The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 2

Eighteen Months Ago

“This is Kinkorx TV News roaming reporter Pymur Muxx. I’m in The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown, in the locker room of the Kinkorx Horned Hares. I’m speaking with the Head Coach of the Horned Hares, Coach Jo Mydos. Coach Mydos, you have to be happy with the performance of your team this season.”

“We’re having a good season—so far. Tonight was a big win for our team. The Tos-Xiron Doxers are a talented mesnuk team,” said Coach Mydos.

“You have to be especially pleased with the walk-on star from three and a half years ago, Zith Fleen. Again, during this game, he was the top scorer for your team. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the fastest player on your roster,” said Pymur.

Coach Mydos replied, “The horned hares organization is very pleased with Zith’s performance both on and off the field.”

“Which leads me to my next question,” Pymur said as he continued, “There are growing rumors of the unrest within the Horned Hares organization. We are hearing rumors that many of the players are constantly in conflict with Zith Fleen. Are the rumors true? Do your players not like or get along with Zith?”

Coach Mydos smiled as he responded, “Some of the players seem to take issue with his unique opinions and assertive personality. However, the Horned Hares organization encourages different and unique visions. After all, our owner, Mr. Grexenn is known for his imaginative ideas.”

Pymur pursued, “There are rumors that, due to his extreme views and boisterous behavior, Zith Fleen has alienating himself from the other players. This has lead the players to leave him vulnerable on the playing field. Due to the lack of teamwork, he seems to be receiving many very brutal, severe hits while on the playing field. His teammates appear to be abandoning him. This forsaking was apparent in tonight’s game.”

Coach Mydos smiled. “What you’re suggesting, a conspiracy on the field is nothing more than examples of Zith’s aggressiveness, speed, and desire to win. When he plays, often times he leaves his teammates far behind. He simply has a strong desire to win. He’s a champion. I wish more of our players were like Zith Fleen. We consider it a lucky day, when he walked onto the practice field.”

Pymur asked, “Do you think there will be more of this type of behavior in your next game in “It’s the Rallies” which is against the Wyluxx City Generals? That game is here in The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in a few days.”

Coach Mydos said with irritation, “The Generals are a very good mesnuk team. They will be difficult to beat. Yes. I believe Zith Fleen will play to win against the Generals. He will give this team his best. I wish all of our players did. Now if you will excuse me?”

Coach Mydos walked away as Pymur summarized briefly and ended the live report. “There you have it. Coach Mydos is effectively denying all of the rumors that have been emanating from the Kinkorx Horned Hares players in recent months. He denies there is a growing desire among the team members to leave Zith Fleen unprotected. Thus making him vulnerable to severe injury during the games. This is Pymur Muxx, roaming reporter for Kinkorx TV Sports. Reporting live from the locker room of the Kinkorx Horned Hares in The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown.”

Several Days Later


“It’s The Rallies”

“We are going live in 5…4…3…2…1…and we are live,” said Kinkorx TV program director Stin Gismurr.

“Good evening, and welcome to this, “It’s the Rallies” sports broadcast of the Sesla Mesnuk Championship Finals. I am Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor, and the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares. We are broadcasting live from our Kinkorx TV booth inside The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown.

This evening, I’m delighted to have as my co-announcer, my friend and esteemed colleague, novelist, writer, sports writer, and commentator, J.A. Ireland. It’s nice to be working with you again, J.A.”

“Thank you Derrix,” J.A. Ireland replied. “It’s nice to be here again.”

“This Sesla Championship Finals Game should be another game to remember,” Derrix stated.

J.A. agreed with emphasis, “If this re-match is anything like the “It’s the Rallies” game a few weeks ago – it will be thrilling.

“No one is more thrilled than the owner of the Horned Hares, Mr. Jeqrix Grexenn that the horned hares are playing at this level,” said Derrix.

J.A. said, “The Wyluxx City Generals want to prove tonight that the last game was a fluke and they deserve to be in “It’s the Rallies.”

“Many fans, especially in Wyluxx City seem to think that game was a fluke and the Generals should have won,” Derrix stated.

J.A. said, “It looks like this is another sold-out game.”

“Every time these two teams meet, this stadium is packed. There seems to be quite a rivalry between these two desert teams,” Derrix said excitedly.

“Mr. Grexenn has to be happy with these fans,” J.A. said. “The ticket sales are always very high. The sales of official Horned Hares merchandise are strong as well.”

Derrix replied, “I see you’re wearing your Red Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk cap.”

J.A. boasted, “I was lucky. I grabbed the last one the night the horned hares won the Sesla Championship against the Tobaccos.”

“When I look out at this excited crowd, I see a lot of Horned Hares mesnuk caps like yours. I also see Mr. Grexenn. He’s attending this game tonight. He’s wearing a red cap like yours,” Derrix stated.

