The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 4

Twelve Months and Two Weeks Ago

At the Kinkorx Police Station

Zith Fleen had spent almost a week in the small jail cell while being restrained with hand and ankle cuffs. He spent his time quietly lying or quietly sitting on the hard bed while planning his escape. His continual headache had eased—for the moment.

Officer Yirre walked down the jail corridor toward Zith’s cell. As he approached, he said loudly, “Today’s your lucky day, Zith. You’re being transferred.”

Police Officer, Figua Yirre mockingly banged on Zith Fleen’s cell. “How does that make your head feel? I bet I’m giving you another headache. You’re being transferred to Judge Lykun’s courtroom. Are you going to miss me? I’m sure going to miss you.” He banged on the cell bars again as he started to leave. “I’ll bet that cell was starting to feel like your new home,” he said as he walked down the corridor.

Only minutes later, Chief Pomur and Detective Reedier approached Zith’s cell. As the chief opened the cell door, he asked, “How’s your head?”

Zith was holding his head as he said, “It was better before your officer banged on the bars. How it’s splitting again.”

“Does it ever go away?” asked Detective Reedier.

“Not for very long. I’ve had a constant headache since I woke up in the hospital after that mesnuk game. Some days it’s minor – other days it pounds,” said Zith as he held his throbbing head.

“It’s bad now, isn’t it?” asked the chief.

Zith replied as he held his head, “It’s really pounding.”

“Can you walk?” asked Chief Pomur.

“I think so,” he said. He slowly stood while keeping his hands on his throbbing head.

“I’ll need to keep the cuffs on while we transport you,” said Pomur.

“Just doing your job. Nothing personal,” said Zith as he winced from the extreme throbbing in his head.

“Are the cuffs loose enough for circulation?” Pomur asked as he checked them both.

Zith replied, “They’re the same as they’ve been for a week.”

Pomur said, “We can walk slowly. Let’s go. It’s a long drive to Jxobslyn.”

Chief Pomur and Detective Reedier escorted Zith Fleen out of the police station while other officers followed for security and drama. The Kinkorx TV News along with other TV and radio news cameras with reporters were covering the transfer live. The mass of reporters along with camera and video crew were waiting outside.

The live Breaking News Story was being broadcast via the news wire over every TV station and radio station on Sesla.

Kinkorx TV News roaming reporter, Pymur Muxx reported as his camera crew recorded. “The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher is being transferred to Judge Yymi Lykun’s courtroom in Jxobslyn. There he will receive a fair trial for the brutal slashing, killing, and dismembering of Nead Beeing, the Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player…”

The police team escorted Zith Fleen toward their police vehicles. The numerous reporters made their live reports. The news video cameras recorded, and the photographers snapped picture after picture. The group slowly walked to the waiting armored police van.

Zith was helped inside by Detective Reedier. He was seated in the prisoner’s chair. Reedier jumped inside the armored van as well. He kept the doors open long enough for the cameras and reporters to see him apply the locking straps to Zith’s arms, legs, neck, and wrists. Once he had strapped Zith in the seat, he closed the doors. Police Lieutenant, Aqe Neuyh, locked the doors from the outside.

“Ready,” said Reedier to the driver by radio.

As the cameras flashed, the video cameras recorded, and the reporters detailed the event, the armored van driver drove out of the police station parking lot. A group of police led and followed in their cars.

As Sesla’s sun was rising in the morning sky, the impressive team of police began the drive from the Kinkorx Police Station in downtown Kinkorx to the small desert town— Jxobslyn—in Xcuymir Territory. In Jxobslyn, Zith Fleen would get his day in court before Judge Yymi Lykun.

Two Hours Later

The convoy of police personnel drove in front of the Xcuymir Territory Sheriff Department and Court House in Jxobslyn and parked. The caravan of police vehicles occupied an entire block of legal and illegal parking spaces in front of the courthouse.

A large group of reporters and camera crews were waiting on the courthouse lawn. They hurried toward the armored van. The officers quickly exited their vehicles. They walked toward the armored van as the reporters swarmed.

Chief Pomur and the other officers kept the crowd back as Police Lieutenant, Aqe Neuyh walked to the rear doors of the armored van. He unlocked the doors and opened them. “Everything ok in there?” he asked.

Reedier replied, “Fine. Stay there while I unstrap the prisoner. Keep those reporters back.”

The camera crews flashed photo after photo while reporters began their live videos. Tymos Zindo, reporter for the Nivcozz Gazette, a daily newspaper in Zeeton Territory, began his live report, “The Kinkorx Horned Slasher is being unstrapped and taken inside to Judge Lykun’s courtroom…

Zith sat quietly as Detective Reedier removed the straps. “How’s your headache?” asked Lieutenant Neuyh as he watched.

Zith replied, “It’s better now.”

“He slept the entire way,” said Reedier.

While being bound by the wrist and ankle cuffs, Zith slowly stood up. He began to stagger and wobble.

“Careful,” said Reedier as he offered support.

Zith slowly struggled the few short steps to the back of the armored van. With Lieutenant Neuyh’s help, Zith unsteadily stepped down the steps to the street.

The large group of reporters and camera operators continued to swarm the armored van and Zith Fleen. The camera crews continued taking one photo after another – as fast as their cameras would flash. The reporters continued with their live Breaking News reports.

The flashes of light were igniting Zith’s headache again as he struggled to walk, while being surrounded by Chief Pomur and the host of police officers. The large collection of officers escorted Zith Fleen toward the courthouse as he struggled to walk with ankle and wrist cuffs.

The reporters were broadcasting their live reports from the lawn. Kisli Deeme, reporter for the Horxant Register, a daily newspaper in Zeeton Territory, reported into her recorder, “The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher is being taken inside to Judge Lykun’s courtroom for trial…

As the reporters remained outside, Zith was escorted inside the courthouse and into Judge Lykun’s courtroom.

Several Hours Later

It was early afternoon and the reporters and camera crews were still sitting on the courthouse lawn. They were waiting as Chief Pomur and his officers exit the courthouse. The group of media jumped up and hurried to the Chief as they began their live broadcasts again.

“I am reporting live outside the courthouse in Jxobslyn. Chief Pomur, what happened inside Judge Lykun’s courtroom?” asked Wyluxx City TV News roaming reporter Qyis Moyy.

Chief Pomur spoke into the host of microphones, “Today justice was served. After hearing the overwhelming evidence, Judge Lykun found Zith Fleen guilty of the brutal murder and dismemberment of Nead Beeing, the Kinkorx Horned Hares player.”

