The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher

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Chapter 9

Maxx continued to listen to the rock music as he drove. He thought, “I can’t drive very fast as long as I’m pulling this damaged trailer. I need to hurry but I can’t. I know the Joqs are looking for me. If I leave my car and trailer on the side of the road, they’ll see it and shoot it again. I’ll just have to drive there as fast as I can.”

He crossed the border again and re-entered Inglot Territory. He thought as he drove, “The fastest way to Durston Mill is on Welzech Road through Guytic City. At my present speed, it’ll take an hour to reach that exit.”

As he drove under the speed limit, he continued listen to Radio Wet Lands for more breaking news reports. Sesla’s sun was rising in the morning sky as he drove the Phoenix while wearing his magical Melá-Jutis suit.

“It’s a long way to Durston Mill,” he thought as he drove closer to Welzech Road. “From Mustler’s previous patterns, I believe he and his gang will strike several times in that area before they’re finished. Hopefully I can catch them before they attack another business.”

Maxx continued to drive into Guytic City toward Welzech Road as Sesla’s sun continued to rise in the morning sky. The exhaustion began to overtake him again as he drove. He began to yawn. “The exit isn’t very far ahead.” He smiled as he drove the jeep and thought, “I know this area so well—now. Art and I have traveled here numerous times while solving cases.”

As he approached the exit, while attempting to stay awake, he reminisced about the case where he and Art rescued Dr. Leqtus Kin, the genetic engineer from Dr. Rewqust and Qashlet lab. As he drove and remembered, he arrived at the exit. He was beginning to drive past the off ramp when his consciousness leaped back to reality. As he regained awareness, he said, “What? That’s my exit!” He quickly slowed and swerved onto the ramp. He drove slowly and merged onto Welzech Road.

Maxx increased speed as he drove into the traffic. “I feel a little funny driving in my Melá-Jutis suit,” he thought as he drove. The road was well traveled as he drove through the business and industrial districts. Wet Lands residents were driving to work.

He drove for several miles. He declared as he drove, “There’s the warehouse where we found Sirrz Debmyuo’s stolen collectables – and there’s Sytternun Night Rest Hotel. That is the creepiest, most bug and spider infested hotel I’ve ever seen. We were lucky we found Dr. Leqtus Kin in time and rescued him. Those spiders were attacking and the Qashlet lab thugs were coming for him.

The siders in that warehouse were very scary as well. Art was almost insect food. I’ll never forget fighting that wall of spiders while rescuing him in that creepy, old building.”

He continued to drive along Welzech Road. Soon the pavement ended and the road continued as dirt. “That’s the end of the nice roads. It only gets worse from here,” he said as he tried to stop yawning.

As he drove farther, the businesses and homes ended. Vegetation quickly consumed the landscape. The road quickly became worse. Maxx slowed due to increasing potholes as the road condition quickly deteriorated. “I just love the wet lands back roads,” he said sarcastically. “The roads are only going to get worse.” He yawned again as he listened to the rock music and drove along the rough, muddy road.

He had the rock music turned up loud as he listened in an attempt to keep awake. He continued along the rural road as Sesla’s sun rose higher into the morning sky.

Before long as he drove and yawned, he arrived at Travelers Road. “I need to turn here. This road connects to Fezzn Way,” he said loudly. He turned and began driving toward Kvyutt. He noticed the dark clouds forming in the sky as he drove. “I hope it doesn’t rain again,” he said annoyingly as he yawned.

He drove farther into the wet lands as he listened to the loud rock music. As he drove, it began to rain. He sighed deeply as he quickly became frustrated. The cool rain made him shiver as it dampened his tired body.

The rain quickly increased as he drove along the muddy road. Cool rainwater was running down his magical Melá-Jutis suit. Puddles were forming on the floor of the jeep. “This is Just Great!” he said loudly with irritation, as he became more awake, “I hate the cold wet lands rain. At least in the desert the rain’s warm.”

With irritation, he continued along Travelers Road on his way to Fezzn Way as he continued to get soaked. His destroyed convertible was muddy from the slinging mud of the Phoenix. It was becoming soaked as he continued to pull the damaged trailer with convertible. As the rain increased, the road deteriorated further. Driving was become even more difficult.

As he exhaustingly drove, he said loudly as his rock music played, “Mustler and his Gang are long gone from Durston Mill by now. I still think they’re going to attack another small village in Kvyutt. Until I hear different, I’ll continue toward there.” He continued to drive with irritation as the cool rain cascaded down.

Before long, as he drove with exhaustion in the rain, he saw the next crossroad. “That should be Fezzn Way.” He yawned as he approached the road. Rainwater was running down his Melá-Jutis suit and adding to the pools of water on the floor of the jeep. His depression and exhaustion grew during the steady rain. He yawned as he turned onto the main road to Kvyutt.

He drove along the very muddy road in the wet lands back woods while constantly glancing into his rear view mirror. The depressing sight of his shot and burned convertible was almost more than he could bear. As he depressingly drove, he recalled the glorious day several years ago when he bought his shiny new convertible…

It was a beautiful day, several years ago, in Bedsult when he ordered his convertible from Kotor Buknus at ByFuuton Auto Sales in Kinkorx.

Kotor Buknus the sales person asked, “Do you have a color preference?”

“Flaming red is the only color for Detective Maxx Zeqster,” he replied proudly.

“Do you have a preference of model and year, Detective Zeqster?” inquired Kotor.

“Yes, of course. I would like a new convertible. I would also like it fully loaded with every option that you have available,” Maxx stated.

Kotor Buknus replied excitedly, “Yes sir, Detective Zeqster. I’ll order your new flaming red convertible – fully loaded. I’ll have it for you in two weeks.”

In only a few days, Maxx had his new, flaming red convertible.

Maxx drove along the muddy wet lands back road while pulling the shot and burned convertible. He continued to depressingly reminisce about the first drive he took through his neighborhood with his shiny new Flaming Red convertible. He was the envy of all his friends in Bedsult. He recalled that splendid sunny day…

“I simply adore my new convertible,” he said as he smiled and drove through the streets of Bedsult on that beautiful desert day— several years ago. As he drove with the top down, numerous Bedsult residents waved and complimented him on his beautiful new car. “Nice car Detective Zeqster,” said one neighbor loudly.

“Love your car,” said another loudly as he drove by.

“Wow! Nice convertible Detective Zeqster,” said another as he drove along Lypont Drive toward his home. His convertible was a gift that he gave himself in an attempt to improve his self-confidence, self-image, and status after the crippling incidents of that time that destroyed his reputation and self-esteem. He used money that he saved while he was a detective at the Xcuymir Territory Sheriff Department to purchase the lavish self-indulgence— a job that he was unjustly fired from – at least that’s the way Maxx saw it…

As Maxx drove along the muddy, treacherous, wet lands back road and reminisced, Eyan Stomm broke in with another bulletin. “This is news reporter Eyan Stomm. We are interrupting our regular music to bring you another news bulletin from the news wire

As the rain began to slow, Maxx regained focus. “What! Another news bulletin?” Immediately he was awake and listening.

Earlier this morning we reported the Gang of Five and several Joqzonions were terrorizing Durston Mill. Mustler and his gang brutally killed several shop owners and looted their stores. Before leaving the small village, they set fire to the plundered businesses. As they were ransacking the small milling village, local and territory law enforcement along with firefighters arrived on the scene. A violent gun battle ensued. Several law enforcement personnel and firefighters were killed. Mustler and his gang of five along with numerous Joqzonions escaped. It has been reported that several Joqzonions were killed in the gunfight.

We just received another report over the news wire from Alina Smizeen, roaming reporter for The Kvyutt Travelers News. According to the newspaper reporter’s live report, the Gang of Five and several Joqzonion followers are ransacking a small village near Bloqxess. Just like in Durston Mill, they heinously murdered the business owners and stole weapons and money. Before exiting the shops, they set fire to the businesses.

