The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 8

“It’s time to listen to the radio,” Maxx thought as he drove the Kinkorx streets. “There might be a breaking news story from the wet lands.” He turned on his convertible radio.

Instantly the rock music blared. He bobbed his head and tapped his hand on the side of his red convertible to the beat of the Rock music. He said as he drove and Jammed,Kinkorx Rocks Radio is awesome!” He continued to drive along the streets of Kinkorx as he listened to the Rock music while pulling the Phoenix on its trailer.

His flowing blond hair blew in the warm, humid desert wind through the open window. “This overcast sky is depressing. The air is damp. It looks like it might rain—soon. I would rather have sunshine.”

As he continued to drive through Kinkorx with the top up he said, “There’s the desert highway.” He began to slow. He merged onto the desert highway toward Guytic City.

He drove into the outer limits of Kinkorx on the desert highway as it began to rain again. “It looks like another rain storm. I’ll be glad when I drive away from these thick clouds. I want to put the top down,” he said over the music. He turned on his wipers as the rain intensified.

As he continued along the desert highway out of Kinkorx, the rain continued to cascade down. As it rained, the aromatic smells of the blooming desert flowers grew stronger. As he drove, the picturesque desert began to appear. He said, “There’s nothing like the beauty of the Seslean desert during a rain storm.” He took several deep breaths. “The fresh desert rain smells delightful. As soon as I finish the painting of the cave where Art was held captive, I’m going to start another desert landscape painting. I’ll paint the scenery I see on this trip. I’ll add the rain to the painting.”

He drove into the open desert toward Guytic City as the rain began to subside. Sesla’s sun began to shine down. He smiled as he said, “How nice; Sesla’s sun is finally shining. I knew I would drive out of those rain clouds before long.”

As Maxx drove farther into the desert, Sesla’s brilliant sun began to warm his convertible. “It looks like the rain is over. I should stop and put the top down,” he said as the music continued.

He slowed and pulled over to the side of the sandy highway. Using his automatic lift, he lowered the top. “That’s better!” he said happily. He speeded and entered the lane as he continued to listen to the Rock music.

The hours past as he drove along the desert highway. As he drove, be was enthralled in the beauty of Sesla’s vast desert. The multi-colored sand and the multitude of blooming flowers and bushes were spectacular to view. He was engulfed by the majesty and splendor of the ancient stone formations. The variety of minerals in the stones made them colorful and beautiful. The colored layers were spectacular. The aromatic smells of the hosts of desert flowers was intoxicating as he drove.

By late afternoon, he approached the border of Xcuymir Territory and Inglot Territory. His eyes grew large when he saw red scorpions on the highway – Again. “This is where the red scorpions were before. The cave where Art was held captive is just ahead. The scorpions live in that cave. I may be in luck. Mustler and his gang might be hiding there again,” he thought.

As his heart raced in his fit chest with eager anticipation, he slowed and pulled over on the desert highway. He opened his convertible door and looked down at the road. “Red scorpions!” he said. Maxx looked into the desert. “More scorpions! They could be coming from that cave – or somewhere else in that direction. Way, either the fleeing scorpions could be a sign the Gang of Five or Joqzonions, or both, are hiding in the desert somewhere close by. It’s time to uncover the Phoenix.”

He quickly exited his car and began to untie and uncover his turbo-charged, camo, jeep. “I might need my gas can and a lighter,” he said. Maxx opened the trunk and grabbed the gas can—then closed it. He walked and grabbed his lighter out of his duffel bag in the passenger’s seat. He put them in the Phoenix.

He said, “It’s time for my suit.” He started removing his casual, oversized clothing. He tossed his shirt in the back seat of his red convertible. He said loudly, “Melá-Jutis!” Instantly his magical Melá-Jutis suit appeared under his clothing. His green and dark grey, waterproof, super-hero suit with attached green cape and white gloved was stuffed under his remaining clothing. He quickly removed the final clothing and tossed them into the back seat of his convertible.

With blazing speed, he jumped into the Phoenix. He started the super-charged motor. “Rrrrmmm…Rrrrmmm…Rrrmmm.” He drove the small, powerful, 4X4, camouflaged jeep off the camouflaged trailer. When the rear tires hit the sand, he gunned the motor. Sand flew as he turned the steering wheel toward the desert.

The Phoenix spun sand as he drove away from the highway toward the first stone formation. Red scorpions and colorful sand were being thrown in the air beside and behind the Phoenix as he drove at a high speed into the scorpion flow.

He began to slow as he approached the first ancient stones. He paused to feel for vibrations. “I don’t feel anything except these scorpions. Wait! I feel something else,” he thought. Maxx looked in the direction of the vibrations. There was a desert hawk flapping its wings in the breeze. “The vibrations I’m felling are coming from that hawk.”

“There’s no one hiding in there,” he said. “Rrrrmmm!...Rrmmm…Rrrmmm.” He gunned the large turbo-charged motor and spun multi-colored sand and red scorpions as he drove away from the large, ancient stones.

“The scorpions are coming from over that bluff,” Maxx thought. He turned the wheels toward the long, high area and hit the gas. “Rrrr…” The motor hummed as he threw sand and drove toward the scorpions and the distant hill.

He drove across the colorful sand. The hawk was circling in the distance. Maxx thought, “That hawk reminds me of Russell Talon, the enchanted hawk from Melá-Jutis. I never found out what happened to him. It was too easy to outsmart that egotistical, enchanted hawk.”

He drove closer to the large sand hill. “The scorpions are coming from beyond that hill.” He drove into a mass of scorpions. The insects flew as they were caught in the tires.

As Maxx drove over the sand hill, he gunned the motor. He went airborne. He flew several feet into the air before the bouncy landing. Sand and scorpions flew into the air as he spun the tires and drove farther into the desert. “I’ll keep following the stream of scorpions. Something’s causing them to leave their home,” he said.

As his green cape fluttered in the warm desert wind, he gunned the motor. Sand flew into the air. He continued to drive deeper into the desert. “There’s another group of stones,” he said. Maxx drove toward the stones as the herd of scorpions continued to crawl toward him. Sand and scorpions flew as he speeded toward the next group of large rocks.

As he drove closer to the giant stones, he paused to feel for vibrations. He was confused at what he felt. He thought, “I feel vibrations. The pulsations are too big to be inside the cave. There must be something very large beyond those stones.” He raced the motor and drove around the large, ancient stones. As he drove past, he looked back to see if there were tracks around the entrance of the small cave. “No tracks. My senses are right on,” he bragged.

He continued driving along the colorful sand into the stream of scorpions. “There’s another large bluff,” Maxx said. He listened for vibrations. “I feel something very big ahead.” He raced the motor and drove over the sand hill. He went airborne as the sand and scorpions flew into the air. He landed with a bounce. “That was fun!” he said loudly as he saw a very large group of big stones. He slowed to a stop. He felt for vibrations. He said, “There’s someone in that cave. I feel something very big on the other side. Scorpions are coming out. It must be huge.”

He drove slow and quiet toward the large cave. He whispered, “This is close enough. I’ll check it out on foot.” He turned off the Phoenix and jumped out. He began walking around the large, mineral colored rocks. “There are a lot of scorpions coming out of the entrance,” Maxx thought. He stepped on numerous red scorpions as he quickly hurried toward the opening.

When he walked around to the front side of the ancient, colored stones, he was shocked at what he saw. “Joqzonion space ships – six of them,” he whispered. “My Melá-Jutis stick said the Joqs were in the desert as well as the wet lands. She was right. There must be Joqs inside.”

He quietly walked to the entrance of the colorful cave and peeked inside. “Joqs – lots of them,” he whispered. “I can see four. I can hear more. I can feel vibrations coming from deep within the cave. It’s time to eliminate this group. Then, I’ll burn their ships.”

With blazing speed, Maxx Zeqster flew into the cave. “It’s The Melá-Jutis! Kill him!” yelled a Joqzonion. The gang of invaders attacked Maxx from all sides. The long armed aliens jumped at him. They hit him with their long, stick-like arms and kicked with their stick legs. As the Joqzonions attacked Maxx, with super-speed, he grabbed an attacker and threw them against the wall. “Aahhh!” screamed a Joqzonion as they hit the stonewalls. Their brittle bones cracked from impact.

With super-speed, Maxx hit and kicked on all sides. “Uhhh!” The Joqzonions groaned from pain as Maxx delivered deadly punches with his powerful fists. He punched another. The Joqs jaw broke from the incredible force of his fist. Blood flew from its mouth. Another grabbed Maxx. Maxx broke his shoulder as he threw him into the wall. “Uuhhh!” moaned the Joq.

As the fight continued, Joqzonion blood splattered on the walls of the cave. Dead Joqs lay on the cave floor. More Joqs came running from deeper in the cave. As they attacked, Maxx delivered crushing, deathblows with his powerful fists and feet.

Several Joqs lay on the cave floor with dismembered, bloody arms due to Maxx ripping them off when he threw them against the cave walls. Several had cracked and bloody skulls from the impact. Others had numerous broken bones with bones extruding from their stick-like appendages. Joq blood was everywhere as Maxx continued with the battle. “Aahh!” screamed a Joq as Maxx delivered another deathblow to the head. “Uhhh!” yelled another as Maxx threw then against the cave wall with such force, their bones shattered on impact. “Crack!”

