Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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Lord Serenity sat comfortably in his chair with Chloe sitting to the right of him while the representatives sat in their rows of seats behind both of them (nervously) when Congressman Moritz approached Lord Serenity, bowed and stated, “My lord, the insurrection on Altorus has been silenced with the loss of a quarter of the population on the planet.” Queen Valkyrie smirked and said, “See. I said you can handle this yourselves.” With a sarcastic concerned look she added, “Was that so hard?” Moritz looked somber as he replied, “No ma’m.” Lord Serenity asked, “What about the other worlds within the republic?” Moritz responded, “There was some demonstrations on Mab-bu, Setisar and Beta-Epsilon but when we televised quelling the insurrection on Altorus to the public they quickly stopped and everything is proceeding according to your plan my lord.” Lord Serenity asked, “And what are the casualties of those demonstrations on those other worlds?” Moritz answered, “We executed 23 on Mab-bu, 58 on Setisar and 43 on Beta-Epsilon. Including their families and neighbors who failed to report them to the authorities.” Chloe had a look of contemplation, as she shook her head, and said, “A little excessive, but it got the job done. So it’s safe to say there are no more protests or possible signs of rebellion on any of the worlds within the republic?” Moritz replied, “Yes ma’m, there are no traces of protests or rebellions within the republic ma’m.” Serenity smiled and said, “Very good. Then when the time is right and our forces are strong enough, then we will begin expanding the republic to the unclaimed space north and west of us till we reached our neighbors.” Moritz looked worried and asked, “My lord, would the United Star Systems protest such a move?” Serenity replied calmly, “Yes they would, but they know they would not make any moves unless they want to risk an interstellar war. Hence why I plan to expand our republic to the unclaimed space first to see our neighbors reactions and when the time is right we will plan further operations.” Congressman Moritz bowed again and looked relaxed as he said, “Yes my lord. Very good my lord.” And both Lord Serenity and Queen Valkyrie smiled.

Surrounding the orbit of Myzran, crab shaped ship dry-docks nearly covered the planet’s orbit as dozens of various types of starships are built or refitted while one, large space station, in a form of an upside down cone with a dozen tentacle shaped structures stuck out from its base and multiple ships docked alongside various sections of the tentacle structures. In the center of the space station, a large, older man in a red uniform stood and looked out through the observation window of his office as he looked at the docked ships below him and the ones being built or refitted in the distance when he heard a soft toned sound and he said, “Come in.” An officer walked in and stood at attention and said, “Admiral Krone, Lord Serenity wishes to speak to you on line one sir!” Krone replied, “Thank You Lt., you are dismissed.” The Lt. saluted before making an about face and left the office, before Krone pressed a button on his desk and sealed the door. Krone pressed another button and Lord Serenity’s image appeared over his desk and Admiral Krone stood at attention and said, “You called for me my lord.” Lord Serenity smiled and said, “Yes admiral. What’s the progress of the 1st Republic Offensive Force?” Admiral Krone replied, “My lord, with the current manpower, the 1st ROF comprised of four battleships, two battlecruisers, half a dozen cruisers and a dozen destroyers would be ready in four months. The same with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ROFs.” Lord Serenity’s expression did not change even as he stated, “Admiral Krone what if I told you that the protests on Altorus, Mab-bu, Setisar and Beta-Epsilon are silenced and your manpower will increase three fold.” Krone kept a grim expression when he replied, “In that case my lord, our forces will be ready in a month.” Lord Serenity said, “That’s better admiral. I look forward to see the Republic Offensive Forces during the Fleet Review at Zhargosia six weeks from tomorrow.” Admiral Krone saluted and said, “It will be done my lord.” Lord Serenity spoke, “Oh and before you leave I also want to notify you that we will commence operations soon after the review to demonstrate the fleets power and GSC 88932 is almost finish with the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Republic Offensive Forces along with the 8th, 9th and 10th Defensive Forces along with the 20th and 21st Republic Assault Armies.” Krone’s grim expression did not change and Lord Serenity asked, “This does not concern you admiral?” Krone replied, “My lord, I already know their status as I have eyes and ears there as well.” Lord Serenity smirked and said, “Excellent admiral, I looked forward to seeing you at the Fleet Review and we will discuss your future from there. And I will tell you Admiral Krone, your future is bright.” His image disappeared and Krone’s grim expression broke very slightly along the left side of his lip upwards before he turned back to the observation window and continued to look at the fleet’s that are taking shape before him.

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