According to Alina Smizeen’s report, “Meslerr Territory Sherriff’s troopers arrived on the scene almost immediately after being called. A deadly gun battle erupted as the evil gang was fleeing the town. The law enforcement personnel were quickly overpowered by the large collection of automatic weapons and other heavy artillery.

Several police and territory troopers have been killed in the battle. Mustler and his gang unleashed a massive assault of different artillery on the officers as they arrived. The courageous law enforcement personnel had little chance against the juggernaut and their powerful weapons.

Mustler and his gang have left the village. They are escaping into the marshland with the weapons and money they stole from these defenseless shop owners.

Numerous businesses are burning as the local fire department is attempting to put the fires out. Emergency medical crews are working frantically to help the injured firefighters, police, and local residence. The numerous dead will be transported to Kvyutt hospitals after the injured receive the emergency care they need.” Eyan concluded the news wire report.

Eyan Stomm continued with his own commentary, “For the second time this morning, Mustler and his heinous gang of murders and robbers have attacked a small village in Meslerr Territory. So far, the local authorities have been powerless to stop the Gang of Five as they continue with their attacks on businesses in this area. I am news reporter Eyan Stomm. We will break in when there is another report over the news wire. We are now returning you to the rock music you love on Radio Wet Lands – Classic Rock of the Wet Lands.”

The rain had stopped as Maxx drove along the muddy road while listening to the special news report. He thought, “So far this morning, Mustler and his gang have looted and killed in Durston Mill and Bloqxess. The spoils from those robberies couldn’t have been very big. Those were very small villages. The stores would have had small inventories and very little cash. My Melá-Jutis instincts are telling me—Mustler is going to attack other businesses before he’s done for today. A need to anticipate his next move and be there to stop him and his gang.”

He drove along the muddy, pothole-filled road in his jeep while pulling the trailer with the destroyed convertible behind. He thought, “At least the rain stopped. I need to imagine a map of the wet lands in my mind and anticipate Mustler’s next move.”

While driving along Fezzn Way toward Kvyutt he thought, “Mustler has attacked two villages in Meslerr Territory already this morning. The authorities are going to expect the gang to attack LyBeqt next – it too is in Meslerr. They’ll be waiting for him and his gang there. That would make since. He’s too smart for that. He won’t be that easily caught. My Melá-Jutis instincts are telling me he and his gang will attack a business in Guytic City.”

He bobbed his head and wiggled his lips. He thought, “Mustler will attack a business with a lot of spoils before he stops – but not in Kvyutt. He’ll attack a business in Guytic City. The local authorities won’t expect that – The Melá-Jutis will…I need to get off this road and drive toward Guytic City.”

Before long as he drove toward Kvyutt while listening to the rock music, he came upon a back road that was little more than a two-track mud road. He thought, “This road doesn’t even have a sign. I have no idea what road it is. But!It goes in the right direction. It’ll have to do.” Maxx slowly turned onto the narrow, muddy, rough road and began driving toward Guytic City.

“Now I’m glad I’m driving the Phoenix. My convertible would never pull the trailer along this road. It’s too muddy. He continued along the treacherous back road as the sky cleared as Sesla’s sun was rising higher in the morning sky.

He continued slowly along the muddy road. “I’m surprised I haven’t seen any more Joqzonion space ships. Maybe they’re not as easy to see during the day light. Surely I didn’t take them all out. There has to be more than those I burned,” he thought.

As he drove under the late morning Sesla sun, his exhaustion began to return. He began to yawn again. He said, “I hope I find the gang before long. I still need to drive home. I’m becoming exhausted.”

The isolated, treacherous, wet lands road was slowly improving as Maxx drive toward Guytic City. He steadily increased his speed as the road became less perilous. To keep awake, he was bobbing his head and tapping the side of his jeep to the beat of the loud rock music.

Maxx yawned as he thought, “I’m getting closer to the outer-limits of Guytic City. If my theory is correct, Mustler and his gang will attack a village or town in this direction before long.”

He continued to drive along the road as he jammed to the beat of the rock music to keep awake. The road was improving as he drove closer to Guytic City. He continued to yawn as he drove while Sesla’s sun continued to rise in the late morning sky. “I hope I’m right. If Mustler attacks another village in Meslerr, I won’t catch him on this trip. I’ll have to drive home and try again later. That would be bad. Let’s hope I’m right!” he thought as he yawned and listened to his rock music.

He glanced in the rear view mirror again and saw his devastated convertible as he drove. He thought, “My depression seems better…There’s really no reason to be upset. I’m going to make the Joqs pay for shooting my convertible. When I get home, I’ll buy a new convertible. That one Was several years old. “He smiled and shrugged his massive shoulders. “ Maybe it was time for a new convertible?” he said.

With a stronger attitude, he drove into the outer limits of Guytic City. “There’s the sign I’ve been looking for. “ Welcome to Guytic City – A great city to work – live – and play” “If Mustler strikes in this area – I’ll be ready. I just hope I’m right.”

With renewed energy, Maxx drove into Guytic City as he continued to Jam while listening to Radio Wet Lands. Traffic was increasing as he drove into the large, futuristic city that is called, “The Pride of the Wet Lands.” The motorists were staring at him as they passed. He saw one motorist after another gawking. He thought, “I probably look a little strange in my magical suit while pulling a completely destroyed convertible on a damaged trailer. It’s no wonder coteries are glaring.”

Sesla’s sun was nearing the apex as he bobbed his head and drove. Suddenly the rock music stopped and Eyan Stomm broke in. “I am Radio Wet Lands news reporter Eyan Stomm. I am reporting live from the Jirgston Bank and Trust in rural Guytic City. I’m standing in the parking lot of the small, rural bank.

According to the bank manager and an eyewitness, less than an hour ago Mustler and his gang along with several Joqzonions entered this bank while carrying automatic weapons. Luckily at that moment there were no customers. However the only security guard was immediately shot, execution style, as the bank manager and employees horrifyingly watched. The bank manager opened the vault at gunpoint. Mustler and his Gang of Five entered the large walk-in safe and drained it if it’s small cash reserve. The Joqzonions stood guard with their automatic weapons. In minutes, the gang exited the vault while carrying the Myluxs in bags…

Maxx immediately became angry as he drove. He said loudly, “I knew it! Mustler and his gang went to Guytic City. The police are looking for them in Meslerr. I need to hurry!” He increased his speed as he listened to the breaking news story.

As Mustler and his gang exited the bank with the bags of Myluxs over their shoulders, the Joqs open fired. Everyone in the bank was on the floor. The Joqs fired at the walls and windows. In seconds, as the terrified employees lay face down, the bank was destroyed. Glass was everywhere. The Joqzonions started several fires before exiting the bank. They exited and hurried to catch up with the already fleeing Gang of Five. The group hurried around to the back of the bank where they escaped into the marshland.

After that, the terrified manager and surviving employees hurried out of the bank as the fires quickly spread. Guytic City Police and Fire Department arrived here shortly after that. Firefighters are working frantically to put out the fires as I’m making this broadcast. The police are talking with the bank employees.

The eyewitness is here with me now. She has asked to remain anonymous for her own safety.” Eyan Stomm turned to the woman. “Did I sum up correctly what you told me so far?”

“Yes. That’s what I saw. The Gang of Five hobbled around to the back of the bank. The Joqs followed. I heard a car start and drive away behind the bank.”

Eyan asked, “Did you see where the gang went after that?”

“I didn’t see them after they went behind the bank,” the witness replied.

“Where were you when all this happened?” he asked.

“I was walking down the sidewalk toward the bank when I saw the gang going in. They all had machine guns. I hid behind that car.” She pointed.

“Can you give out listeners a description of how the Gang of Five looks?” asked Eyan.

