The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 7

Present Day

It was a rare cloudy morning as Maxx Zeqster and Art Nekuma were standing in Maxx’s back yard at his welcoming home in Bedsult, in suburbia Kinkorx. They were standing under his ornamental Red Ploss Tree while looking at Maxx’s latest landscape painting that he was working on—while in the shade.

Maxx stated, “That’s how the cave that you were being held captive in looked. If you don’t think about what happened inside, the cave and surrounding desert are quite spectacular – wouldn’t you agree?” he asked. “The multi-colored sand and the blooming flowers complement each other very well. Even the stone formation seems to match the surroundings.”

Art studied the half-finished painting. He thought, “All I can remember is being tied to a chair and getting stung by a scorpion.” He said as he smiled, “It looks great!”

Maxx added, “I’m also going to paint several red scorpions in the sand. That’ll be later.” He felt several raindrops. “It looks like we’re in for some rain. I had better get this painting and easel inside. Do you mind carrying my tools?”

Art replied, “No problem.” He grabbed the painting tools as Maxx grabbed the painting and tri-stand. As the rain began to cascade, they walked inside while carrying the painting and supplies.

“We can put them in the dining room,” said Maxx. They walked into the dining room and set the painting and equipment close to the Melá-Jutis swamp stick.

“Does the Melá-Jutis stick still talk to you?” Art asked.

“Occasionally,” Maxx replied. “Have a seat in the living room. We’ll talk and see what’s on the news.”

Art walked to Maxx’s plush, leather sectional sofa and sat. Using the remote, he turned on the TV. He watched Kinkorx TV while he waited for his friend.

Maxx had walked into the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of water from his fridge. He walked to the living room. He handed one to Art. He sat in his luxurious recliner and opened his. They both took a big drink as Kinkorx TV aired.

Maxx asked casually, “How are your parents? Are they still arguing a lot?”

“Lately them seem to be getting along better,” Art replied. “They talk about you all the time. They talk about the Dunjyn Asylum and how you rescued them from near death inside that horrific place.”

Maxx smiled and said, “I’m glad I could help.”

“You did more than help,” Art added. “There were days when I went into that creepy asylum – I couldn’t stop puking. The smell was so bad. There was vomit and defecation everywhere. The doxer fever patients were grabbing me and spitting on me. It was awful – worse than that. The doxer fever mutants moaned and groaned. They lay in the corridors. Their mutated dorsal fins and mutated arms and legs were disgusting. I’m not sure whether they were more disgusting or more frightening. One thinks I do know – that asylum was vile. I puked so many times. I’m so glad you rescued them from that awful place. Dr. Vuyyu Neafyndrer, the head psychiatrist at Dunjyn Asylum never heard of the doxer fever-reversing drug. He said he was hesitant to use it at first, but my parents were dying. There wasn’t a reason not give the medicine a chance. After the injections, they started recovering almost immediately. Dr. Neafyndrer said he never saw anything like it.” As Art finished the brief summation, he was looking a little sick.

Maxx changed the painful and disgusting subject. “Do they still spend a lot of time in the back yard?” he asked.

Art looked a little nauseous as he replied, “They really like the patio set I bought for them. They spend most of the day lounging in the shade. For a long time, they lounged, drank beverages, and argued.”

Maxx asked, “What about now?”

Art replied, “They still spend most of the day lounging and drinking beverages. They don’t seem to argue as much. Maybe they’re finally tired of fighting.”

“Have their mutations come back?” he asked.

Art answered, “No. They look completely normal. Their dorsal fins are gone. Their arms and legs look normal again. They don’t look like anything was ever wrong with them. If someone didn’t know their history, that coterie would never know they were once doxer fever mutants – and close to death. That’s all thanks to you.” He smiled.

Maxx replied, “Do they still like the house?”

Art said happily, “They love the house – and so do I. I especially love my office. It’s great. My dad likes the kitchen and the back yard mostly. My mom likes it that they have separate bedrooms. She really likes her bedroom. Thanks again for buying it for us.”

