Star Wars Universe: The Storm of The Order

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“LORD SERENITY, YOU CANNOT DO THIS!” A grey haired man, in a white and grey suit, yelled in the large wall monitor in the Congress Hall as Lord Serenity and Queen Valkyrie smirked and Lord Serenity spoke in eerie calm, “Yes I can Ambassador Tyron. Whatever we do in our territory is no concern of yours.” He then looked puzzled as he continued, “Unless that is a demand and you are trying to start a war, which our territories swore against before we all dissolved the New Republic.” Tyron looked flustered as he sat back in his chair as he gritted his teeth when he said, “No.” Lord Serenity smirked, bowed his head and said, “Good.” A skinny man in a black suit entered the Congress Hall with a tray, two glass and a pitcher of ice water and he bowed and asked, “My lady, my lord, do you need water?” Chloe answered, “Yes, that would be nice.” The servant approached and filled one glass of water and handed it to Queen Valkyrie before he turned his attention to Lord Serenity as the ambassador spoke, “If it comes down to it Lord Serenity, you are breaking the treaty as well. What you are doing is violating the rights of your own citizens and forced them to do your bidding based on where they live! You should not be considered as a republic but a dictatorship! Under the treaty any territory has the right to invade another to stop this treachery and restore peace within….” The servant stood just to the left of Lord Serenity and sat an empty glass next to Serenity’s hand and began to pour when suddenly Lord Serenity pulled out a large knife from beneath his right hand and forearm and stabbed the servant directly through his right forearm (that held the pitcher) and the servant screamed both in pain and terror. The servant immediately let go of the glass with his left hand and tried to grab Serenity’s hand and knife, but Serenity twisted the knife and hand about 180 and sent the pitcher of water flying (not spilling a drop on Serenity’s uniform) in the air and smashed on the ground and in one yank, ripped the knife away and sliced both the servant’s forearm and hand in half and the servant dropped to the floor screaming in agony. Serenity wiped the bloody blade on the back of the servant’s back before putting it back on his belt and Lord Serenity turned his attention back to the monitor, where the ambassador looked on in shock and Chloe stood over the grieving servant (caressing his torn forearm and hand) and Lord Serenity said, “Tell the head of the Special Operations Forces that I am well aware of their methods and operatives that no matter who they sent, I will already know about it.” There was a sound of a sword being drawn, as the servant continued to moan, when suddenly he stopped by the sound of a sword swinging. Lord Serenity and Ambassador Tyron looked over and saw the servant’s head severed and both his head and headless body lying on the ground and in one swing, to the left of her body, the blood flew out of Chloe’s sword blade and she put it back in its holster, behind her back, and stood back to the left of Serenity. Tyron, overcoming his shock, spoke fast, “The United Star Systems Council had no knowledge of this! We….” Serenity interrupted, “Will not intervene with the Zhargosia Republic’s affairs or else this incident will start a war.” The ambassador sat silently behind the monitor in awe and Lord Serenity continued, “If word of this goes out, I will not be responsible of how my people will react. For all they will know, you have just declared war on us and they will fight you to the death, thinking if you are willing to attempt to murder me and my wife, then you willing to assassinate the entire congress and conquer Zhargosia.” The ambassador spoke, with defeat in his voice, “Yes. The United Star Systems will not intervene.” Lord Serenity then added, “And if anyone escapes from our space, you are happily willing to capture and return them to us, without question.” Serenity and Chloe smirked as Tyron looked somber and said, “Yes. The United Star Systems will.” Serenity continued to smile as he said, “Looks like our problems our solved ambassador. Have a good day and let peace continue between our people.” Without hesitation, the ambassador cut the link off and both Serenity and Chloe smiled and Chloe said, “I like your way of diplomacy my love.” She stroked Serenity’s hair as she spoke and continued, “What shall we do with this traitor’s corpse honey?” Serenity replied, “Nothing special. Incinerate it and his head.” Chloe snapped her fingers and two soldiers in uniforms entered and did not looked surprised to see the headless corpse in the room and one soldier picked the body up while the other took the head and left as a janitor came into the room and swabbed the blood up.