She replied, “The Gang of Five is a group of mutation creatures of some kind. I’ve never seen anything like them. They’re freaks. They have enlarged heads with almost no hair. They have large and deformed faces. Their eyes are crooked. They don’t have ears. They have protruding teeth bones. Their legs are crooked and stick-like with large bumps and veins. Their feet are like small chunks. They hobble when they walk.

The Joqzonions all look alike. They’re so thin they’re nothing more than sticks with long heads and big eyes. I hear their bones are very fragile but I really wouldn’t know.”

Eyan said, “I’ve read their description numerous times. Your interpretation sounds consistent. I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Thank you for speaking to me.”

“Sure,” she said nervously. She quickly walked away.

Eyan continued, “It’s my understanding, a large amount of the Guytic City police force are in Meslerr. They were expecting Mustler and his gang to terrorize businesses in LyBeqt. Due to that strategy, there are only two police officers and one ambulance on the scene here. The emergency ambulance crew is loading the murdered security guard into the ambulance at this moment. From this reporter’s point of view, the murder of the lone guard can only be described as a gruesome and horrific execution. The guard was shot so many times by high-powered, automatic weapons that his limbs are mangled and practically shot off. The dead guard is covered in blood.

So far today, Mustler and his gang have attacked two small villages Meslerr Territory. Durston Mill and Bloqxess were his targets. While the police were waiting for him in LyBeqt – in Meslerr, he struck Jirgston Bank and Trust in rural Guytic City. We can only hope today’s rampage is over. I am Eyan Stomm, news reporter for Radio Wet Lands – Classic Rock of the Wet Lands. We now return you to the rock music that you love.”

Maxx drove past Jirgston Bank as Eyan closed his report. He thought, “That’s a small bank. Mustler couldn’t have stolen much money from there. According to Eyan, the gang left here less than an hour ago and drove into the marshland behind the bank. I’m going to drive in that direction. Maybe I’ll find them.”

Maxx turned on the next crossroad and journeyed in the same direction. He thought as he drove, “There are numerous businesses in this area that would interest Mustler. I’ll keep driving this way. Maybe I’ll find him.”

He continued to drive along the rural road in Guytic City. He drove past several businesses as the traffic continued to increase. The locals continued to stare as they drove past him. “I know. I look a bit odd,” he thought as he drove the Phoenix while wearing his Melá-Jutis suit and pulling the plasma bullet shot trailer and convertible.

He continued to drive and listen to Radio Wet Lands as he watched for the gang. He thought, “When they abducted Art, they were driving a jeep…A jeep full of mutants and aliens won’t be hard to spot.” As he drove and watched for the jeep, the rock music ended.

I am Radio Wet Lands DJ, Dris Moure. We are interrupting your rock music for another special news bulletin on the news wire. Guytic City TV News is reporting that at this moment Guytic City Police are on route to Wyden Hutt Sporting Goods in rural GC. The silent alarm was tripped at the sporting goods store just minutes ago. The sporting goods store is only miles away from Jirgston Bank. That’s where Mustler and his gang killed a guard and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash only an hour ago. It is feared that Mustler and his gang of murdering thieves are attacking the sporting goods store at this moment. We will break in when we know more. This is Dris Moure reporting for Radio Wet Lands. Now back to your favorite rock music.”

Maxx increased his speed as he listened to the news broadcast. As he speeded down the rural road he thought, “Wyden Hutt Sporting Goods is somewhere near here. I’m not sure where.”

As he drove hurriedly, he heard, “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo...,” the screaming sound of police sirens behind him. “The Guytic City Police can’t be after me. I’m not driving that fast,” he said as he drove.

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” the screaming sirens were quickly becoming louder as the GC Police speeded toward him. Their red and blue lights were spinning as their sirens screamed.

Maxx began slowing as the police were almost upon him. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” the screaming sound was deafening.

Maxx pulled over to the side of the road. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” The two GC Police cars zoomed past him with incredible speed.

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo…,” The police rocketed ahead of him. Their red and blue lights were spinning as they passed.

“Those police cars are hurrying to Wyden Hutt Sporting Goods. I’m going to follow.” Maxx pushed the accelerator to the floor. The Phoenix tires spun and threw dirt and gravel as he pulled ahead behind the rocketing police. He accelerated and followed.

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” The two GC police cars speeded down the road as their sirens screamed and their red and blue lights flashed.

Maxx continued to accelerate and closed the gap. He winced from ear pain as he drove closer to the screaming sirens. “Those sirens are killing my ears,” he said loudly as he rocketed toward the speeding police.

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” The police slowed and turned at the cross roads. They accelerated as they drove in the new direction with flashing lights.

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,” Maxx followed in his jeep while pulling the trailer with burned convertible behind.

“Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo…,” The police slowed and turned again. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo…,”

Maxx whipped around the next turn and followed. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

The police slowed and drove into Wyden Hutt Sporting Goods parking lot and parked next to the other police cars already on the scene. Both police stopped their sirens but kept their red and blue spinning lights flashing like the other GC police cars. They immediately exited and hurried inside as the spinning lights flashed.

Guytic City Firefighters were hard at work putting out the fires that were started inside by the outlaw gang.

When Maxx approached the store, he slowed and stopped a distance away. He watched as Guytic City TV News and Radio Wet Lands News reporters prepared to broadcast live. As the red and blue swirling police lights continued to flash, he waited. He continued to listen to Radio Wet Lands.

When Eyan Stomm began to speak into the microphone, the rock music stopped. Maxx heard over the Phoenix radio, “I am news reporter Eyan Stomm. I’m standing in the parking lot of Wyden Hutt Sporting Goods in rural Guytic City. According to eyewitnesses, only minutes ago Mustler and his gang exited this business. They were carrying an arsenal of stolen weapons from inside. They fled around to the back of this building and climbed into a waiting jeep. They drove into the marshland to make their escape…

Maxx said strongly, “That’s what I needed to hear.” Maxx spun the tires and drove down the road past the sports store as the news broadcast continued. He turned and drove down the next street behind the store. The road ended and a two-track continued as the marshland began. “I don’t have a minute to lose,” he said.

Sesla’s sun was past the zenith and falling in the afternoon sky as he jumped out of the Phoenix. With super-speed, he raced to the rear and unhooked the trailer. “The trailer will have to remain here until I get back,” he said. He placed the trailer arm on the ground.

Maxx jumped back into the Phoenix. “Rrrmmm!...Rrrmmm!” He spun the tires while slinging dirt, grass, and mud. He speeded into the marshland after Mustler and his gang as Eyan Stomm continued with his breaking news broadcast...

Maxx speeded along the small two-track swamp road as the sky began to cloud over. Sesla’s afternoon sun was quickly consumed by the dark overcast. The wind started to blow. He continued to drive farther into the marsh, while chasing the gang, as the rain began to cascade down. “I never realized how much it rains in the wet lands,” he said as he drove the Phoenix along the muddy two-track. Mud was splashing and flying as he speeded along.

He continued driving along the muddy two-track. He was several miles away from the village. Dense foliage had overtaken the landscape. The rain started falling harder. Cool rainwater cascaded down his alluring face and along his magical Melá-Jutis suit. The water began to puddle on the floor of the jeep again. “I hate the cold wet lands rain. At least in the desert the rain is warm,” he said as he drove. The Phoenix bounced and mud flew as he speeded along the muddy, pothole filled, and two-track.

His jeep was covered in mud as he drove. “I can’t see any tracks. I don’t know if I’m even looking in the right place.” He said as he drove through the rain, “I should stop and feel for vibrations. Maybe I’ll get lucky.” He slowed and stopped as the rain continued.

He jumped out and stood next to the Phoenix as the cool rain continued. He employing his magical sea doxer sonar that Sesla blessed him with due to his pure heart. He scanned the area for vibrations. “I feel strong pulsation coming from all directions. It’s almost like I’m surrounded,” he thought.

