Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz looked at Supreme Director McQuarrie as he told them that he and the scientist team could not open the doors to the building of interest to Lord Valkyrie and McQuarrie blushed as he said, “I think it’s better if I show you.” They followed McQuarrie as they passed a detachment of stormtroopers, as they stood at attention, and stopped before a group of plastic looking suited older people with various scientific instruments in front of a pair of two, narrow, towering thick doors and Supreme Director McQuarrie spoke, “We tried cutting through the doors but for some reason none of the cutting tools are able to cut through. We can’t even take samples from the doors to analyze!” Lord Valkyrie stepped up to the doors as he said, “Allow me.” The scientists stood back from the doors as Lord Valkyrie raised his right glove in a stopping motion and there is a sound of creaking that ran up the doors when all of a sudden the doors opened slowly to reveal a long, high ceiling hallway, light up all in red.

Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz, Supreme Director McQuarrie and Superintendent Rosa entered the structure while the rest remained outside, as if they know they are not permitted to enter. Lord Valkyrie and the others looked up at the towering stone statues lining the hallway, holding various swords or lightsabers and looking down upon them as if watching Lord Valkyrie and the others like the statues are sentinels. Lord Valkyrie looked at the bases of the statues and noticed name plates that read (as he passed by), “Marchioness Xo Xaan, Ajunta Pall, King Adas, Lord Adraas, Darth Angral, Darth Zannah, Darth Andeddu, Darth Malak, Darth Ruin, Lord Kaan, Mother Allya, etc.” And between each statue are solid black wooden doors that lead to various rooms, but Lord Valkyrie kept walking till he reached the end of the hallway to see a large reception hall (light all red as well) lined with various artifacts and paintings depicting various battles and Supreme Director McQuarrie looked around in awe and breathed, “What is this?” Lord Valkyrie did not reply as he looked to his left and right and noticed a pair of turbo lifts, big enough to fit between half a dozen to a dozen people at a time (all in black) and Lord Valkyrie walked to the one on the left and it opened before him. Everyone (except Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie) flinched as the door opened and Lord Valkyrie walked in, without a bother, and waited for the others to follow. Supreme Director McQuarrie and Rosa looked at each other before they followed the others in and the black door closed behind them before the turbo lift moved upwards for a few moments before it opened and the turbo lift was painted in red lighting from the outside as Lord Valkyrie and the others exited and everyone (except Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie) looked up in awe.

The room is one large, square shaped library with paintings lining the ground level walls while above them is filled with books and shelves that spanned upwards till it reached almost to the top of the tower with one set of stairs, that is about ten feet long, that spirals upwards from one corner of the library to the other, starting from the back left end. On the floor there is one long desk stretching from one end of the library to the other at the front while smaller desks (for four people) filled the remaining half of the library while the rest of the marbled floor remained bare. When they looked closer at the desks they noticed all the wooden black desks are covered in wood carvings depicting various sword battles and other events through Sith history and the same goes to the long, black marbled desk at the very front. Lord Valkyrie approached the back end of the library to look up at the three, long, triangular shaped window panes that spanned upwards to reveal the dark blue, cloudless sky and the land before Lord Valkyrie is black and a river of lava flowed right towards the Sith structure and ends below Lord Valkyrie’s view. Supreme Director McQuarrie and Superintendent Rosa looked in awe till McQuarrie looked puzzled at the books that are beyond reach of the stairway and floor and he asked, “Why are the books beyond the reach of the stairs? How can anyone read them if they can’t reach?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “That is because only people with force powers can read them.” Captain Cruz approached Lord Valkyrie from behind and looked at the paintings that lined the wall below the window panes depicting various Sith Lords. Lord Valkyrie seemed to marvel at the view as he stood quietly for minutes till he looked to his right at Captain Cruz and spoke, “It seems to be more than just a temple.” And Lord Valkyrie turned and entered another turbo lift and the rest of the party followed and the doors closed as Lord Valkyrie pressed a button that said “LL”.

