Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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In a U shaped, open stadium, thousands of people stood either in the stands or on the cemented ground as a lone, body armored female walked alone from one end of the field till 2/3’s to the other side, where an old, haggard, worn and dirty suited man stood tied up to a thick wooden post and looked up at the female with tired eyes. A large podium towered behind the old man and four men and women stood in black suits and dresses behind a grey haired, tall woman as she stood at the furthermost head of the triangular shaped stage, opened her arms and hands and spoke aloud with the speakers echoing her voice, “Today marks the beginning of The True Unity! The last Unity was false as The Capital indulged itself with the sacrifices of the other territories just to pursue their luxurious lifestyle rather than help those that were less fortunate! To celebrate the true meaning of Unity and our liberation, we begin with the execution of President Jovan by our idol and inspiration of the resistance, Govar Cassius!” Govar’s black skin remained dry under the thick black body armor he wore as he carried his .30 caliber scoped sniper rifle and watched the new president with a blank, firm gaze. He knew, before entering the arena, President Abba orchestrated the attacks along the siege lines all around The Capital and cut off communications with The Capital to not hear Jovan’s announcement of his surrender and resulted in the meaningless deaths of 213 soldiers and civilians along the siege lines (including his teenage sister who was a nurse) to create the final battle President Abba wanted and the deaths of over hundreds of soldiers and medics that fought towards the capitol building and the home of President Jovan who was still more than willing to surrender. Govar does his best to cover his anger towards President Abba and knows that if he kills or confronts her, it will most certainly result in his death, including his grieving mother and father before and as he stood in the arena.

“May your bullet aim straight and true!” Govar felt surprised as Abba gave the ending of her speech, but kept his expression blank and firm as watched the newly proclaimed smile down upon him and left the attention from her to Govar as his next role is to execute former President Jovan and Govar raised and aimed his rifle to begin the execution. There is utter silence as Govar hesitated from pulling the trigger as he wanted to kill Jovan for ordering the execution of his grandparents and nearly wiping out all of his friends and neighbors in his territory, but if he executes him then he will lose his chance to kill Abba as she will no doubt have the full support of the people and fulfilling another wish Abba wanted. If he shoots Abba instead, he knows that he will be torn apart by everyone within the arena and his mother and father will no doubt suffer the same fate and Govar will be forever known as a traitor to all of those that befriended him and Jovan will have another death under his name before he dies and gain him more satisfaction. Someone in the crowd behind him broke the silence and yelled, “We believe you Sparrow!” As if that person is reading Govar’s mind and Govar spoke to himself, “I must.” He pulled the trigger only nothing happened and he remained still, as if something is holding him in place, and he cringed a little in puzzlement as he tried to move but couldn’t. He then heard a metal groaning sound above him, followed by multiple gasps as the crowd, President’s Jovan, Abba and everyone else looked up and past Govar. Govar mentally spoke to himself, “What is going on, why are they all afraid?” Govar tried to resist the force that is holding him and miraculously is able to turn his head and looked up in shock and awe as he saw multiple white large clouds and piercing from the clouds appeared the shinning, gleaming white hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer flying overhead.

“President’s Jovan and Abba, you will come with me!” The pressure on Govar’s body is gone and Govar turned to see Lord Valkyrie walking towards him, but looking up and past Govar with Captain Cruz and two squads of stormtroopers (with a Shadow Trooper leading each squad) following behind till they stopped just a few feet away from Govar. Abba called out, “We will not!” The people in the arena looked at Lord Valkyrie and his escort with angry, threatening stares and many of them began to grumble to each other as they closed in and the troopers and Captain Cruz raised their blaster rifles as they readied to defend themselves while Lord Valkyrie continued staring at Abba as if ignoring the angry crowd. Abba continued, “We do not answer to foreign invaders and we will do anything to destroy those that does us harm! Your show of strength from your airship does not scare The True Unity and...” Lord Valkyrie interrupted with an angry outburst, “SHUT UP!” Abba took a step back as she looked with wide eyes and her skin turned a shade pale as Lord Valkyrie continued, “You have lied to your own people and ignored the former president’s call for surrender before you attacked The Capital and even orchestrated the murder of your own soldiers and innocent civilians along the siege lines just so you can enjoy the spectacle of the last battle! You even ordered a communications blackout on The Capital to prevent President’s Jovan’s announcement of his surrender!” Abba quickly regained her composure and replied, “That is a lie! You have no....” “IT IS NOT!” Everyone, except Lord Valkyrie and his party, looked shocked as they heard and saw Govar speak out against Abba and Lord Valkyrie looked upon him as Govar continued (with growing anger on his face as he struggled to hold it back), “And I am not the only one that knows the truth!” Some of the bystanders gasped while others grumbled in anger as Abba gave Govar a cold stare even as she replied, “Govar has suffered a lot more than we have. We understand that because what he has suffered may overcloud his judgement and we bare with him as he heals.” She then looked back upon Lord Valkyrie as she smiles and continues, “As I said, you have no proof! Using veterans and victims of this long and terrible war does not warrant you or anyone to use them for your personal advantage!” Govar’s right lip twitched as he struggled to control his anger as Abba smiled and continued to speak to Lord Valkyrie, “I and a handful of my closest advisors heard your speech Mr. Valkyrie and now as we stand we see that you are the hypocrite! We do not possess a threat to other worlds in our solar system and beyond because as you are aware we do not have the capability to even leave our planet!” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “You are wrong Ms. President. You do have the weapons but like always you are keeping them hidden, just like how you were able to hide your involvement and manipulate the fight in The Capital. And now that you defeated former President Jovan, you now possess even more missiles to launch against any ship or nearby habitable planet that you deem a threat and I will not allow it.” Abba gave Valkyrie a look of disgust as she snorted at him and spoke with a look of confidence as she stood firm on the podium, “Again you lie. You will do anything or make up an excuse to conquer and cloak it by saying you are trying to maintain order in the galaxy when it is you who are...” Suddenly the top half of Abba’s head exploded, sending chunks of her green brain and skull flying back as the lower half of her head snapped back and her body crumpled on top of the podium. The people in the stadium gasped as Lord Valkyrie looked at the source of the shot to see it came from Govar as smoke trailed from the end of the rifle barrel.

