Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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The night air is peaceful with only the sounds of the fierce running water from a hydroelectric dam piercing the quiet night. That is until the sounds of crushed gravel and boot falls disturbed the night and people with ragged clothes and dirt smudged faces appeared from the darkness, as the lights from the dam, military camp and power station revealed them, and showed many of these people carried large, rectangular, wooden boxes between groups of two people as they walked firmly straight towards the dam. Alarms blared in the night and white armored soldiers ran along the road at the top of the hydroelectric dam and formed a picket line with their rifles aiming downwards and towards the wide walkway, that is hidden behind a thick layer of mist. Below there are a large number of white armored soldiers that clogged up the three walkway bridges connecting the large walkway that stretches the length of the dam before them and formed two picket lines (one row standing another kneeling) with their rifles aiming directly at the mist in front of them. Even though their one way masks on their helmets covered their faces, they stood firmly even as they heard the shouts and jeers of the mob behind the mist when suddenly it all changed. People began either yelling or screaming even as the soldiers stood their ground and did not flinch at the change of tone of the people that were about to charge before them till the mist drew back to reveal something the soldiers did not expect. The mist pulled back, but did not dissipate, to reveal the white, sleek armor of the Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers stared down their scopes as they all aimed their blaster rifles at the white armored soldiers, almost half of them hesitated as their helmets turned up from their scopes as if they could not believe what they are seeing, and both sides stood there with their rifles aiming directly at each other till a female, firm, voice called out, “Forward, march!” The moment they marched towards the soldiers they both fired a barrage of either bullets or red laser fire and the soldiers armors were no match for blaster fire as the Stormtroopers armor deflected the majority of the bullets that were fired directly at them with some of the troopers fell and yelped when they were either hit between their helmets and body armor or the unprotected joints in their limbs. Shadow Troopers appeared, amongst the stormtroopers ranks, and yelled out, “FORWARD! GET THE LEAD OUT! KILL THOWS FACIST DOGS!” The soldiers screamed or yelled as they were cut down and some of the stormtroopers fell with their helmets either cracked or blew apart as the soldiers on top of the dam fired down at them till they heard an earsplitting sound and when some of them looked up the sight of a Tie fighter emerging from the darkness, with green laser fire.

The Tie fighter made a single strafing run and ripped through the soldiers that were manning the top road of the dam before flying away and back into the darkness before the anti-air guns could track it. The people that came to the dam, before the stormtroopers arrived, appeared from the mist either cheering or yelling in defiance as they ran past the stormtroopers and either beat down or shot the remaining soldiers in their way as the ones carrying the long wooden crates ran past them and through the broken down doors by their comrades as they revealed and set up explosives within the dam. The stormtroopers tied cables around the handrails from their utility belts and when they finished the ragged clothed people came running out from the dam and Major Greers appeared (wearing grey body armor and helmet) and yelled, “EVERYONE! GRAB HOLD!” The ragged people looked confused as the stormtroopers grabbed hold of the lines, including Greers, and Greers looked back and yelled again, “DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?” The people hesitated at first but quickly ran to them (with some of them with strange looks) and grabbed hold to the lines and just as they did, there was the sound of multiple muffled explosions.

Alarms blared and white armored soldiers ran from either the barracks, or other buildings, in the small military base and about the power station with their guns at the ready when multiple portions of the outer wall (facing the forest) exploded and many soldiers fell/flew dead while AT-STs walked in through the thick smoke and they unleashed their fury at the encampment before them. One of the AT-ST operators called out, “Heavy vehicle at 19-19 mark two, do you see it Walker 4?” Another operator spoke, through the radio, “Got it.” A vehicular tank exploded and the same operator spoke, “Thanks Walker 4. Stormtroopers move in!” Stormtroopers poured in, many of them yelling, as they charged into the encampment and fired a barrage of blaster fire either into the buildings of the base or at the white armored soldiers. The troopers immediately fell in line and continued firing as Lead Troopers appeared behind them and yelled orders to push forward or helped pull away the injured troopers as the Medic Troopers appeared and applied first aid. The intense firing (which was mainly one sided) lasted for a handful of minutes till all the soldiers are down and the air is filled with moans or cries of pain and one of the Lead Troopers pulled up her wrist and spoke to it, “Encampment cleared! All squads proceed to the power plant and destroy it!” The moment she spoke the dam exploded and the troopers and people below held onto the cables and held their breaths as the water from the dam rushed over or past them. Chunks of cement debris from the dam rushed past them as well and luckily did not hit any of the groups except one danced along the cable and knocked a handful of stormtroopers and people off and they screamed as they were washed away, with other ragged people from the other lines as well (as they lost their grip on the cables). Just as fast as the explosion occurred and the rush of water and debris from the dam, it all stopped and the lights around the dam ceased. The stormtroopers, Greers and the ragged clothed people hung onto the cables and dangled over the end of the walkway till the water completely ceased and Greers and the stormtroopers climbed up and helped the remaining people up and ran off the damaged walkway, as it was on the verge of collapsing. When the last person was up, the remaining stormtroopers (that stayed to help the people up) and Greers ran off the walkway and just made it before it collapsed.

The entire area suddenly went black as the power went out, but as fast as the lights turned off the entire area is once again engulfed in light as the AT-S’s turned on there spotlights and the storm and the rest of the troopers turned on their belt lights and the ragged people began cheering. The people either shook the storm and leader troopers hands or patted them on their backs as many people shook Major Greers s hands as well as they cheered and thanked them and one of the people yelled, “Did you come from the second continent?” Greers (smirked as he shook many person’s hands) looked in the direction of who yelled the question and Greers replied aloud, “No, just concerned foreigners!” He felt his communicator vibrate (as he couldn’t hear it beep from all the cheering) and he pulled out and saw Captain Cruz’s name appear and he asked firmly, “Yes captain?” Cruz replied, “Have your troops report back to the transports immediately. Lord Valkyrie wants to see you.” Major Greers answered, “Yes captain!” And he put the communicator away and he turned to the nearest Lead Trooper and ordered, “TM 193!” The Lead Trooper snapped to attention before him and answered, “Yes Major!” Greers ordered, “Pass the word we are pulling out! And bring out the vehicles and material we salvaged from our last mission!” The Lead Trooper replied, “Yes Sir!” And the lead trooper began relaying the message to the rest of the lead troopers within his helmet as he, Major Greers and the rest of the troopers tried to make their way through the cheering crowd.

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