Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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The witch smirked with her gleeing, hideous eyes as she saw Lord Valkyrie appeared through the hole in the wall, as he approached the doorway and the witch said, “You shall all die.” A large dark shadow immersed the room in darkness as Lord Valkyrie stood at the doorway and spoke firmly, “Says the witch.” The witch’s eyes rolled back and again her eyes and her mouth turned into bright spot lights as she screamed and immediately Lord Valkyrie raised his left hand and deflected/broke pieces of the wall and broken furniture that were thrown at him while he thrusted his right towards the witch, as if to squeeze her throat, and the witch gave a short squeal as she lost her voice and put her hands around her throat as she looked down with a puzzled look (even though her eyes and mouth were still shinning bright white lights) as Lord Valkyrie marched fast directly towards her and the witch quickly looked up and tried to scream again but only to make short squeal like sounds. The rifles of the fallen 1st platoon suddenly flew up into the air, circled Lord Valkyrie and pointed directly at him, before Lord Valkyrie had time to react, when suddenly they were blown apart as the 2nd platoon stormed in and fired with deadly accuracy at the hovering rifles and took them all out before any of them had a chance to fire. Lord Valkyrie ignored the events that transpired around him as he walked up with a deadly purpose towards the witch, even as she raised her left hand/arm to block him, and easily shoved her hand to the side as he grabbed her throat and lifted her up till she is at Lord Valkyrie’s eye level and her feet dangled in the air, about two feet from the floor. The witch grabbed Lord Valkyrie’s hand and tried to pry it off her throat repeatedly, but to no avail even as she continued, as she began choking and Lord Valkyrie spoked firmly, “You shall surrender to me, now.” Unbeknownst to the troopers, one of the rifles (that the troopers blew apart earlier) rose from the floor and suddenly hurtled towards the back of Lord Valkyrie’s head, too fast for the troopers to react and try to stop it.

The broken rifle suddenly stopped as a gloved hand grabbed and held it back as it struggled to continue its flight towards the back of Lord Valkyrie’s helmet. The witch looked wide eyed as Lord Valkyrie glanced back to notice it was Captain Cruz who grabbed the rifle and is continuing to hold it back with ease, even as her left arm muscles flexed from the strain, before Lord Valkyrie looked back at the witch and threatened, “One last chance, or die.” The witch struggled to speak, “” Lord Valkyrie squeezed tighter and the witch’s face began to turn purple and blue as her eyes got bigger and bigger and she desperately clawed and pried Lord Valkyrie’s hand loose, but Lord Valkyrie kept a firm grip, as form and saliva started to leak from the corners of the witch’s mouth. When the attempted momentum of the rifle ceased, Captain Cruz pulled the rifle back and tossed it aside and when she heard a cracking sound she turned her attention back to Lord Valkyrie and the witch and saw the growing discoloration and the witch’s eyes were about to pop out as Captain Cruz deduced that the cracking sound is coming from Lord Valkyrie as he was about to crush the witch’s neck and forcing her head to pop out. Captain Cruz briskly approached Lord Valkyrie from his right and stated, “Sir, she can be more useful if she is alive sir.” Lord Valkyrie paused his squeezing and looked at Cruz as she continued, “If we bring her back alive, Commander Gleam could extract some of her DNA and see if her powers could be replicated to the clones or if not, clone her instead.” Lord Valkyrie looked back at the choking witch and back Cruz and replied, “Captain Cruz, you maybe right.” He then looked back at the witch and let her go, allowing the witch to crumple to the floor and gave a long, big gasp as she tried to breath before she began to cough and looked up at the intimidating black figure of Lord Valkyrie with wide eyes as she gasped, “How?” Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly, “That is non of your concern, witch.” Two stormtroopers came around from behind and the witch did not resist as they cuffed her hands behind her back and yanked her up so her feet barely touched the ground as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz led the way out of the room with half the platoon (including the two troopers carrying the witch) following behind while the rest aided the Medic Troopers as they carried their dead/wounded comrades out of the room and towards their awaiting shuttle.