“It looks like Mr. Grexenn is standing and waving to the happy crowd. He must be watching this broadcast in his booth. You’re right. He does have a cap like mine. They like their owner,” said J.A.

Derrix replied, “Just listen to those cheers. He is well-liked in the desert.”

“He is also a well-liked furniture store owner. He sells good furniture at reasonable prices, we have some of his furniture in our home,” J.A. added.

Derrix replied, “We have some of his furniture in our home as well.”

“Changing the subject to the players, have you seen any evidence of the strong rumors that are emanating from the Horned Hares players?” J.A. asked.

“You’re referring to the rumors about the star player, Zith Fleen. That the players are abandoning him off the field and forsaking him on the field,” said Derrix.

J.A. replied, “Those rumors are getting louder and more numerous every week.”

“He is the fastest player on the team. Due to his speed he often times seems to play a one-player game. He gets hit a lot. Many of the hits are severe. Some are massive,” Derrix stated.

“There are rumors that the players don’t like his extreme views and boisterous nature. He may have alienated himself from the other players,” said J.A.

Derrix added, “There are also rumors about a conspiracy by the players to abandon him on the field. Thus allowing him to become injured during the games in an attempt to get him off the team.”

“Coach Mydos has publically denounced these rumors. Let’s see if we agree with the rumors…The crowd noise is picking up,” said J.A.

Derrix added, “I see why. Here comes, the Kinkorx Horned Hares.”

The stadium announcer said, “Please welcome your one time Sesla Mesnuk Champion Kinkorx Horned Hares.”

“This home crowd loves their Champion Horned Hares. Just listen to the noise,” J.A. remarked.

“The Kinkorx Horned Hares are running onto the field. They are forming their half of the circle around the glymog,” Derrix said.

The announcer said, “Please welcome the Wyluxx City Generals.”

“The visiting crowd is going wild as their Wyluxx City Generals are running onto the field. This has become quite a rivalry. Both sides are screaming. Just listen to that crowd noise,” J.A. said.

“The Generals are forming their half of the circle around the glymog,” Derrix stated.

“I hear a lot of loud booing from the home side. I see some snacks being thrown at the Generals,” said J.A.

Many on the home side, including Tonnus and Estra Kin, Dr. Leqtus Kin-the genetic engineer’s father and sister, are booing the Generals and throwing some snacks at them.

“The two teams are forming a complete circle around the glymog,” Derrix said.

J.A. added, “They’re facing the Sesla United Flag. The stadium orchestra is ready to play the Sesla Anthem.”

“Please rise for the playing of the Sesla Anthem,” the stadium announcer requested.

Everyone in the stadium stood and faced the Sesla United Flag.

The orchestra began…

As the orchestra finished, the fans cheered.

The fans sat back down.

“The Sesla Championship Finals Game is about to begin,” said Derrix.

J.A. replied, “While the enforcer goes over the rules to the players, you should explain the game to anyone who isn’t fully aware of how mesnuk is played. You do such a nice job explaining it.”

Derrix bobbed his head in agreement. “Good idea,” he said. “Each team has eight players. All sixteen players form a circle in the center of the field around the glymog for the start of each session. The glymog is a 42 inch in diameter circle at the center of the field.

There are two kloxyns, one at each end of the field, in this stadium, one is red, and one is blue.

Each team has their own kloxyn. They switch kloxyns at the beginning of each session.

The kloxyn is 48 inches tall, 36 inches in diameter. It is a round metal tube with one half inch thick walls and it is open at the top and bottom. It stands on three legs that fasten to the arena floor. The bottom is open to make it easy to remove the sludder. The kloxyns are easily replaceable in the event of damage during a game from the sludder.

The sludder is an 18 and 1/4 pound triangular disc with rounded edges. It is in the shape of an acute triangle. It has one side that is 16 inches long, one side that is 14 inches long, and the shortest side is 12 inches long. The sludder is 1 inch thick on the rounded edges and 2 inches thick in the middle. It is made of metal and coated with hard rubber to help prevent injuries.

The field is 460 feet long and 380 feet wide. It is 200 feet between the glymog and the kloxyns.

The enforcers control the game. There are six enforcers, three for each side of the field.

The enforcers decide if a player has been kluuded. They call kluuding if they feel that a player used excessive force. To call kluuding, they blow their whistle and make a chop sign across their chest. Since, the game is by nature very brutal, the enforcer calls kluuding penalties on only the most savage plays.

If a player is kluuded, the kluuded player gets an unopposed throw, at his team’s kloxyn, from the glymog.

When an enforcer calls kluuding, the timekeeper stops the clock. He restarts it when the penalty throw leaves the kluuded players hand and is in the air.

