Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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Lord Valkyrie exited the darkness and before him laid rows and rows of Tie Fighters and their pilots standing at attention before The Podium as Lord Valkyrie stopped at the head with Captain Cruz, Grand Commandant Cravage and Supreme Director McQuarrie flanking his rear left while Supreme Leader Cassel Depkun and Chancellor Karma Zebu flank his rear right. Lord Valkyrie’s deep voice boomed in the air, as he spoke into the microphone, “Since the end of the New Republic the galaxy has been divided by various organizations, republics, protectorates, territories or systems that have their own rules with the one unifying principle of personal freedoms. Till now. For about two decades there was a war that each side created clones to fight for them, rather than volunteer or draft to fight the war themselves and sat on the side lines as clones, have fought for others beliefs. As a result this lead to many wars to last almost without end till either they are wiped out or are merely bored and casted aside their clones like garbage and gave them NO recognition. Many of you served during the Colony Wars for the Zarn Protectorate against the Federation Alliance till the wars ended and resulted with the Zarn Protectorate being allowed to relocate and your brothers and sisters either were terminated or forced to serve as slaves till they dropped dead.” Cassel and Karma stood ridged at his last comment and saw some of the pilots glancing at them as they held their helmets while Lord Valkyrie continued, “Your brothers and sisters endured much since, and ended when I appeared. When your brothers and sisters, led by Captain Miranda Cruz, saved me I have made a promise to all of you! And that is to create clones like yourselves and serve a purpose till your death or you have done enough and deserve to spend the rest of your lives in peace! And that purpose is this: To end ALL alliances and empires within and beyond our known galaxy that deny freedoms of the individual! The Order will not conquer systems or planets for conquest, but to liberate these systems and establish bases and checkpoints on planets or asteroids that do not contain life or are uninhabited! On this journey we will deal with two of the most corrupt systems in the galaxy! The Zhargosia Republic and the United Star Systems! The Zhargosians have allowed themselves to be continually terrorized by Lord Serenity and have allowed him to become the leader of the Republic and rule supreme! Instead of stopping Lord Serenity with his empty threats they continued to cower and obey everything he demands with fear that he MIGHT inflict harm but does not! They hunted me down because I look like him and fear what I might become! My wife turned on me for my future self’s greed! The United Star Systems did nothing, even as they were threatened by the Zhargoisans!” He then yelled, “FROM THIS WORLD, YOU SHALL SHOW THOSE COWARDS WHAT YOU ARE AND DELIVER THEIR PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR CRIMES! THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF COWARDS WILL END BY THE ORDER, AND WILL REMEMBER THIS! AS THE LAST DAY OF DISORDER!” Suddenly the graduating pilots saluted and a large spearhead shaped ship arose far behind The Podium and as Michael and the others looked back (with Supreme Director McQuarrie smirking) they saw it is an Executer Super Star Destroyer revealing a name along the bottom, banked body of the port side of the ship, “OSS VALKYRIE” Lord Valkyrie saluted back with Karma and Cassel gave nervous smiles to what they are witnessing before them while Captain Cruz stood at attention, with her rifle crossed over her chest, and looked on upon the first unified graduating class of Tie Fighter pilots.

Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the other three that stood behind him, walked off the podium before Lord Valkyrie stopped, turned to Cassel Depkun and Karma Zebu and asked, “Supreme Leader and Chancellor, what are your thoughts?” Karma looked a little nervous as he glanced at the pilots that are still hailing Lord Valkyrie as Cassel looked confident and unfazed by the cheering pilots as he looked at Lord Valkyrie and replied, with a smirk on his face, “Hmm, I have to say. It’s a good thing we are allies. The citizens of Zarn are most appreciative for you allowing us to become your allies and assist The Order to whatever capacity you wish.” Lord Valkyrie made a single nod and said, “Thank You Chancellor.” Captain Cruz (who stood on the side and watched the conversation as it unfolded) stepped up and stated, “Lord Valkyrie, your shuttle is ready to depart.” Lord Valkyrie gave a single nod as he looked at Cruz’s direction before turning back to Cassel and Karma and said, “If you excuse me Supreme Leader, Chancellor, my ship is awaiting for its maiden voyage. Tell Supreme Sentinel Hamon Warn and the rest of your people to prepare for war and assemble all your military forces and mobile units to assist The Order.” Karma bowed first and after a few moments Cassel quickly followed suit (as Lord Valkyrie’s red eyes still stared at him) and Karma answered, “Yes Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz started walking away and Supreme Director McQuarrie quickly caught up and followed alongside Lord Valkyrie and said, “Sir, Commander Gleam reports the crew of the OSS Valkyrie are manned by future leaders or high ranking officials of The Order.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Did he picked the batches of clones personally or was it done by the regular cloning process?” Supreme Director McQuarrie replied, “He did not say my lord.” The large doors before them opened as they continued to walk towards the same shuttle they arrived earlier as he continued, “Should I inform him to await for your transmission when you arrive on the Valkyrie?” Lord Valkyrie replied (as he and Cruz walked up the ramp and McQuarrie stopped before it), “Yes director, and continue your research.” McQuarrie replied aloud (as the ramp began to close), “Yes my lord!” Supreme Director McQuarrie stepped back as the shuttle lifted off and flew towards the OSS Valkyrie (sitting in orbit) before he turned around and walked off with a smirk on his face.

