Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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Inside Thrug’s ship, the gun crews fired on the Triton relentlessly as they yelled, hooter or hollered with excitement. A large, gargoyle like, man walked along the walkway behind the gun turrets as he observed their firing and reloading while also yelling, “Come on you slime dogs and cats! Show them the wrath of the Brotherhood!” They continued to yell with excitement, even as their shots never penetrated the Triton’s shields, when one by one they watched as large red bolts of light flew straight at them and either disintegrated in the small fireball explosions or screamed/yelled as they were hit and either laid or rolled against the wall or on the metal walkway deck with yellow blood decorating their torn clothing and bodies. The large man held onto the walkway with one hand while holding onto the wall with the other as the ship shook and heat and flames spewed closely around him as the handful of gun turrets (that he was in charge of) exploded, followed by the screams of dying gun crews before looking up and seeing the horror surrounding him. He looked dismayed by the destruction he is seeing and he spoke to himself, “How? Why? This can’t happen!” On the bridge Thrug held onto his seat as the ship shook and explosions echoed outside the bridge as multiple electrical systems sparked, showering most of the bridge with a mixture of white and yellow lights as two crewmen screamed as they caught on fire and rolled around the deck, while the others covered their faces from the sparks, till two crewmen got up and extinguished the flames both on their comrades and their stations. The shaking and explosions stopped and Thrug yelled, “Re..” There was a sound of multiple large explosions (combined into one) and the bridge shook violently to the extent that Thrug’s large form was nearly throttled from his chair and when the bridge stopped shaking from the large explosion Thrug asked again, louder, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” One of his crewmen called out in reply, “Sir, weapons systems are offline or destroyed and are main engines are gone!” Thrug turned to the crewman that spoke and asked angrily, “Gone? What do you mean gone?”

On the bridge of the Triton, Lord Valkyrie stood as he watched the Triton’s main side batteries destroy all the gun turrets and weapons on Thrug’s ship, that were firing at them, and destroy his engines. When the firing ceased Lord Valkyrie spoke with demanding calm, “I will not ask again, Thrug.” Thrug’s response came swiftly, “YOU WILL DIE! DO YOU HEAR ME? BY THE NAME OF THE BROTHERHOOD YOU WILL...” Lord Valkyrie cut him off as he glanced at Captain Kovak’s direction and asked, “Captain Kovak, see if his entire crew shares his same enthusiasm.” Captain Kovak answered, “Yes my lord!” And Kovak turned his attention to the right control pit and relayed Lord Valkyrie’s request as Lord Valkyrie asked, not aloud, “Captain Cruz, where is Gala? I have not seen her for quite sometime.” Captain Cruz kept from shifting her head (as she glanced at Lord Valkyrie) before she replied, “Sir, Gala is on her way back to Inchinn onboard the transport ship Ventress my lord.” Lord Valkyrie did not move, as he continued to look onward, as Cruz continued, “She refused to transfer with us and wished to be away from you for awhile.” Lord Valkyrie looked in Cruz’s direction and asked, “Did she say what she will do in the meantime?” Cruz replied, “She said she is looking for something related to music or a recording studio to keep her busy.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Odd. She never said anything about liking music, when I was with her.” Captain Kovak snapped to attention and spoke aloud, “My lord, we have detected some of the crew do not share the same enthusiasm with Captain Thrug!” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Do you have their locations?” Kovak replied, “Yes my lord!” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Target all areas on the ship that won’t harm those that disagree with Captain Thrug and prepare a boarding party.” Kovak looked nervous, at first, but quickly covered his surprise and spoke, “Sir, unfortunately that would not be possible at their current locations, due to the instability and makeshift architecture and structure of their ship.” Lord Valkyrie made a short, low grunt as he crossed his arms over his chest and replied, “Very well captain. Tie my comms to the rest of the ship. I will take it from here.” Kovak opened his mouth but stopped himself, for a few moments, before he changed his curious expression to that of an officer following orders and replied, “Yes my lord.” And he took a step back and nodded to to communications station, and the officer in charge pressed a single button as Lord Valkyrie spoke to Captain Thrug and their audio communique is heard throughout the Triton, “Captain Thrug, you have defied my hospitality. Even though your extensive criminal record stretches over ten star sectors and any other person would rather see you dead or worse rather than be polite or merciful as I have done the latter.” Captain Thrug spoke, “Your long speeches are beginning to bore me, Lord shit bag.” No normal person could have heard it, but Lord Valkyrie heard some stifled laughs in the background following Captain Thrug’s reply as some members of the crew, of the Triton, either shifted in their seats (uncomfortably) or looked on with firm gazes or anger and after a few moments Lord Valkyrie stated, “Captain Thrug.” Thrug asked (as if trying to hold back from laughing), “Yes Lord Shit bag?” Valkyrie blatantly, but firmly, stated, “Meet your Reaper.” And there was silence over at Thrug’s side and the crew of the Triton continued to follow their duties, even though they wondered why it is eerily quiet on the loudspeakers, when the silence was pierced by a dull rasping noise and grew as they heard more rasping noises till they changed into choking sounds, mixed with muffled cries of pain and the crew stopped their duties as they listened in and knew what is happening over at Thrug’s ship. Lord Valkyrie stood with his arms crossed and continued to look straight at Thrug’s ship, as if the ship itself is taking all of his attention, all the while the sounds of choking and ear splitting screams surrounded him, as he looked on towards Thrug’s dying ship.

