The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 5

Ten Days Ago

Zith Fleen was sitting on the sandy cave floor deep in the desert. He was roasting scorpions over a small fire that he started using dead sticks near the cave. As he cooked the scorpions in the large cave, he reminisced about his old cave and the months he spent in the asylum-like prison. “This cave is more remote and safer. It’s nowhere near a town or road. There’s no way anyone will find me here. Even I don’t know where I am. I walked through the desert for days before I found this cave. I hope nothing else lives here,” he mumbled. “I’ve been here for a while now—no animals have claimed it. Hopefully I’m safe.”

As he cooked scorpions and ate them, he continued to remember his time in the prison. “I tried my best to keep to myself. I tried to stay away from trouble. No matter what I did, someone always pushed or hit me. Even when I didn’t fight back, I was punished for fighting,” he mumbled.

He quietly ate the next scorpion that was ready. He chewed the crusty shell. “It’s not very tasty – better than starving to death,” he thought as he chewed. He tore off the stinger and tossed it. He bit down hard on the tail and continued to chew the insect shell. “I hated working in that creepy kitchen. Dila Mutnur yelled at everyone. All she did was yell and drink the liquor. I don’t think I ever saw her sober,” he thought as he chewed.

Another scorpion crawled toward his leg. When it was only inches away from his foot, the aggressive insect readied its stinger. As it prepared to strike, he drove a sharp stick through its back. “Thanks for volunteering,” he said. Zith positioned the scorpion over the fire.

Then he began to consume another. “This one has a little more meat on the tail. It’s still not very tasty,” he thought as he chewed.

As he ate, he could hear a wolf howling at the full moon in the distance. Instantly he remembered his wolf friend. He said, “I miss Neechehe. She was a good friend. I hope someday I find her—more like she finds me.” He heard the wolf howl at the full moon again.

As he continued to roast and eat scorpions, his mind drifted to the prison. He reminisced about the two severe beatings he sustained at the hands of the guards. He mumbled, “The warden ordered them to teach me the rules of the prison. He ordered a third attack – but I got away.” He smiled. “I was too fast for them…I do like my new face. Now, when anyone looks at me, they get scared. I admit – I look crazy and scary now. It’s nice.”

As he continued to cook, eat scorpions, and reminisce, the howling wolf sounded like it was near his cave. The wolf howled again. This time it was just outside. His heart began to race. “I hope this isn’t that wolf’s cave,” he said as he began to tremble.

In fear, he stood and began walking toward the back of the deep, dark, cavernous cave. As he slowly walked toward the silhouettes, a large grey female wolf walked into the cave. It had a large rabbit in its powerful jaws. He looked cautiously and fearfully at the wolf. “Is that you Neechehe?” he asked hopefully as he trembled with fear.

The large grey wolf continued to slowly walk toward him. When he saw the wolf’s eyes, he knew. He said happily, “It’s you Neechehe. That was you I heard howling at the full moon outside. You brought me a rabbit.” He walked to his friend and began rubbing her ears. “I missed you so much. I have many stories to tell you. First I want to clean this rabbit and get it cooking.”

He took the large hare out of Neechehe’s mouth. He quickly cleaned it and put a stick through it. He placed the rabbit over the fire. “I was really tired of eating scorpions,” he said happily. “Thanks Neechehe.”

He sat on the cave floor next to his fire. Neechehe lay next to him. He began rubbing her fur. “I’ve missed you,” he said. He noticed a deep, wide, bullet scar on the top of her snout.

He said with sympathy, “The police grazed you when they shot at you in the other cave – didn’t they? I can’t imagine had much that hurt.” He gently rubbed her snout. “I’m so sorry. I’m glad he didn’t hit you any worse with his bullet. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

He sat on the cave floor and turned his rabbit. “This rabbit is cooking nicely. Thank you for catching it for me.” He rubbed Neechehe’s fur. “After you were shot and had to run, those police took me to jail. It was awful. I had to go before a judge. He gave me to a lifetime sentence in prison. The warder had his guards beat me twice. He ordered a third beating but I escaped temporarily. My face looks scary because of the guards hitting me.”