He smiled. “It was my pleasure. You need a nice home for your family. You also need a big office to do most of the work in our detective agency,” Maxx said.

Art smiled as he said, “I never thought my dreams were going to come true. All those years I worked as a janitor at Wyluxx City High School. Mostly I cleaned the mesnuk stadium – what a mess. I hated that job. I was so happy when Mr. Pluxxer fired me and that job was out of my life. That same night, I worked undercover at The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. That’s how we closed the sand trafficking case.”

Maxx smiled as he replied, “That was the beginning of our partnership. That was also the time when our lives turned around.”

“There’s no question about that – at least from my point of view,” said Art.

Maxx smiled. “From my perspective as well.” He changed the subject again—to something lighter. “Were you surprised when you saw Wixqezzer Auctions?”

Art replied, “I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect the building to be so far out in the swamplands of Kvyutt. I also didn’t expect the building to be so rundown. The walkways and boardwalks over the swampland were surprising. The worst surprise was being grabbed from behind by the Gang of Five and taken to that cave.”

Maxx added, “I know that was a horrible experience. It was almost closing time when I began to search for you. I looked at the front entrance – as we planned. Then I checked the car. When you weren’t there, I sent you two ziq com messages on your DunyII. When the messages didn’t go through, I knew your Duny was turned off. You never turn off your phone. I knew you were in trouble. I searched inside again. I searched until closing time. After that, I had to leave.”

Art replied, “The Gang of Five and the Joqzonions are scary to look at—and evil. They tied me to a chair in that cave. They planned how they were going to kill us. I thought they were going to kill me in the cave.”

“It’s a good thing they didn’t take your Duny II,” said Maxx. “Without your ziq com, I would never have found you. You would have died from those scorpion stings on your leg.”

“When I sent that ziq com, I pushed the buttons on my DunyII through my pants,” said Art. “I didn’t know if my ziq com was even understandable. As I sent it, I got stung several times on the leg.”

Maxx replied, “I figured out quickly were you were by the red scorpions. Then I searched for a cave. I drove The Phoenix into the trail of red scorpions. I kept driving and searching. When I was outside that cave, I felt your vibrations. I knew you were inside.”

“It really hurt when that scorpion stung me in the leg. Then I passed out,” Art said.

“When I found you, I was terrified. Your breathing was slow. You were so pale. I thought you would be ok—but I didn’t know. I drove as fast as I could to get you to the hospital. We almost lost you. I still remember that moment at the hospital when you flat lined. I started to lose it when I thought you were dead,” said Maxx.

Art replied, “You got me there in time. I owe my life to you—Again.”

Maxx changed the subject. He laughed. “I remember that creepy warehouse in Guytic City? I couldn’t believe how many spiders there were in that spooky building. You were surrounded by a wall of spiders,” he said.

The Phoenix came in handy that night,” Art replied.

“I drove The Phoenix into the spiders. They were everywhere. At least we recovered the stolen collectables,” Maxx said.

“Sirrz Debmyuo was right about where his collectables would be stored. He didn’t mention the spiders. When we delivered them to Sirrz, they still had spiders on them,” said Art.

“I sent Sirrz Debmyuo a bill for both cases,” Maxx stated. “It seems we’re without a case—at least momentarily.”

Art said, “I’ve been looking into The Slasher case. Since Zith Fleen escaped from prison a month ago, it looks like he’s killed two players from the Kinkorx Horned Hares team. Chief Pomur denies that it’s Zith Fleen who’s doing the killing. The Kinkorx Police are looking for a different killer. I’m looking into it. To me there’s no question – Zith Fleen’s the killer.”

“Since we don’t have another case right now, let’s spend some time on that one. I’ll do some research myself. What have you discovered so far?” asked Maxx.