Suddenly four Joqzonion space ships flew out of nowhere. They fired their plasma bullets as they buzzed speedily just above him. Gunfire rang out from the green, dense brush around him. “I’m surrounded!” he yelled. “I’ve got to protect the Phoenix!

He jumped into the jeep. He said loudly, “Those Joqs can hear my music.” He turned off the rock music and pushed the accelerator to the floor. “Rrrmmm!” As the rain poured from the wet lands sky, Maxx slung mud as he drove off the two-track and into the dense underbrush.

The space ships circled above the trees for another attack and the gunfire continued as Maxx drove speedily through the marsh. “I saw two Joqs. There’s probably more. They must be hiding all around me. This area if full of the invaders,” he said frantically. The Phoenix was taking hits as he twisted and turned in the swamp. Mud was flying as he drove.

He drove into a small stream and threw rocks as he went airborne while flying out the other side. Several bullets made more holes in the jeep as he flew through the air. Limbs were being severed by the energy plasma bullets from the Joqzonion space ships. They were falling to the ground all around Maxx. He said loudly, “The Phoenix is taking a lot of hits! I’ve got to hid it!”

As the Joqs continued to attack The Melá-Jutis from the air and the thicket, Mustler and his Gang drove farther from the area in their stolen jeep. They were making their get away with the money and weapons they had stolen as the battle raged.

Maxx drove over brush and around trees as he searched for a place to hide his jeep. He frantically drove through another live stream. Water splashed and rocks slid as he drove through. He went airborne as he flew out the other side and continued through the thick forest.

The Joq spacecraft continued to fire through the trees as he crazily drove beneath them. Joqs with automatic weapons continued firing at him as they attempted to pursue on foot.

As he drove frantically around another large fallen tree, he saw a large thicket in the distance. “That under-brush will have to do!” he said as he drove toward the large area of thick undergrowth and vines. He speeded across the marshy terrain and temporarily escaped the aliens as he approached the large thicket.

Maxx drove speedily and bounced into the large group of bushes, small trees, and vines. He buried the 4X4 jeep deep in the thick green underbrush. “I need to run!” he said. With super speed, he jumped out of the jeep and ran through the thick under-brush – fighting his way through to the other side.

He continued deeper into the wet lands swamp. He looked back for an instant as he ran. He sighed deeply. “The Phoenix is completely buried in the undergrowth. I can’t see it. Hopefully the Joqs won’t know it’s there. I hope its save.” With super-speed, he ran toward the tall trees as the Joqzonions continued to fire through the thick, bushes and trees where they last saw him.

He ran swiftly as the four flying saucers continued to buzz the area in the rain while firing their plasma guns toward the ground. “The automatic weapon fire has stopped. I don’t think the Joqs on foot were able to keep up with me. I’ll deal with them later. First I need to disable those four ships,” he said.

As he ran, he looked around for weapons. “It looks like I’m going to have to bring these ships down with stones—as well. I can’t believe I’m fighting space ships with rocks,” he said as he ran through and around trees and bushes.

As he ran with Sesla given magical speed, the rain intensified. He was becoming soaked again. “I wonder how those Joq space ships like the pouring rain? I’m sure it makes it harder for them to fly.” He continued to speedily look for a stream to collect stones as he ran.

The Joq ships were flying back and forth across the sky just above the trees. They were firing wildly into the trees. Their plasma bullets were hitting limbs and severing them. Limbs were falling all around. The energy plasma bullets were burning holes in the wet land swamp wherever they hit. The bullets continued to hit a distance away from Maxx as he ran.

Soon, as he rocketed through the forest in the pouring rain, he saw what he was looking for. “Finally a stream!” he said. As the Joqzonion pilots continued to fire wildly at the ground, he quickly gathered four fist-sized stones. “These will have to do!” he said frantically. He stuffed them into his Melá-Jutis suit pockets. “I need to climb a tree – and a lot of luck!”

He ran to a tall, dense tree. “I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Fighting Joq space ships with rocks – sounds mediaeval.” With super-speed he climbed the massive tree as Sesla’s rain intensified even more. As he reached the top of the tree, in the pouring rain, he said, “I think I just got lucky. This rain’s bound to affect their vision.”

The Joq pilots were hovering over the trees. The torrential downpour was fogging their windshields as they fired haphazardly at the ground. Their plasma bullets were ripping through the trees and burning off limb after limb as the cloudburst continued. The limbs were falling everywhere as they continued to fire wildly.

Maxx hugged the treetop and readied the first stone. “If I’m lucky, those pilots won’t be able to see me through their fogged windshields.”

The four pilots hovered and fired blindly into the thick trees. They moved back and forth in the heavy rain as they fired. One pilot began to move closer to Maxx as he hugged the tree and hid in the branches.

“A little closer…closer,” he said as he readied the stone. He stayed low and waited patiently as he cocked his hulking arm with the stone in hand. “Closer…Closer.”

The unsuspecting pilot continued to move closer to the tree where Maxx was hiding. The pilot was continuously spinning around while searching for a better view of the ground. The pouring rain was cascading down the pilot’s windshield making it impossible for him to see.

He hovered to only feet away from where Maxx was waiting at the top of the giant, dense tree. The pouring rain was causing the Joq’s windshield to fog over as it flowed down the ship. The pilot continued to fire wildly as he hovered blindly only feet away from Maxx.

“Spin,” Maxx said quietly as he remained ready.

The pilot slowly spun the ship around as it hovered and fired at the ground in the pouring rain.

For a moment, Maxx could see a silhouette of the Joq pilot through the foggy, watery windshield. “That will have to do,” he said. He held the stone in his hand with his massive, muscular arm cocked ready. With all of his magical strength, he threw the six-inch diameter, metallic stone at the silhouette of the pilot’s face.

The fist-sized stone flew with magical accuracy. It broke through the foggy windshield and struck the Joq pilot in the face between his eyes. The heavy stone embedded deep in the Joq’s facial cranium. Blood splattered everywhere in the small spacecraft as the stone crushed the pilot’s face. Death was immediate. The saucer began flying out of control and flew speedily into another space craft that was hovering close by.

The midair crash was massive and the resulting explosion immense. Fire exploded in all directions. The small mushroom cloud was intense.

The two flaming space ships fell through the trees and crashed into the ground. Even though the downpour continued, the space ships burned with intensity. The flames were enormous.

“Wow! Did I ever get lucky,” Maxx said as he watched from the treetop while hiding. “Two ships with one throw.”

The two remaining pilots began flying speedily all around and firing wildly into the trees. Limbs were being hit by their plasma bullets and falling everywhere.

Maxx hid and waited as the downpour continued. “Those pilots don’t know what happened. They don’t see me. I hope I get lucky again,” he said as he pulled another stone from his Melá-Jutis suit pocket.

The two pilots flew back and forth in the rain as they continued firing wildly into the trees. Limbs continued to fall everywhere as they were burned off by the energy bullets. The marshy ground was being sprayed by their weapons. The plasma bullets were burning holes in the ground as they hit.

One pilot unknowingly moved straight for Maxx as he watched. The Joq pilot fired repeatedly and continued moving in his direction. The pouring rain was blurring that pilot’s windshield as he fired wildly.

Maxx remained tucked in the branches and leaves as he waited. His hulking arm was cocked and ready. He had another stone in his mighty fist. “Closer…Closer.”

The Joq pilot flew his spacecraft within feet of Maxx as he readied his hulking arm. The pilot spun around and faced Maxx as the rain clouded the window. The pilot continued to fire into the trees while being unaware that he was hovering only feet away from The Melá-Jutis.

Using all his Sesla given strength, Maxx threw the stone straight at the Joq’s face. The fist-sized metallic rock shattered the fogged windshield and struck the pilot in the neck. The zooming stone ripped through the fragile neck of the Joqzonion. The bloody head flew.