The object of the game is to put the sludder into your team’s kloxyn. Two points are given for placing the sludder into the kloxyn. Throwing the sludder into the kloxyn counts one point.

The game is divided into three epochs – each epoch has two sessions. Each epoch is seventy-five minutes. So each session is one-half of seventy-five minutes or thirty- seven and one half minutes. Each session, the players change sides of the field and circle the glymog again.

The lead enforcer begins each session by throwing the sludder into the air as the players are circling the glymog. He throws the sludder into the middle of the circle of players.

After a score, an opposing player must throw the sludder in from out of bounds to restart the game.

There is a five minute break at the end of the first and second epochs,” he smiled to J.A. and said, “I’ve said that same explanation so many times, I have it memorized.”

J.A. smiled. “It looks like the lead enforcer is ready to throw the sludder into the air to start this “It’s the Rallies,” Finals—game,” he said.

“The crowd is really into this game, the fans on both sides are already screaming. Here we go. The “It’s the Rallies”— Finals Game is underway,” said Derrix.

“The lead enforcer blew his whistle and threw the sludder into the air. The Horned Hares caught the sludder and they’re running towards their blue kloxyn,” said J.A.

Derrix said, “A General pounded the Horned Hare. The sludder went flying.”

“That looked like it hurt,” J.A. added.

“The Generals have the sludder. They are racing towards their red kloxyn,” said Derrix.

J.A. reported, “Oh!...That had to hurt. The Horned Hares hit that General hard. The sludder went flying into another of the Generals hands.”

“The Generals are charging toward his kloxyn. He is close. Wow! What a hit,” said Derrix.

“The enforcer blew his whistle. He made the chop sign across his chest,” J.A. stated.

Derrix added, “I’d say that was too much contact.”

“We have our first kluuding call,” J.A. stated.

“That hit was devastating. That General is having trouble walking. He’s slowly making his way to the glymog,” Derrix stated.

J.A. said, “If the sludder goes into the kloxyn, it’s one point.”

“The enforcer handed him the sludder. He’s trying to keep his balance. He’s leaning back. He throws. He scores!” said Derrix.

J.A. added, “The Generals score first in this “It’s the Rallies” game. That’s a two hundred foot throw. Imagine how strong these athletes are to throw the sludder that far and that accurately.”

“The Horned Hares have the sludder. Zith Fleen is racing toward the kloxyn. Wow! What a hit. The sludder is off the field,” Derrix said.

“That was a brutal hit. I will admit he was all alone. I hope he isn’t injured,” J.A. added.

Derrix said, “A different enforcer called kluuding.”

“Zith Fleen is slowly making his way to the glymog,” said J.A.

“He’s limping badly,” Derrix remarked.

J.A. said, “The enforcer handed him the sludder. He’s struggling to stand. He throws. It’s in the air. He scores! The Horned Hares have tied the score thanks to Zith Fleen.”

“The Generals have it. They’re charging toward their kloxyn. Oh!...Two Hares hit the General hard. The sludder is skipping across the ground,” said Derrix.

“The Generals picked it up. They’re charging toward their kloxyn. They’re charging. Oh!...What a hit,” J.A. stated.

Derrix stated, “One of the enforcers blew his whistle. He’s making the chop sign across his chest.”

“The General is still on the artificial turf. He may be injured severely,” J.A. said with concern.

“He’s getting up slowly. He’s hobbling toward the glymog,” Derrix reported.

J.A. said, “The enforcer handed him the sludder. He’s leaning back. He throws. It missed the kloxyn completely.”

“He appears hurt. That hit was vicious. He was in too much pain to make an accurate throw,” said Derrix.

“With the first session coming to a close, the Generals have the sludder again. They’re charging toward their kloxyn. Seconds left. He throws. It bounces off the side of the kloxyn,” J.A. stated.

Derrix stated, “That’s the end of the first session. The score is Generals one and the Horned Hares one.”

“The two teams are switching kloxyns. For the second session, the Generals have the blue kloxyn and the Hares have the red,” said J.A.

“There is no break in between sessions,” said Derrix.

J.A. said, “That’s why this game is so well liked, the action is non-stop.”

“That’s why most of the fans purchase their snacks at the numerous concession stands before the game or they bring their own. There is no time to buy snacks during the game,” said Derrix.

“The teams are forming a circle around the glymog. The lead enforcer is preparing to throw the sludder. He throws it into the air. The Generals have it,” said J.A.

Derrix said, “The second session has begun.”

“The Generals are racing toward the blue kloxyn. They are getting closer. Oh!...What a hit. That poor General was demolished by three Horned Hares,” J.A. reported.

“I’m surprised the enforcer didn’t call kluuding,” Derrix questioned.

J.A. reported, “That was another brutal hit without a kluuding call.”