Kisli Deeme, reporter for the Horxant Register asked, “What type of evidence was presented?”

Pomur replied, “There was considerable evidence that was found at the crime scene by our lab that matched the suspect.”

“What was Judge Lykun’s decision on sentencing,” asked Nivcozz Gazette reporter, Tymos Zindo.

“Judge Lykun sentenced Zith Fleen to life in prison at the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility. Now if you will excuse me, we have a long drive back to our station. After that, we have a lot more work to do,” said Pomur.

Wyluxx City Times, daily newspaper reporter, Wrux Frezew asked, “Where is Zith Fleen now?”

With irritation and a “There’s always one idiot in a crowd” look, he shook his head. “At this moment Zith Fleen is being transported to the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn. Excuse me!”

Chief Pomur and his staff began walking to their cars and vans.

The reporters began closing their live broadcasts.

One Hour Later

Sesla’s sun was moving across the afternoon sky as Pymur Muxx began his live broadcast. I am Kinkorx TV News roaming reporter Pymur Muxx. I’m reporting live from the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn. In a courtroom full of shocking testimony earlier today, Judge Yymi Lykun of Xcuymir Territory sentenced Zith Fleen, the former Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player to a life sentence in the psychiatric wing of this facility.

My sources have informed me that during the closed to the media trial, Police Chief Aazon Pomur, of the Kinkorx Police Department, testified against Zith Fleen. He presented evidence gathered from the crime scene by the Kinkorx Police lab. The lab was sent to investigate the murder scene of the Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player, Nead Beeing. He was murdered in downtown Kinkorx. The body was found later, dumped on the side of a main road. His body was beaten, slashed, and dismembered.

Chief Pomur also presented strong evidence gathered from their desert hunt that linked Zith Fleen to the murder scene and to the murdered body of Nead Beeing.

There was also an eyewitness at the murder scene that helped to identify Zith Fleen as the killer.

Also during the alarming trial, in a very unwise and unheard of event, against his council’s advice, Zith Fleen asked Judge Lykun if he could take the witness stand. My sources have indicated to me that Zith Fleen explained his side of the stories that many of us heard. The rumors of how the Kinkorx Horned Hares abandoned him both on and off the playing field. Due to them forsaking him and leaving him unprotected on the playing field, he received many, unnecessary hits by opposing players. One hit ended his career. When he spoke, he vowed to make them all pay for their actions.

The shocking evidence and Zith Fleen’s statement of revenge lead Judge Lykun to hand down his very harsh, lifetime prison sentence.

As we all know, he received the career ending head injury after a devastating hit at the end of the game against the Generals. Apparently he directly blames his teammates for that career-ending hit—that tragic day.

I’m told that, as I am reporting this live broadcast, Zith Fleen is being assigned his lifetime cell inside this correctional facility—in the psychiatric wing. In this particular wing, he will be evaluated by staff psychiatrists daily in an effort to assess his condition. The doctors will also design treatment plans to help him. Due to the severity of his previous head injury, it is unclear if any options are available that will actually help…


Inside The Correctional Facility

The Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn, in Xcuymir Territory, is an old, run-down, adobe brick facility. Its outer appearance is creepy. It looks like an asylum. A large weedy yard surrounds the spider web infested, vine covered, spooky prison with mental institution. A once well-used and maintained mesnuk field is now a field of sagebrush, weeds, and Xosyer Bushes.

A high chain link fence with barbed wire top encloses the yard and building. The giant, merciless fence has only one gate. All trucks and cars must pass through the guarded, locked gate. The guards are always equipped with high-powered firearms.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of windows on the outside of the very old institution. Due to a lack of maintenance, the windowpanes are dust covered to the point that they are impossible to see through. Then, through the decades, vines have covered the creepy, asylum looking building. All of the windows are dust and vine covered and impossible to see through.

The inside of the prison and psychiatric asylum has a dungeon-like appearance. There is a small, spooky entrance area. This is where visitors of family members are greeted. This area is also the least scary part of the entire institution. Once someone leaves the greeting area and ventures deeper into the dungeon-like prison and mental institution, bad things can happen.

The hallways are old and dark with cracked walls—some have dirt floors. The ancient lighting that runs along the crumbling ceiling provides a small amount of the light that is needed for the long, creepy corridors. The spooky passageways have a noticeable smell of vomit and feces. The strong stenches are a result of inmates and mental patients that lost control of their circumstances and presented the institution with a sample of their inner-turmoil. Even though the inmates that are on janitor duty quickly clean up the deposits, the foul odors linger.

The host of small cells in the dungeon-like establishment are very similar. They boast of the same lighting as the corridors. There is a single bed with an extremely well-worn mattress. Some of the good behavior patients and prisoners have a very small table and single chair in their rooms. Due to the very limited plumbing in the facility, the rooms are generously equipped with a pot and lid for vomiting and waste evacuations.

The prison is divided into several wings. There are male and female wings. There is a wing for the least offenders. These prisoners require the least amount of guarding. The wings go all the way to the worst criminals. These criminals are usually serving life sentences for murder and other serous, violent crimes.

Some violent prisoners earn a cell in maximum security. These tiny rooms have a dirt floor and no mattress or pillow—or pot.

There is also the psychiatric wings. These wings are for the insane patients and inmates who require the services of the staff psychiatrists. They are also categorized by how dangerous the patient is. Max-security is also available in these wings.

Some patients and prisoners are allowed to decorate their walls with limited personal belongings. This is a privilege awarded to the well behaved and the less severe criminals. Criminals like Zith Fleen are rarely ever awarded even the least of privileges.


Zith Fleen was sitting in a small chair, in his creepy cell, in the psychiatric wing. His eyes were blue and puffy – one was swollen shut. He was bleeding from his face, mouth, and nose. His own blood was matted in his hair from his bleeding head. His blood was dripping onto the cell floor. His blood was splattered on the wall from the many fists to his head. He sustained two cracked ribs as well from the welcoming committee guard.

“I understand you get a lot of headaches,” said the guard. He belted Zith in the mouth with his fist—Again. Zith’s blood flew onto the cracked wall of his decrepit cell— Again.

As the guard looked at the blood splats on the wall he asked sarcastically, “How is your headache now? Oh and by the way. One of your first duties will be to clean the blood off your floor and walls. We have standards to maintain—you know.” He belted the nearly unconscious prisoner again – in the mouth – and again.

