Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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The steel doors opened and Admiral Krone stepped in and said, “Dr. Crow, how is the experiment going?” A lean, dark figured man with red eyes and wearing a lab coat looked at him and Krone stopped for a moment when he noticed Lord Serenity stood by Crow and looked at Krone with a smirk on his face and he said, “Dr. Crow just advised me that the subjects are performing with remarkable results.” Krone stepped up and next to Crow and Serenity and noticed, through the one way mirror, three individuals completely covered with black body armor and their faces are covered with one way glass face shields in their helmets and Krone asked, “Why can’t we see their faces?” Crow answered, “Since they are undead their faces would invoke too much fear and make people second guess of ever using them.” Krone ordered, “Show me a demonstration.” Dr. Crow pressed a button on the console before him and the lights turned on behind the three individuals to show a training course with fake rooms made up of plywood and metal boards and walls to form a maze of rooms and Crow pressed another button and after one horn blare the three individuals began to move in one by one tactical formation with their guns raised. Crow, Krone and Serenity moved to the left of the room and looked at the wall filled with tv monitors and watched as the subjects in body armor move room to room and either did not fire at automatons that look like innocents to confronting ones that carried automatic rifles and fired at the three subjects as the subjects did not take cover and immediately shot back and destroyed them. Crow, Krone and Serenity continued to watch with growing satisfaction till they reached the end and Crow pressed a button as the subjects exited the course and the subjects lowered their rifles and stopped cold. Krone asked, “How are you able to do this doctor?” Crow answered, “We implanted chips into the undead subjects brains that controls their motor functions and their animalistic habits and when they reach the end of the course we feed them fresh meat and blood through the straws, built into their helmets and inserted into their mouths, and they stop to consume their meal that satisfy’s their appetite.” Serenity adds, “Hence why they are carrying what looks like backpacks.” Crow answered, “Yes my lord.” Krone looked closer at one of the monitors and noticed bullet holes on the subjects and Krone stated (with concern), “You shot them with live ammunition. How does that not provoke them?” Crow cleared his throat and replied, “It’s like I said admiral. The implants we control keep them in line and no matter what happens to them, they will accomplish their objectives. So long as they are not vaporized or loose all their limbs or take .50 caliber or higher shots directly to the head.” There was a small gasp from Krone and Serenity spoke with a sense of enthusiasm, “Absolutely impressive Dr. Crow! So in other words they are like machines we control but are made out of flesh.” Crow answered, “Precisely my lord. Though I think it would be better if this is done by soldiers or law enforcement that are killed in the line of duty and we use their corpses as UZ soldiers or policemen to cover the loses both in the military and law enforcement and eliminate the idea of rebuilding our forces in the field when we won or loose battles.” Krone looked confused and asked, “UZ?” Crow replied, “Undead Zhargosians.” Krone and Lord Serenity both smiled and Serenity said, “I like that Dr. Crow! You have proven to be the most invaluable asset to the Zhargosia Republic!” He shook Dr. Crow’s hand and Crow looked shyly as he smiled and thanked Lord Serenity and Lord Serenity asked, “How soon can you begin the process?” Crow looked amazed and replied, “My lord, I am ready now! That is why I called you and Krone for this demonstration!” Serenity laughed and clapped Crow on the back (making him stumble a little) and said, “That’s my doctor!” He and Crow noticed Krone smile dissipated and looked grim and Lord Serenity asked, “What’s the problem admiral?” Krone answered, “My lord this is nice for soldiers on the field but what about my sailors and pilots out in space?” Crow looked grim as well when he replied, “For your ships crew admiral it won’t be applied.” He then perked up as he continued, “But to your pilots, the undead’s reaction time would be faster and their relentless to accomplish their duties will be to the point where if costs them their bodies they will not hesitate but to accomplish their objectives.” Krone grumbled and said, “Well, at least that should almost eliminate any pilot errors or rookie mistakes in my fleet.” Lord Serenity shook both Admiral Krone and Dr. Crow’s hands (as he smiled) and said, “Then our future is brighter! For Zhargosia!” Dr. Crow and Admiral Krone both smiled and said with satisfaction, “For Zhargosia.”

The Valkyrie came out of warp and orbited Inchinn as various Star Destroyers and other Imperial type warships and transport ships held positions around the planet, docked in the orbital space docks or departed the planet. A black Lambda class shuttle flew from the hanger bay of the Valkyrie with two Special Forces Type Tie fighters following as escort as the shuttle descended towards the planet and entered the atmosphere for reentry. When the shuttle and its escort completed their reentry, they flew past the domed capital and other surrounding cities (as vehicles and people walked to and fro from one dome to another) into the faint green, untouched landscape and towards the darkened, mountain landscape beyond. The shuttle and escort reached the mountain chain and a large, black castle with three towers (one small, medium and tall) on the top and three levels that appears to be long balconies that stretch around two sides of the square shaped castle, with the last balcony seems to serve either as a launch or service landing for shuttles or various types of small craft, appeared. The shuttle and escort landed on a perfectly flat, man made surface before the entrance of the black, dark castle. The shuttle ramp dropped and Lord Valkyrie descended with Captain Cruz as Supreme Director McQuarrie and a muscular, towering, dark skinned male with a high and tight and wearing an Imperial officers uniform with a grey cape attached, waited for Lord Valkyrie. Lord Valkyrie approached Supreme Director McQuarrie, as he and the other person snapped to attention, and McQuarrie announced, “My lord, the whole area is scanned and is secured.” Lord Valkyrie asked (as if ignoring McQuarrie), “Who are you?” McQuarrie looked a little surprised but stepped to the side as the other officer approached and stood firm as he replied, “Superintendent Rosa sir!” He saluted and Lord Valkyrie returned the salute and asked, “What are you the superintendent of Rosa?” Rosa replied, “Sir I am in charge of the populace of Inchinn and its public image and all decisions regarding the lifestyle and well being of the people have to be approved by me sir.” There was a short silence till Lord Valkyrie stated, “Excellent superintendent.” He turned to Supreme Director McQuarrie and asked, “Director, show me the facility.” McQuarrie looked worried and replied, “Sir, unfortunately, we cannot open the doors.” And there was silence.

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