Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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It did not take Captain Cruz long to reach the construction site of a tall building a couple of blocks down and she noticed there were only two soldiers standing behind a wooden barrier wall, twice her height, with a metal door closed. As she approached them the two soldiers looked at her with alert expressions on their faces and one of them stood between Cruz and the door, as if to keep her from entering, and the soldier said, “Sorry ma’m but the team just went in. If you could just wait...” There was a sound of triggers being pulled back and one of the soldiers inside yelled, “FREEZE!” Captain Cruz looked up at the top of the wall and gate before her when there was a brilliant flash that emerged over the wall and there were cries of pain following afterwards before there was a smacking sound that lasted only for a few moments before it stopped and Cruz looked back at the soldier (that was talking to her) and ordered, “Stand aside soldier.” She looked frustrated and was about to argue with Cruz till the soldier behind her grabbed her soldier and she looked at her comrade behind her and saw him shaking his head as Captain Cruz took the opportunity and marched around her and opened the gate and walked in, before closing the gate behind her.

The soldiers were lying on the ground, withering and moaning in pain as Captain Cruz approached the nearest wounded soldier, stood before her (as if at attention) and asked, “Where is she?” A female voice called out, “Right here, bucket!” Captain Cruz looked up and saw Sweetie Pie standing on top of an upright steel beam, holding her baton (with a star on top) over her right shoulder as she smiled and called out again, “You should have brought more friends!” Captain Cruz raised her rifle but before she could get a clean shot, Sweetie Pie swung her baton and a shockwave sent Cruz flying off her feet and slammed her back up against the metal door, she entered in, and fell hard. Sweetie Pie flipped forward and landed on her feet on the ground before she looked back up and saw Cruz still sitting up against the metal door and said (as she made a sarcastic sad face), “Didn’t your mommy tell you not to point a gun at a lady?” Sweetie Pie strutted towards Cruz when she was struck by a beam of blue light and Sweetie Pie yelped as she flew back and struck her back so hard on the metal beam that there was a “Ping!” Sound as she bounced off and fell hard forward and on her face as Captain Cruz had whipped out a handheld blaster on her left hand. Captain Cruz gave a short grunt as she stood back up and said, “You’re not a lady, bitch.” And she holstered her pistol before shouldering her rifle again and marched straight at Sweetie Pie, as she groaned and crawled on her hands and feet as Cruz stood over her as she spoke firmly, “Get up.” Sweetie Pie (looking away) replied, “With pleasure, blind lady.” Sweetie Pie whipped her head around and her tiara lighted up like it was the sun and engulfed both Sweetie Pie and Captain Cruz into the pure white light, only Cruz immediately pulled the trigger on her rifle and blindly fired at where Sweetie Pie was as Cruz turned her head to the side and heard Sweetie Pie yelp, “Geez!” In a moment the light vanished and when Cruz looked, she noticed Sweetie Pie is gone. Sweetie Pie yelled, “You crazy bitch! You almost shot me!” Cruz cocked her rifle and called back, “Next time won’t be an almost!” Cruz maneuvered around the beam, with her rifle shouldered, as she crouched and scanned her surroundings with her cape whipping about her as she quickly turned left and right but did not see Sweetie Pie hiding behind any of the construction material or smaller construction vehicles around her. Cruz then approached the building still under construction with the metal beams exposed and uninsulated walls with electrical wires exposed.

