Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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The sun rose the next day and far from where the train derailment occurred a large lumber mill just outside a district started up and the workers (with tired looks and dirty appearance) worked like robots, cutting and sawing apart cut down trees from the yard as three platoons of white armored soldiers stood watch overhead or patrolled amongst the workers to ensure they keep up the working pace. As the workers in the mill cut apart lumber, three groups of lumber jacks walked away from the mill with three platoons of soldiers marching behind them and a female voice spoke on the loudspeakers, “Daily quota increased 30%! Quota must be achieved by 6pm or each person’s hourly salary will be reduced to make up for loss! No exceptions!” The lumberjacks continued walking on, with somber looks, as they entered the forest knowing full well that they and the others in the mill needed to keep their whole salary to feed their families. As they continued walking in the forest a middle aged female lumberjack sighed and looked to her left with curiosity, as something caught her eye, and saw a carved circle with an X over it. Even as the woman nudged her male companion to her right and discreetly showed him the sign, others saw it as well and took quick looks at each other, knowing what that means and what they must do. Many of the lumberjacks now looked on defiantly while others glanced back to see if the soldiers behind them noticed the signs (even though their one way glass face masks on their helmets concealed their faces) before looking back ahead when suddenly the lumberjacks started running and yelling in angry tones. The soldiers immediately drew their rifles and fired on the fleeing lumberjacks, killing many, and the lumberjacks jumped onto the nearest trees (knowing full well that they cannot flee) and climbed up hurriedly as the soldiers surrounded the trees and began shooting upwards (at the climbers). A few more lumberjacks fell as they were shot from behind while the rest climbed into the safety of the thick leafed tree limbs and branches (concealing their movements and whereabouts) as the soldiers continued to fire for a few short minutes till they ceased but continued to watch the trees and kill any of the lumberjacks that brakes from their cover.

A male voice cried out from the thick foliage, “DEATH TO THE UNITY!” The lumberjacks dropped from the foliage and were suddenly stopped and hung in mid-air (as their tree climbing harnesses held them up) as they raised their axes or hatchets and many held their breaths as they all noticed that the soldiers still aimed their rifles at them with their fingers on the triggers when multiple, gloved, camouflaged hands and arms sprung out of the ground and grabbed hold of the soldiers. Many of the soldiers were yanked back and dark red, bloody, large knives appeared through either their chests or their throats as camouflaged, body armored and masked soldiers sprung out of the ground and killed all three platoons of white armored soldiers that attempted to kill the lumberjacks. The lumberjacks either gasped or watched in awe as the soldiers that were shooting at them were completely whipped out in an instant and not a single shot was fired from the soldiers as they were slain. Their shock was broken when the strangers in masks/helmets below looked up at them and one of them called out, “All clear!” He made a single nod to the ground as he turned and started walking away as he continued, “Lets go!” The lumberjacks remained hanging for a few moments till without question, they all repelled down, disconnected their lines and followed the green and brown camouflaged soldiers.

The white armored soldiers continued their patrols and watch at the tired and worn mill workers while below, the soldiers (without helmets or rifles) swung either their whips or batons, striking the workers as they felt they are working slower than their average comrades. A little girl (barely a teenager) tripped and fell, dropping an armful of chopped wood and a soldier is already upon her before she had a chance to get up. An older woman quickly went to the girl s side and proceeded to help her pick up the wood only to be cut off as the soldier struck the young girl in the back, with his baton, making a sound of someone slapping against raw meat and forced the girl back down on the ground. The older woman screamed, “NO! MY BABY!” The silver haired, gruff faced soldier spoke aloud firmly, “Fix your daughter woman! Or else she will be free labor for the rest of the day!” The woman held her daughter (who cringed in pain and barely held back her tears) as she looked up at the soldier and pleaded, “I m sorry! She has been ill for the last couple of days! It...” The soldier cut her off, “ILL? Then she is finding an excuse to collect the insurance money and get off easy! SHE MUST DIE!” The soldier raised his baton as he tightened his muscles and the girl’s mother raised her hand to shield both her and her daughter as she cried out when suddenly there was a balloon popping sound as the soldier’s face exploding, showing the mother with blood and brain matter. The mother cut her screams as she heard the pop sound and looked shocked as she saw the soldier’s face exploded and his blood covering her shielding hand and part of her face. The girl looked up and is shocked as well and she looked to her mother and asked, “Mom, what happened?” Before her mother could reply, there were more popping sounds, mixed to the sounds of people crying out in shock, and the mother and girl looked around and saw soldiers that are on the walkways overhead falling lifelessly and made a thud sound as their corpses fell to the ground with a single hole both in the front and back of their heads with part of their helmets blown off. The air was then covered by loud talking, yelling and screams when suddenly the camouflaged soldiers (that liberated the lumberjacks earlier) appeared from the forest and charged at the mill yelling/screaming as they went with the lumberjacks running either behind or alongside them. The remaining platoons of soldiers that manned the mill turned and fired a few shots back before they were either shot through their face masks or shot at their trigger fingers, hands or arms forcing the soldiers to cry out in pain as they bled as some soldiers (in the forest) stayed back and sat in the foliage covered tree limbs as they provided sniper cover while the clone soldiers and lumberjacks below charged and liberated the mill.

Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz watched the two events unfold on the monitors and Lord Valkyrie stated, “Most impressive. Major Greers is most resourceful.” Captain Cruz spoke, “Looks like he will make a good general, like you said.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Indeed.” Commodore Ramos spoke aloud, “Lord Valkyrie!” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned and saw Commodore Ramos standing rigid with his hands behind his back as he continued, “Sir, Supreme Director McQuarrie wishes to speak to you, privately.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Put him through my personal comms.” Commodore Ramos replied, “Yes sir.” He turned towards to one of the officers in one of the control pits as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned their attention back to the monitors as Lord Valkyrie spoke for a few short minutes till he called out, “Commodore Ramos!” Ramos approached and stood at attention as he asked, “Yes sir?” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Have the OSS Mariana descend to the surface and rendezvous with Major Greers to provide his troops with their...upgrades.” Ramos stood silently for a few moments that seemed to stretch infinity till he replied, “Yes my lord.” And he turned away as Lord Valkyrie resumed watching the monitors.

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