Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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On the planet Inchinn, in the tallest building in the center of one of the cities, an older, grey haired male with a face that can closely resemble to that of a bulldog, wore a dark green military uniform with three square rows (one red, black and gold) on his left chest, stood and looked at the multiple, transparent screen monitors as the man watched humanoid like machines walked about, finishing cleaning up the city and refurbishing the ones that were damaged overtime. As he is watching the progress he looked back and forth from the monitors and the plastic clipboard he is holding and making notes with his photolum ink pen. A silver humanoid robot entered the clean room and spoke in a female soothing voice, “Grand Commandant Cravage, you have a guest that wishes to speak to you.” Cravage continued writing on his clipboard as he barked back, “I am occupied! Get the name and...” A male voice spoke calmly but firmly, “Unfortunately, Commandant, your attention is required elsewhere.” Cravage turned around and looked up to see a middle aged man wearing a white Imperial officers uniform and cape. Cravage looked at him grimly and asked, loathing, “What do you want, Supreme Director McQuarrie?” McQuarrie’s forehead and eyebrows flexed up as he looked surprised, sarcastically, as he replied, “You remembered me Grand Commandant Cravage!” Cravage replied, as if he is on the edge of yelling at him, “That’s because you keep coming to my office three times a day with new ideas and it is driving me nuts!” McQuarrie made a sad expression as he spoke, “Sorry Commandant, but it comes with the job.” Cravage scowled at him, as he gave a deep growl and ordered, “Speak, NOW!” Director McQuarrie smiled and declared, “Grand Commandant, the Shipbuilding Research and Build Dept. has finished construction on the OSS Valkyrie!”

The room is suddenly quiet (interrupted with only the audio sounds from the monitors behind Grand Commandant Cravage and the computer bank wall to his left) as Cravage stared at McQuarrie and asked with eerie calm, “Are you sure Director?” McQuarrie continued to smile as he replied, “Yes, Grand Commandant! All it needs now is a full complement of clones and machines to man it for its maiden voyage and receive Lord Valkyrie!” Grand Commandant Cravage held back from smiling as he declared, “Excellent Director! I will notify Captain Cruz on the Triton of your success!” Supreme Director McQuarrie gave a short bow before he spoke aloud, “Thank You Commandant! I also bring further good news that Lord Valkyrie’s droid is completed as well.” Cravage could not refrain himself as he smirked and declared, “You have outdone yourself Supreme Director McQuarrie! Your people on Drakonian II should be very proud of your accomplishments on creating The Order’s military machine!” Supreme Director McQuarrie gave a short bow as he smiled and thanked Cravage before he spoke, “Even though you failed to deliver the first two classes of fighters that were stored in the planet’s technical archives, your accomplishments continue to out way more than your failures.” Supreme Director McQuarrie raised a finger (and looked like he has a bright idea) before he replied, “But those failures were due to the wear and tear of time on those old files. Thankfully those were the only files that are corrupted, for now.” Cravage glared at McQuarrie and said, “That better be. Continue your research on the other classes director, I will inform Commander Gleam to prepare a crew for the Valkyrie and notify Captain Cruz of your successes and the delivery to Lord Valkyrie.” Supreme Director McQuarrie thanked him again, saluted, made an about face and walked out of Cravage’s temporary office before he turned his attention to the computer console wall and began pressing buttons to hail Commander Gleam.

The hover vehicle stopped at a barricade with a handful of security bureau soldiers standing by and one of them approached the vehicle as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz got out and the soldier said, “We got the suspect cornered in a construction site and we have sent a unit in to take her out.” Lord Valkyrie asked (as if ignoring what the soldier said), “What’s this person’s name?” The soldier replied with anxiety, “She calls herself Sweetie Pie and she is armed with what looks like a baton and a device on her head that could blind anyone within close proximity!” Lord Valkyrie stated, “In that case...” He looked at Captain Cruz as he continued, “She is all yours, captain.” Captain Cruz shouldered her rifle and confirmed, “Yes my lord.” And she marched past the barricade, leaving the few soldiers that were stationed there (including the one that was talking to Lord Valkyrie) looking on with surprised or shocked expressions at her as she marched towards the construction site.

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