Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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“WE ARE NOT SLAVES!” A man screamed as he and more than a dozen people crowded the entrance to one of the launch port terminals on Altorus and people were either waving their planet’s flag or signs with various words expressing their hatred of leaving their homeworld to serve as workers for various jobs on other worlds in the Zhargosian Republic. The soldiers and police holding the barricade line around the port terminal entrance struggled as the people tried to push their way through till a uniformed officer stood behind the strongest point of the barricade and yelled over the megaphone, “Disperse! Disperse immediately or else we will use lethal force!” Suddenly an older officer (with two stars on each collar on his uniform) approached the younger one, grabbed him by the collar and spun him around to yell at his face, “A CHOICE! TERRORISTS DON’T GET CHOICES!” He then throttled the officer to two police officers behind him and pointed at the young officer and yelled, “ARREST THAT TRAITOR! HE’S ALLOWING THE TERRORISTS TO ESCAPE!” The high ranking officer turned towards the crowd (still trying to push through), pulled out his side arm and yelled as he began shooting at the protestors, “KILL THE TERRORISTS! KILL! KILL! OR FEEL THE WRATH OF LORD SERENITY AS HE WILL KILL US ALL! KILL THESE TERRORISTS IMMEDIATELY!” The protestors began screaming and some tried to run away while the rest tried to push through even more (as the officer started shooting) when suddenly that changed when both the police and soldiers aimed their guns and began shooting at the crowd. The air is filled with a chorus of screams and gunfire as all the protestors tried desperately to get away and even some of the protestors were trampled to death by the stamped. The soldiers and police pursued the fleeing protestors but not long as they started to sprint while shooting they became bogged down as they tried to either climb or walk over the bodies of the protestors that covered the ground, allowing the protestors that are running away to have more time and distance to get away. The officer that started the massacre watched from behind the barricade when an officer came up from behind, saluted and asked, “Sir, we have encountered protestors that are wounded and unable to get away. What do you want to do with them sir?” The officer looked back at the one that just asked and replied, “Take them into custody. Don’t treat their wounds till they give you all the names and information about their traitorous friends that got away.” The officer saluted back and left to pass the word and the high ranking officer looked back at the carnage he started and looked ahead with anxiety.

The shuttle glided into the hanger bay where storm and various other troopers stood at present arms as they faced each other and lined a path from the shuttle s ramp (which is descending) to the main hanger bay entrance doors (made out of hard steel and wide enough that an entire platoon can march on through), while the rest of the officers and enlisted (not carrying firearms) stood at attention as they faced the shuttle. When the ramp is fully extended, Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz descended and approached Greers as he stood at attention, wearing his dark green officer’s uniform, and awaited for them. Lord Valkyrie’s head did not move as he did not spoke for a couple moments till he said, “Major Greers, congratulations on your promotion.” Greers made a quick short bow before he replied, “Thank You my lord. The redevelopment of the people’s culture from that being we eliminated is a profound success.” Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and Major Greers walked towards the doors as Lord Valkyrie replied, “Excellent major.” Greers began to lead ahead as he spoke, “If you will follow me, my lord, I will escort you to the bridge, where Commodore Ramos is awaiting for you.” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz followed Major Greers as they exited the hanger and made their way towards the bridge of the OSS Valkyrie.

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