“The Generals have the sludder again. They’re racing toward their kloxyn. Here they come. Wow, did you see that?” asked Derrix.

“Zith Fleen flew through the air into the General that was carrying the sludder,” J.A. explained.

Derrix added, “That is one of the most selfless plays I’ve seen in a while. Wow, Zith is really fast.”

“The Horned Hares are proving that they deserve to be in these finals – championship games as well,” said J.A.

“I think the fans agree with you. Just listen to the cheers,” Derrix added.

J.A. said excitedly, “The Generals have the sludder. They’re charging. The General leaped into the air. He scores! He put the sludder into the kloxyn. What a play.”

Derrix added, “That’s good for two points.”

“Zith Fleen has the sludder. He’s charging the kloxyn. Oh!...What a hit,” said J.A.

“That’s another brutal hit without a kluuding call,” Derrix said.

J.A. said, “The Hares have the sludder again. They’re racing toward the kloxyn. Another vicious hit.”

Derrix said, “Again, no kluuding call. The Generals have the sludder. They’re charging.”

“The Generals are racing toward the kloxyn. He throws the sludder. He scores!” J.A. said with excitement. “That’s three points this session.”

“Zith Fleen has the sludder. He’s racing down the field. What a hit,” Derrix reported.

J.A. added, “Another vicious hit and no kluuding call by the enforcer.”

Derrix said, “The Generals recovered the sludder. They’re racing toward their kloxyn as the second session is coming to a close.”

“The final seconds, the clock is almost gone. The General throws with three…two…one…it is off the rim,” J.A. reported.

“That’s the end of the first epoch – the score; the Generals four and the Hares one,” Derrix stated.

J.A. said, “Both teams are taking their five minute break.”

“The Generals are pulling ahead in this re-match game,” Derrix said.

“The Horned Hares are being over-powered by the Generals speed and aggressiveness,” J.A. added.

Derrix said, “The home side of this stadium seems quieter than we’re used to. The Horned Hares fans may be losing confidence in their team.”

Kinkorx TV program director Stin Gismurr said, “Derrix, do a station identification before the second epoch begins.”

Derrix nodded. “You are watching the Sesla Championship Finals Game live on Kinkorx TV Sports from The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. We are broadcasting live from our booth. I am Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor and the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares.

My esteemed colleague and friend—and co-announcer is novelists, writer, sports broadcaster and sports writer, J.A. Ireland,” said Derrix.

Stin Gismurr replied as he smiled and nodded, “Good job.”

“The second epoch is about to begin. Both teams are circling the glymog,” Derrix reported.

J.A. added, “The teams switched kloxyns again.”

“The enforcer threw the sludder into the air. The Generals have it. The second epoch has begun,” Derrix said.

“The Generals are racing toward the kloxyn,” J.A. said.

Derrix said, “They’re charging. He throws the sludder. He scores!”

J.A. added, “The Generals are pulling ahead. If this continues, the Horned Hares will fall too far behind to catch up.”

“Zith Fleen has the sludder. He’s racing toward the kloxyn,” Derrix said.

“He throws. He scores! The Horned Hares add another score,” said J.A.

Derrix added, “Just listen to that crowd noise, they’re happy now. They like Zith Fleen.”

“The Generals have the sludder. They’re charging,” J.A. said.

“Oh!...What a hit. Zith Fleen flew through the air and broke up the play,” Derrix said.

J.A. reported, “The Generals have the sludder again. They’re racing to their kloxyn.”

Derrix said, “They’re charging. They’re close. The General throws. He scores! The Generals are pulling ahead.”

“The fans on the Generals side of this stadium are going wild. The fans on the home side are quiet,” J.A. stated.

“Zith Fleen has the sludder. Oh!...He is hit hard. Again no kluuding call,” Derrix reported.

J.A. confirmed, “This game is getting out of hand. Without kluuding calls, these two teams are beaten each other up. Zith Fleen has taken some massive hits. He does seem to be a one player team.”

Derrix said with concern, “I can’t believe those enforcers aren’t calling kluuding on these brutal hits. If this continues, Zith Fleen could become severely injured.”

“The Generals are charging their kloxyn. He throws. He misses,” said J.A.

“The third session is coming to a close. The Generals have the sludder again. He passes. He throws. He misses as time runs out,” Derrix stated.

“That’s the end of the third session—with the score; the Generals six and the Hares two,” J.A. stated.

“The teams are circling the glymog. The sludder is in the air. The Horned Hares have the sludder as we begin the fourth session,” said Derrix.

“Zith Fleen is charging. He’s going for two. He’s all alone. Wow!...What a hit. Wow, that was brutal,” J.A., insisted.

Derrix said, “The enforcer is making the chop sign across his chest. He’s calling kluuding.”