As the last Joq fell dead on the cave floor, Maxx readied himself for another attack. His cape fluttered as he spun around while looking for more Joqs. “Is that all?” he asked loudly. “Anyone else?”

After several seconds, “That was it!” he said with surprise. He looked around the scorpion-infested cave. There were dead, bloody Joqs everywhere. Several of them were blood covered with severed arms. Others were blood covered with crushed skulls. Still others had massive fractures with internal bleeding. Scorpions were beginning to crawl on the bloody, stick-like bodies.

Maxx said boldly, “These Joqs won’t take over Sesla!” He paused briefly. “I should look farther into this cave. I need to make sure there are no more Joqs.” He walked deeper into the dark, scorpion-infested cave.

He investigated cavern after cavern. “This is a big cave,” he said as he walked in the darkness—while guided by vibrations.

He continued to search through the many dark, scorpion-infested tunnels.

Finally he thought, “There’s no more Joqs – just scorpions.” While being guided by vibrations, Maxx hurried toward the entrance. As he hurriedly walked, he stepped on several scorpions. As he approached the entrance, he saw bright sun light.

He paused to look at the bloody, dead Joqs. He said as he gazed at the gruesome sight, “This group of aliens definitely won’t take over Sesla. They’re going to be scorpion food.” He squished several scorpions as he hurried out the front. “I need to burn those space ships,” he thought.

He hurried toward the Phoenix. As he walked along the multi-colored sand, he noticed the scorpions were crawling back to the cave. He thought, “It looks like they’re going home. They didn’t like their home being invaded by Joqs. Maybe they’ll like Joqs better as food.”

He grabbed the gas can and lighter out of the Phoenix. “It’s time to burn some ships,” he said. He hurried across the sand toward the Joqzonion ships.

When he reached the first one, he walked inside the ship. He thought as he looked around, “These space ships are so small. It’s hard to imagine those Joqs living in these while traveling through space.”

He stared briefly in disbelief. “It’s time to burn these ships,” he declared. Maxx poured gas throughout the inside. He exited the space saucer. “Now for the torch.” He lit a stick and tossed it inside.

The interior of the Joqzonion flying saucer ignited immediately. The flames grew quickly. Soon, as Maxx watched, the flame engulfed the interior of the ship.

“Let’s make the rest of these space ships – Burn!” He walked inside the next ship. He sprinkled gas around the interior and exited the ship. “Let’s make this one burn,” he said with sarcasm. He lit a stick and tossed it in. The second ship burst into flames as he watched.

As Maxx watched, the first spacecraft exploded. A large mushroom cloud rose into the sky. The space ship continued to burn as the smoke billowed. “That was a big explosion and a lot of smoke,” he said gleefully.

He entered the third ship and sprinkled gas around. He hurried out and found a stick. He lit it and tossed it inside. The third ship interior burst into flames. “Nice work,” he bragged. “I need to be careful. Other ships could explode.”

Maxx hurried into the fourth ship. He sprinkled the gas and exited. He picked up another stick and lit it on fire. “Here goes,” he said. Maxx tossed the burning stick into the saucer. It too burst into flames. “Two to go,” he declared.

He hurried into number five. He sprinkled gas around. He exited that space ship and lit a stick. “Number five burns!” he said proudly. He tossed it into the ship. It burst into flames. “One to go,” he declared as he grinned.

As he paused to watch, two more ships exploded. The mushroom clouds rolled high into the sky. The fires were immense. “Their plasma weapons systems are no doubt causing the explosions. The weapons systems are probably very unstable,” he thought as he watched with amazement.

He hurried into the last flying saucer and sprinkled gas all around. He exited the ship and lit another stick. “Last one!” he said proudly. He tossed the flame into the last flying saucer. It burst into flames like the rest.

Maxx stood briefly and admired his work. The flames and smoke from the burning ships was reaching high into the sky. “The flames and smoke are visible for miles. Those Joqs and their space ships won’t be used to take over Sesla,” he said.

Maxx smiled at his work. He said, “It’s time to get back to my car. I need to drive farther into the wet lands and find more Joqs – and their ships. I hope I can find Mustler and the Gang of Five. I’d love to put an end to their killing as well.”

As Maxx hurried along the colorful sand back to the Phoenix, another ship exploded. The explosion was loud. He chuckled as he said, “There goes another one.” The cloud rolled high into the sky as he watched briefly.

When he reached the Phoenix, he put the gas can in the back and jumped in. “Rrrmmm…Rrrmm…Rrrmmm.” He started the turbo-charged motor. Sand flew as he spun the all-terrain tires while starting the drive back to his car.

He drove across the sand hills and around numerous colorful stone shapes. He continued for miles across the picturesque desert. “The scorpions are moving back to their cave – amazing!” he said as he drove. “They probably like Joq flesh.”

Maxx continued to drive speedily across the multi-colored sand toward his car. He drove around numerous large stones that stood high above the sand as he drove at excessive speed. Sand and scorpions continued to fly in the air as his tires spun and twisted.

Soon, he approached his car and trailer. He drove to the rear and gunned the motor once again. He zoomed onto the camouflaged trailer. He sat in his camo, turbo- charged jeep, on the trailer and gazed at the cloud of smoke that was rising in the evening sky. He grinned. “That’s a lot of smoke,” he said giddily.

As he sat in the Phoenix, while on the trailer, watching the column of smoke rising in the evening sky, four Joqzonion space ships flew low over him. “What! Where did they come from?” he said loudly with shock.

They were speeding across the sky. They circled the pillar of smoke and flew over him back into the desert on the other side of the highway. As he watches, the space saucers dropped altitude and landed in the distant desert.

“It looks like I have more work to do.” He backed the Phoenix off the trailer. “Rrrmmm!...Rrmmm!...Rrrmm!” He raced the turbo motor and drove the Phoenix onto the highway. Numerous scorpions squished under the tires as he crossed the sandy desert road.

As Sesla’s sun was sitting in the evening sky, he headed toward the area where the four Joq ships landed. He gunned the motor and drove across the multi-colored sand. He drove farther away from the highway. He slung sand as he turned and drove around several large, colorful stones as he speeded toward the area where the ships landed.

As he drove, he didn’t see any scorpions. “The scorpions didn’t go this far,” he thought. Maxx continued over a large sand hill. As he speeded over the bluff, he became airborne again. He landed with a bounce and sand flew into the air. “Yah…ho!” he yelled.

He saw a large group of stones. He thought, “There could be a cave in that formation.” He slowed and stopped. He felt for vibrations. He said, “I can feel Joqs. There’s probably a cave. They’re inside. I can feel something big beyond the rocks. It’s probably their ships. ” He hit the gas and drove closer to the large colorful stones.

When he was close, he turned off the Phoenix and jumped out. He quickly walked around the large stones. When he reached the other side, he saw the cave entrance and the nearby flying saucers. “Wow!” he whispered. “There are seven Joq space ships. The Joqs are in that cave.”

He quietly walked to the entrance and looked inside. He thought, “I see two of them. There’s probably a lot deeper in the cave. I’m going to make sure these Joqs and their ships are not involved in a Seslean takeover.”

With blazing speed, he burst into the cave and attacked the two Joqs. “It’s the Melá-Jutis! Kill him!” yelled a Joqzonion. The two Joqs stood and attacked Maxx. With super-speed and great strength, he delivered crushing blows with his huge, powerful fists. He hit one Joq with his right fist and the other with his left. “Uuhh!” “Aahh!” The two Joqzonions received crippling blows that sent them flying into the wall. “Crack!” With broken jaws and cracked bones from the impact, they fell to the cave floor.

As Maxx watched shortly, several more Joqs ran toward him from deep within the cave. As he saw the aliens, he leaped toward them and delivered crushing blows with his mighty fists. “Uuhhh!” groaned a Joq as he fell to the floor.

Maxx grabbed another. With his incredible strength, he slung the Joq into the wall. As Maxx hurled the fragile alien, his arm severed from his stick-like body. Blood flew everywhere. The sound of cracking bones was loud when he hit the stonewall of the cave.

Another jumped on Maxx’s back. He grabbed the Joq and flipped him over – breaking his shoulder. He threw the Joq into several others who were fast approaching. “Ahhh!” yelled the aliens when their friend flew through the air and collided with them – knocking them into the wall.

The Joqs quickly recovered and attacked Maxx. With super-speed and tremendous strength, he began kicking, hitting, and throwing the aliens into the walls. “Aahhh!” yelled a Joq as Maxx threw him against the wall – cracking its fragile skull. Blood flowed from the Joq’s skull as he fell to the cave floor dead.

With a mighty blow, he delivered a killing punch to the head of another alien. Blood flew from the Joq’s broken nose and jaw as he fell to the ground dead.

He kicked another into the wall. The alien bounced off the wall and hurried toward him again. Maxx delivered a punch to the jaw of the Joq that broke the jawbone and knocked the alien into unconsciousness. As the invader fell to the ground, blood streamed out of his broken mouth.

Maxx looked up as two more Joqs fast approached. “Kill him!” yelled a Joq. Maxx grabbed the first to arrive and threw him into the wall. “Crack!” His bones shattered from the force when he hit the hard, stonewall. He fell to the floor dead.

