Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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A little girl giggled and ran as she dodged between rocks till she eventually stopped behind one big enough to hid her and the shadow of the hull of the large ship behind her concealed her shadow as a woman called out, “Eva! Where are you Eva?” The little girl sat in difficult silence, as she tried to keep from giggling, as the woman got closer and closer till suddenly the girl was yanked from behind the rock and the girl cried out with laughter. The girl’s mother laughed and said, “That means lunch time!” The girl moaned and the mother said, “Eva, it’s….” There is a growing rumbling noise and both the mother and daughter looked up as the villagers below them spoke loudly with concern but their voices were drowned out by the growing rumbling sounds as multiple large ships (about the size of adult thumbs) appeared in the clear blue sky high above and the mother looked shocked as she noticed one of the large ships bears a striking resemblance to the ship behind her that is her, her daughter’s and the villagers home. The mother carried her daughter down the hill as the meeting horn blew and joined the over two dozen villagers at a makeshift campsite before they saw smaller ships appearing from the larger ones and grew bigger and bigger as they approached and their engine noises are heard. A large, constant gust of wind blew as the ships hovered around the villagers, as they cried out from the noise and the ships appearance. The ships landed and doors and ramps from the ships opened and stormtroopers and various other soldiers, officers and droids appeared. A black armored painted stormtrooper ran ahead of the rest and stopped as she stepped off the ramp, turned to face the onrushing troopers and pointed left and right and yelled out each squad’s orders as they ran past her. The stormtroopers split into two groups, one surrounding the villagers and another taking position in the rocks ahead of the villagers and facing their home, an old junked Star Destroyer. The troopers quickly secured the area and not all too soon an Imperial shuttle appeared and landed before the assembled villagers. The ramp lowered, facing the villagers, and Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz walked down and made a beeline towards the villagers before he stopped in front of them and he asked, “Who is your village leader?” A male voice replied, “I am!” And a grey haired man in a brown cloak stepped out from the rest of his people and stood before Lord Valkyrie and asked, “To what do we owe the pleasure?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “I have come to salvage and remove anything that represented the Galactic Empire on your world.” Lord Valkyrie looked behind the leader and continued, “Starting with this Star Destroyer.” The leader stated firmly, “This Star Destroyer is our home.” Lord Valkyrie said, “And we will compensate you and your people when we remove it and the submerged wreckage of the old Death Star beneath the ocean behind you.” The leader said, “That Death Star beneath the waves will be difficult and life has already taken hold to it. And again, this Star Destroyer is our home and nothing cannot compensate for it.” Cruz tightened her grip on her blaster rifle and both the leader and Valkyrie heard the increased pressure on her gloves but the leader looked unfazed while Lord Valkyrie looked in her direction for a moment before looking back and said, “Then explain why do you and your people make camp outside your home?” The leader replied, “When Mother Nature provides perfect weather, there is no need to hide from her beauty and enjoy her hospitality before she moves on.” Lord Valkyrie nodded and said, “True. Then surely you do not need the whole ship to be your home. I’m sure there are many things that are a hazard to your people that mine could remove and ease your burden. Your people could lead mine and pointed these hazards out so that we would not remove what you hold dear.” The villagers mumbled till their leader raised his right hand to silence them before he replied, “There are and there are some parts of this ship that we could part with if you have something to trade.” Lord Valkyrie looked to his right and a red protocol droid shuffled up to his right side and Lord Valkyrie turned back to the leader and asked, “Name them.”