“We aren’t seeing a lot of kluuding calls in this game. Zith Fleen is receiving some massive hits. The players do seem to be abandoning him,” J.A. reported.

“The enforcers seem to be letting these two teams battle mostly without penalties,” Derrix added. “I agree, Zith’s teammates seem to be lagging back thus letting him take a lot of unnecessary, violent hits.”

J.A. said, “Zith is limping to the glymog. He is clearly injured. The enforcer handed him the sludder.”

“He’s leaning back. His legs are wobbly. He throws. He scores!” Derrix said excitedly.

“Zith Fleen is attempting a one player comeback. The other horned hares are seemingly forsaking him. Just listen to those happy Horned Hare fans. They love Zith Fleen,” J.A. reported.

Derrix said, “The Generals have the sludder. They’re charging. What a vicious hit by the Horned Hare.”

J.A. added, “Again, no kluuding call.”

“The Generals have it again. They’re charging. He throws. It’s off the rim,” Derrix reported.

J.A. said, “The Hares have it. They’re passing. They’re racing toward their kloxyn. He throws. He missed the kloxyn completely.”

“That was a wild throw,” Derrix added.

J.A. stated, “The Hares have the sludder again. They’re charging. He’s hit hard.”

“The fourth session is almost over as the Generals are trying to score,” said Derrix.

“With time running out, the Generals are passing. He throws as the time ends. He scores!” J.A. said excitedly.

“That is the end of the second epoch. The score is the Generals seven and the Hares three,” said Derrix. “The players are running to the sidelines for their five minute break.”

“The Generals are pulling ahead. For the Horned Hares to stand a chance, they need to stage a comeback this session. They need a super effort from more players than just Zith Fleen if they’re going to win,” J.A. insisted.

Derrix added, “It will take quite an effort to slow these Generals. They are out to prove the previous game was a fluke.”

“With only one epoch to go, it seems the Horned Hares may be running out of time and strength. Zith Fleen is becoming really beaten up. How much more can he take?” J.A. asked.

“The players are circling the glymog. The lead enforcer has the sludder,” said Derrix.

J.A. said, “He threw it in the air. The Generals have the sludder first as we start the final epoch.”

Derrix replied, “The Generals are racing toward the kloxyn. They’re passing. He’s racing toward his kloxyn. He throws the sludder. It misses.”

“The Generals have the sludder again. They’re charging toward their kloxyn. Wow!... Was he ever hit hard by Zith Fleen,” J.A. reported.

Derrix added, “That was another vicious hit and no kluuding call.”

“The Hares have it. He’s charging toward the kloxyn. He’s racing. He throws the sludder. Oh!...It’s off the rim,” J.A. said.

“Zith Fleen has it again,” Derrix stated. “He’s racing down the field. He’s all alone. Oh!...What a brutal hit. That was definitely kluuding but again, no kluuding call by the enforcers.”

J.A. said, “The Generals have the sludder. They’re racing to their kloxyn. He passes. The General throws. It misses.”

“The Generals have it again. He throws quickly. His throw is way off the mark,” Derrix said.

“Zith has it. He’s racing down the field. Again, he’s all alone. He’s charging their kloxyn. He’s hit hard,” J.A. reported.

Derrix stated, “The Generals recovered the sludder. They’re passing. He’s racing toward the kloxyn. He’s hit hard by Zither Fleen.”

“Zith recovers it. He’s racing toward their kloxyn. He throws quickly. He scores!” J.A. said excitedly.

“The Generals have the kloxyn. They’re racing down the field. They’re passing the sludder. He throws. It misses,” said Derrix.

J.A. said, “The Generals have it again. They are racing. He passes. He throws. It misses.”

Derrix reported, “We are nearing the end of the fifth session as Zith Fleen is making another run at their kloxyn. He’s going for two. He’s running for the kloxyn. He’s closing in on their kloxyn. He scores! Zith scores two points as the session ends.”

“That’s the end of the fifth session. The players circle the glymog. The enforcer throws. The Generals have it as we begin the final session with the score the Generals seven and the Horned Hares six,” J.A. stated.

“This is a high scoring re-match game. Zith Fleen is indeed a one-player team. He’s also receiving some massive hits. He does seem to be mostly abandoned by his teammates. It’s anyone’s guess who will win this brutal game,” said Derrix.

J.A. said, “From the looks of this stadium, both sides want their team to win. There are snacks flying everywhere. I feel sorry for the cleanup crew.”

“The Horned Hares have staged a big comeback. Can they out last the Generals and keep it going?” Derrix asked.

“The Generals are charging toward their kloxyn. They’re racing toward it. He’s going for two. He’s hit hard by Zith Fleen. What a hit by Zith,” said J.A.

Derrix said, “The Generals want to win this re-match game. They want to prove the last game was a fluke.”