The other alien jumped on Maxx. Maxx spun around and rammed the alien’s head into the wall. The sound the Joq’s head made when it cracked on impact was sickening. Blood oozed from his head as Maxx tossed him onto the ground.

Maxx quickly looked around for more Joqs. “I think that was all of them,” he said. He looked at the dead aliens that lay on the cave floor. Many were still oozing blood. “These Joqs won’t take over Sesla. Now to burn their ships!” he said angrily.

He started walking toward the cave entrance. He felt strong vibrations from behind. With super-speed, he whirled around with his cape flapping and met his attackers head on. He kicked one Joq then he grabbed the others arm. As he whipped the Joq into the wall, the alien’s arm severed. Blood flew everywhere. Bones cracked when the Joq hit the wall. The bloody alien fell to the cave floor.

The second alien attacked again. With another mighty kick, he sent the invader face first into the hard, solid, rock wall. The Joq hit the wall and bounced back toward Maxx. He stepped forward and delivered a crushing blow with his mighty fist that cracked the alien’s skull. The Joq flew into the cave wall and collapsed onto the floor. Blood rushed out of the alien’s mouth and nose.

Maxx looked into the cave for more attackers. He paused briefly for a last second attacker. When there wasn’t another Joq he said, “Maybe that’s all.” He walked toward the cave entrance and exited.

“I have more space ships to burn,” he said. He began walking back to the Phoenix.

When he reached his turbo-charged jeep, he grabbed the gas can and lighter. “Let’s burn some saucers,” he said. He hurried toward the seven space ships.

He walked across the multi-colored sand and around the cave entrance toward the first space ship. “These Joqs always leave their doors open for me. Someday I’ll have to thank them,” he said as he smiled.

He walked inside the first ship and sprinkled gas around. “That’ll do,” he said. He walked back outside and picked up a stick. Using his lighter, he lit the stick on fire. He tossed it into the ship. Immediately the interior of the space ship became ablaze.

He paused briefly to admire his work. “That fire can be seen for a long ways now that it’s getting dark. That’s one. Six more to go.”

“I need to be careful. These ships could explode,” he said as he walked toward the second saucer. He walked inside and sprinkled gas all around. “That’s enough. I’m running low on gas.” He exited the ship and found another stick. After lighting it on fire, he threw it inside the ship. That space ship’s interior immediately burst into flames. “That’s two. Five more to go,” Maxx declared.

The second space ship exploded as he walked toward the next ship. He jerked from the loud explosion. “There goes one,” he said as he watched the mushroom cloud rolling into the darkening sky.

He walked inside the next and splashed gas around. He exited that space ship and looked for a stick. “There’s one,” he said. He picked up the stick and lit it on fire. He tossed it into the third flying saucer. The ship burst into flames like the first two. He said, “I need to be careful. Any of these ships could explode. Three down. Four to go.”

Maxx hurried across the multi-colored sand toward the next space ship. He hurried inside and splattered gas around the interior – then exited the ship. He picked up a stick and lit it on fire. As he tossed it inside the flying saucer, flames ignited. “That takes care of four of them,” he said.

He hurried to the next flying saucer. As he approached and entered the ship, two Joqs rushed out of the cave and ran into the last two undamaged space ships. As Maxx splattered gas inside the ship, the Joqs quickly started their spacecrafts and took off. They were immediately airborne.

Maxx walked out of the ship and found a stick. He lit the stick and tossed it inside. The space ships interior ignited. Flames flew out the door. As he watched briefly, he felt powerful vibrations from behind him.

He whirled around as the two Joqs while flying their ships began shooting at him. “What! Where did they come from?” he said loudly. He quickly looked for the two remaining saucers. As the blue and grey ships fired their red plasma energy bullets at him, he saw the places in the sand were the two saucers had been.

The two Joqs closed in on him while firing their plasma guns. The energy bullets were burning holes in the colorful sand as they came closer to Maxx. With super-speed, he started running across the sand toward the Phoenix as another ship exploded. The mushroom cloud of smoke and fire was bigger and rapidly raised high into the darkening sky.

As Maxx reached the Phoenix, he tossed the almost empty gas can into the back and jumped in. “There they come! I’ve got to move!” he shouted. He started the turbo-charged motor and turned on the headlights. He spun sand as he speeded away.

As he drove fast, the two Joq ships quickly closed in. “I can’t out run them in the Phoenix. I’m going to get shot!” he said in a panic.

The Joqs shined their lights and began firing their red plasma energy bullets at him as he drove back and forth across the sand. They shot in a line as they flew past. The plasma bullets made deep, burn holes in the sand where they hit.

The space ships began circling for another run at The Melá-Jutis as Maxx frantically tried to escape. “I need to hide the Phoenix! I can fight these saucers better on foot,” he said loudly.

As he speedily drove, he frantically searched for a bluff or stone formation to hide his turbo- jeep. He went airborne as he drove over another large sand hill. He landed with a bounce as sand flew.

The Joq space ships were closing in for another pass. They fired at the small jeep and Melá-Jutis as they flew past. “It’s a good thing they’re lousy shots!” he said loudly as he drove with his headlights on toward a group of large stones.

The Joqs were circling for another attack. Their bright colorful running lights made it easy to see them in the darkening sky. They looked like colorful streaks in the night sky.

“I need to hide the Phoenix!” he said with panic. He drove around a group of large stones as the space ships shinned their front lights on him and began firing.

He turned the steering wheel and drove away from the line of plasma bullets as the saucers flew speedily by just over his head. “They’re flying low. That gives me an idea.” He grinned and wiggled his lips as he drove speedily to the other side of the stones. “There’s a small ledge! It’ll have to do,” he said.

As the Joqzonions circled, Maxx drove the Phoenix under the stone ledge. He turned off the lights and motor—and quickly jumped out. With blazing speed, he ran into the dark desert away from the Phoenix.

He continued to run away from his turbo-charged jeep. As he ran, he looked back over his shoulder to see if the Joqs were chasing him and not attacking the Phoenix. Their lights and lines of bright plasma bullets were almost upon him. “Oh no!” he said loudly.

Maxx changed directions to avoided being hit by their bullets. The space ships passed just over his head as they flew by. “That was too close. They’re flying really low. Lucky for me – they didn’t see the Phoenix,” he said as he ran.

He continued to run in the open, dark desert as the Joqs circled for another pass. They completed the circle and flew low toward Maxx as he ran with super-speed across the multi-colored, darkening sand. They began firing the bright plasma bullets as they approached.

Maxx continued to run back and forth across the sand at super-speed as the plasma bullets sprayed all around him. The flying saucers were flying just over his head as they approached while firing. “I have an idea. It’s crazy but it might work,” he said as he ran.

When the Joqzonion ships were almost over him, with Sesla given strength, Maxx leaped into the air and grabbed the front of one of the low flying space ships. He hung from the front of the ship as it struggled to maintain altitude.

Using all of his enchanted strength, with his Melá-Jutis cape flapping in the warm desert wind, he pulled down on the nose of the flying saucer. The Joqzonion space ship flew rapidly on a collision course with the ground.

As the ship sailed toward the ground, Maxx held on.

When the space ship was only seconds away from crashing, Maxx pulled down hard on the nose again and released his grip. He fell to the desert sand. The soft sand cushioned his landing.

In seconds, the Joqzonion ship crash-landed in the sand. The front of the flying saucer was instantly crushed as the ship plunged deep in the sand. The other Joq pilot circled in his ship.

“I have to move!” said Maxx. He rolled, jumped to his feet, and began running.

Only seconds later, the crashed Joqzonion space ship exploded and burst into flames. The other ship completed the circle and pursued The Melá-Jutis. Maxx ran at super-speed away from the crash as the Joq open fired. He ran back and forth to avoid the plasma bullets.

The Joq flew very low over Maxx while firing its plasma guns at him. Maxx twisted and turned back and forth to avoid being hit.

The saucer zoomed over him and began another turn.

As he ran, he said, “That pilot was flying really low – just like the other one. Maybe my crazy plan will work twice.” He continued to run across the dark sand as the Joq began another attack. The pilot began firing his plasma guns at Maxx as he speeded across the sand—in the darkness.

Maxx dodged back and forth as he ran to avoid being shot. The plasma bullets were hitting the sand around him. There were burn holes in the sand from the bullets as he continued to run back and forth at super-speed.

The pilot continued to shoot as he flew low toward Maxx while accelerating.

Maxx was running and dodging right and left as the space ship zoomed toward him while firing its guns. The energy bullets were hitting all around him. He said, “The pilot’s flying low. Now’s my chance!”

The saucer was closing fast. The plasma bullets were hitting the desert floor all around Maxx. As he ran he said, “The saucer is higher this time. I don’t know if I can jump that high. I better try before I’m shot!” He dodged back and forth to avoid being hit by the bullets.

The Joq pilot was almost over him and shooting. With all his Sesla enchanted strength, he leaped into the air. He stretched his right hand up and caught the edge of the spacecraft with his fingertips. “Oohhh!” he moaned loudly as he fought for a better grip.

The pilot felt the extra weight on the ship. He tried to climb and turn in an effort to knock The Melá-Jutis lose. Maxx swung his other arm up and secured his grip. He hung on with both hands as the pilot continued to climb and turn.