Art replied, “I’m working from the assumption that Zith Fleen’s the killer. That he’s killed three players so for. One player, over a year ago, and two players in the last few weeks. That makes him a serial killer. To me that’s what the evidence indicates. For some reason Chief Pomur interprets the evidence differently.”

Maxx replied, “After Zith Fleen’s brain surgery, he was left with permanent brain damage to his anterior rostral prefrontal cortex and temporal poles. When those areas of the brain are damaged, often times psychopathic behavior results. The correctional facility doctors diagnosed him with antisocial personality and psychopathy disorder. Those injuries plus the prison psychiatrists’ diagnoses suggests your theory—that he’s a serial killer, may be correct.”

As they talked, a Breaking News Story came on Kinkorx TV. “I am Kinkorx TV News Anchor Meez Broplen. I’m switching you to Pymur Muxx. He he’s standing by with a live report.”

The TV Switched to the Horned Hares Practice Field

“Thank you Meez. I’m Pymur Muxx. I am reporting live from the Kinkorx Horned Hares practice field in downtown Kinkorx. Mr. Grexenn has agreed to answer a few questions for Kinkorx TV News.”

He turned toward Jeqrix Grexenn. “Mr. Grexenn, you’ve recently lost two star players due to heinous murders. What are your plans?”

Jeqrix Grexenn replied. “First off. I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families of Cillo Fistor and Ti Gurmis. I know their families are grieving for their loved ones. To answer your question, we plan to continue playing our best mesnuk on the field and conducting ourselves professionally both on and off the field.”

Pymur said, “Police Chief Pomur does not feel Zith Fleen in responsible for these recent murders. They’re looking for another killer. This is a viewpoint that the public does not seem to agree with. As you know, Zith Fleen is widely called The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher – and for good reason.”

Jeqrix Grexenn replied angrily, “I am aware of Chief Pomur’s decision to pursue another suspect.”

Pymur Muxx added, “A suspect that the Kinkorx Police still have not identified…Has Chief Pomur offered you any protection for your players?” he asked.

Jeqrix replied, “We spoke once, briefly, on the phone. Chief Pomur does not feel that Zith Fleen is responsible for these two murders. He also does not think the Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk team is being targeted by the killer. The Kinkorx Police Department believes these are random murders. Therefore the Kinkorx Police is not offering any protection to my players or their families,” he said angrily.

Pymur responded. “How do you feel about Chief Pomur’s decisions?”

The normally reserved Jeqrix Grexenn had a red, angry face and angry eyes. He signed deeply. “Today I will be hiring a security guard for each of the players and their immediate families. If Chief Pomur is right, this action should detour the killer.”

Pymur asked, “What if Chief Pomur is wrong? Do you feel the security guards will be enough to stop a psychopath on a revenge driven killing spree? Zith Fleen has a wolf that helps him with the brutal killing. I’m sure you’re aware of that.”

The calmer Jeqrix Grexenn replied, “Those rumors you’re referring to were never proven. However, due to the evil, heinous nature of these murders, and Chief Pomur’s direction in the case, I will be taking my own action. Today I will also hire a professional detective agency to aid the police in catching this killer.”

“That may be a good idea. I’m sure you want this killer caught as fast as possible,” said Pymur.

Jeqrix added, “The pain this killer is causing the families is horrible. I want the killer found as fast as possible and put in jail.”

“Thank you for talking with us,” said Pymur.

“My pleasure,” said Jeqrix Grexenn. He walked toward his office.

Pymur Muxx began his closing. “Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Kinkorx Horned Hares will be hiring security guards for protection for his players. He’s also hiring a private detective agency to aid the police. We will continue to follow this story. We hope these actions by Mr. Grexenn prevent more killings and succor the Kinkorx Police in catching this heinous killer. I am Pymur Muxx. Reporting live from the Kinkorx Horned Hares practice field in downtown Kinkorx.”