“Zith Fleen has it. He’s all alone and charging their kloxyn. His teammates are no-where near. With his great speed, he’s closing in on the kloxyn. He’s going for two. Wow! What a vicious hit. Right at the kloxyn,” J.A. reported.

“Zith seems to be hurt badly. He’s lying on the field next to the kloxyn. He looks unconscious,” Derrix reported with concern.

J.A. said with greater concern, “After the hit by the Generals player, his head looked like it slammed into the kloxyn. It was difficult to see clearly from here. I’m beginning to see blood on the turf next to his head.”

“You’re right J.A.—It’s difficult to tell from here. It looks like blood,” Derrix agreed.

“He’s still lying there, seemingly unconscious. The medical team is running out to him,” J.A. reported.

Derrix said, “There looks to be a lot of blood coming from his head. It does appear he hit his head on the kloxyn when he landed.”

“The medical team is putting him on the stretcher. He seems to be severely injured,” J.A. reported.

“We don’t want to speculate. Judging from the blood, his head wound looks severe,” Derrix said.

J.A. said, “Zith Fleen is on the stretcher. The medical team is running off the field. They’re headed straight for the locker room.”

Derrix reported, “We can see a lot of blood. His head injury looks very serious—perhaps life threatening.”

“From what we saw tonight, there might be some truth to the rumors that have been circulating from the horned hares players,” J. A. stated sadly.

“Now that the medical team is off the field, the enforcer is restarting the game,” said Derrix.

J.A. said, “We hope Zith Fleen makes a speedy recovery. We wish him the best.”

“The Generals have the sludder. They’re charging in their wedge. The wedge is going for two. The wedge is close to the kloxyn. They score two points,” Derrix reported.

J.A. added, “What a play. The Generals in their wedge ran over several Horned Hares.”

Derrix said excitedly, “The Generals fans are screaming. They’re standing on their seats and throwing their snacks into the air.”

“I don’t know if the Horned Hares have time to come back from a three point deficit— especially now that they’ve lost their star player,” J.A. questioned.

“There isn’t very much time left and the Generals are showing no signs of slowing,” said Derrix.

“The Generals are charging. Wow!...What a brutal hit and no kluuding call,” J.A. said.

Derrix reported, “The Generals have it back. He’s charging the kloxyn. He’s going for two. He’s charging the kloxyn. Oh!...He’s hit viciously.”

“The enforcer is finally calling kluuding,” said J.A.

“The fans on the Generals side are screaming and throwing their snacks into the air. They can taste a victory in this Finals Re-match Game,” Derrix said.

J.A. reported, “The General is slow to get up. He’s hobbling to the glymog.”

“Time is running out in this final session of this re-match game,” Derrix stated.

J.A. said, “He’s wobbling inside the glymog.”

“The enforcer handed him the sludder,” Derrix added.

“He’s leaning back. He throws. He scores! He puts the Generals even farther ahead,” J.A. reported excitedly.

Derrix said, “The visiting crowd is screaming.”

“The Horned Hares have the sludder as time is running out in this Re-match game,” J.A. said. “They are charging. They are going for two. They score! How they’re playing like a team. They score two points in the closing seconds of this contest.”

“The Generals have the sludder. The Horned Hares are all fighting for it. If the Horned Hares can take control of the sludder and quickly score two points, they can tie the game,” Derrix stated.

J.A. reported, “As the seconds on the clock count down, the fans on both sides of the stadium are standing on their seats. They’re throwing their snacks into the air and onto the playing field.”

“The battle for the sludder continues on the Generals side of the playing field as the final seconds tick off of the clock,” said Derrix.

“The Generals fans are yelling, six…five…four…three…two…one…,” J.A. said.

Derrix reported excitedly, “The re-match game is over. The Generals fans are screaming, Generals … Generals... Generals … Generals … They’re throwing their remaining snacks into the air.”

“The Horned Hares fans are upset. I can hear boos coming from the home side of the stadium,” J.A. reported.

Tonnus and Estra Kin are standing on their seats. They are throwing their snacks into the air while yelling, “Boo,” as loudly as they can.

“These Horned Hares fans may feel that their team did not play at their highest level. I’m sure their also worried about their star player,” said Derrix.

J.A. said, “The Horned Hare fans are not happy. I can see a lot of them leaving.”

“The Generals fans are still standing on their seats,” Derrix reported, “They’re chanting Generals … Generals… Generals… They’re throwing their snacks into the air. They have redemption. The Generals are expressing their thanks to the loyal fans. They’re waving to the crowd as walk off the field.”

“I don’t see Mr. Grexenn anywhere. He has to be disappointed and worried. Zith Fleen is a very valuable member of this team. Wyluxx City TV Sports and Wyluxx City Times will be reporting that the last game was a fluke and the Generals deserve to be in “It’s the Rallies,” J.A. said.