Blood splattered everywhere inside the small space craft as the head bounced into the rear of the ship with the deadly stone. The headless pilot jerked in his pilot seat with full body spasms as his blood streamed out of his ripped off, detached neck.

The dying pilot jerked with body spasms, as blood pumped rapidly out of his exposed neck veins. The ship flew rapidly straight for the ground and crashed. It immediately exploded and burst into flames. The flames and smoke from the explosion rose into the trees.

Maxx watched as the last pilot hovered back and forth over the burning ships as if bewildered. “That pilot still doesn’t know what’s happening. He doesn’t know I’m here,” he thought.

After several seconds of maneuvering in the air above the trees, the pilot suddenly flew his ship over the trees and out of sight.

Maxx watched with amazement from the treetop as the pilot zoomed away. “I guess that’s it,” he said as he shrugged his massive shoulders with pride. “That was easier than I thought. I guess The Melá-Jutis was too much for them.” He laughed loudly with a roar.

As he stood on the limb and gloated over his victory, four Joqzonion space ships flew with great speed toward him. As they closed in, they open fired. Plasma energy bullets hit all around Maxx.

“Aahhh!” he yelled. The bullets cut through the tree just below him. The top of the tree began to fall along with him. “Uuhhh!” he groaned as he leaped toward a neighboring tree as his perch fell.

He grabbed the branches and began tumbling toward the ground. He continued to grab more branches as they ripped from the tree. While gripping branch after branch, he quickly fell to the ground. “”Uuhhh!” he groaned as he landed hard in the muck.

The aliens continued to fire their plasma guns at him as he lay in the mud and shake his dizzy head. “Uuhhh!” he moaned. The energy bullets were hitting all around him and burning holes into the marshy ground.

His head quickly cleared. He said frantically, “I have to Run!” The rain was slowing as he jumped up and began running. He ran back and forth around trees and bushes while the plasma bullets were hitting the trees and the ground. His forest green and grey super-hero cape was flapping as he ran with super-speed. The Joq pilots pursued and continued firing at him from above the trees.

The rain was stopping as he ran with tremendous speed while constantly changing directions to avoid the plasma bullets. “I’ve got to find a way to bring down those four ships,” he said as he ran speedily.

As he ran, he saw a large group of tall, ancient, mineral stones. “Awesome! Just like in the desert. Their guns will be worthless against those stones. I need more rocks,” he said as he ran.

The Joqzonion pilots continued to fire their plasma guns from above the trees at him as he ran. Tree limbs were falling all around him. Deep burn holes were appearing where the plasma bullets hit the swampy ground.

As Maxx ran, he saw another stream. He said, “That’s what I’m looking for!” He ran to the small creek. Water splashed as he ran into the stream. He stopped in the middle of the flowing water. As the Joq pilots were pursuing and firing, he quickly picked up four fist-sized, heavy, metallic rocks. He stuffed them into his magical Melá-Jutis suit pockets.

The plasma bullets began hitting all around him. Water was splashing as the energy bullets affected the stream. I bullet missed his head by inches and made a big splash. He immediately flew into a rage. “I’ll make those Joqs pay!” With super-speed, he ran straight for the tall, ancient stone formation.

The Joq pilots continued to fire as they pursued him. Their lines of plasma bullets were just missing Maxx as he ran. He speeded toward the tall stones as tree limbs were falling all around him.

He speedily ran to the tall, colorful, layered, stone fortress and began to climb. As he climbed, the pilots continued shooting. Their bullets hit the majestic stones and left burn marks without doing any further damage.

Maxx climbed halfway up the formation to a cavern in the middle. The taller stones rose upward many more feet from there – thus giving him cover. He squatted in the small cavity and watched as the Joq pilots fired a stream of bullets at him. Some of the bullets hit the stone while only accomplishing minor damage. The majority of plasma bullets hit the marshy ground around the stone fortress while accomplishing even less.

“I’m glad those Joqs are lousy shots,” he said as he pulled a stone from his pocket and prepared to throw. “The next time I fight Joqs I’ll bring bazookas and grenades. Throwing stones and hanging on the side of these space ships is ridiculous,” he said as he readied the first stone.

The pilots hovered and fired from a greater distance. Their plasma bullets continued to do virtually no damage.

Maxx squatted and waited for a possible throw. “I need a rocket launcher. Instead, I’m throwing stones. This is Ridiculous!” he said as he threw the first seven-inch, heavy metallic stone with all his might. His magical Seslean powers proved true again as the large, heavy stone flew like a speedy, guided missile straight for the Joq’s face.

Without the heavy rain, the windshield was clear. The Joqzonion pilot saw the death stone the moment it left the hulking arm of The Melá-Jutis. As the small speeding asteroid zoomed toward the Joq’s face, he opened his eyes large and screamed. “Aahhh!”

The stone flew through the windshield while breaking a large hole. The pilot tried to move the saucer up quickly. The result was the small, zooming, heavy metallic asteroid struck the pilot in the neck. The force severed the pilots head. Blood flew throughout the small space ship as did glass and the stone. The pilot’s bloody head bounced to the rear of the spacecraft and oozed a puddle of red blood.

The quickly dying pilot slumped back in the cockpit. His body jerked with spasms as red blood streamed from the open wound in his neck. The detached head rolled around the small space ship and splattered blood as it rolled.

As the pilot died in his chair, the saucer flew into a large tree and crashed. The damaged spacecraft tumbled to the ground. Upon impact, the space craft interior burst into flames due to the advanced, unstable, plasma energy weapons systems. The explosion was immense. Fire and smoke rose into the trees. The flaming mushroom cloud advanced through the wet trees and into the wet lands sky before subsiding. The flames in the saucer continued.

“Wow! That was intense!” said Maxx proudly.

The other pilots had stopped firing. They hovered and watched as their comrade’s craft burned on the marshy ground.

Maxx watched with astonishment that he killed another Joq pilot and brought down another spacecraft with only a stone. “I can’t believe these rocks are so effective. I’m not sure I need bazookas or rockets.”

He crouched down in the crevice for protection as the pilots began firing wildly again. Their plasma energy bullets were spraying the stone fortress and the marsh around him.

Maxx removed another stone from his pocket as the remaining pilots fired violently in his direction. He said astonishingly, “Fighting space ships with stones is primitive but they seem to be working.” He cocked his hulking arm with the large, heavy stone firmly in his massive, powerful hand. He bobbed his head up and down for a quick look.

The pilots were keeping a greater distance between themselves and The Melá-Jutis as they fired their plasma bullets. The energy rounds were hitting the stones as he knelt in the crevice. Many were flying into the ground around the tall ancient stones and leaving burn marks wherever they hit.

“They’re staying farther away. I hope I can still hit the pilots,” he said as he prepared to throw. With all his magical strength, he threw the large, heavy stone at the windshield of the closest ship. The stone flew like a self-guided missile toward the pilot.

The Joq ship commander saw the stone zooming toward him. He began turning the ship with one hand while attempting to block the fast approaching asteroid with the other. The stone easily broke through the glass window. It zoomed past the Joq’s hand and crashed into the side of the pilot’s face before continuing and bouncing around the inside of the spacecraft. Blood flew as the stone crushed the side of the Joq’s face. He was immediately knocked unconscious by the impact as blood flowed and covered his face.

While he slumped in the seat unconscious, the spacecraft flew into another ship. The collision caused a massive explosion. The fireball was loud and intense. A large mushroom cloud engulfed the sky above the midair collision. The two flaming spacecrafts tumbled to the ground. Upon impact, both saucers crumbled into the marshy ground and continued to burn.

Maxx stood proudly in the crevice of the stone formation as he watched the three space- crafts burn. He turned to the last flying ship as the pilot hovered above the last two burning ships. The pilot was talking into his radio. “He’s radioing for backup!” Maxx declared angrily.

Seconds later, the pilot speeded away. He flew the spacecraft out of sight.