The TV Switched to the Kinkorx TV News Room

“Thank you Pymur for that live report. We will follow this story as it develops. I am Meez Broplen your Kinkorx TV News Anchor. There is another story that just came over the news wire from GCTV that we want to bring to you. We are now switching you to Guytic City TV News.”

The TV Switched to Guytic City TV News—In The Wet Lands

“I am Jimner Veqsen, the Guytic City TV News Anchor. After several weeks of silence, the Gang of Five and their Joqzonion followers, robbed another bank just minutes ago. We are taking you live to the Ellingtyn Bank in Guytic City. GCTV roaming news reporter Wilqy Dymzet is standing by.”

The TV Switched to The Ellingtyn Bank

“I am Wilqy Dymzet. I’m standing outside the Ellingtyn Bank in outer Guytic City. Less than an hour ago, the Gang of Five and a group of Joqzonions entered this rural bank. They shot and killed the only costumer and the lone security guard before robbing the bank. The bank manager has informed me that at gunpoint, he opened the vault. According to the manager, late yesterday afternoon, a costumer deposited a large sum of cash. That costumer’s money was in the vault this morning. Bank officials believe the robbers somehow hacked into the banks computers overnight and learned about the large cash deposit.

I have an eyewitness that saw the gang of robbers as they exited the bank. This witness does not wish to have their face or name known for their own safety,” Wilqy Dymzet said. He moved the microphone to the eyewitness as the cameras followed. “Can you tell us what you saw?”

As the witness’ face was blurred, he began. “I saw who I think was the leader of the group exit the bank first.”

Wilqy Dymzet replied, “The leader of the Gang of Five calls himself Mustler.”

The eyewitness continued. “Yes. I think so. I saw Mustler. He came out of the bank. He was carrying some type of automatic weapon. Only seconds later, his gang exited the bank behind him. They were all carrying weapons and they had bags over their shoulders. I think they were carrying money.”

Wilqy Dymzet asked. “Where did the robbers go?”

“They went behind the bank and into the marshland. They must have had a vehicle hiding back there. I didn’t see then drive away. They must have escaped into the swamp.”

Wilqy Dymzet replied. “Where were you when you saw them?”

The witness replied, “I was going into the bank. When I heard the gunfire, I hid behind those bushes.” He pointed. “I stayed there until the robbers left. Right after that, the police drove up. They told me to stay for a while in case anyone had questions.”

Wilqy Dymzet asked, “Did you get a good look at Mustler and his gang?”

“Yes. Mustler and his gang look like mutants. They’re scary. The mutates have enlarged heads with only a few strands of hair. Their faces are large and deformed. Their eyes are large and uneven. They don’t have ears. They had a row of sharp bone in their mouth that protruded sharply. Their legs were crooked and stick-like. Large bumps protruded from both. The many leg veins were large and distorted just under their leathery-like skin. He had large, mutated, wiggly veins. Their feet were small and chunk-like.

Then I saw several Joqzonions. They had elongated heads and big eyes. Their arms and legs were really long and like sticks.”

Wilqy Dymzet replied, “I’ve interviewed several eyewitnesses to the Gang of Five’s robberies. Your description of Mustler and his gang is typical. They must be a frightening sight.”

The eyewitness said, “The mutant gang is goulash and frightening. They all had evil, heinous looks on their faces.”

Wilqy replied, “We’re glad you weren’t hurt as you hid in the bushes. Thank you for talking with us.”

“No problem. Glad to help,” said the unnamed and unidentified eyewitness.

“I’m Wilqy Dymzet reporting live from the Ellingtyn Bank in outer Guytic City.”

The TV Switched Back to Kinkorx TV News

I am Meez Broplen your Kinkorx TV News Anchor. We will follow this story as it develops. There is another story that just came over the news wire from Kvyutt TV News, also in the wet lands, that we want to show you. We are taking you to news anchor, Centon Green.”