Derrix replied, “I can picture the ginormous controversy that this game will generate – both in the locker room and in the community. I just thought the rivalry was heated between these two teams before.”

“The enmity between these two teams and their fans is sure to grow. I will continue to wear my red Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk cap proudly even though it may cause controversy,” said J.A.

Derrix summarized, “To recap, in this high scoring, “It’s the Rallies” game, the Wyluxx City Generals have defeated the Kinkorx Horned Hares by the score of ten to eight. Zith Fleen, the star player for the Horned Hares was severely injured with some type of head injury, perhaps life threatening, at the close of this game. Everyone at Kinkorx TV Studios wishes him a speedy and full recovery.”

“I am Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor and the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares. My co-announcer has been J.A. Ireland. This has been an, “It’s the Rallies” championship sports broadcast of Kinkorx TV Sports.

“And cut,” said Stin Gismurr Kinkorx TV program director.

“It’s been fun working with you again, J.A.,” said Derrix.

J.A. replied, “It has been fun. I hope Zith Fleen is all right. I get to write my column and wait for the response. A lot of fans will be upset when they get the news.”


Tonnus and Estra Kin were walking toward their car. Estra was expressing her dissatisfaction with the Horned Hares and her concern for Zith Fleen as they disappointedly walked. “…The Generals were ahead the entire game. I can’t believe the Horned Hares didn’t play harder. If Zith Fleen is badly injured, the hares won’t go much farther in “It’s the Rallies.” We can forget about another championship…,” Estra continued to complain as they entered Tonnus’ car and drove home. “I hope Zith Fleen is ok…,” she said as they drove while she continued to talk.

At Kinkorx Mirchester Hospital in Downtown Kinkorx

Zith Fleen was being rushed to the Emergency Room via ambulance with the gushing head wound. The paramedics speeded under the long ER canopy. “There comes the ambulance!” Nurse Bennick said loudly to her ER Team as they waited and watched behind the glass entrance door.

The ambulance driver quickly slowed the medical van and stopped at the entrance as the ER Team rushed out. “Open the door!” yelled Nurse Bennick as she pounded on the rear door of the ambulance only seconds after it stopped.

As the medic driver quickly exited the medical van, the rear door flew open.

Move!” Nurse Bennick ordered loudly as she and her team jumped into the rear. The attending paramedic stepped back to allow the emergency team to work. When she saw the blood oozing through the blood soaked bandages on Zith Fleen’s head, she yelled. “ BP!

“35 over 20. He’s still breathing. I put a pint of blood in him. I was preparing another. I can’t stop the hemorrhaging,” the frantic paramedic reported with blood covered hands and shirt.

Nurse Bennick shouted to her team, “Get him in ER—Move!”

Her team frantically pulled the gurney out of the ambulance. They dropped the legs. “Move!” she ordered loudly.

The ER Team ran toward the entrance while pushing Zith Fleen. He continued to hemorrhage severely from the head wound as they ran. They rushed into the hospital.

As the team hurried past admittance, Nurse Bennick yelled. “Page Dr. Altir. Get her into surgery STAT!”

The team continued to run down the corridor as they tried frantically to control the bleeding. They stopped at the elevator. One of the nurses pushed the down button. “Come on! Come on!” said another nurse with irritation as they waited while continuing the first aid.

In only seconds, the doors opened. There were several passengers inside. “Out! Move!” yelled Nurse Bennick.

As the visitors and staff rushed out of the elevator, they saw the patient as his head continued to hemorrhage. Blood covered his upper body. The gurney had puddles of blood on it. Nurse Bennick and her team rushed into the open elevator with the dying—Zith Fleen. “Down!” Bennick ordered.

The doors closed. The elevator began to drop to the bottom floor – “SURGERY”

The doors opened. “Move!” ordered Bennick.

The team rushed out of the elevator and along the cold, sterile hallway toward Brain Surgery. They entered the disinfected, deadly serious operating room. Dr. Altir and her staff of brain surgeons use this operating room for their most life threatening surgeries.

As the ER Team began to prep their dying patient, the brain surgery team rushed into the room. “We’ll take it from here,” said Nurse Lacci Greene, Dr. Mi Altir’s Head Surgery Nurse.

Nurse Greene and her team frantically and speedily began to prepare the blood covered, dying patient for emergency brain surgery. “BP?” Nurse Greene asked.

20 over 11! We’re losing him!” the nurse replied with panic.

Get more blood pumpingSTAT!” Greene ordered.

The nurse quickly prepared a bag of blood whole the other nurses frantically connected the series of wires and tubes to the almost dead patient.

Dr. Altir rushed into the room. “Vitals!” she demanded.