As Maxx watched, he said, “He’ll be back quickly with more space craft. It’s better to fight them right here. Out here in the wilderness, those Joqs can’t kill anyone but me. I won’t find a better place than this. I need more stones. I need to hurry.” He dropped his remaining stone in the crevice. With super-speed, he jumped to the ground and ran across the marshy terrain.

He ran around fallen trees and underbrush, and over small limbs and brush as he arrived back at the stream. “I need as many stones as I can carry,” he said. He put a stone in all of his Melá-Jutis suit pockets. Using his cape, he formed a pouch and filled it with a few stones as well. “I’m ready.”

While carrying his stones, he trotted across the marshy terrain toward the stone fortress. “I’ve got to hurry. Those Joqs will be back any minute,” he said as he jogged toward the tall stone formation.

Soon, he approached the stone columns. He heard the hum of Joqzonion space ships in the distance. “They’re back,” he said as he looked into the sky. “I need to hurry.” While carrying the rocks he began to climb the tall stone fortress again.

When the Joq pilots saw The Melá-Jutis in the open, some fired. Their plasma energy bullets ripped through the trees and landed all around Maxx as he climbed. “I’ve got to hurry!” he said as he climbed. He reached the opening and dropped the stones he was carrying in his cape—adding them to the previous ones. He stood in the crevice next to his extra ammunition and watched.

The pilots fired as they zoomed over him. Their plasma bullets hit the stone fortress and the surrounding area while leaving burn marks.

“Wow! There’s an entire squadron – maybe fifteen. That’s probably all the saucers left on Sesla that I haven’t destroyed,” he said as he removed a stone from his pocket. “I hope I have enough rocks.”

As Sesla’s mid-afternoon sun shone brightly in the marshland, Maxx readied his first stone as he watched the ships fly in a wide circle and speed back around. “I’m going to need a lot of help from Sesla to fight this many Joq ships,” he said as he watched the Joqzonion juggernaut speed toward him.

He watched as the Joq pilots slowed and began hovering above the trees. They immediately open fired. The energy bullets began hitting the stone column around him and the ground. They were making burn marks wherever they hit. The plasma bullets were rapid firing all around him.

“Aahhh!” he yelled as he was bombarded with plasma bullets. He crouched in the crevice and hid from the energy bullets as they landed all around him. The artillery was hitting and leaving burn marks in the stone fortress. He said frantically, “I’ve got to bring better weapons to fight these Joqs!” He knelt down behind the stone column and watched for a target as the plasma energy bullets here hitting all around him.

An aggressive Joq pilot flew dangerously close The Melá-Jutis as he fired his plasma weapons. “There!” Maxx said loudly. He jumped up for a second while the energy bullets were spraying all around. With his hulking arm, along with all of his magical strength and accuracy, he threw the large, heavy, metallic stone at the pilot’s face.

The Joq pilot screamed and immediately turned his spacecraft as he watched the small asteroid zoom toward his head. The magically guided rock shattered the windshield and continued toward the pilot’s face with incredible velocity. As the ship turned, glass flew into the spacecraft as the stone struck the pilot in the side of the head. Red blood splattered inside the ship as the stone crushed the side of the Joq’s cranium. The pilot was killed instantly.

The ship speeded out of control and crashed into another ship. The two spacecraft exploded in midair. The blast was large and loud. The resulting mushroom cloud was enormous. The two fireballs crashed to the ground as the remaining pilots watched with bewilderment.

In seconds, the pilots began firing at The Melá-Jutis again. Plasma bullets sprayed the stone columns. Burn marks were appearing everywhere on the stones.

Maxx grinned as he ducked into the opening. “That was Great!Two ships with one throw!” he said excitedly. “Let’s see if I can do that again.” He pulled another stone from his pocket.

The Joq pilots continued to hover and fire their plasma bullets. The bullets continued to spray the area and leave burn marks as Maxx hid. “Lucky for me those pilots can’t shoot straight down under their ships. If they could, I’d be dead already,” he said, as he stayed low in the crevice with the next stone ready.

Several of the pilots continued to hover closely to the tall stone gathering as they fired wildly. Their plasma energy bullets were hitting everywhere on and around the tall stones.

Maxx quickly raised his head and glanced before retreating into the safety. “There are lots of targets. I’ll have to be fast. I don’t want to get shot,” he said. With a stone in his massive hand and his powerful, hulking arm cocked, he rose upward so he could see. He quickly picked a target and fired!

The large stone flew like a magically guided missile toward the unsuspecting pilot as he continued to fire his plasma weapons. The pilot was completely unaware as the enchanted stone flew like a zooming asteroid and broke through the windshield.

As the pilot fired his plasma gun, the stone hit him in the face and embedded deep in his cranium. He clutched the gun controls as he began to spasm. He continued to full body jerk and fire as the ship spun out of control. The plasma bullets sprayed the other ships.

Two Joq space ships were hit be the plasma energy bullets. They burst into flames and crashed to the ground as the dying pilot flew his ship into a large tree. After crashing, the space ship tumbled to the ground and burst into flames. The ships exploded sending mushroom clouds into the trees as they burned.

The other Joq pilots ignored the burning ships and continued firing wildly at The Melá-Jutis as he hid in the crevice of the stone formation.

Maxx laughed loudly as he boasted, “That was Awesome! Three Joqs with one throw.” He removed a third stone from his Melá-Jutis suit pocket. “I hope I get that lucky again.” He stayed low in the crevice for protection as the pilots moved wildly around the stone fortress and fired continually. He stood quickly to pick another target. “There!” With all his Sesla given strength, he launched the stone toward the pilot.

The large stone rocketed toward the windshield. Before the pilot could react, the rock shattered the glass and embedded in the pilot’s face. Joq blood splattered as the pilot died instantly. The ship began to fly out of control and flew straight into a tree. It collided hard with the trunk and crashed to the ground without bursting into flames.

Maxx watched from the safety of his hiding place as the saucer crashed into the tree and tumbled to the ground. “It didn’t catch fire but it’s completely destroyed,” he thought.

The Joq pilots ignored their crashing comrade and continued to fire at The Melá-Jutis.

Plasma bullets were hitting all around him as he reached into his pocket for another stone. “This is the last one from my pockets. Next I’ll use my reserves,” he thought. The remaining stones were next to his feet where he had previously placed them.

He crouched in the crevice and readied another stone as the pilots fired wildly. The Joqs were flying back and forth defensively as they continued to shoot as fast as their plasma guns would fire. “I don’t see how they’re avoiding hitting each other,” he said as waited for another target. “They’re flying like crazy, mad pilots.”

As he watched and waited, he thought, “None of them are very far away. I can probably just pick one.” He stood for second and looked at the saucers before hiding again. “That one will do,” he said. With the large stone in his mighty hand, he cocked his hulking arm. He jumped up and looked at the Joq pilot through his glass windshield. He fired!

The Joq pilot saw the stone as it zoomed toward him. As he fired his guns, he jerked the controls to avoid the speeding meteor. His ship turned as the stone bounced harmlessly off the hull. As he turned, he shot two of his fellow comrades ships numerous times. The ships immediately burst into flames and flew into trees before crashing to the ground. Upon impact, the ships exploded. A large fireball and mushroom cloud resulted from both as they burned.

“Awesome!” he said loudly as he crouched low in the pocket. “Two ships with one stone again. Only seven ships to go. They’re all coming down! I’ll teach them to mess with Sesla and The Melá-Jutis!”

He reached to the floor of the cavity and grabbed another stone. He watched as the pilots flew the ships back and forth in a jerk-like pattern while firing. He said, “That back and forth flying won’t help them. With Sesla’s help, I’m having no trouble hitting a moving target.” He drew back his hulking arm and rose up quickly. He picked out a target and fired!