Maxx’s green Melá-Jutis suit cape was flapping in the warm desert wind as he continued to hang on to the front edge of the speedy flying saucer. He looked down at the ground. “I’m way up in the air. I’ve got to bring this saucer down,” he said desperation. With all his enchanted strength, he pulled down on the front of the ship. The ship started speeding toward the ground.

After several seconds, as Maxx hung on the craft, the pilot pulled the ship up. The aircraft began to gain altitude. “I’ve got to bring this ship down!” he said as his desperation changed to anger.

With a mighty pull, using all of his enchanted strength, he tugged down on the nose of the craft. The saucer began flying toward the ground. As the pilot tried to raise the nose, Maxx kept tugging. The space ship speeded recklessly toward the desert sand.

As Maxx continued to tug down on the spacecraft, it flew straight for the sand.

As the craft neared the ground, while traveling at high velocity, Maxx released his grip. He dropped to the sand. The space ship crash landed several feet away and burrowed deep in the sand. Sand flew as the saucer buried itself while crushing the front of the craft.

Maxx sat on the sand in the dark and watched the crash. In only seconds, the craft exploded and burst into flames. A fire and smoke mushroom cloud rose quickly into the night sky. He shielded his face with his enormous hands as he sighed deeply with relief. “I hope I don’t have to do that again. I’m just glad my crazy idea worked,” he said as he watched the flames.

He watched the burning ship briefly while catching his breath. “I’m a long way from the Phoenix. I better start walking,” he said. Maxx stood and brushed the sand off his green and grey Melá-Jutis suit. He began walking along his tracks in the dark.

As he followed his tracks, under the Sesla moon, he walked across hills and low areas. He walked around several stone formations. He walked past the first space as it continued to blaze in the dark. “The Phoenix is just ahead,” he thought.

He continued to follow the tracks along the dark sand for a while. He said, “I’m lucky there’s a good moon tonight.” Before long as he followed the tracks, under Sesla’s moonlight, he saw the stone formation where he ditched the jeep. He said, “There are the stones where I hid the Phoenix. The rock ledge is on the other side.”

He walked toward the large ancient stones. He followed his tracks around to the other side. “There’s the Phoenix. It’s almost invisible in the dark,” he said. He walked to it, jumped in, and started the motor. “Rrrmmm!...Rrrmm!...Rrrmmm!” He drove the Phoenix into the desert as he followed the tracks. He thought as he drove, “I’ve had enough running and walking through the desert for one night. I hope I don’t have to do that anymore on this trip.”

He drove across hills and valleys. He drove around numerous desert stones. Before long, he could see the flames from the burning space ships. “There are the ships I set on fire,” he said. Maxx continued to drive along the sand in the dark toward the flames.

Maxx was driving slower across the sand as he approached the cave where he fought the Joqs and burned their ships. He paused to look at the burning ships. He thought as he watched the flames, “This group of Joqs isn’t going to take over Sesla and strip mine her precious minerals or her natural researches.” He drove away from the cave and followed the tracks into the night desert toward his car.

As Sesla’s large moon was rising higher in the night sky, he drove the Phoenix swiftly toward the desert highway. He drove around the same large stones and over the same highs and low places as he followed his tracks.

Before long, he saw his red convertible in the distance as the head lights shined on it. “There’s my convertible and trailer,” Maxx said. He drove onto the road and to the rear of the trailer.

As he shined the headlights on his convertible and the trailer, he saw numerous burned spots and holes. There was also a destroyed tire. He immediately flew into a rage. “Those Joqs shot my convertible with their plasma guns. They ruined one of my tires. The Melá-Jutis is going to make them pay!” he said loudly while in a rage.

He paused momentarily as his fury continued. “I’m going to kill as many Joqs as I can find and burn their ships!” he said angrily as he continued to fume. “I can’t go anywhere until I change that tire.” He left the Phoenix running and the headlights on as he jumped out.

As the light from the Phoenix illuminated the area, he opened his trunk and removed the spare tire, jack, and tire wrench. With extreme anger, he lay on the ground and put the jack in position. He raised the jack and raised the rear of his car.

After removing the tire nuts, he pulled off the burned tire and put on the spare. He replaced the lug nuts and lowered the jack. Maxx was still very angry as he stood and put the ruined tire and the tools back into the trunk. He closed the trunk with a “Slam!”

He jumped in the Phoenix and drove it onto the trailer. He said, “A quick job of tying it down will do. I’ve got more work to do before I drive home.” He locked the breaks and jumped out. After a quick job of fastening, he walked to the back seat.

He grabbed his clothes and began putting his casual oversized clothing on over his magical Melá-Jutis suit. He said loudly, “Melá-Jutis!” His magical Melá-Jutis suit disappeared leaving him with only his casual clothing as he finished dressing.

As his anger subsided, Maxx climbed into his convertible. He started the motor and radio. He began to drive and listen for a breaking news bulletin about the Gang of Five. “If I’m lucky, when Mustler and his gang strike again, I’ll be close by. I really want to catch them and put an end to their terror,” he said as he drove while still angry.

He continued along the desert highway toward the wet lands as his anger was receding. He thought as he listened to Kinkorx Rocks Radio, “This rock music has static but it’s calming my anger. I should be close enough to the wet lands to pick up Radio Wet Lands.” As he drove, he changed the radio station. The wet lands rock station came in loud and clear.

Maxx continued to drive toward Guytic City as Sesla’s moon was shining brightly in the night sky. “So far there hasn’t been a single breaking news bulletin. If there isn’t one soon, I’ll take the Welzech Road Exit. I’ll drive toward Qashlet lab. The last time I was here, I found the Joq space ships in the marshlands near there,” he thought as he drove.

He continued to drive toward the Welzech Road exit while listening to “Radio Wet Lands – Classic Rock of the Wet Lands.” The desert terrain was disappearing in the moonlight and wet lands were slowly forming. The air temperature was becoming cooler as he drove.

Suddenly four Joqzonion space ships flew fast and low over him. Their running lights looked like colorful streaks of yellow and red light in the sky just above him. “What was that?” he asked loudly as they zoomed past in the dark sky. “Joq ships! Four of them,” he said angrily.

As he watched the streams of light, the space ships flew into the wet lands and out of his sight. “There are at least four more Joqzonion ships in the wet lands. My Melá-Jutis instincts tell me there’s a lot more than four,” he thought as he listened to the rock music and drove further into the wet lands.

After several miles, suddenly three more Joq ships flew low over him. They looked like colorful shooting stars just over his car. “More Joqs!” he said angrily. He watched as those ships seemed to fly into the same place in the wet lands before disappearing. “It looks like a group of Joqs are hiding just ahead. I’ll take the next exit and find them.”

He continued along the desert highway into the wet lands. After several minutes, “There’s an exit,” he thought. He slowed and exited the highway into the rural marshlands.

Maxx drove along the muddy, rough, unpaved road and looked for any sign of space ships. “So much for the good roads,” he said angrily as he drove.

He continued to drive slowly on the bumpy, muddy road for several miles into the dark swampland. He looked for lights in the marshland as he drove. In the distance, he saw another set of lights flying into the area. As he watched, it flew low over the swamp and landed. Instantly the lights on that flying saucer went out. “There’s a group of Joqs hiding over there in the swamp – at least eight. It’s time for The Melá-Jutis to go to work again!” he said angrily.

Maxx slowed and pulled over to the side of the muddy road. He quickly exited his plasma energy bullet damaged convertible. “I hope my car doesn’t get shot again,” he thought.

Under the light of the Sesla moon, he unhooked the Phoenix. He thought, “I need to fill my gas can.” He opened the trunk and grabbed the syphon hose. He removed the gas cap and stuck the hose deep into the tank. “Now I need the gas can.” He walked to the back of the Phoenix and grabbed it. He walked to the hose and inserted the end into his gas can. “A few squeezes and gas should flow. I hope it works. I’ve never syphoned anything in my life,” he said as he began the process. As gas flowed out of his tank and into the gas can, he said, “What do you know? It works.” He continued the syphon until the gas can was full.

He placed the gas can back into the Phoenix. “Oh, I almost forgot. I need my suit and the lighter,” he thought. He put the hose back into his trunk and quietly closed it. “I don’t want to alert the Joqs of my presence.” He quickly replaced the gas cap.

“Now it’s time for my super-hero suit – as Art calls it,” he said softly. He began removing his oversized casual clothing again and tossing the items into the back seat. He said softly, “Melá-Jutis.” Instantly his magical Melá-Jutis suit appeared on his muscular body. He continued to remove the remaining clothing and toss them into the rear seat.

“I need my lighter,” he thought. He grabbed the lighter and tossed it next to the gas can. Due to the light from Sesla’s moon, he could see the holes and burn marks on his red convertible from the Joqzonion plasma bullets. He instantly flew into a rage again. “I’ll make certain this group of Joqs doesn’t strip mine Sesla!” he said angrily. He jumped into the Phoenix and started the motor. Maxx quietly backed his turbo-charged jeep off the trailer.

After turning on the headlights, he drove off the muddy, secondary road into the dark, bug and lizard infested marshland. “I hope the Joqs don’t see my car and shoot it,” he said as he drove into the forest. He drove the Phoenix into the swampy, woodsy area. “At least the ground is somewhat firm. The real wet lands are farther down the road.”