A young, black haired boy yelled in delight as he chased a young blond haired girl around the flower garden, both of them with wooden swords, as the young girl giggled. Lord Serenity sat in a lawn chair in his chalk white loose clothing while Chloe sat next to him, each holding each other’s hands and smiling as they watched Adam play with his sister Serena and Chloe said, “It’s so good watching are children play when we are around. Better than with your younger, selfish self.” Serenity kissed her hand and said, “Don’t worry. Eventually he will come around, or else he will die alone.” Chloe looked at him puzzled and asked, “How do you know he survived? No one can survive with the wounds I gave him, let alone survive as the ship broke up in reentry.” Serenity answered, “I know because I had survived worst, and I can feel him. I went through the depression I know he is going through and believe me, it is not pleasant. He will be forced to make a choice to either give up and stay with you and the children and have his own rule or take his own life.” Chloe looked worried and asked, “What if he decides to stay with us? Wouldn’t that create a paradox of having the two of you live close together?” Serenity answered, “Who said anything about living together?” They both looked at each other, with Chloe still confused and Serenity smiling and then Chloe smiled, stroked his cheek and they both leaned over to kiss when both Adam and Serena screamed, jumped on Chloe’s lap and both Serenity and Chloe laughed, but Serenity’s laughed stopped Adam from laughing and smiling and stared at Serenity with a look of caution as Chloe said (while laughing), “Okay children, settle down!” She tickled Serena and made her laugh even more and dropped her wooden sword and then Chloe took notice of Adam staring down at Serenity (now smirking at Adam) and Chloe spoke at Adam with a stern voice, “Adam! Show your father respect!” Adam turned to his mother and stated, “He is not my father.” Suddenly Chloe slapped him across the face and said, “How dare you talk about him that way! Michael rather hop around the galaxy than spend time with you and your sister!” Adam teared up as he touched his redden left cheek, but did not cry as he spoke aloud “He cared about everyone mother! I rather see him running around helping everyone rather than being a murder and force….” Chloe raised her hand again but Serenity blocked her as he grabbed Adam and hugged his back to his chest and said, “Now, now, let’s settle down. This is your first time seeing me with your mother and I can understand why you and your sister looked worried when you first saw me when your mother introduced us.” Chloe dropped her hand but still glared at Adam as Adam remained motionless on Serenity’s lap, still staring at his mother, as Serenity continued, “Adam.” Adam looked at Serenity as Serenity looked at him before he continued, “You will feel that way about your other father for now, but if I wasn’t here, in a few years from now you will feel different. When you graduate grade school you will notice he won’t be there and you will not change. When you graduate middle school he will not be there and you will still feel the same. When you graduate high school you will become skeptical as he will miss that too. Then when you begin living on your own and get a taste of reality of living by yourself you will change your mind and will hate him for missing you and your sister growing up.” Adam broke eye contact and looked down as Serenity kept talking, “That is why I came here from the future to change that. I will never miss a day seeing you and your sister growing up while helping others at the same time and if they don’t like that, then I will straighten them out without ever leaving you both.” Adam continue to sit in silence and Chloe said, “Adam, now do you understand? You and Serena need your father more than those other people. Please. Love him.” There was only silence for around a minute when Adam replied (somberly), “Okay.” And he hugged Serenity and both Serenity, Chloe and Serena smiled as Serenity hugged his son (not seeing Adam’s face that frowned behind Serenity’s back).

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