The people in the stands and podium (behind where President Abba stood) stood as if ready to run while the people in the arena, behind Govar and Lord Valkyrie, murmured or talked angrily as if a riot was about to begin and Captain Cruz and the troopers raised their blaster rifles at them and Captain Cruz called out, “Stand down or we will open fire!” “At ease captain!” Captain Cruz tilted her head back as Lord Valkyrie gave the order and he continued, “If they wish to confront us, let them do so.” Captain Cruz lowered her rifle and she ordered to the troopers, “Stand down.” The troopers obeyed and lowered their rifles and Lord Valkyrie looked around at the crowd in the stands and the government officials on the stage as he spoke, “Since your cynical President is no more, I will take your former President Jovan and you will allow the Inspector Troopers to locate these missiles I have mentioned and corporate with them till all the missiles are retrieved and removed from your world and my troopers will do the same. Any questions?” There was utter silence as Lord Valkyrie continued to look around till he broke the silence, “Good.” A Lambda shuttle appeared from behind the back of the stadium (gleaming with its blinding white hull) and landed in the middle of the grounds and behind Lord Valkyrie. Captain Cruz pointed to Jovan and two stormtroopers approached the shocked Jovan from behind, cut off his binds, grabbed him by both of his arms, lifted Joven up and the tips of his toes twitched and dangled just mere inches from the ground as the stormtroopers hauled him away with ease towards the awaiting Lambda shuttle. Lord Valkyrie walked his way towards the shuttle with Captain Cruz and the remaining stormtroopers as Govar looked in awe at Lord Valkyrie, even as he stopped suddenly and looked over at Govar and Govar gulped and began to sweat. Lord Valkyrie looked at Govar with his glaring snake eyes as Govar tried to control his fear as he stood his ground when Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Do not worry Govar. Jovan will pay for his crimes.” Govar closed his mouth as he gathered himself and calmed down a little and to his surprise Lord Valkyrie spoke to Govar for the last time, “If you need a job, go to Inchinn and find “The Order Volunteer Service Office” And mention your recruiter my name and he or she will contact Captain Cruz and take care of you.” Lord Valkyrie turned away and continued towards the shuttle with Captain Cruz and the troopers following him and Govar still stood in silence as he watched and just as Lord Valkyrie walked up the ramp, Govar said, “Thank You.” Even as he essentially talked to himself and the ramp closed and the shuttle lifted off, leaving Govar looking up at the shuttle, as it flew towards the hanger bay of the Star Destroyer, knowing in his mind that he believes that justice has been served.

The center turbo lift doors opened and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stepped onto the bridge of the OSS Valkyrie as Commodore Ramos stood at parade rest and awaited for them and Ramos spoke, “I take it the trip is a resounding success my lord?” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz passed him, as they walked on the center walkway to the viewing windows on the bridge and Commodore Ramos followed as Lord Valkyrie replied, “Yes commodore. Set course back to Inchinn. Supreme Director McQuarrie told me that one of the survey teams on the planet found something he needs my immediate attention.” Commodore Ramos gave a quick, short bow and confirmed, “Yes my lord.” Ramos then turned to the port control pit and gave the order as Lord Valkyrie looked out the center viewing window and the Valkyrie turned about from Nebian II, with two Imperial class Star Destroyers remained in orbit around the planet, and the Valkyrie went into warp.

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