The Joq pilots all saw The Melá-Jutis as he threw another stone. They flew clear of the stone and continued firing – all except the pilot that was the target. The large stone sailed through the windshield and struck that pilot in the neck as he was shooting. The heavy stone easily detached the Joq’s head from his very thin, fragile torso. His bloody, severed head flew off and bounced around the inside of the spacecraft – leaving splattered blood wherever it rolled. His blood splattered from the open, gushing wound in his neck. His dying spasms caused him to jerk the controls and fire repeatedly at two other Joq ships. He shot the two ships numerous times with his energy plasma bullets very quickly before bleeding out and dying in his seat.

The two ships burst into flames in midair and crash-landed. The resulting explosions were immense. The mushroom clouds rolled into the treetops.

With a beheaded and now dead pilot, the spacecraft flew into the ground and exploded upon impact. The final four pilots continued their assault on The Melá-Jutis as the ships burned.

Maxx crouched down in the pocket as the Joq pilots flew wildly all around. They fired violently as they flew back and forth while keeping their altitude level. Due to their Mad fly pattern they were missing the tall stone formation with almost every shot. The plasma bullets were hitting the marshy ground doing virtually no damage.

He reached down to pick up another stone. “There’s only three left. I need to take out two Joqs with one,” he said as he readied the large, metallic rock.

The four pilots were flying farther away as they fired. Most of their bullets were missing the stone column and going into the trees. Branches were being severed by the plasma bullets and falling to the forest floor.

With a stone in his large, powerful hand, he raised up quickly. “I can’t miss,” he said as he drew back his massive, muscular arm. With all his strength, he threw the large stone. It zoomed like a self-guided missile into the windshield of the spacecraft that was flying many meters away.

The quick thinking pilot turned the craft as the small asteroid broke through the windshield. The stone missed the pilot but struck the controls for the ship. The pilot frantically tried to regain ships control as the craft flew into the base of the stone formation. The ship burst into flames only a few meters below Maxx.

“That was close,” he said as he looked down and saw the ship burning with the pilot inside. The three remaining pilots continued to fire wildly from a distance.

He knelt down and grabbed another stone as the plasma bullets continued to hit all around him. He thought, “Those pilots are terrible shots. Most of their bullets are missing my fortress completely.” He paused briefly with the stone in his gigantic hand. He jumped up quickly. As he cocked his hulking arm, he watched for a target. The ships were flying at an even greater distance. When he saw the pilot through the windshield, he said, “That will have to do!”

With a mighty throw, he sent the small meteor sailing toward the pilot. The Joq pilots were anticipating more stones. They all quickly scattered as Maxx threw. The stone bounced off the hull of the ship. “Oh no! There’s only one rock left!” he said while in a sudden panic.

He reached down and grabbed the last stone as the ships fired from a safer distance. Their plasma bullets were hitting an even wider path. Most were missing the target. “They’re expecting this. After I throw, I need to run into the dense trees. Here goes!” he said. He jumped up and fired at the closest pilot!

As the asteroid zoomed through the air toward the pilot, with super-speed he jumped down the stone fortress. He jumped over the burning spacecraft and onto the marshy ground.

The pilots all swung wildly to avoid the stone and shooting each other. When they saw The Melá-Jutis in the open, they opened fired.

Maxx speeded into the dense forest as the three Joqzonion pilots flew above the trees. They continued to shoot wildly through the trees where they thought The Melá-Jutis might be. Tree limbs were falling as they were severed by the energy bullets.

With magical speed, Maxx ran through and around the thick undergrowth. The Joqs were firing a distance away into the trees from above. “Those Joqs don’t know where I am. I’ll use that to my advantage and take them out!” he said as he ran.

Soon, he found another stream. Water splashed as he ran into the flowing water. Maxx quickly found several fist-sized, heavy, very colorful stones. He filled his pockets. With another rock in his hand, he ran toward a tall tree as the Joq pilots continued to fire their plasma guns. They were firing wildly around the entire area.

“Those pilots are hoping for a lucky shot,” he said as he climbed the tree. He reached the top and hide in the thick foliage. He thought as he watched the pilot’s fire recklessly into the trees, “They still don’t know where I am.”

He waited and watched as the remaining pilots moved back and forth at tree top level while firing at anything that moved. Many of the bullets were fired at falling branches due to previous shots.

With a stone in his large, powerful fist, he kept hidden in the top of the giant tree and waited. “This will be a long shot. I hope it works,” he said as he watched.

Soon a pilot moved in his direction while shooting wildly into the trees. The ship moved closer as the pilot maneuvered and fired.

“I may not get a better shot,” he said as he cocked his mighty arm. He let the stonefly!

The small metallic missile zoomed toward the unsuspecting pilot. The pilot continued to shoot into the trees as the stone broke through the windshield. It struck him in his tiny, fragile chest. The stone bounced off but not before crushing several ribs and causing cardiac arrest. The pilot went into shock as he struggled for breath and consciousness. He stopped firing and lost control of his spacecraft as he went into heart failure.

One of the pilots saw The Melá-Jutis as he threw the stone. He zoomed toward Maxx while firing. The third pilot followed his comrade and began firing at Maxx as well.

The dying pilot flew his ship into a small tree and crashed to the ground as the last two double teamed Maxx. The space ship exploded and burst into flames with a small mushroom cloud. The remaining pilots attacked The Melá-Jutis.

They fired straight at Maxx. “Aahhh!” he yelled as the trunk of the tree just below him suffered a direct hit. As he began to fall, with a mighty leap, he jumped into another tree. He grabbed onto branch after branch as they broke sending him tumbling to the ground. “Uuhhh!” he groaned as he hit the marshy ground hard.

The pilots continued to shoot their plasma energy bullets from above him. “Move Maxx!” he shouted. He jumped up and began to run as the energy bullets continued. “Under those trees! They’ll never see me in there,” he said as he ran with tremendous speed toward the dense, tall, cover.

The ships lost sight of him as he entered the thick area of the forest. They began firing wildly again. Limbs began to fall as the plasma bullets burned through them.

He stopped running and watched the saucers above the trees. “I don’t want to go very far. I need a closer throw. This tree will work for another shot,” he said. He began to climb.

The space ships were only a short distance away as he slowly and quietly climbed without being noticed. “They’re watching for me. I’ll have to be fast and smart,” he said. He climbed and stopped before reaching the top. “They’ll see me if I go higher. I’ll wait here for a good throw.”

He hid in the branches and grabbed a stone from his pocket. He thought, “The swamp green colors of my magical suit will make for the perfect cover in these trees. If I’m still they won’t see me.”

As he hid and waited, the two Joq pilots flew around the tops of the trees and continued to shoot violently into the trees. They were hitting and detaching limb after limb as they hoped for a lucky shot.

Maxx said, “They’re closer now than before. I better take a shot.” He readied the stone. As the pilots hovered and fired crazily into the trees, Maxx drew back his massive, hulking arm. “There!” he said as he saw the pilot clearly through the windshield. With a mighty throw, he launched the heavy, metallic stone. It zoomed with magical accuracy straight toward the unknowing pilot as he continued firing.

Maxx watched as the pilot looked at the ground as the stone impacted his windshield. The pilot flinched back as the glass broke and the stone struck him in the face.

“Direct hit!” said Maxx loudly and proudly as he stood on the tree limb exposing himself.

Blood splattered as the stone crushed the pilots face before bouncing into the interior of the ship. The Joq pilot died quickly as his red blood oozed down his tiny body. The ship flew out of control into the trees as the last pilot watched.

Upon tumbling to the ground, the spacecraft burst into flames due to the plasma weapons exploding. The explosion was large and loud. An enormous mushroom cloud rose above the ship as it burned.

“Wow! That was a big explosion!” Maxx said triumphantly as he watched from the top of the trees. “Can I ever throw a stone? Who would believe I took out so many ships with rocks?”