Neechehe lay on the cave floor contently as he rubbed her fur and talked. She was beginning to close her eyes. “You’re sleepy aren’t you? Go ahead and sleep. I’m not going anywhere.”

Neechehe closed her eyes. She drifted into a content sleep. He rubbed her fur and cooked his rabbit. As he cooked the hare, he continued to reminisce silently about his time in the psychiatric prison.

As she slept and he drifted into his thoughts, a male grey wolf growled and snarled as it walked into the cave. With horror, Zith looked up. He saw the angry, menacing wolf as it bared its fierce teeth and growled. As he froze with fear, Neechehe awoke. In a flash, she sprang from her lying position and flew into the threatening wolf.

The instant battle was fierce. The male wolf leaped on top of Neechehe. It bit the back of her neck and hung on. Neechehe struggled to get free from the male wolf’s powerful grip. Neechehe’s fur was flying in the air within the cave. She was struggling to break free.

Instantly, Zith was in the prison kitchen, again. Neechehe was being attacked by the prison guards, as ordered by the warden. He would defend his friend.

In a mighty fury, with tremendous speed, Zith leaped onto the male wolf’s back, as it held its grip on the back of Neechehe’s heck. With the speed and power of a professional mesnuk player, he began punching the wolf in the head. Right punch…left punch…right punch…left punch…

The wolf yelped loudly from the juggernaut that was on its back. The relentless Right…Left…Right…Left…was more pain than the wolf was expecting. It released the grip from Neechehe’s neck and fell to the ground dazed.

Zith quickly rolled off the male wolf. As the wolf was quickly regaining its senses, Neechehe went for its throat. She clamped her powerful jaws into the wolf’s windpipe.

The strong male wolf kicked and clawed as it tried to break Neechehe’s death grip. The wolf’s blood was spraying as it twisted and flipped Neechehe onto her back. She lost her grip as she landed.

The male wolf growled and snarled, showing its menacing teeth, as it circled. Zith’s fists were clinched. He growled as he circled. Neechehe was growling and snarling as she circled.

Suddenly the male wolf bolted toward the entrance. It ran out and into the night desert. The wolf howled loudly at the full moon as it ran farther from the cave.

“Are you ok, Neechehe?” asked Zith.

She shook herself briskly. Then she licked him.

“You’re ok!” he said gladly, “I was afraid that wolf hurt your neck. He’s gone now. Let’s sit down.” He sat down next to the fire. Neechehe sat next to him.

He checked his rabbit. “The rabbit’s burned on one side.” He rolled it over. “It’ll be fine. A crispy hare’s still better that any scorpion.” He smiled at Neechehe. “All I’ve eaten for days are scorpions.”

He continued to cook the desert hare and talk to his friend. “You know Neechehe, this cave was probably that wolf’s cave. I’m sure that’s why he attacked us...It’s ours now.”

He began to rub her fur again. She lay down next to him. She began to close her eyes. “You look tired. Go to sleep, Neechehe. After I eat this rabbit, I’m going to sleep—to.”

Eight Days Ago

The Kinkorx Horned Hares had been practicing all day at their practice field in downtown Kinkorx. As the practice session ended, Head Coach Jo Mydos said loudly while using his horn, “Everyone gather round. Take a knee.”

The tired mesnuk players ran toward their coach. They squatted on one knee. Coach Mydos said, “We have an important game against the Kvyutt Travelers tomorrow. The Travelers are a good mesnuk team. We need the confidence from a win to carry us into our stretch of road games. Get a good night’s sleep. I want everyone at the mesnuk stadium early and warming up. Hit the showers.”

The players cheered and ran into the locker room. “We can take the Travelers,” said Team Captain, Guiss Korter as he undressed quickly.

“Coach is right. A win tomorrow will build our confidence for our road games,” said Cottir Greem as he headed for the shower.