Captain Cruz crept around corners and doorways like a silent cat, but so far has not seen Sweetie Pie till her voice echoed everywhere, “It is pointless bucket head! You will never find me! Especially with all that armor and cape you are dragging around!” Captain Cruz spoke up calmly, “This place is surrounded! The only way you are getting out, is through me!” Captain Cruz exited one of the empty rooms and slowly walked down the hallway when Sweetie Pie called out with satisfaction, “Awesome! This is going to be easy!” The ceiling collapsed above Cruz before she could react and the chunks of debris fell right on top of her as Sweetie Pie fell through and both she and the debris forced Cruz to crumple to the floor with Pie’s boots planted directly on Cruz’s upper back. Sweetie smiled with satisfaction, as she raised her baton and said, “Told you this is going to be ea...” Cruz yelled as Sweetie was suddenly throttled off Cruz’s back (as if she was riding a bull) as Cruz jumped up and Sweetie looked wide eyed, surprised at what she was seeing, as she fell on her back and distracted her to allow Cruz to suddenly whip around, grab Sweetie by one of her boots and swung her till she smashed through one of the plastered (uninsulated) walls to her left like a rag doll. Cruz moved quickly at Sweetie but she swung her baton and a shockwave blew Captain Cruz back off her feet as the rest of the wall in front of Sweetie and the wall behind Cruz blew apart from the shockwave as Cruz’s back flew towards the windows facing the outside. As Cruz flew back, she immediately (as if on instinct) grabbed one of the exposed cables and swung a 360 around the two rooms, with her red boots up and her black cape flying behind her, and struck Sweetie directly in the face and slammed her back up against the opposite wall so hard that the wall cracked and looked like it was about to fall apart. Cruz got up, as well as Sweetie Pie, and tried to grab her when Sweetie swung her baton across her face, only to make a loud “Ping!” noise as it struck Captain Cruz’s helmet and did not faze her as Cruz grabbed her, threw Sweetie Pie up and slammed her back onto the rubble covered floor in the hallway. Sweetie grabbed the bottom of Cruz’s cape, yanked it and Captain Cruz grunted as she was flipped backwards and hit the floor hard before her own cape dropped over her head.

Sweetie Pie stood up, breathing heavily, as she looked down at Captain Cruz’s unmoving form and said, “I have to admit. You are one tough s..” Sweetie yelped as a bolt of blue light struck her chest and sent her flying back into the next room as the bolt of light shot through Cruz’s upturned cape and she threw her cape back, as she stood up, and moved towards Sweetie with her hand held blaster in her hand as she spoke (threateningly), “For the last time, sur...” Sweetie Pie thrusted her baton and a narrow shockwave shot forth and struck Captain Cruz in the chest, forcing her to fly back again, only to grab an exposed vertical pipe and broke it as she stopped her momentum and fell back onto the floor. Sweetie got up and pointed her baton at Cruz again, but Captain Cruz swung the broken pipe (like it was a sword) and knocked Sweetie Pie’s baton off her right hand before swinging the pipe over her head and bringing the end of the pipe down onto Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie looked shocked and quickly dodged and rolled to her right (grabbing her baton in the process) as the pipe came down and struck the floor. Sweetie thrusted her baton and a golden lasso appeared at the top (replacing the star), grabbed the pipe and yanked it out of Cruz’s hands and Cruz watched as the pipe flew into Sweetie Pie’s outstretched left hand. Sweetie Pie giggled with joy and looked back at Cruz, while holding up both the lasso baton and the pipe and she called out happily, “Looks like I’m well...” Captain Cruz cried out in anger as she charged at Sweetie Pie (taking Sweetie by surprise) and tackled her to the floor and holding her with both hands used Sweetie Pie as if she was a battering ram and smashed another uninsulated plastered wall to her right as she threw Sweetie Pie like a rag doll and knocked the pipe out of Sweetie’s left hand and Sweetie groaned in pain as she laid in the rubble with only her baton still in her grasp.