The TV Switched to Kvyutt TV News

“I am Centon Green. I’m the news anchor for Kvyutt TV News. At this moment, the Gang of Five and Joqzonion followers are looting and burning businesses in outer Kvyutt. This terror, only an hour after the evil, mutant gang robbed the Ellingtyn Bank in outer Guytic City. Kvyutt TV roaming news reporter Wes Biim is there with a live report.”

“I’m in a rural village of Kvyutt. I’m standing across the street from several businesses as they’re burning. You can see the fires. The Kvyutt Police and Fire Departments are here as you can also see. There are several bloody, murdered business owners lying on the ground outside their shops. I was told by the police that the Gang of Five and their Joqzonion followers killed the storeowners. Then they robbed these stores of their firearms and money. After the killings and looting, the evil mutant gang set the businesses on fire.

I spoke to several eyewitnesses. The witnesses were reluctant to speak on camera—as they were concerned for their safety. They did however positively identify Mustler and his Gang of Five members. They also reported seeing several Joqzonions that were assisting them.

I asked them if they had recently scene flying saucers from Joqzon landing in the wet lands. Each of them reported seeing numerous flying saucers landing in the desert and marshlands—day and night. They are fearful of the Gang of Five, with a Joqzonion army, taking over Sesla—as if the Joqzonions tried to do several decades ago. As we all remember, the Joqs intended to take over Sesla and strip mine her bountiful natural researches.

I will stay here and bring you live updates as we learn more. I’m Kvyutt TV roaming news reporter Wes Biim. Now, back to you Centon.”

“I’m Kvyutt TV News Anchor Centon Green. We will bring you the live reports as we learn more. We return you to our regular programming.”

The TV Switched Back to Kinkorx TV News

“This is Meez Broplen, news anchor. We will break in live when we know more from Guytic City or Kvyutt. We now return you back to our regular programming.”

Maxx and Art were shocked as they watched Kinkorx TV in Maxx’s comfortable living room. “It looks like the Gang of Five is starting again,” Maxx said.

Art added, “That gang will continue to murder, steal, and burn businesses unless you stop them. Mustler and the Joqs want to take over Sesla. The Joqs want to steal the minerals and other researches. I’m not sure what Mustler wants.”

“I get the impression Mustler wants to be a global dictator,” Maxx replied.

As they talked, the phone began to ring. Maxx jumped up from his recliner and hurried to his office. He sat at his database and grabbed the ringing phone. “Detective Maxx Zeqster.”

“This is Jeqrix Grexenn. I’m the owner of the Kinkorx Horned Hares.”

Maxx smiled as he thought, “We have a new case.” He asked, “How can I help you Mr. Grexenn?”

Jeqrix replied, “As I’m sure you’re aware, my mesnuk team has suffered two tragic losses recently.”

“We are aware. You have our sincere condolences,” Maxx replied.

“Thank you. I’ve hired a security company to protect my players and their families,” Jeqrix stated.

Maxx replied, “A wise idea – under the circumstances.”

Jeqrix said, “I feel that Chief Pomur needs help. I believe he and the Kinkorx Police are on the wrong track with this case.”

Maxx responded, “From the headlines in the newspapers, it seems the media would agree with you.”

“What is your opinion?” he asked.

“We’ve spent a limited amount of time on your case. We agree – Chief Pomur’s decisions concerning the recent murders are…Surprising,” Maxx stated.

“So…You’ve looked into the murders?” he asked cautiously.

Maxx replied, “We’ve spent limited time on the case—yes.

Jeqrix Grexenn paused. “As I said, I believe the police are looking for the wrong killer. I think Zith Fleen is very sick. I think he killed them.”

Maxx added, “A lot of coteries seem to feel that way.”

“How well do you work with the local police?” asked Jeqrix?

Maxx chuckled lightly. “Police usually don’t like private investigators. Unfortunately my detective agency is no different,” he stated.

Jeqrix paused again. “If I hire your agency, will you work with the local authorities?” he asked.

Maxx replied, “First things first. What would you… hire us to do?”