Cillo Fistor and the rest of the horned hares hurried into the shower. “We need to win tomorrow. Coach’s right. I want to play at my best. I’m going to bed early tonight,” said Cillo.

The players quickly showered and dressed. “See everyone at the stadium. Get there early. We need a good warm-up,” said Team Captain, Guiss Korter as he exited the locker room. The other players quickly exited as well.

Cillo Fistor and Cottir Greem hurried out of the locker room with the last of the players. “See you tomorrow. Get some rest,” said Cottir.

Cillo exited the building. He began the long walk to his downtown apartment. “We need to win tomorrow. Coach is right. A win will give us confidence,” he said as he walked. Cillo continued to physic himself as he walked along the old streets of downtown Kinkorx.

He walked and talked out loud. His focus was on the mesnuk game tomorrow. “The Travelers are a good mesnuk team. If we play our “A” game, we can win.”

As he walked along the creepy downtown streets at twilight, he saw a shadow moving between two buildings. He ignored the shadow and kept walking and talking. “We’ve got to slow them down. The Travelers are a fast team. If we slow the game down, we can win.”

He saw the shadow moving out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head. He saw someone ducking behind a dumpster. He paused to watch. “Kids,” he said with a frown.

He continued to walk and talk as the evening became darker. “If we can get ahead of the Travelers from the start and slow the game down, we can win.” He heard feet running. As his heart raced, he turned and tried to see who was running. “Just kids.”

As his anxieties began to erupt, he continued to walk. A trashcan was knocked over. The noise was loud is it banged and rolled. His heart was pounding. He was becoming fearful as he said, “Zith Fleen escaped from the prison several weeks ago. That can’t be him.” He asked loudly with fear, “Who’s there?”

He heard another trash can as it was kicked over. His heart was pounding in his fit chest. “That can’t be Zith Fleen,” he said as he began to run. As he ran, a shadow of a large animal began to pursue him. “I didn’t do anything. Leave me alone!” he shouted as he ran.

The silhouette shadow of the animal quickly closed in.

He ran as fast as he could. “I didn’t do anything!” he said loudly. He turned and saw a huge grey wolf closing fast. “No!” he screamed.

The wolf growled as it grabbed his leg in its powerful jaws. The vicious wolf sunk its large teeth into his flesh. It pulled him to the ground and began to rip and twist his flesh. Blood sprayed as the wolf continued to savagely maul Cillo Fistor’s leg. It growled loudly at the attack continued.

Zith Fleen ran fast and attacked from the side. As Cillo fought him, he began to hit Cillo’s face with a club. Neechehe continued to maul his legs. His blood was squirting and splatting everywhere.

Cillo’s face and head was swelling fast as Zith continued to beat him mercilessly with the club. His nose and mouth were bleeding. Cillo was screaming as Neechehe ripped off a leg. Blood was spraying everywhere. Blood was running onto the pavement.

Neechehe continued to rip and tear. Cillo’s other leg was almost torn off. He was screaming. Zith was hitting his face with the club. His blood was streaming out of his nose and mouth. Suddenly, as Zith pounded with his club, Cillo’s skull broke. His face was covered in blood as he lost consciousness.

Neechehe ripped off the other leg. She began viciously chewing his arms as Zith continued to pound his broken cranium with his club. Cillo died as the vicious attack continued.

Zith pounded his head until it was broken, bloody, and looked like raw meat. Neechehe ripped off one arm. She immediately attacked the other. In only seconds, with her sharp teeth, she ripped off the second arm. She viciously bit the torso and ripped her teeth through it numerous times. Then she attacked his neck. She bit and twisted. Soon his head severed from the torso.

Zith and his pet wolf were covered in blood. He smiled at his friend and said, “Nice job Neechehe.” She looked at her victim. She seemed to smile.