Zith Fleen’s bloody head drooped as he lost consciousness while sitting in the tiny, temporary chair. “How disappointing. I was expecting more from The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher,” said the welcoming guard.

“So was I,” said the witness guard. “It’s hard to imagine this guy slashing anyone— especially a Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player. Those guys are huge – and strong!”

It was the job of the witness guard to report any wrong treatment of the prisoner that he witnessed. It was his job to insure that the new prisoner was treated fairly and courteously while being placed in their permanent, life-long cell. After the introduction, he would file a report with Warden Stelth stating that Zith Fleen was treated with kindness and respect – that the prisoner understood the rules of the institution.

“I hear he has a pet wolf that helped him slash and rip apart that mesnuk player,” said the disappointed guard as he glanced at his bloody knuckles.

The witness guard laughed as Zith Fleen sat unconscious and bleeding in the chair with his head drooping. The blood was coagulating on his face and hair while forming a puddle on the floor. He said as he laughed, “His pet wolf isn’t helping him now!”

“He doesn’t look like much of a Slasher without his wolf friend,” said the welcome committee guard as he laughed. “Let’s get him out of this chair and into bed. He doesn’t get a chair. These chairs are a privilege.” The two guards forcefully lifted the unconscious murderer from the chair. They drug him three feet to the decrepit bed.

“Ready! Toss!” They threw the very short, thin prisoner onto the worn out bed.

“Keep him face up. We don’t want his blood staining the mattress. After all, your report to the warden will show a very nice, clean delivery of the patient to his cell,” he laughed, “as always. We don’t want anyone to see a bloody mattress,” said the welcome guard.

“I don’t see any blood. If there’s blood, he did that himself,” said the witness guard as he laughed.

The welcome guard laughed as he said, “That’s what I like about you. You never see anything… Let’s get out of here.” The two guards exited the room. They paused to lock the door.

Ten Months Ago

The male inmates that earned yard privileges were enjoying the sunny, warm afternoon. Sesla’s sun was shining brightly on them as some played a mini game of mesnuk. Others stood while still others sat on the weedy ground.

As Zith Fleen was sitting next to a short Xosyer Bush, he was enjoying a rare day without a headache. The bruises on his face and head were healed. The swelling around his eyes had gone away. The red blotches on his eyes from the guard’s knuckles were gone. His two cracked ribs were finally healed.

As he quietly sat on the weedy ground, while enjoying the sunshine, a fellow prisoner bumped into him. “You’re in my way!” the prisoner said angrily.

Zither quietly moved.

The fellow inmate bumped into him again. “You’re still in my way!”

Without saying anything, Zith slowly stood. He walked away from the large inmate.

The inmate grabbed him. “I’m taking to you!”

“What do you want?” asked Zith without raising his arms.

“I don’t like you!” said the fellow prisoner—angrily. He hit Zith in the face.

“Rrrruuu…Rrrruuu…Rrrruuu,” sounded the prison sirens. The guards raised their high-powered rifles and aimed at Zith’s head. A guard shouted into the loud speaker, “Zith Fleen! Lie face down on the ground! Now!”

Zith’s head was exploding from the punch, the loud siren, and the guard’s horn. He winced from the pain as he silently obeyed the guard and quickly laid face down in the weeds.

The guards rushed toward him. Their firearms aimed at his head. “Don’t move! Cuff him!” said the chief guard.

The other guards put Zith’s hands behind his back. One guard put cuffs on his wrists. “Come on. You need to see the warden. He doesn’t tolerate fighting in the yard. I thought you knew that?”

The guards lifted him. While being restrained, he was escorted into the prison. They marched along the dungeon-like corridors to the warden’s office.

The guards knocked on Warden Ien Stelth’s door. “Warden Stelth. There was a fight in the yard. Zith Fleen was the instigator,” the guard stated. They shoved Zith into his office.

The warden grinned. “I heard the sirens. Another incident.” He shook his in disappointment as he smiled slightly and said, “The bruises from your first misstep were finally healed. You know what I think? I think you’ve been a troublemaker your entire life. Now of course, you’re a troublemaker and a murder…Oh, pardon me, a Slasher!

He shook his head again. “Zith, I’ll go easy on you this time. I was informed today – the kitchen is in need of another laborer. Your punishment for causing a disturbance in the yard will be to work double shifts in the kitchen until further notice. Take him to the kitchen,” said Warden Stelth.

“I didn’t do anything—” Zith pleaded as he was interrupted.

Stelth grinned as he cut off Zith in the middle of his sentence, “You have a way of antagonizing the other prisoners. Maybe some extended kitchen duty will teach you to be more courteous and stop bothering others. Take him to the kitchen!”

“Yes Warden Stelth!” said the guard. “Let’s go Slasher! You have potatoes to peel.” The guards shoved Zith as they walked out of the warden’s office. They continued to push and shove as they escorted him along the creepy, dimly lit, dungeon-like corridors.

In only minutes, the guards shoved Zith through the large steel door of the spooky kitchen. The kitchen was built during the original construction of the facility several hundred years ago. The large, very outdated kitchen had numerous small rooms. These rooms were equipped with very old cooking machines. Like the rest of the spooky prison and psychiatric institution, the walls and ceiling were cracking. The lighting was poor. There were numerous spider webs visible on the ceilings and walls. Unlike the rest of the creepy penitentiary, the kitchen smelled of moldy food, rotten potatoes, rotten potato peels, and poor sanitation. The poor sanitation provided a nice home for numerous insects, mice, and rats.

As they entered the ancient, creepy kitchen, Dila Mutnur, the inmate in charge of the kitchen, also a lifetime prisoner for murder was angrily preparing potatoes. As she worked at the moldy table, while in an angry dither, she looked up. The guards shoved their prisoner toward her. She asked angrily, “What took you so long?”

The guards shoved Zith toward the old, wooden table. One said, “I’m sure you know how to peel potatoes. Stand here and start working.” Dila pointed to the stacks of large potato boxes sitting on the floor next to the wall. “All of those need to be washed and peeled – today. Get busy!” she ordered angrily.

The guards smirked and laughed. “That’ll teach you to cause trouble in the yard,” one said. As they continued to laugh, they walked out of the spooky, smelly kitchen.

Dila Mutnur ordered angrily, “Keep working! Don’t stop until all of those potatoes are peeled. Then, I want you right back here in the morning!”

