Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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The ramp dropped and Lord Valkyrie, followed by Captain Cruz and the two platoons of troopers, marched out and noticed a few of the buildings before them looked like they been bombed by an air raid and three grey uniformed humanoids with lizard like eyes and a single nostril nose stood before them with one of them stood in front of the others and claimed, “Welcome to Montoya IV Lord Valkyrie. I am Commander Ina of the Security Bureau here at Mont City. I trust your travel here is relatively peaceful?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “It was, now what is this problem about a witch?” Ina looked anxious as he made a quick bow and replied, “Yes If you follow us, we will explain on the way.” Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the troopers followed Commander Ina and his two comrades into one of the larger wrecked buildings before them and when they entered they saw multiple Montoya Security Bureau men and women lying up against the walls to their left and right holding bandages to their yellow bleeding extremities or their uninjured comrades helped wrapped bandages on their wounds. As they continued on Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the rest of their party saw a couple of male Montoyers with crazy looks on their faces as they yelped or screamed as two of their comrades tried to hold them down even as the crazed Montoyers yelled, “THEY’RE ALIVE! THE WALLS AND LIGHTS! THEY’RE ALIVE!” Commander Ina spoke over the moans and cries, “This witch has some sort of mystical powers that is turning my people to hallucinate or injure one another without realizing it!” They reached a point where there were no more soldiers lining the walls and the hallway was deserted except for a machine gun nest that is facing a new hallway to the right (which is deserted as well) and Commander Ina stopped and peered over the corner, as if concealing his position, to see nothing but a rundown, poorly maintained, hallway. Commander Ina turned to Lord Valkyrie and whispered, “She can also hear us through the walls if we are close, but at this distance we are safe.” Lord Valkyrie asked in a low tone, “What room is she in?” Commander Ina pointed around the corner and Lord Valkyrie used the x ray vision in his eyesight and saw Ina is pointing to room 166. Lord Valkyrie’s eyesight returned to normal and placed his right gloved hand on the commander’s left shoulder and he said, “Thank You commander. We will take it from here.” Ina looked puzzled as Lord Valkyrie looked over his left shoulder, towards Captain Cruz, and Captain Cruz made a single nod before she looked back and ordered, “1st Platoon, move up!” 1st Platoon, lead by a Lead Trooper, moved around the machine-gun nest and Commander Ina with their rifles raised and at the ready as they steadily moved down the empty hallway along the right far side towards room 166.

Commander Ina looked shocked and turned to Lord Valkyrie and exclaimed, “WHA...” He stopped and was lifted off his feet as he began choking as Lord Valkyrie instinctively raised his right gloved hand in a squeezing motion before Commander Ina as he clawed his own neck and Lord Valkyrie spoke calmly but menacingly, “Watch your tone, commander.” He dropped his hand and Commander Ina staggered on his feet and gasped as he breathed again and he looked up at Lord Valkyrie, wide eyed, and whispered, controlling his excitement this time, “Mr. Valkyrie, what are you doing? I told you what she is capable off and she probably sees them going down the hallway as we speak!” Lord Valkyrie ignored him as he watched the troopers take position to the left of the door and the Lead Trooper spoke into his right wrist radio, “In position.” Captain Cruz pulled her right wrist up as well and replied calmly but firm, “Move in.” The Lead Trooper looked at the Breach Trooper, who is looking at him as well, and pointed right at her (furiously) and the Breach Trooper turned and spoke loudly in her helmet mike, “Breaching, breaching!” And she charged, as she raised her left forearm to her face and upper body, at the door and smashed it in as she threw her body up against it and fell into the room and right behind her charged the Lead and stormtroopers, with their rifles raised, as they stormed the room and Lord Valkyrie spoke calmly and villainy gratifying, “This went easier than I expected.” And right after he spoke there is sound of angry yells and cries of pain coming from the room the troopers entered and Commander Ina and the two soldiers in the machine gun nest looked on in horror while Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie’s helmets looked on and Lord Valkyrie said, “Lets see what they see captain.” Captain Cruz raised her left forearm, touched her wrist with her forefinger and a section of her armor on her forearm folded back, revealed a small monitor and when the picture cleared, Lord Valkyrie looked on grimly, not noticing Cruz’s stunned expression beneath her helmet.

The troopers stormed into the room to see the witch sitting Indian style with her eyes closed, as if she’s meditating, and just before the Lead Trooper spoke the witch opened her eye lids to reveal white spot lights where her eyes should have been and the Breach Trooper was yanked off the floor (by an invisible force) and was hurtled back, knocking the Lead Trooper hard to the floor beneath the Breach Trooper’s back, and the rest of the troopers opened fire. The first bolts of red lights bounced off an invisible shield surrounding the witch and their is a roaring sound (as if from a mountain lion) and the troopers were thrown off their feet and flew in the air and either bounced off the walls, ceiling or floor as if invisible tentacles grabbed them either on their arms or legs and threw them about. Even as they were thrown about in the air, some fired their rifles at the witch only for the bolts either to miss or were deflected by the same invisible shield. The troopers screamed either in shock or fright as their bodies flew crazily till they made smacking sounds on the ceiling, floor or walls (with some of them leaving black liquid stain marks) and fell on the floor lifeless. One trooper fell on the floor, scrambled to grab his rifle within hand’s reach till something grabbed his right ankle and dragged him away (as he screamed within his helmet) as the trooper clawed/scrambled to grab his rifle even though it was futile till he was thrown in the air and hit the wall with the faceplate of his helmet and their was a crunch sound before he crumpled to the floor and did not move. Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz watched the chaos unfold on Cruz’s overwatch monitor in silence till Lord Valkyrie broke it with a sound of satisfaction, “Impressive.” The Breach Trooper scrambled back up, as well as the Lead Trooper, and the Lead Trooper pulled out his carbine and aimed at the witch as the Breach Trooper immediately charged after the witch as she yelled and the witch immediately turned her attention at them and opened her mouth, to reveal a bright white light, as she gave a high pitch scream and blew the Breach Trooper off her feet, flew so close to the Lead Trooper that the armor on her right forearm just barely grazed the Lead Trooper’s helmet as she flew by and smashed through the wall and into the hallway, catching Ina and the other Montoyers off guard as they gasped/yelped in shock while Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie looked up and their helmets covered their blank but firm expressions and Lord Valkyrie said, “Most impressive.” Suddenly the Lead Trooper appeared as he was throttled past the doorway and only the wall on the other side of the hallway stopped his flight as his back rebounded off it and fell hard onto the floor and he and the Breach Trooper groaned in pain.

Captain Cruz retracted her overwatch monitor and Lord Valkyrie ordered, “I’ll deal with this witch myself.” Captain Cruz looked up at him and asked, “Sir, permission for me and the other team to extract her instead?” Lord Valkyrie looked at her and replied, “I appreciate your concern over my safety captain, but this witch is beyond your ability to apprehend her.” He looked at the direction of the witch for a few moments before he looked back at Captain Cruz and said, “Although to satisfy both of our needs, you and the last platoon can cover me as we go in and immediately cuff her once I subdue her.” Captain Cruz lifted her rifle and there was a powering up noise as she cocked it and she stated, “Let’s get a witch.” As Lord Valkyrie looked on, where the witch was, Captain Cruz looked back at the rest of 2nd Platoon and relayed Lord Valkyrie’s order within their helmet monitors and once Lord Valkyrie stepped forward, Captain Cruz and the platoon of troopers followed him with their rifles at the ready.

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