Captain Cruz moved towards Sweetie Pie when Sweetie suddenly swung her lasso baton that wrapped around Cruz’s left boot and in one pull Cruz was pulled right off her feet (as she yelped) and fell hard on her back. Sweetie then got up, as she pulled her lasso back, and she began furiously and repeatedly, whipped Captain Cruz. Cruz raised her gloved and armored hands and arms to block the whips from her head and upper body as she grunted and mumbled curses while also moving her body side to side. Sweetie continued to furiously whip Captain Cruz, making loud “Ding!” sounds as the whip repeatedly struck Cruz’s armor and Sweetie yelled, “YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF!” Cruz then threw herself, facedown, onto the cement floor and her cape draped over her head and upper body as Sweetie Pie continued to whip her and with each whip, Sweetie began to smile to the point where she started laughing at every time she swung her whip at Cruz. Sweetie yelled as if she was a maniac, “YOU ARE A CO...” A bolt of blue light shot through Cruz’s cape and singed Sweetie’s hair, close to her left ear, as Sweetie jumped back in fright. Cruz threw her cape up to reveal she was holding her blaster pistol and fired at Sweetie again, rapidly, and Sweetie franticly dodged left and right, even throwing her arms to the side as Cruz kept firing directly at her as Cruz yelled in anger, till Sweetie swung her lasso, snatched Cruz’s pistol and yanked it out of her hand and threw it from Cruz’s reach. Sweetie laughed, “HA, HA! YOU’RE SC...” Cruz screamed with rage as she charged after Sweetie Pie and Sweetie swung her whip, only Cruz ignored it as it struck her back, as Cruz charged and tackled Sweetie to the wall behind her and slammed her back up against it when outside the wall crackled and was on the verge of collapsing. Sweetie crumpled to the floor, but Cruz grabbed her, as she screamed with rage, and threw Sweetie hard enough to smash through the uninsulated wall to Cruz’s right and into the next room. Cruz stomped towards her and grabbed a broken 2x4 as she continued on when Sweetie threw her head up and the room was engulfed in pure white light and Sweetie yelled, “See through...” Sweetie was blindsided to her left as the 2x4 struck her left temple and knocked her flat to the ground, quickly ending the blinding light. Cruz swung the 2x4 again and brought it down at Sweetie Pie till the golden lasso wrapped around it and yanked it off Cruz’s grip before it suddenly wrapped around Cruz’s left forearm and Sweetie rasped, “Ha.” And she pulled but instead Cruz wrapped her arm around it and grabbed it with her left and right hands before yanking Sweetie off the floor as she grunted loudly and threw her like a free weight as Sweetie smashed through two walls (one in the room she was in and the room across the hallway) before she let go of her baton and tumbled onto the floor and remained motionless. Sweetie groaned in pain and struggled to roll onto her back as she spoke painfully, “You, fucking,” Another female voice yelled, “Bitch!” And Sweetie glimpsed Captain Cruz driving the butt of her rifle to her right before Sweetie’s vision goes completely black.

Sweetie’s body dropped onto the ground and gave a short, weak yelp of pain as the Montoya Security Bureau people surrounding her, flinched/jumped back in shock as she laid before Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz’s feet. Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz looked down upon Sweetie Pie’s numb body when Captain Cruz spoke with disdain, “She was a pain in the ass, sir.” Lord Valkyrie acknowledged, “That I can believe, captain.” The Imperial shuttle landed behind Lord Valkyrie and the Security Bureau’s former barricade (even though they are still watching Lord Valkyrie and his associates in awe) with two of its three wings folded inwards from a 45 degree angle to that of forming an “A”. As the ramp lowered, Lord Valkyrie ordered, “Take this “Sweetie Pie”, she may yet be of some use to us.” Captain Cruz grabbed Sweetie Pie and lifted her over Cruz’s left shoulder (like she is a bag of ice) as Lord Valkyrie turned and both proceeded towards the landing craft when someone called out, “Hey! That is our prisoner!” Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stopped as many of the Security Bureau personnel looked on either with fright or apprehension as the same man, that called out, continued, “She must face justice for what she has done to our people!” Lord Valkyrie turned to his right, while Captain Cruz looked over her right shoulder, to face a Security Bureau middle aged man with a rank insignia that is higher than the subordinates surrounding them. Lord Valkyrie walked towards him and his dark shadow moved ahead till it is cast down on the man that was speaking and the Montoyers that were closest to him coward or stepped back as Lord Valkyrie stood before them. The Montoyer looked up at Lord Valkyrie’s covered face and snake like glaring eyes as sweet formed on his forehead and temples as he silently gulped and Lord Valkyrie placed his gloved hands on his hips and spoke boldly, “Are you questioning me?” The Montoyer did not spoke, as if an invisible force is keeping his lips from moving, and after a few moments, Lord Valkyrie spoke firmly, “Speak the truth.” The Montoyer still struggled to speak when suddenly he bursted out, “Yes!” When he suddenly realized what he said his mouth remained open as he looked shocked and realizing he has just signed his death sentence when Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Well Commander Bune. Let me assure you, this woman will get what she richly deserves. Thankfully for her sake, she did not kill anyone.” Commander Bune made a short bow and spoke with fear, “Thank You Lord Valkyrie. She is all yours.” Lord Valkyrie made a short bow, in reply, and replied, “Thank You Commander Bune. You are much wiser than your other comrade when we dealt with The Witch.” Both Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned back towards the shuttle and walked up the ramp before the shuttle took off and flew up towards the Triton that is awaiting for them.

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