He continued to navigate through the thick underbrush and somewhat swampy terrain. “The saucer I saw landed about a mile straight ahead,” he said. Maxx drove around fallen trees and over small streams as he continued on his quest. “I’m glad this jeep has four wheel drive and a big motor. I’d never be able to drive through terrain like this without it.”

He continued to drive the Phoenix over creeks and small rock beds as Sesla moon provided some light. He looked up and saw another space ship flying slow over the woods. He quickly turned off the headlights and stopped. “Where are you going?” he asked as he watched the Joqzonion saucer buzz around just above the tree tops.

As Maxx sat quietly and watched, the saucer flew into the trees ahead of him. He thought, “I’m on the right course. There’s a group of them somewhere ahead.” He turned the lights on and started driving along the rocky creek bed, as Sesla’s moon was still high in the spectacular red, yellow, and dark blue night sky.

He found a dry stream, layered with stones. He drives on it like a road. “These rocks are making it easier to drive through this rough terrain. I hope this bed continues for a while,” he said as he drove.

Before long, the rocky stream ended. Rolling ground with trees and low bushes replaced the smooth natural rocks. He drove back and forth across the fallen trees and large brush as he continued toward the area where the saucer landed.

Before long, as he drove up small hills and into small wooded canyons, he saw two Joqzonion ships approaching. He turned off the headlights again and sat quietly as the space ships continued on their path. As he invisibly watched in the darkness, the two ships flew just ahead and landed. “I’m getting close,” he thought. “I could see those two lands through the trees. I think there are a lot of them just ahead.” He turned on his lights and began driving again.

The underbrush and trees were even thicker and harder to navigate through as he continued. He drove around several fallen trees and over others. He drove across several streams and around large bushes.

Maxx slowly drove the Phoenix closer to the area where he saw the last Joqzonion ships drop below the trees. He thought as he stopped, “They’re just ahead. I want to take them by surprise.” He turned off the lights. “I’ll drive the rest of the way by moonlight.” He began driving even slower as he continued through the thick forest in the darkness.

He drove slowly by moonlight for what seemed an eternity. “They’re just beyond those trees,” he said. He slowly drove across another stream and over several small fallen trees. He drove around several large trees and over numerous small bushes as he drove slowly and cautiously in the dark.

Before long, he approached what looked like a large clearing in the forest. “I better check that out on foot,” he thought. Maxx quietly climbed out of his now filthy, mud-covered jeep. He walked toward the edge of the tree line.

He was shocked at what he saw. He shook his head in disgust as he stood in the shadowy silhouette of the trees. Sesla’s moonlight was camouflaged by the shadowy line of the forest. He stood in the darkness and gazed upon the group of Joqzonion flying saucers that were gathered around a large, natural cave. His anger was increasing as he stood and gazed. He thought, “Who would have imagined there was a large clearing with a cave in the middle of this forest. Maybe the Joqs made the open space themselves. Joqs like living in caves. It’s time for The Melá-Jutis to go to work. I’ll make them pay for shooting my car.” His face was becoming red with fury. “I’ll leave the Phoenix here where it’s safe.”

Under the light of the Sesla moon, with magical speed, he raced on foot toward the invaders. In seconds, he stopped next to a Joqzonion ship. He walked through the open door and inside the very small space saucer. “There’s no one here,” he thought. “They must all be in the cave. That’s what I was hoping for.” He hurried out of the saucer and past several others with open doors, as he approached the cave.

He slowly and silently hurried to the entrance and quickly looked in. He fell back as he thought, “There are two Joqs sitting next to a fire close to the entrance. There must be a lot deeper inside the cave. They’re going to pay for damaging my car!” His rage exploded due to the damage they did to his beautiful red convertible and their desire to take over Sesla.

With blazing speed, he rushed into the cave. “It’s The Melá-Jutis! Let’s kill him!” yelled a Joqzonion. The Joqs stood and began to fight as Maxx attacked.

With blazing speed, he dodged a Joqzonion fist and countered with his own mighty right fist. “Crack!” The punch sent the Joq flying into the dirt and stonewall. The sound of the Joq’s jaw shattering was loud. The Joq fell to the cave floor as blood began to stream from his mouth.

The other Joq jumped on Maxx’s back. He grabbed the alien’s bony, brittle arm and flipped him into the wall. The Joq’s shoulder fractured and his arm ripped from the torso due to Maxx’s great strength. “Uuhhh!” screamed the Joq as he fell to the dirt floor in agony with blood flowing from his severed arm. The Joq lay on the cave floor screaming as his lifeblood quickly drained from his body. “Aaahhh!” he screamed with horror.

Blood was gushing from the first Joq’s mouth as he lay dead on the dirt cave floor next to the fire. The second Joqzonion struggled to stand and fight as the blood from his severed arm splattered on the cave wall and floor. “I’ll kill you!” he screamed as his blood flowed down his body.

With a mighty blow of his large fist, Maxx crushed the Joq’s skull. “Crack!” Blood flew onto the walls as he sent the Joq flying into the cave. The alien flopped onto the dirt floor – dead. Blood was streaming from his detached arm, mouth, and nose from the crushed cranium.

Several Joqs heard the screams and other strange noises. They hurried to offer help to their fellow comrades. “It’s The Melá-Jutis. Kill him!” yelled a Joq as they saw Maxx and attacked together.

“You’ll pay for shooting my car!” Maxx shouted. With super-speed, Maxx hit and kicked. He spun around and delivered crushing blow after crushing blow.

Aahhh!” yelled a Joq as he was sent flying by a powerful punch from The Melá-Jutis. “Uuhhh!” another Joq moaned as Maxx delivered a death punch to the skull. He fell to the cave floor dead. Blood ran from his mouth as he lay on the cave floor motionless.

As a Joqzonion took a swing at Maxx, he grabbed the Joq’s arm and slung him into a group of Joqs that was running toward them. The Joqs tumbled to the cave floor but quickly recovered. They attacked Maxx all at once.

He spun and hit the first Joqzonion with his huge fist. “Crack!” The Joq’s jaw broke as Maxx delivered a death punch. Several Joqs jumped on his back and tried to knock him to the floor. He grabbed one arm after another and flipped them while throwing the Joqs into the cave wall. Their fragile bones cracked and their stick-like arms ripped from Maxx’s strength. Maxx severed numerous arms as he furiously flipped them into the cave walls. Joqzonion blood was everywhere.

The battle continued. Maxx continued to kick, hit, and spin around. He continued to toss numerous Joqs into the wall. Several lost an arm while being flipped and tossed.

Maxx broke numerous jaws and cracked skulls as he delivered blow after blow with his powerful fist. Dead Joqs were everywhere inside the bloody cave. Joq blood was covering the walls and floors of the dirt with stone cave.

With a mighty punch, “Crack!” He sent the last Joqzonion sailing farther into the cave. The sound of the Joq’s skull cracking as Maxx delivered the deathblow was creepy and disgusting.

Maxx paused to see if there were any more attackers. He said, “It’s surprising the fire’s still burning.” He looked at the numerous Joqs lying dead and bloody on the cave floor. Many had dismembered, bloody bodies. Many had broken jaws and cracked craniums. Almost all were gushing blood from the fractures. Joq blood was everywhere. “There were a lot of Joqs hiding in here,” he said surprisingly.

As he gazed at the bloody bodies and cave, he felt strong vibrations from behind him. “What!” he said with alarm. He whirled around as several Joqs rushed him from outside. He met the new attackers head on.

With a mighty leap, he flew into the group of stick-like invaders. Due to the power and weight of his enormous hulking body, he easily knocked the group to the ground. He hurried outside the cave. The aliens quickly recovered and pursued.

The battle continued just outside the cave under the Seslean moonlight. The Joqs attacked Maxx from all sides. With more room to work, he delivered a kick to one Joqzonion. “Uuhhh!” said the Joq as he flew backward into a close flying saucer.

With a mighty chest kick, Maxx sent another flying backward through the air. The Joq landed hard on the ground – unconscious.

Two more Joqzonions attacked Maxx at the same time. He swung around and hit the first Joq with a crushing blow that almost severed his head. The invader fell to the ground dead. The other Joq jumped on his back and tried to strangle him. The alien quickly learned that his bony arms were no match for The Melá-Jutis’ thick, powerful neck.

With minimal effort, Maxx grabbed the invaders arm. He flipped the Joq over his back – severing the thin arm from the torso. “Aahhh!” screamed the Joq as his arm ripped from his thin frame while his blood splattered. Maxx grabbed and threw the bleeding alien into another space ship. “Uuhhhh!” Blood flew all over the spacecraft when the Joq landed hard on it—then fell to the ground.

Maxx looked around to see if there were more invaders. As he quickly scanned, several more space ships flew overhead. They zoomed past flying low in the night sky. They looked like very fast, colorful shooting stars. “Great!” he said. “More Joqs! I’m going to fight them in the trees—where they can’t see me.”

With super-speed, he hurried toward the forest where he left the Phoenix. As he ran under the Sesla moonlight, the Joqs began shooting their plasma energy bullets at him. The lines of energy bullets were burning deep holes in the soft, green forest ground as the Joq pilots pursued him.

In seconds, he reached the darkness of the tree line. The saucers began flying around the treetops as they continued to fire. Tree limbs began to fall as they were hit and severed by the plasma bullets.