The darkness was increasing as Zith pulled a trash bag from his pocket. As Neechehe cleaned the blood off her fur, he picked up the bloody body pieces. He stuffed them into the bag. When he had all the pieces of Cillo Fistor’s body in the bag, he threw it over his shoulder. He paused and looked at the ground. “Neechehe, there’s a lot of blood,” he said as he smiled. “Let’s get the body to a busy street.”

Zith began to run, while carrying Cillo’s slashed and dismembered body in a trash bag over his shoulder. Neechehe ran next to him. They ran to a nearby busy street.

“This will do,” he said. Zith and Neechehe stopped running. In the darkness of night, Zith dumped the slashed, dismembered body parts next to the side of the busy road. “Someone will find Cillo Fistor’s body early tomorrow morning.”

Zith and Neechehe started walking away from the road. Zith said, “I know you’re tired from the long run to get here from the cave. We should run back. We’ll get there faster,” he said. He and his friend began to run. It would take them many hours at running speed to reach their desert home.

The Next Morning

Detective Arthor Nekuma was working at his database in his large office, in his spacious home in suburbia Wyluxx City. He was working on their Sirrz Debmyuo, stolen Signature Collection Firearms, and Knives case. He was researching for where the traceable, priceless collection of guns and knives could be sold.

Art thought as he flipped through screen after screen, “Each gun and knife that was stolen from Sirrz Debmyuo’s home safe had similar markings. They were all marked comparably like:

A Sirrz Debmyuo Signature Collection Knife

SD-3 Series Knife

First One Made In The Series

Sirrz Debmyuo

I think the best place for someone to sell Sirrz’s collectables is at Wixqezzer Auctions in rural Kvyutt, in the wet lands.

As he worked, his office TV was tuned to Kinkorx TV. Suddenly there was a Breaking News Bulletin. “I am Kinkorx TV News Anchor Meez Broplen; we are taking you live to the Kinkorx Police Station.”

The TV Switched to the Kinkorx Police Station

“I’m Pymur Muxx. I am reporting live from the Kinkorx Police Station. Kinkorx Police Chief Aazon Pomur has agreed to answer a few questions.”

He turned to Police Chief Pomur. “Chief Pomur. Can you describe for our viewers what you found this morning?”

Chief Pomur replied, “A motorists on their way to work saw what appeared to be body parts on the side of Jesattin Road just after daylight. The motorists called us. Upon responding to the sight, my officers found the slashed, dismembered body of Cillo Fistor.”

Pymur Muxx asked, “Cillo Fistor—the Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player?”

Chief Pomur responded, “That’s correct.”

Pymur asked, “Do you think Zith Fleen the escaped murder, that has been named The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher by the media and the public is responsible for this brutal murder?”

Chief Pomur was instantly angered by the question. “After an investigation at the scene, we have determined that this murder was not the work of Zith Fleen,” he stated angrily.

“Do you have another suspect?” asked Pymur.

He sighed deeply with irritation. He said, “We just started that investigation this morning. We are running down several leads as fast as possible. That’s all I can tell you at this point. Now if you will excuse me?” With an angry face, Chief Pomur walked back to his office.

Pymur Muxx concluded his live report, “In a surprising decision, Chief Pomur doesn’t think Zith Fleen, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher was responsible for the slashing and dismemberment of Cillo Fistor. The Kinkorx Police are looking for another suspect. Cillo Fistor was also a Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk player – like Zith Fleen. Chief Pomur and his department are attempting to find a lead in the gruesome murder case as we speak. This is Pymur Muxx reporting live from the Kinkorx Police Station.”

The TV Switched Back to the Kinkorx TV Newsroom

Meez Broplen, the Kinkorx TV News Anchor said, “We will keep you informed as Chief Pomur and the Kinkorx Police Department attempt to find a suspect in this horrific, slashing and dismemberment murder case. Now back to our regular programming.”

As Art Nekuma watched the Breaking News Story, he thought, “That sounds like the work of Zith Fleen to me. I wonder what Chief Pomur and the Kinkorx Police Department are thinking. Maybe they don’t want to track him down again. It took quite a search to catch him the first time.”

