Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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The forest is pitch black with the only light is coming from the night sky and stars that shinned brightly past the clouds in the sky. The sounds of the forest is filled with crickets, birds and other peaceful nightly creatures till a rising electrical, zipping sound, is added into the mix and overcame the sounds of the crickets, then birds and then all of them when a train (in a form of a silver bullet) flew right by at high speed and did not touch the tracks as it continued. Soldiers in their white body armor stood at the top of each car of the train at parade rest (as they were able to hold onto the moving train due to their magnetic boots) as the train speed as if it were chasing the devil. A radioman stood next to his station, listening in on a headphone, as the driver of the train looked through a scope on the port side, to watch what is in front of them, when the radioman called out (over the electrical zipping noise beneath and around them), “Time table moved up! We have to be at the fort in two hours!” The driver looked at him (shocked) and the older man yelled, “Two hours son! You are nuts! This train is going at top speed! I can t...” A red klaxon alarm sounded and the driver and radioman both looked alarmed and the driver immediately looked through his port scope while the radioman looked through the starboard one and after a few moments the driver looked away and pulled back the side window (retracting the scope) and stuck his head out as the radioman rushed to his side. A large dark shape, in a form of a man, dropped from the night sky and landed (crushing the electric rail) on the ground hard on its feet, knees and closed fists, causing a minor tremor, and lighted up by spot lights along its joints as it looked straight at the incoming train. The driver and radioman looked in awe as they saw the huge, faceless, machine looking straight at them till the driver immediately came to his senses and yanked at the brake lever making a loud screeching noise as the train slowed down. The machine reached back and pulled out a rifle with a sniper scope and fired a constant, rapid, burst of blue laser fire, blowing up the train and multiple cars behind it, causing the entire train to derail. Most of the train cars remain connected as they jumped off the tracks and tore the ground next to the rails while many cars flew like toy cars and smashed into the trees or ground farther from the tracks and the soldiers that were on top of the cars either fell off and were either crushed/sliced apart by the train cars that ran over them or were incinerated by the blaster fire from the mobile fighter and it ceased firing as what s left of the train came to a wrecked, grounding halt.

The machine stepped off the tracks, to the right, with its rifle still raised and aiming at the train wreck even though there is no movement from the train and the only sounds are that of fires that had sprouted up along the wreck. The side door popped open from one of the cars and men and women either in officers uniforms, working uniforms or (some) wearing white body armor, stumbled/ran out with their hands raised either to their faces or felling the air as they coughed and more side doors opened on multiple cars and more survivors ran out from the smoking or ruined train cars. The surviving soldiers and personnel started talking and one of them called out, “Form up! Find out who sabotaged...” A sea of blue and red bolts of light cut her off and the survivors yelled/screamed as they were being shot from whoever is shooting at them from the dark depths of the forest on one side of the wreck and the tall grass on the other. Many of the soldiers tried to run back to the cars they came out of, only it was futile as they were shot either in the back or the back of the head. Just as fast as the shooting began, the massacre stopped as the yelling/screaming ceased and the air (like before) is occupied with the sounds of fires crackling along the train wreck. The mobile fighter did not fire a single shot as it stood and scanned the wreckage and dead bodies as it looked down its scope till its head pulled back and its rifle dropped (still aiming at the train wreck) so its level with its right hip and a male voice boomed, “Outside clear.” Inside the mobile fighter, Major Greers sat (wearing a grey helmet that covered the top, back and sides of his head and what appears to be body armor) and watched the monitor before him as he continued, “Infiltrate the train cars and eliminate any survivors hiding in the wreckage. Scavenger Troops, find any weapons or tech that is intact and take them, if they are broken or damaged beyond repair, destroy them.” He heard multiple acknowledgments and Stormtroopers, Scavenger Troopers (wearing dark brown body armor) and Scanner Troopers (wearing light blue body armor) exited the forest and tall grass and made their way into the wreckage with the Stormtroopers aiming and holding their rifles at the ready in case of a fire fight. The night air was pierced by multiple sounds of gun fire as some of the train cars still have soldiers and military personnel in them (but armed) and the troopers performed what they were trained to do (for clearing out rooms and buildings) and cleared out the train cars and after a few minutes of fire fighting the shooting ceased.

Greers watched from his mobile fighter as his division scanned the wreckage till he heard the sounds of “All clear!” from the Lead Troopers below. Major Greers asked in his headset, “Report.” One of the Lead Troopers replied, “We found the personnel roster and there were 1,200 soldiers and military personnel on board! The train is also carrying twelve hundred tons of guns and ammunition and eight armored personal carriers!” Another Lead Trooper stated, “Sir, it appears this train is a reinforcement column to the soldiers that are in the district this train was heading!” Greers cringed and said, “Hmm. How much of their material is still intact?” A Scavenger Trooper replied, “About one quarter of their guns and ammunition and out of the eight vehicles, only two are intact!” Greers looked confident and ordered, “Take them and destroy the rest! Once we complete our mission at the dam, we will deliver them to the rebels! Finish clearing the wreckage asap and form up in the Dutchman Forest! 104th Division, MOVE OUT!” The Lead Troopers replied, “Yes sir!” And the sky is pierced by random, medium explosion sounds and troopers loading the salvaged guns and ammo onto hovering push crates and the two personnel carriers being driven out followed by the sounds of boot falls and Greers mobile fighter stomping into the forest. The sounds then changed to that of troopers making a facing movement and the words “104th DIVISION, MARCH!” pierced the night air before it was replaced with the dull sounds of boot falls of an entire division marching and the stomping of Greers mobile fighter as the mobile fighter towered over the trees of the Dutchman Forest as it marked the position of the division as it marched towards its next target.

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