With a pounding headache, Zith stood at the old, moldy, wooden table and began to clean and peel the potatoes. Dila exited the kitchen.

The other inmates that were working in various parts of the kitchen stayed in their small spaces for fear of trouble. They continued to work quietly in an effort to stay hidden and concealed.

It Was Nearly Midnight

The other kitchen laborers had left for the evening. Due to the quiet, Zith’s headache had passed. He was exhausted as he stood at the table and peeled potatoes. He was struggling to keep his eyes open as he stood and worked—he repeatedly yawned.

As he worked and yawned, his mind began playing tricks on him. He thought he was hearing strange and creepy sounds. He batted his eyes to wake himself up. He began to hear heavy footsteps coming down the corridor toward the kitchen. “That’s the night guard checking on me. I better work faster,” he said.

The footsteps stopped several feet away from the kitchen door. He couldn’t see who it was. He heard more footsteps walking heavily down the corridor toward the kitchen. Those stopped just beyond his eyesight in the corridor as well.

His heart began to pound in his chest, as he feared danger. He began to tremble. As he looked for a quick place to hide, the group of guards entered the kitchen. The guard said, “We were told by the warden to check on you. He said you’d be slacking. Looks like he was right. You see, Zith, when you’re given a chance to prove yourself, you blow it – just like earlier today in the yard. We gave you a chance to prove you wouldn’t cause trouble. Look what happened. You started a fight. It looks like we need to explain the rules to you again,” said the guard that welcomed him to the institution on his first day.

Zith began to tremble as he stood before the prison guards. “I haven’t done anything!” he shouted as he shook.

The witness guard said, “I’m here to make sure you’re treated courteously and with fairness as these guards explain the prison rules to you— Again. My report to the warden already reflects how well you were treated by these guards.”

Zith bolted. He ran deeper into the dark kitchen.

“Block the door! Don’t let him out!” said the main guard loudly to another. “Let’s find him!” The group minus the one guard at the doorway hurried into the dark, spooky kitchen.

“Do you see him?” asked a guard.

Another guard replied, “I can’t see anything in here. It’s dark!”

“Keep searching! Don’t let him get away!” the welcoming guard ordered.

As the guards slowly searched from room to room in the dark, spooky kitchen, Zith bolted toward the door. As he ran to the entrance to the kitchen, the guard standing at the door yelled, “He’s running for the door!”

The guard blocked his way. As Zith struggled with the large guard, the others hurried toward them. “We’ve got you now. He gets to put in his report that you tried to escape,” said the guard as he punched Zith hard in the kidney.

“Oh!...” Zith moaned as he dropped to his knees.

The guards began to punch and kick Zith without ceasing. As he dropped to the floor, the guards dropped down to him. They continued with their lesson. With every punch, his face was becoming bloodier. With each fist, his eyes were swelling more. Soon, as the powerful punches continued, blood was spraying out of his mouth. Blood was running out of both nostrils of his broken nose. His ribs were cracked again. The beating was brutal. The guards continued to hit and kick.

The pain was excruciating as the beating continued. Zith was drifting in and out of consciousness. His head and face were badly swollen. His eyes were swollen shut. Blood was running from his mouth and broken nose. He was doubled over due to the pain of his re-cracked ribs.

As the powerful guards continued to hit his bloody face, he drifted into unconsciousness. “That’s enough. The wimp’s unconscious,” the welcoming guard ordered. The guards stood and gazed at the unconscious, bloody prisoner. “We’ve got blood all over us. Let’s get cleaned up.”

The guards quickly cleaned in the water Zith was using to clean potatoes. Zith lay unconscious and bleeding on the dingy floor.

“Let’s get him to the nurse,” said the leader guard. They bent down and grabbed the bloody prisoner. “Oohhh…,” Zith moaned as they lifted him. They carried him out of the kitchen and down the creepy corridor toward the prison doctor.

In only minutes, the guards entered the doctor’s office. At this time of night, there was only the night shift nurse on duty. Nurse Miki ReDox, the night nurse was sitting at the desk working on paperwork. She looked up as the guards brought in the beaten inmate. In shock, she said, “Put him on the bed!” as she jumped up from the desk.

The guards obeyed and laid Zith on the old, metal, doctor’s bed. As Nurse ReDox began to examine the bloody, unconscious patient, she looked at the guards hands. Their red knuckles told her everything she needed to know. She simply asked, “Where did it happen?”

The welcome guard replied, “We found him like this in the kitchen. The warden assigned him double duty. He was working alone. It appears he was jumped. It’s lucky for him, we came along when we did.”

“Real lucky…What’s his name?” she asked as she looked at his bleeding face, swollen eyes, broken nose, and badly bruised and cracked ribs.

“Zith Fleen,” the guard replied.

“I’ll take it from here,” said Nurse ReDox.

The guards quickly exited the room. She began to examine and apply medical treatment to her patient. “So this is Zith Fleen— The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher. He’s a lot smaller than I imagined,” she thought in amazement as she worked.

Six Months Ago

Zith Fleen was standing at the moldy, wooden table in the kitchen. He was working the final hour of his double shift for the day. He was working on the last box of potatoes. His cracked ribs and broken nose were healed. His face was somewhat deformed from the previous two beatings at the hands of the guards. The swelling in his eyes, face, jaw, and nose remained. His face now looked frightening. His headaches were finally becoming less often and less severe.

As he worked and thought, he recalled the two beatings from the guards. “I’m glad they hit me in the face. I like my new face. It’s scary.”

At was almost midnight as he worked quietly at the wooden table. The other laborers had gone back to their cells hours ago. He was alone in the creepy, dingy kitchen. He heard footsteps from the corridor. There were many of them. His heart began to race as he stopped working and listened. The group was walking toward the kitchen. His heart was pounding in his chest. He sensed danger.

As he stared fearfully at the kitchen door, a group of guards walked toward the kitchen. They quickly entered. As they stared coldly at Zith, one guard said, “The warden sent us to check on you—”

Zith bolted into the darkness of the rear of the kitchen.

“Stay here! Guard the door!” ordered the lead guard to one of his team. “The rest of you, let’s get him!” The remaining team ran into the rear of the kitchen. The darkness consumed them. They crept slowly through the creepy, dark, spooky rooms. “You can’t get away. We’ll find you. When we do, the beating we gave you last time will seem like nothing,” said the guard loudly.