Art went back to his research.

Four Days Ago

The Kinkorx Horned Hares were in Wyluxx City. They had just finished playing the Generals at Wyluxx Stadium. Even though they played without the murdered, Cillo Fistor, they still defeated the Generals.

Ti Gurmis, the Horned Hares mesnuk player was very tired as he drove home after the exhausting game in the darkness. He was driving on the Wyluxx Highway toward Kinkorx.

As Ti Gurmis Drove

His Home in Suburbia Kinkorx Was Being Invaded

In the darkness, Zith Fleen was breaking the glass in the back door of Ti’s suburban Kinkorx home as Neechehe watched. Using his club, he continued to break the glass. The pieces fell on the floor inside the upper-class home. He turned to Neechehe. “See Neechehe—it’s easy,” he said as he smiled in the dark.

He reached through the opening and unlocked the door. As the door opened, he said, “That was too easy. It was almost as if Ti was inviting us in. Come on,” he said as he motioned to his friend, the wolf.

Zith walked into Ti’s upscale, two story home as Neechehe followed. “Be careful. Don’t step on the glass. You don’t want to cut your paws.”

Neechehe stepped carefully as she followed Zith inside. He crept around in the darkness as Neechehe followed. His eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness. He looked at and felt the expensive furnishings. “Big house,” he whispered.

He walked to the large, modern, well-equipped kitchen. “Let’s see what he has to eat.” Zith opened the fridge. As the interior light illuminated, he paused to admire the large collection of refrigerator magnets. “It looks like he’s traveled a lot. He buys a souvenir magnet wherever he goes. Oh look. He even has a few Kinkorx Horned Hares magnets. I think I’ll take two magnets. He won’t miss them.” He laughed. “He’ll be dead.” He grabbed two of the souvenir magnets and put them in his pocket. “They’ll remind me of this night.”

As he held the door open and the open door alarm pinged, he said, “It looks like he was going to cook this meat when he gets back from Wyluxx City. He won’t need it. He’ll be dead.” Zith removed the bloody meat from the shelve.

“Here Neechehe.” He tossed it onto the fine wood designer floor. Neechehe grabbed the bloody meat in her mouth. She lay on the parquet wooden floor and began quickly eating.

Zith grabbed a quick meal as well. He closed the door and sat on the decorative floor next to his friend and ate—in the dark. He said to his friend, “Ti is going to be surprised when he sees us. I haven’t seen him since that mesnuk game against the Generals. You know Neechehe; he left me all alone in that game. He wasn’t even trying to help. Those Generals were attacking me from all directions. He didn’t help me at all. Tonight we’re going to remind him of that game.”

Zith stood and walked around the first floor of the two-story house. “How are we going to greet him?” He continued to pace and plan with his fully adjusted night eyes.

He looked at the silhouette of a large wrought iron clock on Ti’s wall. He said, “I can’t read the clock in the darkness but I know he’ll be here soon. We want to surprise him. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see us. Neechehe, we better hide.”

He began searching for a place where they could hide until it was time to spring their surprise. He opened the hall closet. “This looks like a good place for us to hide. Come on Neechehe—in here.” He and his friend wolf walked into the large, roomy, hall closet. “I’ll keep the door open just a bit until Ti arrives. He’ll be here any minute.”

Zith and Neechehe hid in the dark closet. Zith peeked out the cracked door as they waited. “He’ll be here any minute,” he said to his friend. Zith and Neechehe waited quietly in the dark closet.

Ti Gurmis Drove Into His Driveway

He was tired as he exited his deluxe, fully loaded sports car. He was one of the players that benefited from Zith Fleen’s departure from the team seasons ago. His extravagant lifestyle reflected his good fortune.

He walked the brief distance in the dark to his large front porch. After climbing the short steps and walking across his porch, he put his house key into the front door lock. He turned it and opened his extravagant door.

He entered his home and closed the front door—then he locked it.

