Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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Lord Serenity sat in his newly refurbished throne that sat on an elevated platform in front and center of the Congress of Zhargosia, where for every rule or order he proclaims he will keep an eye and notice if anyone in the congress opposes or disagrees with his proclamations. He smiles at the Congressional Leader that kneeled before him and says, “You may rise Congressman Moritz. I find this throne very satisfactory to my taste.” He looked over to his right and asked, “Don’t you agree my love?” In her royal yellow and white robe, Chloe replied, “I do my dear.” She ran her hand across the smooth top of the throne and continued, “The smooth architecture and symbolism shows how compassionate and OUCH!” Chloe immediately pulled her hand back as the wood, on the golden throne, cut her hand and a little drop of blood appeared on the tip of her finger. Serenity looked at the drop of blood on her finger with no concern while Moritz’s looked wide eyed and mouth hung open as he exclaimed, “I’m so sorry my queen!” And he immediately dropped a knee and bowed as he continued, “Please forgive us! Please!” Chloe frowned and sucked the blood on her finger as she looked on at the kneeled Congressman and Moritz exclaimed, “I will issue an order to execute the carpenter for injuring you my queen and imprison his family for allowing him to do so!” Chloe continued to look at him, even as he stood up and hurried out of the room, and when he left Serenity smirked and said, “I take it you don’t have a problem with what he said.” Chloe replied, “It’s not necessary, but these people are always paranoid. So I’ll just let them run with it.” Serenity sat back in his seat and laughed and it echoed in the large room before he stopped himself and said, “That’s true! These people are a paranoid race! In my future, I let them destroy themselves!” He then looked sobered as he continued, “Only it was too late for me. At that point, I lost my family, home and nearly everyone that knew or befriended me.” Chloe looked down on him and embraced as she kneeled and kissed him on the left cheek and said, “But we can change that now.” Serenity looked at her, smirked and said, “Yes. Now we can.” He kissed her as he caressed her head and they continued in the large, empty room, while not far outside, the representatives waited nervously till they heard the call of Lord Serenity summoning them.

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