Catch the killer – of course!” Jeqrix said strongly.

“As you’ve previously stated, the police think the killer is someone completely different. The public and the media believe it was Zith Fleen. That he’s on a revenge driven killing spree,” said Maxx. “The police won’t be happy with our interference.”

Jeqrix paused again. “You must have an opinion from your work. Who do you feel is accurate?” he asked.

Maxx replied, “From our research, we agree with you and the media. We feel Chief Pomur is looking for the wrong killer.”

“If I hire your agency to catch Zith Fleen before he kills anyone else, will you work with the police?” Jeqrix asked again—this time louder with impatience.

Maxx smiled. “As I’ve already indicated, the local authorities will not like our interference in their case,” he repeated.

“Chief Pomur is looking for another killer. He isn’t looking for Zith Fleen. He’s looking in the wrong direction!” Jeqrix said with increased volume and anger.

Maxx replied, “That’s correct…If you chose to retain our services, be aware the local authorities will not support your decision. Chief Pomur will not be happy that you hired us. He will oppose us if he can – just like the previous Police Chief, Zog Morxoc.” He chuckled. “I’m sure you heard how that sand trafficking case turned out. Morxoc and his accomplices are still in the correctional facility.”

Jeqrix replied, “I remember. That case was a slap in the face for the local authorities. The work you and Detective Nekuma did made you celebrities. Your detective agency was the top headline news story on every news station and on the front page of every newspaper on Sesla.”

Maxx further explained, “The police don’t like it when we solve cases that they’ve been working on unsuccessfully for years—especially when the authorities are the criminals.”

Jeqrix added, “I’m sure they don’t. You and Art seem to do that a lot.” He paused and pondered briefly. He said, “This is probably going to be another case like that. I’m hiring you and Detective Nekuma. Work with Chief Pomur as much as possible. Catch Zith Fleen before him and his wolf can kill anyone else.”

Maxx smiled. “We’ll start the case immediately. We’ll do our best to work with Chief Pomur. There is something I would like you to do for us,” he asked.

With concern, Jeqrix Grexenn asked, “What do you need?”

“There were a lot of rumors from the players and Zith Fleen the season he was injured. I want Art to study the films of the games that season. He might be able to understand Zith Fleen better. Understanding him will be the key to catching him. Send the films to Art’s home in Wyluxx City. If anyone can find a pattern from the game films, Art can,” said Maxx.

Jeqrix was shocked. “I’ve only just hired you. You’re already out thinking and out working Chief Pomur. He never offered to study anything. Art will have the copies by tomorrow. Keep me informed as to your progress,” said Jeqrix Grexenn. He hung of the phone in his office at the Horned Hares practice field.

Maxx walked back to his living room. Art had turned off the TV so he could listen to the call. “That was Jeqrix Grexenn,” Maxx said. “He hired us to catch Zith Fleen before he kills anyone else.”

He sat in his leather recliner. “I asked Mr. Grexenn for the game tapes of the season Zith Fleen was injured. He’s sending them to your home. You’ll have them tomorrow.”

“What are we looking for?” Art asked.

Maxx replied, “It was widely rumored the season he was injured that there was a conspiracy within the horned hare’s organization. The players were abandoning him on the field in an attempt to cause a serious injury. The players were hoping he would become injured and be removed from the team. Study the films. See if there’s a pattern between the players on the field and the players that he killed.” He smiled. “If anyone can find a pattern – you can.”

Art beamed at his partner’s praise. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Maxx continued. “You’ve already formed the opinion he’s a serial killer. I’m hoping there’s a pattern to his killing. Maybe you can discover that pattern by watching the games. “While you’re doing that, I’ll make a quick trip to the wet lands. I need to stop the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions. I’m also going to burn more of their space ships.”

“When are you leaving?” Art asked.

“Within the hour,” he replied. “I plan to attack Mustler and his gang before they’re expecting me.”