Zith closed the slightly opened hall door when he saw Ti Gurmis enter the home.

The exhausted star mesnuk player felt for his custom designed Red Ploss Wood switch cover for his entrance light. Upon finding it, he turned on a small hall light. He tossed his keys onto his luxurious, Red Ploss Wood, entranceway dry sink. He hung his fashionable sports hat on his very expensive, matching, Red Ploss Wood, entrance coat and hat rack.

“I need another shower. I want my Jams before I have dinner,” he mumbled. Ti nonchalantly walked up the stairs and into his bedroom. He removed his clothing and walked into his deluxe, master bath. He stepped into his extravagant, imported, wet lands tiled shower. Ti turned on the hot water and began his lengthy, relaxing, steamy shower.

Meanwhile Downstairs

When Zith heard the shower running, he quietly opened the closet door. “Follow me, Neechehe.” The two slowly walked out of the closet. While carrying his club, Zith walked to the entrance furniture. He grabbed Ti’s hat and keys. He carried them to his luxurious, laminated wood coffee table. He quietly placed them nicely on the expensive coffee table. Then he walked back to the light and turned it off. “Let’s hide in the kitchen,” he whispered.

In the darkness, they slowly walked into Ti’s extravagant, well-equipped kitchen. He looked for a place to hide where they could see the stairs. “Let’s wait here.” He squatted while Neechehe sat on the floor, in the dark.

As they waited in the dark kitchen, the shower turned off. “He’ll be down soon. He’s going to be surprised to see us,” Zith said quietly as they waited with his club in hand.

Ti dressed quickly in his shorts and PJ’s. He walked out of the bedroom and headed toward the stairs. As he walked down the stairs toward the first floor, he saw the darkness. He paused. “I thought I left the hall light on…maybe not.” He continued down the stairs and toward the light.

After turning it on, he turned toward the kitchen. He saw his hat and keys on the coffee table. His anxieties instantly erupted and terror swept through his fit body. The fear and horror was crippling, as he stood while trembling uncontrollably. “Zith Fleen!” he said loudly as he trembled with horror. “Is that you?”

Zith and Neechehe remained quiet in their hiding place. They could see Ti, as he stood petrified with horror in his entrance seating room.

Ti could smell the stench of a wild animal as he trembled. “I know what you think. I wasn’t part of that plan. I had nothing to do with your injury,” he said loudly as he looked toward his dark kitchen and trembled with horror.

Zith whispered to Neechehe, “It’s time. Let’s have a party.”

As Ti remained petrified with fear, Zith and Neechehe slowly walked toward him. As the two walked into the light, Ti was engulfed with horror. “It is you! That’s the wolf!” he yelled with overpowering fear. He bolted toward the front door.

Neechehe growled while showing her deadly teeth and charged after him. Before he reached the door, she bit deep into his leg and pulled him to the floor. “Ahhh!...” he screamed as his blood sprayed onto his expensive furniture and floor.

Zith grabbed his hair and began hitting him mercilessly in the face with his club. Neechehe continued to growl, bit, and rip his legs. She twisted and ripped. Blood was spraying on the expensively decorated furnishings and walls.

Ti fought his attackers. His face was covered in blood from Zith’s club. Blood sprayed from the large gashes in his legs from Neechehe’s large, vicious teeth. He struggled free and rolled toward the stairs.

As Zith blocked the door, Ti struggled to stand and hobbled up the stairs. As he stumbled upward, his flowing blood from the deep gashes in his legs left red, coagulating blood trails on the steps of the finely carpeted stairway.

Neechehe quickly pursued the injured star mesnuk player. She flew up the stairs as Zith followed while carrying his blood-covered club.

Ti hurried into his bedroom. He closed and locked the door. Blood flowed from his deep leg wounds onto his fine bedroom carpet. While in a horrifying panic, he frantically turned on the lights and grabbed the phone beside his bed. As he began to dial, Zith flew through the air like a mesnuk player defending his kloxyn and hit the bedroom door. The lock instantly broke and the door flew open violently.