He stood under the trees in the darkness next to his jeep as the Joqzonion pilots hovered and fired. He thought, “I need a plan. I don’t know how many Joqs are coming. No doubt they’re communicating with other Joqs with radios of some type. I might have to fight an army of space ships. Then I still need to burn those ships. I need weapons.” He thought briefly while standing in the dark. “The only thing I’ve seen that might work are rocks. There are lots of rocks.”

Maxx jumped into the Phoenix. He started the motor. He thought, “I can’t turn on the lights. I can’t give those pilots an easy target.” Without light, he drove over several fallen trees and numerous bushes as he continued through the dark forest.

Several Joq ships flew back and forth at tree top level. The pilots continued shooting at the ground while he drove toward the nearest stream. Limbs were falling all around as they were severed by the energy bullets.

A pilot detected movement on the ground and directed the wild firing of their plasma guns in Maxx’s direction. The numerous energy bullets hit limbs above him as he drove. The severed limbs fell to the ground around Maxx. Plasma bullets were hitting all around him and burning the ground.

More Joq pilots joined their comrade. The group of pilots fired wildly in Maxx’s direction. He slowly drove toward the closest stream as he covered his head. He said, “They’re going to hit the Phoenix like they shot my convertible. I better hide my jeep and fight them on foot.”

He continued to slowly drive in the dark forest as the Joqs fired above him. “There’s a dark area ahead – probably thick under-brush. Maybe I can hide the Phoenix there,” he said as plasma bullets were hitting the trees above him. Burnt, severed branches were falling on top of him as he drove. “I need to hurry!” he said loudly as he tossed several branches out of the jeep.

After driving through another active stream, he arrived at the dark thicket under the dense trees. He said, “This will work.” He raced the motor and drove the Phoenix into the dark, thick underbrush. As the Joqs continued to fire, he jumped out and ran back toward the stream.

He tossed large sticks into the trees and waved his arms as he ran to get their attention. The Joqzonion pilots detected movement in the dark trees and followed. They continued to fire into the trees above him. Limbs were falling all around as he ran.

He continued to run toward the stream as several Joqzonion ships pursued and shot into the trees above him. Limbs continued to fall close by as he ran through the dark forest.

As he ran, he felt stones under his feet. He said loudly, “It’s the stream! I found it!” Plasma bullets sprayed the trees and limbs continued to fall around him. He grabbed several fist-sized stones and stuffed them into his pockets. “Now I need to climb a tree,” he said frantically.

Maxx ran to the tallest tree that he could see. He said, “This one will have to do. I hope my plan works. It’s just as crazy as the first idea. Here goes!” As the plasma bullets continued to cut limbs from the dense trees. He climbed.

Carefully but fast, Maxx climbed in the darkness to the top of the tall tree as the Joqs fired. “This is crazy,” he said as he hid near the top of the thick tree. He removed a stone from one of his Melá-Jutis suit pockets.

As the ships continued to hover back and forth while firing into the trees, he prepared to throw. With the stone in his hand and his powerful arm cocked – he waited for the right moment.

As a ship maneuvered closer and turned, Maxx could see inside the glass windshield. A small light illuminated the inside of the spacecraft. A Joqzonion was piloting the small spacecraft. The pilot was unaware that Maxx was only a few feet away as he continued to shoot his plasma guns at the ground.

Maxx said, “A little closer…A little closer…Now!” With all his enchanted strength, he threw the fist-sized stone straight toward the unsuspecting Joq that was only a few feet away.

The stone easily shattered the glass window and struck the alien in the face. Blood splattered everywhere in the tiny space ship as the stone imbedded in the Joq’s face – crushing his cranium. Death was instant. Blood flowed. The spacecraft hovered out of control in the night sky briefly and crashed into the trees a distance away.

With astonishment, Maxx watched as the spacecraft burst into flames. As he watched, he crouched next to the tree to avoid being seen. The ship quickly exploded sending a flaming mushroom cloud into the night air.

The numerous other pilots flew to the burning craft. They hovered briefly near the fiery smoke cloud. After only seconds, they returned to the area where their comrade was flying and continued to fire their plasma bullets at the ground.

Maxx smiled. He thought as he watched, “They don’t know I’m here. How lucky for me.” He removed another stone and waited for the next un-award pilot to hover close to him.

The pilots continued to fire their plasma bullets into the trees. Limbs continued to fall. Burn marks were everywhere on the ground.

An unsuspecting pilot hovered close to Maxx as he readied the stone while hiding in the treetop. “Closer…Closer…Spin…Prefect!” he said as he saw the pilot clearly through the glass window. With his magical strength and accuracy, he hurled the stone straight toward the unsuspecting pilot’s face.

Like the first, the fist-sized rock easily sailed through the glass windshield and buried itself in the cranium of the pilot. Blood flew throughout the tiny saucer. The pilot was instantly killed. The flying saucer hovered back and forth out of control as the other pilots watched in bewilderment and shock.

Maxx hugged the tree to hide as he watched. The out of control flying saucer flew straight into several saucers that were on the ground in the clearing. It crash-landed while hitting numerous ships. The spacecrafts immediately exploded and burst into flames. The area was filled with fiery mushroom clouds. Maxx smiled at his good luck. “That’s four ships I don’t have to burn,” he said happily.

The remaining pilots hovered in the night sky shortly and watched the burning ships. Then they flew back to the area where the pilot lost control. They began firing rapidly and wildly into the trees and the ground. They flew quickly back and forth as they repeatedly fired their plasma guns. Trees and limbs were falling as they wildly fired.

Maxx watched from his hiding place in the treetop. “I’ve got two stones left. I need to make them both count,” he said as he readied the next stone. He scrunched down in the branches and waited.

The pilots continued to hover back and forth quickly. They fired rapidly and recklessly into the dark forest beneath. Tree limbs continued to fall after being severed by the plasma bullets. Large trees where cut in half by the energy bullets. They crashed to the ground while Maxx watched and hid.

While flying haphazardly, a pilot flew his craft very close to Maxx. He could almost touch the craft. “This will be an easy throw,” he said as he aimed. He stood and prepared to throw. “Spin around. I need a clear shot!” His hulking arm was ready to deliver the death stone.

The pilot twisted the saucer as he hovered only feet away from Maxx while firing repeatedly at the ground. The pilot spun the saucer toward Maxx. “A little more…A little more…Now!” Maxx said.

Due to the running lights, the pilot saw Maxx as he was throwing the stone. He pulled up fast. The stone bounced off the hull of the craft. The pilot began firing at Maxx. Immediately the other pilots flew toward Maxx and opened fired.

“Aaahhh!” Maxx yelled. With a mighty leap, he jumped into the air and grabbed onto the space ship as it hovered only feet away. “Not again!” he yelled as he hung onto the edge of the saucer.

The pilot began speeding away while flying left and right to try to shake him off. “I need to pull!” he said loudly as he dangled. With all of his enchanted strength, he pulled down mightily on the front of the space ship. It started flying straight for the ground.

Maxx continued to tug down on the nose as the craft flew wildly for the dark ground. “Feel for vibrations. Feel the ground – Maxx! You can do this!” he ordered himself as he tugged down and hung on to the rapidly descending aircraft.

In the darkness of night, the craft was speeding toward the ground as Maxx hung on. He pulled down with all his strength. “I can feel the ground! It’s coming fast!” he said frantically.

A few seconds later, as the spacecraft speeded toward the forest floor, Maxx released his grip and fell to the ground. “Uuhhh!” he groaned as he hit the ground hard and rolled. He stopped quickly and watched the alien craft.

The space ship flew into the ground only feet away. It slid across the ground and into a tree. The collision was fast and catastrophic for the ship. The destroyed spacecraft exploded loudly and burst into flames only seconds later as Maxx sat only feet away. The mushroom cloud was immense as Maxx shielded his face. The heat from the explosion rippled past him as he covered his face.

The three remaining Joqzon pilots hovered over the destroyed ship shortly.

I better Run!” he said loudly. He jumped up and began running through the thick, dark forest. The pilots saw glimpses of him in the darkness and quickly pursued. They began firing.

He ran with super-speed across the ground. He felt for vibrations on the ground as he ran. He jumped trees that were on the ground and ran around bushes. “I need to find a stream and get more stones. That’s the only plan I have!” he said frantically as he ran.

The Joqs continued firing their plasma bullets from above the trees as they pursued his silhouette.

As Maxx ran in the darkness of night, he felt for the ground vibrations. “There’s a stream with rocks straight ahead,” he said. He continued to run as the Joqs were firing from the treetops.

While he ran, be stepped on rocks in water. “Finally!” he said. In the darkness, he stooped down and collected several fist-sized stones. “I’ll need to be smarter this time.” He ran to a tall tree and quickly climbed.

The Joq pilots were flying around and shooting frantically into the trees.

Maxx reached the top of the tree and stayed hidden next to the leaves. He grabbed a stone and prepared to throw. He said, “Once I throw, I need to climb down fast and find another tree. The Joqs will be watching for me.” He waited as the Joq pilots flew their ships back and forth across the treetops.

After several minutes, a pilot flew his ship close to Maxx. “Now’s my chance,” he said. The saucer was several feet away and hovering in the night sky as it fired plasma bullets at the ground. Trees were being hit. Limbs were cut off and falling to the ground.