More smaller ships appeared on the surface surrounding the Star Destroyer and a section of the beach a few miles ahead while the OSD Triton and the dozen ships of the OEG Groups II and IV descended till they are a few miles from the surface and Lord Valkyrie stood on the light brown sandy beach, looking at the clear ocean before him that extended beyond the horizon. Cruz said, “My lord. Director Church has the full scan spectrum of the wreck.” Lord Valkyrie turned and followed Captain Cruz to a landing pad platform that has a large tent covering it and the consoles beneath with two technicians operating within and Director Church is looking at a 3D scan in the middle of the platform. As Lord Valkyrie approached, Director Church snapped to attention and said, “My lord, we have the full scan of the wreck. Unfortunately comparing to the date on the data pad that was found about half of the wreckage in almost 4,000 years since has either been eroded away or is deeply submerged in the mud and rocks within the ocean floor to be impossible to salvage.” Lord Valkyrie looked at the 3D scan and gave a sigh that sounded like a disappointment as Lord Valkyrie said, “Then you must salvage all that is not impossible. Is the emperor’s room still where it lies?” Director Church replied, “Yes my lord, though like everything else that has been submerged underwater for all these years, there is nothing valuable there if we are looking for any data, records or anything electronic for that matter.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Does not matter. Salvage everything that could and send it back to Inchinn for analysis and possible installation.” Church looked confused and asked, “Installation sir?” Lord Valkyrie pointed at, what appeared to be, turbo laser batteries and said, “If these guns are operational, they could be used to protect the cities on Inchinn.” He then pointed to the wrecked tower Emperor Palpatine was last seen, that appeared on the 3D scan, and continued, “And that could be most useful in the capital city.” Director Church bowed and said, “Yes my lord. Once we remove all the plankton and other plant and animal life that had taken ahold and dry out all the water it could be possible.” Lord Valkyrie looked at Church with his left snake like eye and Church gulped and said, “It’s like I said my lord. This whole wreck has been submerged almost 4,000 years and anything that runs on electricity or any electrical wiring is soaked beyond belief.” Lord Valkyrie then stated, “Then I will leave you to tend to the salvage director.” He turned and pointed at Director Church’s face and stated, “Do not disappoint me.” Church bowed to hide his fear as he replied, “Yes my lord.” And Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz walked away towards inland and away from the beach, leaving behind a fearful director in charge of salvaging the wreck of the second Death Star.

The first salvage ship, Daisy Roberts, took position a hundred feet above the waterline and large hanger doors opened at the bottom of the ship to reveal Aquatic Salvage Troopers on harnesses. The lights above the troopers were red till the hanger doors are fully opened and a few moments later the lights turn green and the troopers harnesses disconnected and fell till they were close to the water before engaging thrusters to slow their dissent for a few moments and then fell with a splash. When the 50 ASTs are underwater their propulsion rockets on their jet packs engaged and they moved towards the wreckage of the second Death Star. The Daisy Roberts repeated the process of dropping 50 ASTs three more times as the harnesses and troopers were connected in a form of a spinning wheel till all the troopers left the ship and the Daisy Roberts close its hanger doors and flew up and away to make room for three other ships just like her. At the same time, a large, square shaped rig descended from the atmosphere, slowly and landed on the water, with grace. The salvage rig Isomorf had a large square opening in the middle with four large cranes on each corner and lowered their magnetic hooks into the water hole in the middle and descended into the wreck. Four large ships descended and landed on the water and opened its hanger doors to reveal dozens of cockpit size ships, just big enough for the operators to fit in, and they flew out of the hanger and dived into the water just off the loading ramps. The small submersibles split into multiple groups with some reaching the ocean floor and began cutting away along the Death Star’s centerline hangers, hull and other remaining structures while the rest cut away large sections of the wreck Death Star, so they could be put together like pieces of a very large puzzle, or the turbo laser cannons along the station’s wreck hull. One of the AST’s swam with his headlamps on along the hull, as if searching for something, till he saw the window framework of one of the viewing windows of Emperor Papatine’s tower. He then swam inside through one of the large openings and saw the emperor’s chair, heavily damaged but still noticeable as it sat on an angle and the trooper spoke into his helmet, “This AST-1104, notify Director Church that I have found the Emperor’s Tower.” He repeated a message a second time before he was acknowledged and a large, disk shaped ship appeared with its lights on and hovered just in front of the fallen tower and lite up the whole structure so the the rest of the salvage troopers, that exited the rounded large shuttle, could see as they began attaching remote thrusters along the sides and bottom. When all the thrusters were attached, the salvage troopers moved away from the wreckage and a few moments later the thrusters fired and the tower groaned and made metal scrapping noises before it lifted off and assented to the surface, where a large salvage ship with cables awaited for it.