The turbo lift doors opened and they were greeted by a large dark grey ballroom with a high ceiling, two wide stairways at the back left and right corners that led to two observation floors that led from their end of the room to the other side where the other door awaited and four towering stone statues that faced inwards and sat along the middle of the ballroom that lead from the lift they exited to another doorway on the other side of the rectangular room. Lord Valkyrie led the way as they walked along the red designed carpet towards the far door as they looked about the architected room and up the towering statues that looked down upon them with their hands on their lightsabers. When they reached the door on the far end there is no doorknob and again Lord Valkyrie raised his right glove and the door opened to reveal another large ballroom but with six pillars and along the walls dotted racks of various weapons and along the top two sides of the walls are hallways covered by thick glass and Captain Cruz said, “A large training room.” Lord Valkyrie (as if ignoring Cruz’s comment) turned to one of the nearest doors to the left and exited the training room to see a red walled and floor hallway with a black ceiling lined with black doors. Captain Cruz stepped ahead of him and opened one of the doors to reveal a room a pair of black robes hanging on hangers and various bandages and wrappings next to a sink and mirror, along with scissors and various medical equipment and Cruz stated, “Prep room.” She turned to Lord Valkyrie and continued, “Looks like this place is both a museum and a training area for those who wants to be a Sith.” Lord Valkyrie stated, “Then there are living quarters as well.” There was a whispering sound that said, “Sith.” And Lord Valkyrie turned to his right as he heard the whispering sound and heard another voice (deep male pitch and emotionless), “Come.” McQuarrie and Rosa looked at Valkyrie worriedly and Rosa asked, “My lord?” Lord Valkyrie walked slowly in the direction he heard the voices till he stopped, stood for a few moments and then he stated, “This way.” And he began to walk down the hallway. McQuarrie and Rosa looked at each other with puzzled expressions while they followed Lord Valkyrie.

They walked around the training room and down another hallway till they reached a door at the very end and when Lord Valkyrie opened it, they saw a set of stairs spiraling down with stone walls and freshly lite touches. Superintendent Rosa spoke with caution, “Looks like someone is expecting us.” McQuarrie said, “There shouldn’t be, this place is abandoned and there are no life signs when we scanned earlier.” Lord Valkyrie entered the stairway nonetheless and the others followed as Rosa and McQuarrie looked on with extreme caution and after what felt like an eternity, they say a pale blue light and when they reached the bottom of the stairs they were greeted by a single, skinny podium stand that held a single red book on top as the stand is the only thing lite in the blue overhead light while the rest of the room is pitch black. Captain Cruz stated with caution in her voice, “I don’t like this my lord.” Lord Valkyrie approached the stand (that stood a few feet from the entrance) and looked down upon the red book and it read, “Book of Sith” in black lettering and Lord Valkyrie reached for it and touched it with his gloves and when he lifted it off the stand, the stand descended and the silent room is replaced by a rumbling sound and began to shake. Captain Cruz and the others behind her reached for both sides of the stone walls in the stairway as dust and pebbles fell about them and small rocks inside the room Lord Valkyrie is standing in and Rosa called out, “WHAT THE HELL!” And McQuarrie yelled, “WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Even as the room and stairway shook, Lord Valkyrie remained standing where he is, with a look of eerie calm, and just as fast as the room began to shake, it suddenly stopped. Rosa and McQuarrie looked around in confusion while Cruz continued to look on at Lord Valkyrie when Captain Cruz asked aloud, “What happened?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “It was a test.” There is a sound of rocks falling and Cruz instinctively stepped forward when suddenly a blue light appeared from the ceiling and the room lite up to reveal itself as a cave and the direct beam of the blue light shinned down upon the towering stone statue of Darth Vader and everyone looked up (as McQuarrie and Rosa gazed upon the statue with awe) with someone in the group gave a short gasp as everyone stood in silence.

They all continued to stare up in silence till Lord Valkyrie spoke first, “Captain Cruz.” Captain Cruz snapped to attention and responded, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie stated, “I want you to follow my orders, precisely.” Captain Cruz confirmed, “Understood.” Lord Valkyrie continued without emotion in his voice, “You, Supreme Director McQuarrie and Superintendent Rosa will leave this place and do not mention this room and lower level to anyone. Do not even put this on any records outside this castle. You will also contact Supreme Leader Cassel Depkun and have him and Chancellor Karma Zebu to come here and appoint a temporary leader of the Zarn Protectorate with no questions asked. You will also bring stormtrooper MM-1987 here as well and order him to leave his rifle, as he will not be needing it anymore.” Captain Cruz confirmed, “Yes my lord.” He then looked over his shoulder at Cruz and continued, “Until I return, you will lead The Order Captain Cruz.” Utter silence as Rosa and McQuarrie stood perfectly still and glanced at Captain Cruz before she replied, “Understood, my lord.” Lord Valkyrie then ordered, “You may proceed captain.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes my lord.” Still holding her rifle in front of her, Captain Cruz turned about and marched up the stairs with Superintendent Rosa and Supreme Director McQuarrie following her while leaving and when they are gone, Lord Valkyrie opened the Book of Sith and continued as he flipped through the first page and the holographic image of Darth Vader spoke, “The answer to the full extent of your power is here.” Lord Valkyrie looked up at Darth Vader and asked, “Lord Vader. What is, the force?”

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