Zith bolted toward the lone guard that was standing at the door. Suddenly he was on the mesnuk field again. He had the sludder in his hand. He was charging toward his team’s kloxyn. His opponent was trying to prevent him from scoring.

He ran as fast as his short legs would go through the kitchen. With tremendous speed, he leaped into the guard that was blocking the door. The vicious hit sent the unsuspecting guard flying through the air and slamming into the wall. Zith quickly rolled and stood. He was still on the mesnuk field. With tremendous speed, he ran out of the kitchen and down the corridor.

The guards in the rear of the kitchen heard the collision. They ran through the darkness into the front part of the kitchen where their comrade was still lying on the floor. “Where is he?” demanded the angry guard.

“He escaped,” said the bruised guard as he lay stunned on the floor.

The lead guard said loudly, “We have an escaping prisoner! After him!”

After helping their fellow guard to his feet, the group ran out of the kitchen and down the corridor. The injured guard quickly fell behind due to his limping and disorientation. As the guards ran, the lead guard removed his pager from his belt. He said into the device, “Prison Break! Zith Fleen has escaped!”

In seconds, the sirens screamed. “Rrrruuu….Rrrruuu…Rrrruuu.” The sound was deafening. The powerful spotlights in the yard were turned on.

The guards on the tower searched the dark grounds with their massive spotlights. Other guards readied their high-powered, scoped, rifles. A tower guard picked up his horn and said into it, “Zith Fleen. There’s nowhere to run. You can’t escape. Walk into the clear with your hands raised!”

The guards continued to search the nighttime grounds with their large, powerful lights. The other guards held steady with their scoped rifles. The tower guard spoke into his horn again, “Zith Fleen. This is your last warning. Give yourself up. The warden said, If you delay longer, the consequences will be severe. He advises you to step into the clear now. You won’t get shot.”

Zith was trembling as he lay next to some tall weeds and sagebrush in the dark. He slowly stood up. He slowly put his hands into the air.

A guard saw the movement and shinned his spotlight on Zith. The guards aimed their high-powered rifles at his head. The tower guard said into his horn, “Zith Fleen. Walk slowly back to the door. You won’t be shot.”

Zith walked to the guards that were standing at the door as the spotlights shinned on him. The high-powered rifles were pointed at his head. Upon reaching the same guards that he had previously over-powered to flee into the dark prison yard, he was immediately hand cuffed. The angry, bruised guards opened the doors. “You’re going to see the warden,” one guard said as they walked back inside.

Warden Ien Stelth was sitting in his bed while sipping a glass of whiskey. He finished the conversation with his tower guards. He smiled. “It was Zith Fleen, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher that tried to escape. My guards apprehended him quickly. I’m going to report this prison break to the Kinkorx TV News. We need some good publicity. This story will be good for us. I’m going to call Kinkorx TV News Anchor Meez Broplen.” He smiled. “Maybe he’ll send me more whiskey.”

He picked up the phone. He dialed Meez Broplen’s home number.


Meez Broplen was sleeping when his home phone began to ring. His wife nudged him. “The phone’s ringing. It’s for you.”

He leaned over and grabbed the ringing phone. “Meez Broplen,” he said sleepily.

“Meez, sorry to wake you. This Warden Stelth at Xcuymir Correctional.”

Meez turned on the light and sat up in his bed fully alert and awake. “Yes Ien. What happened?”

“We had a prison break thirty minutes ago. Zith Fleen escaped temporarily. My guards apprehended him in the yard. As friends, I thought you’d like the exclusive story,” Ien Stelth said as he smiled with whiskey in his hand.

Meez smiled at the ginormous headlines and the exclusive. “Thanks Ien. I’ll send you a case of whiskey. I’ll send Pymur Muxx right over. What do you want Pymur to report in the live story?”

Warden Stelth smiled. “This is what I want your reporter to say…

Several Hours Later

On The Early Broadcast

I am Kinkorx TV News roaming reporter Pymur Muxx. I’m reporting live from the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn. Our sources inside this correctional facility are telling us that last night after midnight, Zith Fleen, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher, and former Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player escaped briefly. The facility doctor diagnosed psychopath, staged a breakout. Sometime in the middle of the night, Zith Fleen somehow unlocked his cell and walked down the corridor. He unlocked the front door of this correctional facility and escaped to the yard.

Due to the tight security, especially in the psychiatric wing, his empty cell was noticed within minutes. A quick search of the inside of the building did not reveal the escaped Slasher. A thorough search of the grounds began. The chain link fencing that surrounds the correctional facility is always locked. Therefore, Zith Fleen was at every moment, confined to the grounds. Within minutes of noticing the empty cell, Zith was apprehended outside. It is believed by the prison officials that Zith Fleen’s escape only lasted minutes. At this time, there is an investigation-taking place within the prison. Warden Stelth is attempting to discover how Zith Fleen unlocked his cell door and the exit door.

Zith Fleen is serving a life sentence for the brutal slashing, killing, and dismembering of a Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player approximately six months ago. Judge Yymi Lykun of Xcuymir Territory sentenced Zith Fleen, the former Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player, to a life sentence in the psychiatric wing of this facility. During the brief trial, Zith blamed his teammates for abandoning him on the field—thus causing his injury. During the shocking court day, he vowed to carry out his revenge on the players for his head injury.

We all remember the brutal hit he sustained against the Generals at the end of the game—several years ago. He was sent flying head first into the kloxyn. He sustained a career ending head injury. After brain surgery, he was left with permanent brain damage. Here at this facility, he has been diagnosed by correctional facility doctors as having antisocial personality and psychopathy disorder. It is believed by the medical staff here that his disorders are a result of the tragic head injury he sustained against the Generals.

I am Kinkorx TV News roaming reporter Pymur Muxx. I’m reporting live with this Exclusive Breaking News Story from the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn. Now back to you Meez.”

“I am Meez Broplen, Kinkorx TV News Anchor. In other news stories on the early show…

One Month Ago

Zith was working the second part of his double shift in the creepy kitchen. Warden Stelth permanently assigned him to working double shifts in the dingy, spooky, outdated kitchen after his unsuccessful prison break attempt several months ago. At that time, he was avoiding another Warden ordered, brutal beating, at the hands of the guards. Escaping was his best option. He will be forever punished for his escape attempt, by Warden Stelth—and he knows it.