Commander Ina and the Security Bureau behind the machine gun nest and the two soldiers behind Ina stood at the ready with their hand blasters drawn and pointed at the witch as Lord Valkyrie and his party approached them and Ina said (still looking worried), “We will take it from here. Thank...” Lord Valkyrie interrupted, “No, she is coming with us.” Ina and the Montoyers around him looked shocked but quickly regained their composure and looked angered as they blocked the troopers path (forcing them to stop) and Commander Ina exclaimed, “NO! She will stand trial for what...” Captain Cruz and the stormtroopers (not including the ones holding the witch) immediately aimed their rifles at the Montoyers blocking their path or at Commander Ina and forced the two Montoyers to aim their hand blasters at them as they looked surprised and Lord Valkyrie spoke blatantly, “Move or die.” They stood for only a few moments till Ina put his right arm up and blocked the two soldier’s guns and guided them away as the troopers and Captain Cruz lowered their rifles and the troopers continued their purpose and headed back towards the transport with the witch in tow while Captain Cruz stayed behind with Lord Valkyrie as he spoke to Ina, “The witch will get what she deserves, commander.” Lord Valkyrie snatched Ina’s neck and surprised the surrounding Montoya security and were about to pull out their guns till there was a powering up sound and they saw Captain Cruz aiming her rifle at them and nodded side to side and the soldier’s removed their hands from their holsters and watched as Lord Valkyrie choked Commander Ina to death. Lord Valkyrie lifted Ina off his feet till he is at eye level as Ina clawed/pulled Lord Valkyrie’s grasping right hand as he choked and his face turned red as he looked at Lord Valkyrie’s red glaring eyes in terror and Lord Valkyrie glowered, “Do not defy me again, commander.” He let go of Ina and let him crumpled to the floor, gasping for breath, as the surrounding security personnel, that were held back by Cruz, kneeled for his aid while Lord Valkyrie turned and walked away with Captain Cruz lowering her rifle and followed suit.

Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz exited the wrecked building and were about to board the shuttle till a Lead Trooper approached them, snapped to attention and said, “Lord Valkyrie, Captain Kovak is standing by and wishing to speak to you!” Lord Valkyrie looked away from the shuttle and asked, “What is it Captain Kovak?” Kovak replied through the radio within Lord Valkyrie’s helmet, “Sir we are receiving a message from the Montoya Security Bureau requesting further assistance.” Lord Valkyrie replied with restraint, “Are they aware of the casualties we suffered for apprehending a person they couldn’t apprehend themselves earlier?” Kovak replied (worriedly), “Yes sir and they said if you assist them again then this will be the last and they are willing to cooperate with our military forces and allow the enlistment of their own people to join our forces.” Captain Cruz and the Lead Trooper looked at him as they stood at attention, as if awaiting further orders, and Lord Valkyrie made a low frustrating growl before he replied grudgingly, “Where is the problem they want us to deal with?” Kovak replied, “About 10 clicks northwest of your position.” There was a sound of an approaching engine powered vehicle and when Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the Lead Trooper looked they saw a four seated hovercraft vehicle, powered by two engines, stoping with two Security Bureau personnel awaiting for them and Kovak continued, “They have sent a transport to take you there with the utmost hast.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Very well.” He turned to the Lead Trooper and ordered, “Lead, take the shuttle back to the Triton and lock up that witch before you come back to retrieve us. This should not take long.” The Lead Trooper snapped to attention and replied, “Yes sir!” And Lord Valkyrie turned to Captain Cruz and ordered, “Captain Cruz, you will follow my lead.” Captain Cruz stood at attention and confirmed, “Yes my lord!” And she and Lord Valkyrie turned and made their way to the awaiting shuttle while the Lead Trooper turned away, as he shouldered his carbine, and marched with haste up the Imperial shuttle’s ramp before it closed.

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