Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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Captain Cruz spoke, “Sofia Demor aka Assassin is highly trained in hand to hand combat and carries a modified stick that can fire high powered bullets and phaser bolts and various other weapons and Marko Russo aka Tightrope has a master skill set on ropes for various purposes.” Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Bring them before me.” The turbo lift doors opened and The Assassin and Tightrope stood before Lord Valkyrie as she held her staff to her right side and stated, “Reporting as ordered Lord Valkyrie.” Lord Valkyrie looked at both of them from head to toe before he spoke, “You have trained yourself well Ms. Demor. For a unique clone, like yourself, you should be proud.” The Assassin huffed and replied with disdain in her voice, “My lord, I only trained myself hard so if my so called brothers and sisters decided to dispose of me, I will be able to kill them all with ease.” There was a barely audible sound of gloves squeaking as Captain Cruz tightened her grip on her rifle across her chest, even as Lord Valkyrie raised his right for her to remain calm before he lowered it and replied to Demor’s comment, “If that is what drives your training, so be it.” He walked up to Sofia Demor, casting a dark shadow over her as Demor looked up at Valkyrie’s face with worry, and raised his right glove hand and pointed at her in a threatening manner as he continued, “Although, make sure your drive does not compromise your duties, in any way.” He stopped right in front of Sofia Demor as she looked up at his snake eyes and her forehead and cheeks became moist as she tried to contain her fear and she responded, “Yes, my lord.” Lord Valkyrie spoke with confidence, “Good.” “Excuse me, my lord?” Lord Valkyrie did not move as he sensed Captain Kovak’s presence and after a few silent moments Kovak’s continued, “My lord, we have received a transmission from The Mons Kingdom on Montoya IV requesting immediate assistance.” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Assistance for what captain?” Captain Kovak looked confused but answered, “To kill a witch, sir.” Some of the machines and crew closest, including those at their stations below the walkway, glanced in the captain’s direction either with curiosity or dread as Lord Valkyrie replied, “An odd request captain, but since this will be our first contact, we will take it nonetheless. Head to Montoya IV maximum warp and prepare a landing party. Notify the Montoyers of who we are and we will rid of this witch that they are having problems.” Captain Kovak bowed and said, “Yes my lord.” And as he walked away to relay Lord Valkyrie’s orders, Lord Valkyrie turned his attention back to The Assassin and Tightrope and ordered, “I suggest you two get ready for deployment and await further instructions.” The Assassin and Tightrope gave (not so serious) salutes, turned and walked towards the turbo lift while Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz walked to the front of the bridge and looked out the viewing port as the Triton went to warp.

The Triton flew in a tunnel of blue and white streaks, as the ship is still in warp, and Captain Kovak stood at attention to the side and declared, “My lord the landing party is ready for duty!” Lord Valkyrie complemented Captain Kovak and stated, “Continue present speed captain, have The Assassin and Tightrope report to the bridge at once.” Captain Kovak replied, “Yes my lord.” He walked away, leaving Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz remaining when not even a few moments a female, threatening toned, voice spoke, “You are expecting us!” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned about and saw The Assassin and Tightrope standing before them and Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly, “I see you have expected me to summon you two.” The Assassin replied, “Once the ship went to warp I figured you were going to call us eventually. So we decided instead of waiting we would stand to the side till Captain Kovak approached to summon us.” Lord Valkyrie spoke with a hint of curiosity, “Independent thinking.” He looked at Captain Cruz as he continued, “Commander Gleam again is proving his mastery at cloning once again, despite his faults.” With a hint of loathing Captain Cruz spoke, “Indeed he has.” Lord Valkyrie turned back to the others and said, “I summoned you two because I have a special assignment till I and Captain Cruz return from our mission. Follow us.” Captain Kovak took Lord Valkyrie’s spot at the head of the bridge once Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz, The Assassin and Tightrope made their way to the center turbo lift.

A representative stood up in shock and said aloud, “My lord that cannot be done!” Lord Serenity looked at the representative with concern and replied, “Why Representative Roadie, I assure you it can. If you tell the prisoners on GSC 308 about their pardons if they followed and successfully complete their duties then they will do it. Or else our police forces will hunt them down again but this time they will be killed, rather than be taken alive.” Roadie pleaded, “But my lord, we are talking about murders, thugs, gang leaders and all other criminals with foul crimes I cannot say!” Lord Serenity frowned and asked, “Are you doubting my authority Mr. Roadie?” All the representatives, into Congressman Moritz, looked at Roadie in shock (many of them gasped) and one of the representatives stood up, pointed at Roadie and yelped, “Traitor! I hear a traitor to the people!” Others began standing up till Serenity stopped them by raising his right hand and said, “It’s alright. His concern his noted.” They sat back in their seats as Serenity lowered his hand, while Chloe was smirking the whole time this played out, and stated, “This is the first day we are here together after all. During the time I first appeared and expressing my power, many of you were probably enjoying yourselves in luxury and not bother to see what has been going on either outside these walls or from your private homes.” The representatives bowed their heads in shame as Roadie returned to his seat and Moritz asked (with his head still lowered), “Should we execute ourselves for allowing ourselves to fail our citizens my lord?” Serenity replied, “No. If you execute yourselves then there will be no representation for some time and there will be chaos till your replacements have been appointed.” He waved his right hand at them all and continued, “No matter. Let’s continue what I want done to for our republic. Besides all the prisoners being released and given their assignments to earn their freedom, the planet Caere will be my own planet where only my family, servants and whom I deem as personal representatives that are completely loyal to me will reside there.” Moritz asked, “What do we do with the inhabitants that are already occupying that world my lord?” Chloe answered, “Get rid of them. I’m sure you can figure a way.” Moritz bowed and said, “Yes my queen. We will order them to leave in one day and if anyone still remains after, we will execute and burn their bodies before your arrival.” Serenity continued (as if ignoring Moritz’s speech), “Planet GSC 321 will be our main water source for the entire republic. Planets GSC 88932 and Myzran will construct only military ships and weapons and distribute them to our military forces that will be homed on Alsori-Nethyr and Kurlan. The planet Mab-Bu will be reserved only for the rich and political Zhargosians to make themselves either at home or as their own vacation retreat.” Many of the representatives awed, with some shaking hands, and both Chloe and Serenity smirked at them as he continued, “You’re welcome. The inhabitants on the planet Altorus will be considered as servants and laborers for all of the Zhargosia Republic while the people on Setisar and Beta-Epsilon will be drafted or enlisted into military service and report to either Alsori-Nethyr or Kurlan for training.” One of the representatives stood up and asked, “My lord, what do we do if the citizens of Altorus, Alsori-Nethyr and Kurlan refuse to serve the good of Zhargosia?” Serenity shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I’m sure you know what to do.” Moritz answered the representative, “They will be immediately killed along with their families who raised him or her and influenced them and execute their neighbors for not reporting their disobedience before hand!” All the representatives thumped their fists as they said in unison, “Hear, hear!” The representative smirked and resumed his seat as Serenity continued, “The planet Anar Qand will serve as the testing ground for new weapons within our military and civilian sectors, and Loren will serve as a second prison planet, along with GSC 308. Any objections?” The room is silent and both Serenity and Chloe smiled and Serenity said, “Excellent! Then I suggest you should pass this first bill of reform immediately or I will find another way.” The representatives and Congressman Moritz left hurriedly as both Serenity and Chloe watched while smiling and Chloe said, “That is amazing my love. Now they would not be able to harm our family since they are now firmly under our thumb.” Serenity caressed Chloe’s right hand and forearm over his right shoulder and stated, “That they are my dear.”

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