighting the large grey wolf in Guiss Korter’s kitchen. “No…No,” he said as he slept and twisted.

“Come on…Is that all the harder you can bite?” he asked as he rolled. He taunted the wolf.

“I see a lot of blood…Your mouth and nose are bleeding really badly,” he said as he twisted in his sleep. “You’re limping badly. Is your leg broke? Does it hurt?”

“How’d you like that punch? You look like you’re in pain,” he said as he turned while sleeping.

“Aaahhh!” he screamed in his sleep as the wolf grabbed his arm in her powerful jaws. The wolf bit and twisted. As he turned back and forth, He Awoke. He swung a punch into the air to fight off the attack. “What!” he mumbled. He rubbed his eyes and forehead. “It was only a dream. It seemed so real.”

Maxx sat up in his bed. “What a terrible night. I dreamt I fought that wolf all night. What time is it?” he mumbled.

He tried to focus his tired eyes on the clock by his bed. Maxx struggled to focus. “It’s only 8:30.” He looked at the sun as the rays shone brightly into the bedroom. “It’s still morning. I only slept a few hours. I feel awful,” he said with a moan.

Maxx sat up on the side of the bed. “I dreamt about that wolf. There was blood everywhere. Even in my dream, the pain was excruciating when the wolf bit my arm,” he mumbled.

Maxx looked at both of his muscular arms. “My magical suit saved me from that wolf’s teeth. She couldn’t bite through it.”

“I’m really thirsty,” he mumbled. He grabbed the nearly empty bottled water that he left on his nightstand. After removing the top, he drank it down. “I’m still thirsty,” he said.

Maxx stood. “Wow, my legs are tired and sore. That battle was rough. At least I killed the wolf,” he said with difficulty as he trudged out of the bedroom.

He slowly walked to the kitchen. “I need a cup of tea,” he muttered. Maxx began preparing the water. As the water warmed, he grabbed yesterday’s copy of The Bedsult Daily News that he left on the counter after arriving home in the late night.

As he waited for the water to heat, he skimmed quickly through the pages. When he saw the front-page story of the bombing in Wyluxx City, he said, “That bombing was yesterday afternoon. The editor must have held the presses for this story to be on the front page.”

He looked at the cup of water. “It should be done,” he said. Maxx grabbed the cup of hot water and splashed in a fresh tea bag. He splashed it several times.

With his tea and the newspaper, Maxx walked to his plush living room. He placed the tea and paper on his side table and sat in his recliner.

“My legs are sore,” he said as he took a sip of tea. “I can only imagine how Guiss Korter’s legs feel. That wolf really chewed into his legs. Those gashes must have been deep to bleed like that.”

Using the remote, he turned on the TV. “I wonder if Meez Broplen has reported Zith Fleen’s capture on Kinkorx News. Zith is probably at Xcuymir Correctional by now,” he said as the TV came on. The regular daily programming was on.

“We’ll see if Meez comes on later,” said Maxx as he picked up the newspaper.

He took another sip and began to read the front-page article. The headline read:

Bombing at Kicnix Casual Wear in Wyluxx City – No Suspects or Motive as of Yet

The Bedsult Daily News: Several hours ago, a bomb was detonated in the Kicnix Casual Wear clothing store in Wyluxx City. The bomb ripped a large hole in the rear wall of the store. Also destroyed were clothing racks and shelving—as well as clothing. The debris scattered mostly into the rear parking lot.

Due to the smallness of the bomb and the direction of the blast, no costumers or employees were injured in the explosion.

The employees evacuated the store and called Wyluxx City Police and Firefighters immediately following the explosion. Upon their arrival, the emergency crews examined the explosion area while taping it off.

The authorities conducted an immediate investigation to determine the type of explosives used and a motive behind this senseless and heinous act of terrorism. At this time, the only information the police and firefighters are releasing is that they believe the bomb was of a very crude nature. Also, the authorities feel the bomber’s planning was poor—both errors on the terrorist’s part minimized the damage and allowed for zero fatalities.

The storeowner, Trezor Kicnix, arrived on the scene only minutes later. He is working with the police. He and the emergency team have secured the area and closed the store. The retail store will remain closed until the premises can be made safe for reopening.

The WCPD will continue their investigation in an attempt to discover the identity of the crazed terrorist who planted the bomb…

Maxx said as he read, “This is all we need. Now there’s a bomber in the desert.” He sighed deeply. “I need more tea,” he said with irritation.

He placed the newspaper on the table. With his empty cup, Maxx walked back to the kitchen. He prepared more water and placed the cup in the warmed.

As the water heated, his tired mind leaped to the events of the previous night. He leaned on the counter for support as he reminisced. He was mentally in Guiss Korter’s kitchen again. He jerked and quivered as he mentally fought the large grey wolf. He jerked and flinched his hulking arms as he mentally broke the wolf’s neck and ripped off the head. His face winced from the memory of blood as it splattered and quickly flowed into red, thick puddles on the expensive kitchen floor.

His mind leaped to the bedroom when he found Art and Zith Fleen on the bloody floor. They were locked in a deadly battle. Zith had a death-grip around Art’s neck. He was watching Art’s eyes as Art was losing consciousness.

Maxx jerked as he mentally leaped at Zith and knocked him off Art—thus releasing the strangle hold.

As Maxx leaned on the counter, he flinched his arms as he quickly subdued Zith in his mind with a headlock—while Art coughed loudly as he regained his breathe while holding his aching neck.

“What!” he said as he regained focus. He looked at the warmer. “My water is ready. I was daydreaming. How horrifying.” He shook his head.