The remaining pilot saw The Melá-Jutis as he gloated with animation. He speeded toward Maxx as he open fired. The Joq pilot attempted to ram The Melá-Jutis while shooting.

“Aahhh!” yelled Maxx as the zooming saucer came straight for him. “Jump!” he yelled as he leaped from the branch and clung to the side of the Joqzonion space ship. The weight of Maxx’s enormous, hulking body was more than the spacecraft could manage. With Maxx hanging on, the ship spiraled rapidly downward. It spun out of control and flew through the trees toward the marshy ground.

Just before impact, Maxx released his grip and dropped to the ground. He looked up as the ship was plummeting straight for him. “Move!” he yelled. He rolled quickly as the space craft landed only feet away while spinning. The pilot immediately tried to go airborne again as he grinned at Maxx through the windshield.

“Oh no you don’t!” Maxx said loudly as he quickly pulled the last stone from his pocket. With super-speed, he threw the stone at the pilot. The stone crashed through the windshield and struck the pilot in the chest. As the pilot gasped for breath, Maxx launched at the spacecraft. He pulled the Joq out through the large hole in the windshield. He threw the pilot against a close tree. “Crack!” The Joq’s fragile bones cracked upon impact.

Maxx fell back down on his posterior as he sighed deeply. He said, “That’s the last of them. I hope I never have to do that again.” He sat and looked around the dense forest as he said, “Those ships are scattered everywhere. They’ll be of no use to the Joqs. I need to disable this one before I go back.”

He slowly stood and began looking for something to use to take the ship out of commission. “That will work,” he said as he walked toward a large branch that was severed by the Joq’s plasma bullets. He picked up the club-like tree limb and walked back to the spacecraft. Using the tree branch like a club, he began to pound on the ship angrily and without mercy.

A few powerful hits and the top were crushed. Maxx continued to pound with a fury. Before long, the interior of the spacecraft was completely destroyed. “Those plasma bullets did some good after all. They provided this club,” he said in his rage. He left the tree branch lying in the destroyed ship.

“It’s time to find the Phoenix. It shouldn’t be too far away. I hope it didn’t get shot,” he said as he walked away. He began to trot as he made his way through the wet lands forest. He jumped over tree after tree and around bushes and thickets.

He ran through another active stream as the water splashed. “I’m glad I don’t need more stones. That was enough fighting for one trip. I’m exhausted. I need sleep,” he said as he jogged under the dense trees of the forest.

Maxx trotted into another stream. Water splashed as he ran out the other bank. He continued to jog in the direction of where he hid the Phoenix. As he ran, he felt movement ahead. He stopped. “Who would be out here in the marshland?” he asked.

He paused to use his magical sea doxer sonar to feel for more vibrations. As he stood, gunshots rang out. Bullets zoomed past him. “It’s those same Joqs!” With blazing speed, he ran as the gunfire continued.

While speeding through the forest, the gunfire continued. Bullets zoomed through the trees. Suddenly, as he ran, he saw a Joqzonion running with an automatic rifle. “There’s a Joq!” he said as he ran. “I going to take him out!” Maxx rocketed around trees and hurtled bushes as he quickly closed in on the fleeing Joq.

The alien tried to quickly load his gun and get a clear shot as Maxx approached. As the invader tried to load his weapon, Maxx leaped over a large bush and landed in front of the terrified Joqzonion. With a mighty kick, Maxx sent the Joq flying into a tree. “Uuhhh!” groaned the Joq as the kick was delivered. Maxx closed in. With a mighty punch, he sent the Joq tumbling into a thicket with a broken neck. The alien tumbled to the ground. Its head lay still attached but sideways from the torso.

“That takes care of one. I know there’s more,” he said as he looked around and felt for vibrations. Another gunshot sounded. He heard the bullet as it zoomed past. “Those Joqs are lousy shots.” He ran with super-speed in the direction of the sound.

As he ran, he saw a Joq running behind a tree. “There he is!” he said as he pursued the gunshot. The Joq tried to hide behind a tree and shoot The Melá-Jutis.

Maxx twisted and turned as he rocketed through the forest while closing in on the panicking alien. Before the Joq could fire, he leaped and grabbed the rifle. Maxx yanked it out of the weak hands of the invader and broke it on the tree. “Aahhh!” screamed the Joq with terror as Maxx delivered a deathblow with his mighty fist to the side of the alien’s face.

The alien tumbled to the forest floor with a broken jaw and neck. Blood oozed from his mouth, as he lay dead.

“That can’t be all of them,” he said as he felt for more vibrations. “I feel movement! There’s one more.” With tremendous speed, he raced through the forest. In seconds, he closed in on the fleeing alien. He said, “There he is!”

As the Joq ran around a large tree, Maxx met him face to face. “Aahhh!” the Joq screamed as Maxx grinned. He quickly delivered a mighty punch to the Joq’s head that nearly severed his cranium. The dead alien tumbled to the ground with his head flopping. Blood oozed from the aliens mouth, as he lay dead on the forest floor.

Maxx quickly felt for more vibrations. “I don’t feel anything. Hopefully that was all of them,” he said. He began trotting in the direction of the Phoenix.

As he ran, the exhaustion began to grab him again. He started to yawn as he trotted. “I have to stay awake. I have a long way to go before I’m back in Bedsult,” he said as he jogged.

He trotted around trees and over logs as he searched for his jeep. He continued to yawn as he ran. “There’s a stream. I think my jeep’s just ahead,” he said as he ran. Water splashed as he jogged through the live stream and onto the other side.

Before long as he ran, he saw the outline of the Phoenix in the thicket. “There it is. I hope those Joqs didn’t shoot it,” he said as he hurried toward the thick, green, under-brush.

He fought his way through the vines and brush to his jeep. He flew into a rage when he saw the multitude of bullet holes in the sides. “Those Joqs shot more holes in my jeep!” He fumed. “I hope it runs,” he said as he moved under-brush and vines while climbing in. “I think I left the key in the ignition,” he said.

Maxx reached for the key and turned it. “Rrrmmm!...Rrmm!...Rrrmmm!” The motor started immediately. He spun the tires. As mud flew, he backed the jeep out of the mass of clingy under-brush. He jumped out to check the damage. He gritted his teeth as he continued to rage. “Those Joqs shot the Phoenix full of holes!” he said loudly as his anger raged. “At least it still runs.”

Maxx jumped back in and put the jeep in forward. He gunned the motor. “Arm!” Mud and leaves flew as he drove back along his previous tracks.

He hurried through the forest as he started to yawn. “That two-track shouldn’t be too far ahead,” he said. He continued to drive around trees and large bushes while driving over limbs and small brush as he made his way through the wet lands forest.

He drove into a stream. Water splashed as he drove through it and out the other side. He drove over a group of small bushes with vines and around numerous fallen trees.

Soon, as he continued to follow his previous tracks, he arrived at the two-track. “There’s the swamp road,” he said as he accelerated. He drove up the small embankment on the side of the road and went airborne. He landed on the small two-track swamp road and spun the tries. Mud flew as he drove toward the wet lands village.

Due to the rain, the swampy two-track was even muddier as he speeded toward the small town. The Phoenix slung a lot of mud as he continued along the muddy swamp road.

After driving a few miles on the muddy, swampy two-track, the road began to improve. “I’m almost there,” he said as the foliage began to give way to civilization.

The road continued to improve as he drove closer to the village.

He drove around a long bend. When the road straightened, there was his trailer. He said gladly, “There’s my trailer.” He drove closer. “And there’s the town.”

Maxx drove the Phoenix around to the trailer hookup. He jumped out and walked to the front of the trailer. “I don’t see any more damage. Let’s get you hooked up,” he said to his plasma shot and burned convertible and trailer.

He grabbed the trailer and pulled it to the rear of the Phoenix. After putting the connection in place, he locked it. “That’ll do. Let’s go home,” he said exhaustedly.

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