Maxx had a stone his in hand. His hulking arm was ready. “Almost there…Almost.” The pilot revolved his ship toward Maxx. He could see the Joqzonion pilot. “Now!” he said. With all his magical strength, he threw the stone at the Joq’s face.

The stone flew through the glass and struck the alien between his large eyes. The fist-sized rock imbedded deep in the cranium of the alien – killing him instantly. The saucer began to fly out of control.

“I need to hurry!” he said. With blazing speed, Maxx hurried down the tree. As he reached the ground, the two remaining ships began firing toward him. “You’ll have to do better than that,” he said boldly and loudly as he ran in the dense, dark forest.

The two ships fired wildly as the out of control ship crash landed into a tree and burst into flames. They flew back and forth at tree top level and fired their plasma bullets at everything. Tree limbs continued to be cut off and fall. The ground was marked with burn holes.

“They don’t know where I am,” Maxx said as he began to climb another tree that was a distance away from the last tree. He quickly climbed to the top and hid. He grabbed another stone from his pocket and waited.

The pilots continued to fly at tree top level and shoot at the ground as Maxx waited in a nearby tree and watch. He had another stone in his hand as he waited.

Before long, one of the pilots wondered close to the tree that Maxx was hiding in. He waited patiently as the pilot slowly moved closer. As he waited, the saucer moved closer—then farther away as it fired into the trees.

The pilot maneuvered the craft a little closer as Maxx made ready. “Closer…Closer.” The ship began to more farther away as it spun around. The ship was drifting away as the window became visible.

Maxx could see the Joqzon pilot sitting in the chair while operating the controls. “This will have to do!” he said. With all his magical strength, he threw the stone at the pilot.

Like the previous rocks, it easily shattered the glass and embedded in the Joq’s face. Blood flew everywhere inside the small saucer. The pilot was instantly killed. The ship began to fly out of control.

The last remaining pilot saw Maxx when he threw the stone. As the other craft began a collision course with the trees, the Joqzonion pilot flew toward Maxx and open fired. The tree around Maxx was hit numerous times by the plasma energy bullets. Limbs dropped as Maxx hung on.

The pilot flew closer for a better shot as the other saucer crashed into the trees and burst into flames. He began firing at Maxx again. The trunk of the tree was hit several times below him.

As the saucer came closer and continued firing, he frantically looked down. He yelled, “The tree’s going to break!” With a mighty leap, he jumped from the tree and grabbed the side of the small saucer. The pilot lost control of the ship. It began spinning out of control.

“Aahhh!” yelled Maxx as he hung on. The craft spiraled downward in the dark sky. The spacecraft lights were illuminating the area as it rapidly corkscrewed toward the ground. Just before the ship reached the ground, Maxx released his grip.

He plummeted to the ground. “Uuhhh!” he groaned when he landed. He looked up. “Oh No!” he said. The spacecraft was coming straight for him. “Move!” he shouted. Maxx rolled to the side as the craft landed hard only feet away.

As he watched, the pilot began to take off again. He grabbed the last stone from his Melá-Jutis suit pocket. He quickly aimed and hurled it toward the pilot’s face.

As the stone burst through the glass windshield, the pilot quickly ducked. The stone and broken glass flew toward the rear of the craft. The pilot grinned and stared at Maxx as he continued to lift off.

Maxx said angrily, “Oh no you don’t! You won’t defeat The Melá-Jutis!” With super-speed, he leaped toward the saucer. Using his fist, he broke more of the cracked glass. As the Joq pilot watched in horror, he reached through the broken glass and grabbed the Joq. With a mighty pull, he yanked the alien out of the saucer and threw him into a tree only feet away.

“Crack!” The Joq’s bones shattered when he affected the large tree. In seconds, the Joqzonion pilot was dead.

Maxx breathed a big sigh of relief and he sat on the ground next to the saucer. “I seem to be doing everything the hard way,” he said. He looked at the night sky. “I think that was it. I have saucers to burn. I need my gas can and lighter. I’ll come back for this one.”

In the darkness he began trotting back to the Phoenix. He jumped and stepped over countless new branches that were cut off by the alien’s plasma energy guns as he jogged.

Sesla’s moon was dropping in the late night sky as he made his way through the wet lands forest in the darkness. He trotted across several riverbeds. Some were active with running water while others were dry and moss covered. He jogged around the same trees as before, plus new ones – thanks to Joqzon plasma guns.

As he ran, he stepped on numerous new branches that had been severed by the Joq’s plasma guns. Due to the darkness, he could not see the multitude of burn marks and burn holes the plasma bullets made as he trotted through the dark woods.

As he ran he thought, “The Phoenix should be around here somewhere.” He paused to feel for vibrations. “I feel something metallic that way.” He began running in the direction of the strong pulsations. He trotted around several fallen trees, numerous severed fallen limbs, and an active stream. Before long, he saw the silhouette of the jeep in the dark. “There it is!” He hurried the Phoenix.

“It’s too dark. I can’t see if it’s been shot,” he said. He jumped in and started the turbo-charged motor. “Rrrmmm! Rrrmm!...Rrmmm!” He laughed loudly with joy. “The motor sounds great. I don’t think they shot my jeep. I hope they didn’t put any more holes in my convertible.”

He turned on the headlights and backed the jeep out of the thicket of dense underbrush. Maxx drove toward the clearing with Joqzonion space ships.

He drove over numerous severed branches and over small trees and brush as he hurried toward the clearing. He drove over a stream. Water sprayed as be bounced on the large stones.

Soon, as he hurriedly drove, he approached the clearing. “The saucers are just ahead,” he said. He continued into the opening and toward the group of Joqzonion saucers as Sesla’s moon was setting in the early morning sky.

Her sun was beginning to shine light on the other horizon. The usual red, yellow, and blue morning sky was breathtaking as he drove closer to the Joqzon flying saucers.

The wrecked spacecraft continued to burn as he drove closer to the first saucer. He said, “It’s time to make the rest of these Joq shops burn. They won’t be used to take over Sesla—Either!” He jumped out of the Phoenix and grabbed the gas can and lighter.

“I need to be careful. These ships could explode,” he said. He walked to the first saucer and entered it. He sprinkled gas all around and exited. He picked up a stick and lit it on fire. He tossed it inside the saucer. The craft interior burst into flames. He stood briefly and watched as the saucers burned. “Five more to go.”

He walked into the next ship and splashed gas around. He exited and picked up another stick. After lighting it, he tossed it inside the craft. The interior burst into flames. “Four left.”

He walked into another ship and sprinkled gas around. He exited that ship and picked up another stick. He lit and tossed it inside. That interior burst into flames.

Suddenly the first ship exploded. Maxx shielded his face from the fiery blast. The fire and smoke mushroom cloud rose into the sky as Maxx watched. “That was intense,” he said as he guarded his face.

“These last saucers are really close to each other. I better ignite them all at the same time.” He quickly entered one ship and sprinkled gas. He exited and walked to the next. He entered and sprinkled gas all around. He exited and entered the last ship. “Last one,” he said as he splashed gas around. He walked out of that ship and looked for several sticks.

After picking up three, he lit one and tossed it inside the first of the three ships. The craft interior immediately burst into flames. He paused for an explosion. He lit the second stick and tossed it into the next ship. That ship’s inside also burst into flames. “Last one,” he said.

As he lit the stick, the flame from the burning ship jumped into the last ship with a “Poof.” The last ship’s interior burst into flames. “Wow!” he said. “That was close. If I were any closer, the flame would have scorched me. At least it didn’t explode.”

He surveyed the area. There were numerous burning Joqzonion space ships all around him. Four dead, bloody Joqs lay on the ground outside the cave. One had a severed arm. He walked to the cave entrance as another ship exploded.

Maxx looked back at the upward rolling fiery mushroom cloud. “There goes another one. Those Joq ships make big explosions,” he said. He looked inside the cave. “The fire’s out. I can’t see inside but the smell is awful. The stench of the dead Joqs and their blood is nauseating. This is one time I don’t like my enchanted sea doxer senses—oh! The smell!”

He paused for a moment as a wave of nausea over-powered his stomach. As the vomitus moment passed, he said, “These Joqs and their ships won’t be involved in a plot to take over Sesla and strip mine her natural resources—that’s for sure!”

Sesla’s sun was rising in the early morning sky as he shortly surveyed the battlefield. His nausea subsided. After a moment he thought, “I need to get back to my car. I hope those Joqs didn’t shoot it with their plasma guns. It couldn’t take many more bullets.”

While walking toward the Phoenix, another space ship exploded. He looked back to examine his work. “That’s a really big cloud,” he said gloatingly as the fire and smoke cloud rolled into the early morning sky.

He walked back to the Phoenix and placed the gas can and lighter in the rear. He jumped in. “Rrrmmm!...Rrmmm!...Rrmm!” He gunned the motor. Grass and dirt flew when he spun the tires as he started back.

He zoomed to the edge of the forest and entered the underbrush. He drove under the trees and over branches as he hurried through the wet lands forest. “It’s easier to see now that Sesla’s sun is starting to rise.” He drove more speedy as he dodged numerous trees and fallen limbs. He drove over many small limbs that had been severed by the plasma bullets.