He grabbed the water and bounced a tea bag up and down. “That was a horrific battle last night. I’m going to have nightmares about that for a long time,” he mumbled as he splashed the bag.

Maxx grabbed the cup and walked back to his recliner. He took a sip and sat.

As Kinkorx TV continued to air, he grabbed the newspaper and continued to skim. He took another sip of his hot tea as he flipped through the pages.

As he read, a Breaking News Bulletin began. He lowered his newspaper and watched as the news story started.

“I am Kinkorx TV News Anchor Meez Broplen. We have two breaking news stories for you on this Special Breaking News Broadcast. Our first story: This morning a second bomb was detonated in a Kicnix Casual Wear clothing store. This time in Soxtuss—the small town in Xcuymir Territory. Kinkorx TV News roaming reporter Pymur Muxx is there with a live report.”

The TV Switched to the Kicnix Casual Wear Store in Soxtuss

“Thank you Meez. I am Pymur Muxx. I’m standing only feet away from the second terrorists bombing of Kicnix Casual Wear clothing store in less than twenty-four hours. The targeted store this time was the retail establishment in Soxtuss, in rural Xcuymir Territory.

This bomb was even less effective than the predecessor was even though it was placed in a similar area. It was positioned close to a rear wall on the inside of the building. According to the Soxtuss Police, this bomb was smaller and less powerful than the first. This helped to negate the devastation of the blast. In this explosion, even less damage was accomplished. The hole in the exterior wall was smaller and the damage to the interior of the store was minimal. Like the previous bombing, there were no fatalities.

Again, the authorities credit poor skills and inadequate planning for the lack of success in this terrorist attempt.

The owner, Trezor Kicnix, is on the scene. He immediately evacuated and closed the store. He is working with Soxtuss Police and Xcuymir Fire and Rescue to assess the damages.

After speaking very briefly with Trezor Kicnix and the local authorities, I can only report that they are baffled by these sudden acts of terrorism. A motive or a suspect for these crude, ill planned, acts of terror is not known at this time.

I can tell you this; due to the recentness and inept nature of these two terrorist attacks, the local authorities have assigned the coterie responsible with a code name. This terrorist case is being called, The Maladroit Bomber.

I am Pymur Muxx. Reporting live from the Kicnix Casual Wear in Soxtuss.”

The TV Switched Back to Kinkorx TV News Studio

“Thank you Pymur for that live report from Soxtuss,” said Meez Broplen. “We will stay on top of this developing news story as it unfolds. When we learn more about The Maladroit Bomber case, we will break in.

Our other top store this morning…”

Maxx took another sip of tea as he glued his attention to Meez and his report.

“…This morning, I have received several confirmations of this Exclusive Breaking News Story. I am the only news anchor that is reporting this Exclusive Story…”

Maxx’s tired eyes grew large with anticipation as he watched with intensity.

“…During a late night stakeout in the home of Guiss Korter, the team captain for the Kinkorx Horned Hares, Zith Fleen was apprehended.

The stakeout and capture was performed by Detective Maxx Zeqster and Detective Art Nekuma of the famed Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency – here in Kinkorx.

Zith Fleen was turned over to local authorities. He was then transported to Xcuymir Correctional by General Sheriff Mairytin and his troopers. At Xcuymir prison, he was surrendered to Warden Stelth.

Warden Stelth immediately ordered his guards to lock Zith Fleen in a maximum-security cell. Zith Fleen will serve the remainder of his life sentence in max-security.

Guiss Korter sustained multiple, deep, slashes to his legs during the attack by Zith Fleen and the wolf. He received emergency first aid by Detective Nekuma, that saved his life. He was then transported to Mirchester Hospital where he received emergency surgery. Dr. Rotizon performed that lifesaving surgery. Currently Guiss is resting comfortably at Mirchester Hospital.

I attempted to contact Chief Pomur. He was unavailable for a comment on this Exclusive Story.

Here at the Kinkorx TV Studios, we wish to express our thanks to Detective Zeqster and Detective Nekuma for capturing the heinous serial killer, Zith Fleen. We also wish to express our gratitude to Detective Nekuma for the emergency first aid given at the scene. It is our understanding that without the on-scene first aid, Zith Fleen and his wolf would have succeeded in their goal—to kill Guiss Korter.

The residents of not only the desert, but the wet lands as well, can breathe a little easier this morning, Zith Fleen, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher is locked away in a max-security cell inside Xcuymir prison.

This has been a Special Breaking News Report. I am Meez Broplen, chief news anchor at Kinkorx TV News. We now return you to the regular programming.”

Maxx grinned as Meez ended the special report. He said, “Chief Pomur wasn’t given an opportunity to comment. The story didn’t come from the KPD. I bet Guiss Korter called Meez Broplen. Meez in turn called Warden Stelth.”

He paused for a moment. Then he said, “I need more tea.” Maxx sat his newspaper on the small table and stood. “I’m feeling better,” he declared. He began walking toward the kitchen. “Surprising how an accurate news story improves my spirits,” he said as he entered the kitchen.

Maxx added water to the cup and placed it in the warmer. As he waited, he said, “I’m relieved Zith Fleen is in Xcuymir Prison. Meez is right; everyone on Sesla will rest easier knowing The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher is locked in a maximum security cell.”

He grabbed his water and splashed in a new tea bag. He thought, “I wonder if the authorities will catch the terrorist that’s attacking the Kicnix Casual Wear clothing stores?”

As Maxx leaned on the kitchen counter, he removed the tea bag and took a sip. He said, “Maybe the authorities will flounder and Trezor Kicnix will hire the Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency to capture The Maladroit Bomber.”

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