Lord Valkyrie’s tri-fin shuttle flew towards the landing bay of the OSS Triton and once it passed through the energy barrier the shuttle’s fin’s folded up before it landed and dropped it’s debarking ramp. Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz descended from the ramp and walked towards the exit of the hanger bay and towards the nearest turbo lift Lord Valkyrie asked, “Any news, captain?” Captain Cruz replied, “Commander Gleam reports Taylor is fit for full duty to whatever position you desire to place her.” Lord Valkyrie glanced in her direction for a moment as he continued walking and stated with fascination, “Interesting. How was Commander Gleam able to control Taylor’s mood swings?” Captain Cruz replied, “I asked him the same question and he replied, “Don’t ask.”” Lord Valkyrie asked, as they entered the turbo lift, “Anything else?” Captain Cruz answered, “The Facility and Kamino are producing clones at a competing rate my lord. As of now, we have enough clones to man half a dozen naval task forces, air and army groups each.” The turbo lift began to move towards the bridge and Lord Valkyrie stated calmly, “Be sure to send a message that their “competition” does not produce more clones than the positions and forces are available or else I will personally end it.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes my lord.” Lord Valkyrie then asked, “Do we have enough weapons and transport to accommodate your brothers and sisters?” Captain Cruz answered, “The machines on Inchinn are just able to keep up with activating, retrofitting and building the ships that are in the planet’s builders library and storage, but I advise we find man power to assist or replace the machines that are working overtime.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Tell Commander Gleam to create sets of clones that their primary field is construction and maintenance.” The turbo lift stopped and they both exited the turbo lift just a nervous officer with a captain’s rank snapped to attention and said, “Welcome back my lord!” Lord Valkyrie stopped before him and asked, “I have not seen you before. Name and rank?” The officer firmly replied, “Captain Kovak sir! I was just assigned as captain of the Triton!” Lord Valkyrie stated, “I see. Welcome aboard captain.” Captain Kovak nodded and replied, “Yes my lord. Sir, Commander Gleam has requested for you to contact him as soon as you returned.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Raise him captain.” Captain Kovak answered, “Yes my lord!” He walked briskly away as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz just exited the bridge to the left and stood before a wide monitor and the upper half of Commander Gleam appeared as he stood by ready (as if expecting Lord Valkyrie) and said, “Lord Valkyrie, it’s a pleasure...” Lord Valkyrie interrupted with hostility, “Spare me the pleasantries commander! What is your problem?” Commander Gleam was taken a little aback but replied promptly, “Nothing really my lord, just want to go over Ms. Taylor’s report and what position you want her assigned to as she is fit and ready to do whatever duties you wish to assign her.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, with some reservation in his voice, “Let me speak to her.” Commander Gleam acknowledged and after a few moments the screen changed to show Taylor wearing (what appears to be) a black pilot suit and armor and her hair and eyebrows are dark brown and pulled back into a bun behind her head and her lips have color as Taylor snapped to attention and greeted Lord Valkyrie with full curiosity and Lord Valkyrie asked, “Ms. Taylor, how are you feeling?” Taylor replied firmly, “I am ready for duty my...” Valkyrie interrupted (with a raised voice), “No! How are you FEELING?” Taylor tried to keep a blank expression but gave a hint of confusion and looked a little shy before she replied, “I feel.....empty, my lord.” Valkyrie asked, “Explain?” Taylor responded, “I have completed all the training and psych evals to make me fit for duty and since then all I am doing is going through different or repeated ground and air combat simulations and physical fitness, without leaving The Facility.” Valkyrie stated, “So you wish to leave The Facility and have a life like your brothers and sisters beyond The Facility?” Taylor made a single nod and said, “Yes my lord.” They stood in silence as Taylor and Lord Valkyrie stared at one another till Lord Valkyrie broke the silence, “Granted.” Taylor remained at attention, as if Lord Valkyrie’s approval did not phase her, as Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Commander Gleam, have Lt. Taylor assigned to the CSF and once she completes her training have her unit assigned to whatever Star Destroyer is available.” Commander Gleam replied (off screen), “Yes my lord!” And Lord Valkyrie cut communications and he and Captain Cruz walked (ignoring Captain Kovak as he stood at attention before them) down the command walkway and stood before the bridge viewing windows and stared out into space, without saying a word to each other.

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