Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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Thrug stifled a laugh as he asked, “Yes Lord Shit bag?” Lord Valkyrie stated firmly, “Meet your Reaper.” Thrug looked around with a puzzled expression and noticed his bridge crew looked at him the same, as they thought Lord Valkyrie must be crazy, and Thrug turned back to the main viewer and opened his mouth, only for no sound to come out. Thrug touched his throat as he felt an odd sensation and looked even more puzzled as to why he can’t speak when the strange sensation changed from being tingling to a that of an invisible force forcing his throat to close and Thrug looked on with wide eyed terror as he grasped around his throat to try and stop to whatever is choking him, fruitlessly. The crew on the bridge and throughout the ship felt the same sensation as Thrug and eventually their eyes bulged wide open, in terror, as they made choking or gasping sounds while some random crew members (who are not affected) looked on in terror and stood back from their choking comrades as if they were infected with a virus. Thrug’s face turned from its natural color to bright red and eventually purple as he made repeated choking (painful) sounds as his eyes bulged to the point where they could pop out of his head. Thrug was lifted off his feet and dangled in the air as he continued to grasp his throat that grew smaller and smaller (as if an invisible person is choking him). Thrug is not the only one as everyone on the bridge (except the communications officer as she stumbled off her seat and sat on the floor) is suffering the same symptoms when one of the crew member’s screamed in agony and was cut short when there was a popping sound (like a cork from a wine bottle) and the crew member’s head flew off from his body and dropped to the deck with a “plop” sound before his body collapsed onto the floor. Thrug’s face and head turned bright purple and his eyes are on the verge of popping out when he finally forced an ear splitting scream before his head exploded and his lifeless (headless) corpse fell onto his chair and sat in its seat perfectly. The communication’s officer screamed as she looked with wide eye terror and sweat running down her orange forehead as she squeezed each side of her temples with her hands (as she could not believe what she is seeing). The helmsman’s head turned to his left and continued to turn as he screamed the top of his lungs as his head continued to twist beyond a 90 degree angle. The communication’s officer crawled backwards but was quickly stopped as her back struck the bottom wall panel below her console and she watched in terror as she heard the growing crackling sounds of the helmsman’s neck breaking (as his head turned slowly) till it turned 180 and there was a sudden, quick, sharp snap sound as the helmsman’s neck finally broke and he dropped and flopped off his console like a dead fish bouncing on a tiled floor. The weapon’s officer held both sides of her head as she screamed till her head exploded like a water balloon and the rest of the choking/screaming bridge crew, in secession, had their necks snapped or heads popped off (like corks from wine bottles) or exploded all the while the communication’s officer stifled her cries, as she watched in horror, as she bit down so hard on her right hand that it bleed as she nearly bit down to the bone. Throughout Thrug’s ship, the crewmen that are dangling in the air screamed in agony as their heads exploded and the crew of the Triton listened to their screams and cries of agony as they heard exploding, popping and neck snapping sounds. Some members of the bridge crew glanced at Lord Valkyrie, as he stood with his arms crossed over his chest and his red eyes glaring straight at Thrug’s ship as the cries of death and agony began to quiet down till eventually all is silent. Lord Valkyrie turned around and headed towards the turbo lift, with Captain Cruz following behind, as he ordered, “Captain Kovak, prepare a boarding party.” Kovak bowed and replied, “Yes Lord Valkyrie!” And he turned away as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz entered the turbo lift and the doors closed.

Silence engulfed the inside of Thrug’s ship, with the exception of muffled cries as some the frightened crew still cowered in fear and terror, till it broke when there are sounds of locking and shifting gears. The door dropped and made a loud “Bang” sound to reveal Lord Valkyrie standing right behind it and the stormtroopers charged out. What they saw took some of them by surprise as they witnessed the carnage Lord Valkyrie unleashed on Thrug’s crew. A Scan Trooper, wearing yellow armor, walked up and looked either side of the hallways before turning back to Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz and stated, “My lord, I sense four life signs throughout the ship. One of them is on the bridge.” Lord Valkyrie said, “The bridge is where we will head. Captain Cruz.” Cruz stood at attention and asked, “Yes my lord?” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Have the rest of the boarding party search for the remaining crew and escort them off with care. As you can see, they have been through a traumatic experience.” Captain Cruz stiffened as she replied, “Yes my lord!” And they parted ways with Lord Valkyrie and half of the boarding party going down the left hallway while Captain Cruz took the other half and went down the right.

The access door on the bridge opened and Lord Valkyrie stepped through and looked at the carnage he left as he had killed the majority of the crew. The stormtroopers dispersed around him as they secured the bridge till they heard a woman scream and a stormtrooper stepped back, with his rifle aimed at the screaming woman, and he called out, “Sir!” Lord Valkyrie approached and saw the communications officer’s terrified expression as she looked at his snake eyes. Lord Valkyrie bent down, outstretched his right hand to the terrified woman (as she cringed back to the wall panel beneath her console in an attempt to back further but was futile) and said, “It is all right my dear, you are safe.” The woman refused to take his gloved hand and Lord Valkyrie spoke calmly, “If I wanted to kill you I would have killed you along with Thrug and his thugs. Instead, I sensed your desire not to be part of Thrug’s scheme and this so called Rogue Brotherhood.” The woman looked a little confused and is not as afraid as she was before as Lord Valkyrie continued, “I know you have come from a star system that is peaceful till this brotherhood came along, plundered your home world and drafted you to join them till death. In the name of The Order, we are here to annihilate any organization that tolerates this evil and restore isolation and peace throughout the galaxy.” He stretched his hand further towards her and says, “Now, please, take my hand and join us on our crusade.” The woman looked at his black gloved hand and still refused to take his hand when (as if on instinct) she reached out and touched his hand. The stormtroopers, closest to them, reached to pull the communications officer up, but Lord Valkyrie ignored them and helped the woman up himself and he asked, “What’s your name?” The woman hesitated at first but replied, “I’m.....I’m Cora Nom.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Cora Nom, I am Lord Valkyrie, leader of The Order. Will you aid us on locating their home planet and yours, so my soldiers can liberate it?” Captain Cruz entered the bridge, as Cora was about to speak, and Cora stopped herself as Cruz approached Lord Valkyrie from behind and she stated, “My lord, all survivors have been retrieved and are being escorted back to the transport.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Very good captain, we are leaving.” Captain Cruz about faced and led the way out the bridge, with the stormtroopers and Lord Valkyrie escorting the nervous Cora out.

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