The prison received a large amount of good press from Kinkorx TV News after catching Zith Fleen so quickly, after his breakout. The warden received a raise and a promotion from Xcuymir Territory. Warden Stelth is now considered one of the top prison wardens on Sesla. Nothing would make Stelth happier than if Zith attempted another prison break. That is, as long as his officers apprehended him quickly—which he assumed they would.

As Zith quietly worked in the spooky kitchen, he planned his escape. He thought, “It has to be tonight. There isn’t a moon. It’ll be very dark. The guards won’t expect anything. The dumpster is full. It’ll be emptied in the morning. My plan will work. I’ve been rehearsing it for weeks.”

It was well after midnight. His second shift in the kitchen was ending. He did what he’d been doing for weeks in preparation for tonight. He cleaned up the enormous pile of nasty, disgusting potato peels. He put the rancid smelling, rotten peels into the very large potato boxes. He filled and stacked several boxes onto the carrier. He thought, “That’ll do for now. Now to get back to my cell and disguise my bed.”

He turned out the lights. He left the kitchen door slightly opened as he exited.

He quietly hurried along the dimly lit, dungeon-like corridor to his open cell. He rushed inside. Weeks ago, he had asked for an extra pillow. He placed his two pillows on his bed carefully to look like he was curled up. Next, he carefully covered the pillows. “That will work,” he thought. “When the guard shines his light in my cell, it’ll look like I’m sleeping. This has to work.”

As his heart raced, he exited the cell and quietly closed the iron bars door. His heart raced and his anxieties exploded as he looked back and forth down the creepy, poorly lit corridor. “No guards—Good! The night guards will make their rounds soon. I need to hurry!” he thought. He quietly hurried along the spooky, smelly halls toward the kitchen.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he pushed on the kitchen door. He thought, “It opened. No one checked it. No one knows I’m here. The guards will think I’m in my cell sleeping.” Without turning on a light, he quietly walked into the very dark, spooky kitchen. He closed and locked the door. He carefully walked to the potato boxes on the carrier. In the blackness, he lifted the lid and crawled into the top potato box. He covered himself with smelly, rotten potato peels. “The more rotten and slimy the better,” he mumbled in the completely dark kitchen as he covered himself well. He carefully closed the lid. “It’s a good thing I’m so small. I’d never fit in here if I was a normal sized coterie,” he whispered.

In the darkness, he lay curled up in the very large potato box while being surrounded and covered by disgusting, moldy, rotten potato peels. The smell inside the closed box was putrid. His stomach was nauseous from the disgusting smell. He fought the urge to vomit. His box was one of four large boxes that were filled with the rotten, moldy, potato peels. The four boxes were stacked on the trash carrier. His was on top.

Only Minutes Later

The night shift guard was checking the cells to make sure every prisoner was in his bed sleeping. He slowly moseyed along the creepy corridor while pausing to shine his flashlight into each cell. One by one, he slowly checked the beds.

The next cell was Zith Fleen’s. He crept to it. He shined his flashlight into the cell and looked around. He shined the light onto the bed. He said softly, “Looks like Zith is back from the kitchen. He’s sleeping. He hasn’t caused any trouble in a while – surprising. Maybe he learned something from the last lesson. Since that last education, his face is scary to look at. He looks deformed.” The guard was satisfied and moseyed to the next cell.

The night guards spent their entire shifts sauntering along the dark, spooky, dungeon-like corridors. They shine their flashlights into each cell, once every hour, insuring the prisoners remain in their cells.

By the time the early shift kitchen workers were reporting for duty, the guards had checked Zith Fleen’s cell several times. Each time they thought they were seeing an exhausted prisoner sleeping.

It Was Very Early Morning

The first shift inmates were standing at the locked kitchen door while yawning. They were reporting for their shift. Dila Mutnur, the inmate kitchen manager, slowly walked along the scary corridor toward the kitchen. She was holding her head while slowly trudging and moaning. She was enduring her usual morning hangover. Being the manager of the kitchen had many perks. One of the many nice things she enjoyed was access to liquor.

She walked toward the timid inmates. As they stared at the revolting sight, she said angrily while holding her splitting head, “What are you looking at?”

The easily intimidated prisoners immediately looked at the dingy floor as she painfully walked closer. She fumbled with her keys at the door. As she tried to insert the key into the lock, while holding her throbbing head, she dropped them. She angrily stared at an inmate and ordered loudly, “Pick it up!”

The timid prisoner quickly bent down and picked up the keys. He inserted the key into the lock for her. “I’ve got it!” she scolded loudly and angrily.

She grabbed and turned the key while unlocking the kitchen. As she opened the door, the putrid, rotten smell of rancid potato skins came rushing out. The disgusting smell attacked her nostrils as she entered and turned on the inadequate lights. The inmates followed her inside while enduring the putrid, disgusting smell.

“That trash stinks! Get it out of here!” she ordered loudly while holding her head. She walked to the side door—only feet away. “Oh!...My aching head,” she grumbled as she fumbled and unlocked the door.

The kitchen laborers remained quiet as they hurried to the trash carrier that was loaded with potato boxes. They quickly and silently pulled the carrier of boxed, rotten potato peels out the side door.

In the non-moon darkness of night, they hurried to the dark, smelly dumpster.

They each felt for the handles at the end of the large boxes. As the two prisoners grabbed the handles on the top box, one said, “It’s heavy. One…Two…Three!” In the darkness, they lifted the heavy potato box and tossed it into the already full dumpster. “Let’s get the next one. Ready! One…Two…Three!” They tossed the next smelly potato box into the dumpster. Then they tossed the next and the next into the overflowing dumpster. “Let’s get back inside before she yells for us.”

The two kitchen guards pulled the carrier and hurried back inside. Dila Mutnur closed and locked the door. “Get to work!” she ordered as she rubbed her temple in an effort to ease the pain. Her head continued to throb as the early shift began their kitchen duties. Zith had several hours before he was to report for his double shift.

One Hour Later

It was still dark as the trash truck drove up to the locked chain-link fence gate at Xcuymir Prison. The driver stopped at the guardhouse. He pulled out his identification and handed it to the guard. The guard looked at the picture – briefly. He handed the Id back to the driver. “All clear!” the guard said. Another guard unlocked the padlock and removed the thick chain that was wrapped around the two gateposts to keep them connected.

When the gates were opened, the driver drove through. The large trash truck cleared the gates. The guard closed and locked them again. The driver of the trash truck drove up the long driveway to the side of the asylum looking prison.