The children laughed and played in the maze behind the mansion when Chloe exited the back and called out, “Adam, Serena! Time for lunch!” Adam voice called out from the maze, “Coming Mama!” Chloe smiled as she went back inside to see the table, with four seats, set up by the servants as Serenity sat back and enjoyed the fine view of the table and the maze and gardens beyond the glass doors to the backyard. Chloe sat to the right of Serenity and with her left hand squeezed his right and said, “I can see this is what you wanted.” Serenity sighed, with a smile on his face, and replied, “Yes, but with my family this time.” Chloe frowned as he continued with a somber look, “In my time, I still had this view, but because of my selfish duties, I drove my family away.” Chloe brought his right hand up, kissed it and said, “Not this time. Instead you drove your selfish self away, not us.” Serenity looked at her, smiled and they both leaned over to kiss when the glass doors flew open, and the glass rattled as they struck the glass walls and both Adam and Serena came running inside, yelling in delight as they still chased each other. Serenity did not break his smile, except Chloe as she looked at the children with shock and yelled, “Adam, Serena stop that this instance!” They stopped and looked at Chloe and when she had their full attention she continued, “You two nearly broke the doors and you know better than to run inside!” They both looked down with frowned faces and they both said in unison, “Sorry mama.” Chloe looked confident and said, “If you want to keep playing, sit and eat so you have your strength to keep having fun.” Adam and Serena cheered in unison as they sat and began making sandwiches when a man in a blue uniform entered the room, behind Lord Serenity, bowed and said, “My lord I am sorry for interrupting your lunch with your family, but there is a situation.” The children stopped making their sandwiches and looked on as Serenity and Chloe looked back with frowns on their faces even as Lord Serenity asked, “What situation?” The man stood upright and replied, “The Altorans do not support the idea of being the working class of the whole Republic and there are mass protests at every docking port that is assigned to take the citizens to various systems to serve.” Lord Serenity said, “I am sure you know how to handle a simple mass protest.” The man in uniform started to sweat and looked nervous as he replied, “Yes sir, but this is more than one mass protest my lord. This is planet wide.” Chloe intervened, with hostility in her voice, “There are protocols for that. You do not need us, but you just cannot help yourselves but again to disrupt our family and let you live the life of luxury while our family carries the burden for you that you are just too lazy to do it yourselves!” Serenity raised a hand to calm her and he said, “Honey, please. I can handle this.” Chloe sat quietly but still glared at the man that interrupted the family lunch and Serenity turned back to the man in the uniform and said, “Like the queen said Lt., There are protocols to handle this, yes?” The Lt. nodded and Serenity continued, “Then follow them. Or else I will first deal with you and your superiors before the Altorans so next time whoever takes your place won’t try to disrupt my family’s happiness and comfort for something that you can handle yourselves.” The Lt. gulped, bowed and said, “Yes my lord! It will be done! Sorry for the disruption!” He then stood upright, made an about face and left the room. Chloe and Serenity turned back to the lunch table and they resumed having their lunch as Chloe said, “That’s one way to handle spineless fools my love.” Serenity replied, “They’re not spineless my love. Just, not use to deal with situations by themselves. A flaw from my younger self.” Adam and Serena looked at each other with confused faces, at first, but then shrugged and began eating their sandwiches.

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