“No!” yelled Ti in horror.

Neechehe growled as she flew through the open door and jumped at Ti. She knocked him onto his large bed. As he bled from his face and legs, he fought her with his fists. She growled as she bit his arms while ripping and twisting. “Ahhh!” he screamed as he tried to defend himself as he bled all over his plush bed.

Zith jumped on the bed and continued to club him in the face and head. As Zith clubbed, Neechehe bit and ripped his arms. When she tore off his arm, blood flew onto the walls and ceiling. He screamed from the pain and horror as his blood splattered everywhere.

Neechehe dropped his bloody, dismembered arm onto his blood soaked bed. As he struggled and screamed, she bit deep into the other arm. She twisted and ripped as Zith continued to hit Ti’s face and head.

His head and face were covered with his blood. Blood ran from his fractured nose. Blood oozed from his bloody mouth. Zith continued to hit him with the club.

His blood was splattered on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Ti’s extravagant bedroom furniture and large, plush bed were covered with his blood.

As Neechehe continued to rip and tear his other arm, it separated from Ti’s bloody body. As Ti continued to scream, he began to lose consciousness. As Zith continued with the merciless attack on Ti’s face and head, Neechehe leaped to his legs. She began to bit, rip, and tear his legs.

Ti became unconscious from the loss of blood and the pain as the attack continued.

Neechehe ripped off one leg. Blood was splattering everywhere. She sunk her deadly teeth into the last appendage. She began to rip, tear, and twists. Zith continued his assault on the now dead mesnuk player. Blood continued to fly everywhere.

Neechehe ripped off the final limb. She released her grip and allowed the severed leg to lie motionless on the blood-covered bed. She sunk her deadly teeth into the torso and ripped numerous gashes into the bloody flesh.

Next, she went for his throat. As she tore and ripped his throat, Zith backed away shortly. With her powerful jaws and sharp teeth, she quickly ripped his bloody head from the torso.

Zith looked at their work. Ti’s head was pulverized, blood covered, and severed. His arms and legs were ripped off the torso and bloody. He had numerous deep gashes in his torso. Zith and Neechehe were covered in Ti’s blood. The large, extravagant bed was blood soaked. The walls of the large, expensively decorated bedroom were covered in splattered blood. There were numerous blood splats on the fine carpet.

He nodded his head. “I’d say we explained the rules to him very well–don’t you think Neechehe?” She was licking the blood off her fur. He removed a trash bag from his pocket. He began to stuff Ti’s severed, bloody pieces into the bag. When he had all the body parts safely inside the trash bag, he threw it over his shoulder. He looked around the room. “There’s a lot of blood. I think he understands the rules—now. Let’s go Neechehe,” he said.

While carrying the bag of body parts, Zith turned off the lights as they exited the bedroom. They followed the blood trail and walked down the steps into the entranceway.

“There’s a lot of blood down here. I need to get the lights,” Zith said. He turned off the last lights. As Zith carried Ti Gurmis in the trash bag over his shoulder, they walked through the dark house to the rear door.

They exited the upper-income home through the same door they used to originally invade. Zith paused to lock the rear door with the broken glass.

Zith and Neechehe ran into the dark night while carrying Ti Gurmis in a trash bag. They continued to run through fields and back yards. The darkness concealed them as they ran to the place where Zith planned to dump the body.

Soon, they reached the main road that he was looking for. “Right over there, Neechehe. That’s where we’re dumping Ti,” Zith said. They ran toward the drainage ditch.

When they reached the drainage work, Zith said, “This is the spot.” He dropped the bag. He began removing the bloody body parts and scattering them over several feet. When he dumped the slashed torso, he said, “That’s real nice. Someone will see Ti early in the morning.” He smiled at their work. “I think Ti understands the rules now. Let’s go Neechehe. It’s a long run back to our cave.” They ran into the fields and trees on their way back to their desert home. It would take them until the afternoon at running speed to get home.

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