With his skillful driving, he drove the two forks on the front of his truck through the side handles on the large dumpster that sat next to the building. Using the hydraulic lift, he lifted the very full dumpster over the cab of his truck and over the bed. With the controls, he maneuvered the overfilled dumpster and dumped the trash into the almost empty truck bed. The numerous full potatoes boxed and other garbage tumbled to the hard truck bed. The smell of the large collection of decaying rubbish was vomitus.

With skillful hands, the driver reversed the lift. He slowly placed the empty, dripping, horrific smelling, dumpster back into the proper position. He backed away from the side of the prison building and headed back toward the locked gate.

The ritual was repeated. The driver had performed the same daunting ritual weekly for many years as a trash truck driver. As the guard verified his Id and opened the gates wide, he drove through.

As the gates were closed and locked, the driver continued along his route. The prison was one of the first stops on this route. It would be early evening when the driver finally emptied the over-flowing rubbish into the landfill.

Three Hours Later

The prison guard opened Zith Fleen’s cell door. He walked inside and said, “Zith, it’s time for your double shift in the kitchen.” When he didn’t see movement, he nudged Zith. “What!” he said when he still saw no movement. He threw back the blanket onto the floor. In a rage, he grabbed his pager. “Prison Break! Zith Fleen has escaped,” he said angrily and loudly.

In only seconds, “Rrrruuu….Rrrruuu…Rrrruuu,” sounded the prison sirens. Guards rushed to the tower while carrying their high-powered rifles. “Rrrruuu….Rrrruuu…Rrrruuu,” the sirens continued.

It was light enough for the guards to see the grounds clearly. Using their scoped rifles, they searched every inch of the locked yard. “Rrrruuu….Rrrruuu…Rrrruuu,” the prison sirens continued.

The tower guard used the loud speaker-horn to communicate with the escaped prisoner, “Zith Fleen. We know you’re hiding in the yard. Give yourself up. You won’t get shot.” They all waited and searched with their rifles pointing.

After another minute, the guard said over the loud speaker again, “Zith Fleen—This is your last warning. Surrender and you will not be shot.”

The other guards continued to search the yard for the escaped prisoner. “Anyone see anything?” the tower guard asked while holding the horn.

The guards all turned to him and shook their heads. He dialed the warden’s office. When the warden answered, he reported, “Warden. We’ve searched the grounds. He’s not outside.”

Warden Stelth ordered, “Keep three guards with rifles on the tower. Have everyone else search inside. He’s probably hiding within the prison somewhere. Find him!”

“Right away Warden,” said the guard. “You three keep watching. If you see him—radio immediately.” He spoke into his loudspeaker. “The warden thinks he’s hiding inside. Search every inch of this prison. If you see anything, radio first. Remember, Zith Fleen’s a killer.”

The guards hurried inside. They began their search. As the prisoners continued with their daily jobs, the guards searched room after room. Cell after cell. The warden called in the night shift to help with the search.

The full team of guards continued the search through the day.

By late afternoon, the guards were becoming tired of hunting inside the large prison for the small prisoner. The guards were complaining. The lead guard called the warden. “He’s so small he could be hiding anywhere. He’s probably changing hiding places as the day continues,” he said to the angry warden.

“Don’t stop searching until you find him. He’s somewhere inside this prison!” Warden Stelth ordered. He slammed down the phone and downed another glass of whiskey.

He slurred his words as he said, “Zith Fleen’s not making me look like a fool. My guards will catch him. When they do, I have a special punishment for him.” He laughed as he anticipated the good publicity he would receive from Kinkorx TV News when he reported another unsuccessful prison break by Zith Fleen. He also anticipated the enjoyment he would receive from watching Zith Fleen suffer.

It Was Almost Midnight

Warden Stelth was in a drunken rage. The guards had been searching inside the prison and the outside grounds all day. The guards were all resting as the head guard walked to the warden’s office. He knocked on the door. “Come in,” the warden said depressingly as he sat slumped in his chair with a glass of whiskey in his hand. “Any sign of him?”

“We don’t think he’s still in the prison—”

The drunken warden interrupted as he slouched in his chair. His shirttails were out. His tie was only half on. “How did he get out?”

While feeling defeated and exhausted, the lead guard replied, “According to Dila Mutnur, there was a trash truck early this morning before daylight. Somehow he may have escaped on the truck. We don’t know how he would have accomplished it. Dila says the doors were all locked properly.”

“Of course she does!” he said angrily as he downed another drink, “She’s not going to take the blame for this! If he did escape with the trash truck, he’s long by know. He could be anywhere. Tell your guards to keep searching for a few more hours. There’s still a chance he’s inside this prison,” he ordered.

The lead guard replied, “A lot of them are napping.”

“Wake them up!” Stelth shouted with slurred words.

“Yes Sir Warden! We’ll keep the search going for a few more hours,” said the guard. He exited Warden Stelth’s office.

Stelth said as he poured another glass of whiskey, “If my guards don’t find Zith Fleen soon, I’m going to have to call the authorities. I’m also going to have to call Meez Broplen or the Kinkorx TV News. Those are three phone calls I don’t want to make.”

Early The Next Morning

The warden had managed to sober up as he anticipated calling the authorities and Kinkorx TV News to report Zith Fleen’s escape. He was exhausted as he waited in his office for the grim report from his lead guard. As he lay on his couch, he tried to imagine how Zith escaped from his maximum-security prison. “How did he escape on a trash truck? I know Dila Mutnur. The kitchen manager keeps top security. I don’t believe he escaped that way. We’re missing something. He got out another way. But how?”

As he lay depressingly on his couch, his chief guard walked in. “Warden, we’ve searched inside and out—numerous times. We don’t believe Zith Fleen is still in the prison. My guards are exhausted,” he said lethargically.

Warden Stelth sighed deeply with exasperation. “Tell your guards to go home.”

Without saying anything, he nodded and exited the warden’s office.

As Stelth lay wearily on the couch, he said exhaustingly, “Now I get to call the authorities. This is not going to be fun.”

He slowly stood and trudged to his desk. He plopped in his cushioned chair.

He signed deeply and exhaustingly as he reached for the phone numbers. He mumbled, “I need to call in order of authority. First, I need to call Sheriff Mairytin of Xcuymir Territory. Then I need to call Chief Pomur of the Kinkorx Police. Then I need to call Kinkorx TV News. At least I can them the entire same story…What is my story? What do I tell them?”