His BP’s dropping. 10 over 7. He stopped breathing. He’s CODE BLUE!”

“I’m having more blood pumping,” said Nurse Greene.

Pump it fast! I’m not losing my patient!” Dr. Altir ordered sharply.

“He’s still Code Blue!” said the nurse as she monitored.

“How long?” asked Dr. Altir loudly.

Sixty seconds!” the monitoring nurse replied.

“Get that blood pumped—fast! Get the ventilator started,” Dr. Altir ordered.

The nurses frantically worked to insert the vent tube down Zith Fleen’s throat as he lie on the operating table. Blood continued to hemorrhage from his head wound while not breathing. His pulse was non-existent.

“How long?” asked Dr. Altir as she prepared to operate on the gushing head wound.

Three minutes!” said the monitoring nurse as the blood hemorrhaged onto the sterile steel table and flood.

“Keep the blood pumping! He’s hemorrhaging everywhere!” said Dr. Altir, “Prepare for surgery!”

The team continued to frantically prep the Code Blue patient as he continued to bleed from the huge gash in his head. His upper body and the operating table was covered in blood. Blood was running onto the floor as new blood was being bumped into him.

“How long?” Dr. Altir asked as she frantically prepared to operate.

Six minutes thirty seconds!” the monitoring nurse reported as the team continued to frantically prepare Zith Fleen for surgery.

Zith Fleen continues to hemorrhage onto his clothing and table as they frantically worked.

Dr. Altir hurriedly prepared for the emergency surgery. “How long?” she asked.

Ten minutes!” said the monitoring nurse, loudly.

As the gushing blood continued, Dr. Altir completed the final preparations. She said, “I’m ready. Let’s begin.” Dr. Altir began the brain surgery on Zith Fleen, the star Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player.

As she began to repair the deep, gushing wound, she asked, “How long did the patient’s brain go without oxygen?”

“Just over twelve minutes,” said the nurse.

“Log in the patients records, twelve minutes without breathing. Probable brain damage,” ordered Dr. Mi Altir.

Dr. Altir and her highly skilled surgery nurses began the process of repairing Zith Fleen’s large, deep head wound. This surgery would take Dr. Altir and her nurses many hours to complete.

As the surgery continued, reporters and their camera crews from Kinkorx TV News and Wyluxx City TV News camped in the hospital. The reporters wanted the exclusive story on Zith Fleen, the star Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player and the surgery—the minute it was over.

Twenty-Three Hours Later

Dr. Mi Altir was exhausted as she exited the operating room and walked toward the lounge. As she slowly walked, she muttered, “I need coffee.”

The exhausted surgical team nurses carefully rolled Zith Fleen out of the surgery room. They moved him to critical care where he would be monitored very closely every second.

As Dr. Altir approached the doctor’s lounge, the reporters and camera technicians that were lying on the hospital corridor floor, jumped up. The group immediately blocked Dr. Altir’s path.

Pymur Muxx, roaming reporter for Kinkorx TV News asked, “Dr. Altir, what can you tell us about Zith Fleen’s condition?”

The cameras flashed her photo as the reporters shoved their microphones into her attractive face.

“I am Dr. Mi Altir—Chief of Brain Surgery,” she began, “My team and I performed a twenty-two hour emergency brain surgery on Zith Fleen. He is in critical condition. His brain went twelve minutes without oxygen. He lost a lot of blood before we were able to get his vitals stabilized. His head and brain damage are extensive and severe. He has permanent damage to his anterior rostral prefrontal cortex and temporal poles as well as other severe damages. I also had to rebuild parts of his cranium.”

Wyluxx City TV News roaming reporter Qyis Moyy asked, “Dr. Altir, doesn’t damage to that part of the brain often times result in antisocial personality and psychopathy disorder?”

All Mi Altir could think about was coffee as she replied, “That’s correct. Only time will tell what the effects of the injuries will be on Zith. We’ll have to wait and see as he recovers.”

Pymur followed, “Do you think he will return to the Kinkorx Horned Hares?”

Mi Altir replied as she was fading, “Let’s take it one step at a time. Zith Fleen is in for a long recovery. For now, he’s in critical condition. He’ll be here for at least a month—maybe longer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I Really need a cup of coffee.”

“Of course,” said Pymur as Dr. Altir walked past them toward the lounge.

Both reporters began their summations as the camera techs recorded.

Pymur Muxx said, “That’s the latest on Zith Fleen, the star mesnuk player for the Kinkorx Horned Hares. He is out of emergency brain surgery – a surgery that took twenty-two hours to complete. He’ll be here for at least a month. After that, we’ll have to wait and see. At this point, it’s safe to report that his return to the horned hares is extremely doubtful. I’m Pymur Muxx, reporting live from Kinkorx Mirchester Hospital.”

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