Water splashed as he drove fast into a stream. The all-terrain tires threw rocks as he spun the tires and drove quickly out of the creek. He continued around fallen trees and over small brush.

Soon he was close to the spacecraft that he left in the forest. He slowed and felt for the metallic vibrations. “I can feel something big in that direction,” he thought. He turned and traveled toward the pulsations.

He drove speedily over numerous severed branches. “Those Joqs shot off a lot of limbs with their plasma guns. There’s burn marks everywhere from the bullets that hit the undergrowth and ground.”

He drove over the smaller limbs and around larger ones as he searched through the area where he climbed the trees and killed the Joq pilots with stones. He drove farther and saw the saucer that he was searching for. “There it is! There’s the ship and there’s Joq that I threw into the tree,” he said loudly as he drove closer. “It looks like the pilot was cut severely by the broken windshield when I pulled him through. He’s covered in blood,” he said as he exited the jeep.

He took a closer look at the dead, bloody Joqzonion. Maxx thought, “He’s covered in lizards. Those wet lands lizards must like blood. I still remember when I was walking though the swamps to Melá-Jutis. Multi-colored lizards were climbing all over me and biting.”

Maxx walked to the rear of the jeep and grabbed the gas can and lighter. “I can’t take a chance the Joqs will repair this ship.” He walked to the door of the spacecraft and tried to open it. “It’s locked!” he said angrily.

He paused briefly. “I should be able to get enough gas in through the broken glass,” he said. He walked around to the front of the craft. He began pouring gas through the large opening in the windshield. “That’s working very well. What a surprise.”

He stopped and walked back to the Phoenix. He put the gas can back in the rear storage area. He picked up a stick. After lighting it, he tossed the stick through the broken window. “Poof!” The flames burst inside the ship. “It worked. As wet as the forest is, there’s no chance of a spreading fire.” He looked into the morning sky. “The clouds are building. It’ll rain soon. The rain will put out these fires – not before the ships are destroyed.”

As the spacecraft burned and the colorful wet lands lizards attacked the bloody Joqzonion body, he tossed the lighter next to the gas can and jumped into his jeep. He spun the tires as he drove away from the burning ship and dead Joq.

He drove over numerous severed limbs and around fallen trees as he journeyed away from the area where he fought and defeated the Joqzonion invaders. As he drove, the lack of sleep began to catch up with him. He yawned as he drove.

He continued to drive through the thick, wet lands forest as the light became better. He said as he exhaustingly drove through another low ravine filled with thick brush, “I’m making a lot better time now that I can see well.”

In the morning light, he was making the treacherous return journey through the thick wet lands forest in a lot less time.

He continued to drive around fallen trees and large under growth toward the rural road. He splashed water as he drove through several colorful streams as he neared the road. He continued to yawn as he drove. He said, “I’ve been up all night. I should drive home after this and get some rest. This trip’s been exhausting.”

Maxx drove over more small bushes and through another small stream as he continued toward his convertible. “I hope my car is ok. I hope they didn’t put any more holes in it,” he said as he drove exhaustedly closer to the wet lands road. He drove threw another dry creek bed. He gunned the motor and rocks flew as he drove up the side of the creek onto solid ground. He yawned as he drove. He was quickly feeling the exhaustion.

When he drove around another thick area of underbrush, he said, “The road is just ahead.” He continued to accelerate as he approached the rural road.

He bounced over a log as he continued in the direction of the road. He accelerated and drove up the embankment onto the rural, unmaintained road.

Maxx stopped and yawned, as he looked both ways. He attempted to see his red convertible and trailer. He saw the car in the distance. He was puzzled by what he saw. He thought, “Something looks wrong.”

He spun the tires and drove toward his convertible. As he drove closer and could see, a fury began to develop within him. He continued to drive closer as he became filled with rage.

Maxx drove next to his convertible. His fury was out of control as he looked at his car. He said with rage, “Those Joqs burned my convertible! They shot it with their plasma guns! My convertible is covered in holes. Their bullets caused my car to catch on fire. My car is completely burned and destroyed – even the tires. My beautiful red convertible.” He shook his head in rage.

Maxx no longer felt exhaustion. He was burning with fury. “I’m going to make those Joqs pay!” He jumped out of the Phoenix and stared at his once beautiful convertible. “My car’s not drivable. It’s destroyed. I’ll have to tow it home. The trailer wasn’t hit very badly. It looks like it’ll still work,” he said as his anger raged.

As his fury raged, he disconnected the trailer from his burned car and turned it around. He backed it up to his destroyed convertible. He was so angry he could spit fire as he put the car in neutral. He walked to the front and began to push. “Rrrrr!” he growled with rage as he pushed with all his magical strength.

He slowly rolled his burned, bullet-hole covered convertible onto the trailer. As his rage burned, he locked the destroyed car into place. “I need to tie it down,” he said as his anger raged. He was both angry and depressed as he quickly tied the car body to the damaged but still functional trailer.

“I better cover it as best I can,” he said. Maxx grabbed the jeep cover and tossed it over the burned car. He quickly tied it on.

After a few seconds, he said, “That will have to do. Now I need to connect the trailer to the Phoenix.” His anger continued to rage.

He jumped into the Phoenix and started the motor. He drove the jeep in front of the trailer and stopped. Maxx jumped out and picked up the arm of the trailer—he walked with it. He turned it to the hitch on the jeep and connected the two – then locked it.

Maxx stood and looked at his half covered, burned, bullet hole covered, convertible. His rage was burning. “I never— ever – imagined this. I’ll make them pay!” he said. As he stood on the rural wet lands road, it began to rain. “Great! Just what I needed!” he said angrily.

He climbed into the Phoenix and began driving home as the rain increased. It cascaded down and the open jeep was quickly becoming soaked. “I don’t have cloths to wear or a cover for this jeep. I’ll have to stay in my suit and drive soaked,” he said as he started to drive through the rain. “How that’s its daylight, anyone I pass can see me. I look really strange.”

As he drove, cool rain ran down his attractive face. The Phoenix had puddles of water on the floor. His burned convertible was becoming filled with rainwater. He was becoming more depressed and less angry as he slowly drove through the common, wet lands rainstorm.

Maxx drove slowly along the muddy, rural road toward the desert highway. His anger had eased. It was replaced by depression and exhaustion. He began to yawn as he continued to be rained upon. Each time he looked in the rear view mirror, he became more depressed. “My beautiful red convertible is destroyed,” he said sadly. His misery was overwhelming as he drove closer to the highway to Kinkorx.

The rain began to slow as he drove the muddy road.

Soon, the rain stopped. Maxx’s magical Melá-Jutis suit was immediately dry. The Phoenix was filled with puddles of rainwater. His convertible was full of water as well.

The sky cleared quickly as he drove. “That’s how it rains in the wet lands. One minute it’s raining, the next minute the sky clears,” he thought.

Sesla’s sun was rising in the now clearing morning sky as he approached the exit. He yawned as he depressingly took the exit and merged onto the desert highway. He remained slow and depressed as he continued toward Kinkorx. “I’m glad it stopped raining. My jeep will dry out quickly.”

Maxx was sleepy and depressed as he said, “I don’t see any scorpions. They must have all gone home to their cave.” He continued to yawn as he drove.

He was becoming more tired as he drove. He thought, “I’ve been up all night fighting the Joqs. I’m exhausted. Maybe the radio will keep me awake.” He turned the jeep radio on and tuned it to Radio Wet Lands. The rock music began to play as he drove slowly on the highway toward the border. He bobbed his head and tapped his hand to the beat of the music in an attempt to improve his depression and wake himself up.

Before long, as Sesla’s sun was rising in the morning sky, he drove across the border into Xcuymir Territory. “Still no scorpions,” he said depressingly as he tried to stop yawning.

As he drove farther into Xcuymir Territory, while listening to the rock music, Eyan Stomm, the news reporter broke in. “I am Eyan Stomm. There is breaking news from the news wire. At this moment, the Gang of Five and several Joqzonions are looting and burning another small village in rural Kvyutt.

According to Kvyutt TV News, Mustler and his gang are killing and robbing several businesses in Durston Mill…”

Suddenly Maxx was completely awake. He thought as he listened, “Durston Mill is a small logging town even farther into the wet lands in Meslerr Territory than Wixqezzer Auctions. It’s a tiny village in the outer boundaries of Kvyutt.”

The Meslerr Territory Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department are on the scene. Kvyutt TV News is reporting there is gunfire between the Gang of Five and the local authorities. Many local police have been shot and killed by the heinous gang. Several shop owners have been murdered while their businesses were looted. The Gang of Five and several Joqs lit fires inside the stores after they killed the owners and robbed the businesses of their weapons. So far, the local authorities have been powerless to stop this evil gang of murders and thieves. We will keep you informed when we receive more breaking news from the wire. I am Eyan Stomm. We are returning to our regular programming.”

As the rock music returned, Maxx thought, “It sounds like Mustler and his gang are getting an early start. They probably plan to attack other towns in that part of the wet lands. It seems The Melá-Jutis has more work to do before driving home…I need to turn around.”

Maxx slowed and looked for approaching traffic on the desert highway. As he saw the area was free of other cars, he slowly turned the jeep and trailer around.

“I don’t dare leave the trailer here on the side of the road. If Joqs see it, they’ll shoot it even more,” he thought as he began to drive toward the wet lands again.

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