He sat slouched at his desk and prepared a story that was believable and that would insure he kept his job…

When he had conceived a believable report, he looked at his phone number index. He dialed the Xcuymir Territory Sheriff Department.


General Sheriff Kein Mairytin was sitting at his desk at the Sheriff’s Department in Jxobslyn. He had arrived early as he often did. He found the early morning to be an excellent time to catch up on daunting paperwork. As he quietly worked, his phone began to ring. With irritation he answered, “Sheriff Mairytin.”

“This is Warden Stelth. There’s been an incident at my prison. Sometime last night, Zith Fleen disappeared. My guards have searched the entire prison for him. I could use some more officers to help with the search,” he reported.

Sheriff Mairytin was immediately in raged. “I’ll send some of my troopers! You can fill them in when they arrive. Keep me posted!”

“Will do. Thanks,” Stelth said. He hung up the phone. He smiled. “That was easier than I thought. Now for Chief Pomur.” He looked at his phone number index again. He called Police Chief Pomur.


At the Kinkorx Police Department

Aqe Neuyh, Police Lieutenant, was sitting at his desk for the early shift. When he heard his phone ring he asked with irritation, “What’s wrong now?” He answered, “Kinkorx Police Department—Lieutenant Neuyh.”

“This is Warden Stelth of the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility. Is Chief Pomur at his desk?”

Neuyh replied, “He doesn’t arrive for another hour. Can I help you?”

“There’s been an incident at my prison. Sometime during the night, Zith Fleen disappeared. My guards are searching for him. I could use more officers,” Stelth said.

Lieutenant Neuyh said, “I’ll notify the chief. We’ll send some officers. They’ll be there as soon as possible.”

“Thank you for your help,” said Warden Stelth. He hung up the phone and smiled. “Now it’s time to call Meez Broplen at Kinkorx TV News. He dialed the phone number at Meez Broplen’s desk.


At Kinkorx TV Station

Meez had just finished the early news broadcast. He was preparing for the morning news. He was reading numerous stories on the news wire as he looked for a top story on this slow news morning. When his phone began to ring, he was hopeful. He picked it up, “Meez Broplen.”

“Meez, this is Warden Stelth. I wanted to give you the exclusive story on an incident at my prison. Sometime during the night, Zith Fleen disappeared. My guards are searching for him. Sheriff Mairytin and Chief Pomur are sending extra officers to help in the search.”

Meez said strongly, “I’ll send Pymur Muxx. He’ll be there as soon as possible. Thanks again.” He hung up the phone. “Pymur! Get in here!” he yelled across the busy newsroom.

Pymur Muxx was sitting at his reporter’s desk. He jumped up and hurried across the newsroom to his bosses desk. “What’s up Boss?”

Meez replied, “I just received a call from Warden Stelth at Xcuymir Correctional. Zith Fleen disappeared during the night. Sheriff Mairytin and Chief Pomur are sending officers. We’ve got the Exclusive. Get over there! Fast!

Pymur grinned as he replied loudly, “Yes Sir Boss!” He rushed across the crazy newsroom to his desk. He quickly grabbed his equipment. He bolted toward the door.

Two Hours Later

At the Home of Detective Maxx Zeqster in Bedsult

Sesla’s sun was rising in the beautiful morning sky as Detective Maxx Zeqster sauntered along Lypont Drive toward his home, in Bedsult, in suburbia Kinkorx. He was finishing a delightful morning stroll. “It’s such a lovely morning. After my walk, I’m going to work on my painting in the back yard.”

He strolled up the walkway and onto his small porch. As he opened his custom, extravagant front door, he said, “That was a delightful stroll.” He entered his home and closed the door.

Maxx sauntered to his deluxe kitchen. As he opened his fridge, he thought, “I think I’ll check the news before I start painting.” He grabbed a bottle of contained water. He opened the cap and took a big drink. “Delicious!” he said. He took another. “Aahhh! Delightful!” he announced.

As he held his bottled water, he walked to his luxurious living room. He smiled as he glanced at this friend, the Melá-Jutis swamp stick that he placed in the corner, as he entered his welcoming living room. Images of the magical city, Melá-Jutis, in the wet lands, flew through his mind.

He sat in his over-stuffed leather recliner. Using the remote, turned on the TV. He took another drink from his bottled water as he watched Kinkorx TV News.

As he watched the morning news program, Anchor Meez Broplen said, “We’re taking you to the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn for a live report.”

The TV Switched to the Xcuymir Penitentiary

“I am Pymur Muxx. I’m reporting live at the Xcuymir Territory Correctional Facility in Jxobslyn. It has been reported that Zith Fleen, the Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher went missing sometime late last night.

As I’m making this live broadcast, there’s a massive hunt for the convicted killer and prison doctor diagnosed psychopath at this facility. The Kinkorx Police and the Xcuymir Territory Troopers are aiding the prison guards in their search. The law enforcement personnel are searching the entire building and the grounds.

Warden Stelth has assured me that Zith Fleen is locked in. That it is simply a matter of time before he is apprehended. As you can see, the gate is chained and locked with a large padlock. It would seem that lock is unbreakable.

As we, all remember Zith Fleen received a severe head wound during a hit in a mesnuk game against the Generals. My sources have told me that he has continually threatened revenge against the Kinkorx Horned Hares players. He still claims they are responsible for his career ending head injury. It was partially due to the threats of revenge that Judge Lykun issued the live sentence in this prison.

Again, Warden Stelth has indicated that they are confident Zith Fleen is still inside. If it is determined that he has escaped the prison and psychiatric institution, the hunt will continue into the surrounding countryside.

We will stay with this Breaking News Story. We will break in live when there is more information on the disappearance of Zith Fleen, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher. I’m Pymur Muxx, roaming news reporter for Kinkorx TV News. Now back to you Meez.”

The TV Switched Back to Kinkorx TV Studio Newsroom

“Thank you for that live report. I’m Meez Broplen. When there are further developments, we will break in. In other news stories this morning…

Maxx Zeqster remained seated in his leather recliner. He was shocked at the news. “I hope the authorities catch Zith Fleen quickly. He’s an extremely dangerous murder and a psychopath. None of the Horned Hares are safe as long as he’s on the loose.”

He turned off the TV. He thought, “It’s time to work on my painting.” He stood and walked toward the back yard while carrying his bottled water.

Maxx exited out the back door and walked to his work in progress, landscape painting under his Red Ploss Tree. He sat his bottled water down and began to paint.

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