Art asked, “How will you know where to find them?”

Maxx replied, “I’m expecting them to raid another business very soon; that’s the way Mustler operates. While I’m driving, I’ll keep my radio tuned to Radio Wet Lands. I’ll listen for breaking news bulletins. I’ll try to catch them before they’re gone. I’ve had good success with that plan in the past.”

“Do you need help hooking The Phoenix to your car?” asked Art.

“Thank you – No,” Maxx replied. “I need to pack a few things. I’ll connect the trailer when I leave.”

Art said, “You have a lot to do. I should go. I’ll study the game films while you’re gone. I’ll do my best to discern a pattern to Zith Fleen’s killing.” He stood and walked toward the door.

Maxx also stood. He said, “I’ll be back in a couple of days. I’ll call you when I’ve had some rest.”

“I’ll keep a close eye on the news. It’s kind of fun to watch live reports knowing it was The Melá-Jutis that started the fires,” Art said as he opened the door. “Awesome! The rain stopped.”

Maxx replied, “Glad to hear it. Tell your dad and mom I said hi.”

“Will do,” said Art as he closed the door. He walked across the porch and down the steps. As he walked along the wet walkway toward his blue convertible, he looked at The Phoenix. He said, “Detective Zeqster’s camo, all-terrain jeep comes in handy on his quick trips to the wet lands. He can drive that little, turbo-charged jeep anywhere.”

“I’m glad I put the top up.” He looked at the overcast sky as he said, “It looks like it might rain again.” He entered his blue, midsized convertible. He began the drove back to his home in Wyluxx City.

Meanwhile: Inside

Maxx was busy planning for his quick trip to the wet lands. He put several items into a duffel bag. He thought, “That’s all I need.” He grabbed his bag and keys and headed toward the door. He stopped. “I almost forgot.”

He walked to his living room and stood in front of his friend—the Melá-Jutis stick. He said, “I’m driving to the wet lands to fight Mustler and his gang. I hope Sesla knows what I’m doing. I’ll need her magic.”

He stood briefly and stared at the swamp stick. “Sesla knows,” the girls voice said, “Her enchantments will be with you. There are many Joqzonion ships in the desert and the marshlands. Destroy as many as you can. They are attempting to form an army to take over Sesla. Mustler wants to control Sesla while the Joqzonions strip the natural researches of this beautiful planet. You are the only one who has the magical powers to stop them. You must hurry – before it is too late. They are growing in numbers every day.”

Maxx was angry. “I’ll find their saucers and burn them all!” he declared strongly to the Melá-Jutis stick. He hurried toward the door. “There’s no time to waste,” he said with authority. While carrying his bag and keys he opened his custom door and exited his home.

After quickly locking the front door, he hurried across his porch and down the steps. While thinking about the Joqzonion flying saucers, he rushed to his convertible and tossed his bag into the passenger seat.

He grabbed the arm of the trailer and lifted it. He easily pulled the trailer with Phoenix several feet to the hitch on his red convertible. As he imagined more Joqzonions flying saucers landing, he closed and locked the connection.

“I need my gas can,” he said. Maxx hurried into his small garage and grabbed the can. He shook it. “It’s not very full. I had better take a syphon hose. I can draw gas out of my car if necessary.”

He exited his small, garage while carrying the gas can and hose. He hurried to his trunk. After unlocking it, he placed the can and hose inside. “Now I’m ready,” he said as he closed the trunk.

He hurried to the driver’s door. He opening it and jumped inside. “I’m glad I put the top up. That rain would have damaged my leather seats,” he thought.

He started the motor. He declared, “I am The Melá-Jutis. I’m going to stop Mustler and his gang.” While pulling The Phoenix, he drove out of his driveway. He turned onto Lypont Drive.

“Mustler and his gang are in for a big surprise. Wait until they see their ships burning. I’ll bet they’re going to be mad,” he said. He laughed as he drove through his Bedsult neighborhood.

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