The turbo lift doors opened and Lord Valkyrie stepped onto the bridge and approached Captain Kovak, as he stood at attention, and Kovak announced, “My lord, Grand Commandant Cravage wishes to speak to you at the comms.” Lord Valkyrie stepped away and stood before the communications station, on the side, and saw the image of Grand Commandant Cravage appear with an orderly, military office behind him as he stood at attention and Lord Valkyrie said, “Commandant Cravage.” Cravage smacked his heels and announced, “Lord Valkyrie, Supreme Director McQuarrie has notified me that your Command ship is complete and I have sent a message to Commander Gleam to prepare a crew to man your ship and prep it for your flag transfer!” Lord Valkyrie stood there and replied, “Excellent Commandant. Notify Director McQuarrie of my approval and to further continue his research and development of more aircraft and warships from the archives to expand our fleet.” Cravage replied firmly, “Yes my lord. I also wish to notify you that whenever you arrive, Director McQuarrie has prepared a special present for you and has built your personal quarters that he believes will satisfy you.” Lord Valkyrie spoke with firm caution, “Tell Director McQuarrie that I am “Grateful” of his hospitality, but if he is doing this in order to please me rather than do what he hired to do, then his bribery will cost him something that he cherishes dearly.” Cravage replied (hinting with satisfaction), “Yes my lord. I will notify him immediately.” Lord Valkyrie acknowledged, “Thank You Commandant, the captain will notify you of my impending arrival when I give the order.” Cravage confirmed, “Yes my lord.” And Lord Valkyrie made a nod to the robot manning the communications station and the monitor changed from showing Cravage, back to its original view. Lord Valkyrie turned and was about to walk away till Captain Kovak approached, snapped to attention and said, “My lord, one of the Venator’s, the OSS Diablo, is under attack by an unknown aligned of enemy space fighters.” Lord Valkyrie calmly asked, “Are they not able to defend themselves with their anti-air blast cannons and fighter squadrons?” The captain replied, “They would sir, except just as the enemy fighters appeared an EMP was set off and targeted the launching clamps, fighter operating systems, the auto targeting of the anti-air cannons and engines.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Notify any nearby ships in the vicinity to assist the Diablo immediately.” The captain spoke, “My lord, we are the nearest ship. There is no one else closer.” Lord Valkyrie looked over his right shoulder at him and ordered, “Head to the Diablo at maximum warp.” The captain replied, “Yes my lord. Do you want me to also notify Fighter Control to prep your fighter for our arrival?” Lord Valkyrie turned his body towards him, with his hands on his hips, and spoke as if he was impressed, “Yes captain, that is just what I was considering. Have it ready and prepare for battle.” The captain bowed and replied, “Yes my lord.” And he walked off leaving Lord Valkyrie to turn back and watched through the windows as the ship went to warp and headed towards the distress Diablo.

The OSS Diablo sat dead in space as small craft in an S configuration flew about and repeatedly fired upon the Diablo causing multiple small explosions as twelve anti-air blast cannons around the ship’s superstructure and five along the top and bottom of the rest of the ship’s hull fired erratically at the evading aircraft and repeatedly miss them. On the bridge, the human form robots in the two control pits and stations along the walls worked at a rhythmic fast pace while the handful of clone officers ran about calling out reports as the captain (a young clone version of the hispanic male from The Facility) walked fast along the walkway between the control pits, trying to ascertain the damage reports coming in. The bridge shook and the captain grabbed hold onto the railing as a Lt. (clone of Miranda Cruz) grabbed hold onto the nearest computer console a robot operated and looked up at the captain and called out, “Sir, they destroyed our long range communications tower!” The captain looked at her in anger and yelled over the alarms, “Double the power outage on our short range and transmit the same message from there!” The robot next to the Lt. spoke aloud but calm, “Captain Remos, if we do that the antenna will overload and blowout and we will lost all communications completely.” Remos yelled, “Do it anyway!” The robot acknowledged respectfully when suddenly there was another shake, this time harder. Outside a section of the area between the top and bottom hulls (closest to the port side of the superstructure and port engine) exploded into a chain reaction and caused the section of the top and bottom hulls closest to the explosions to ripple and almost collapse while inside, five turbo laser gun turrets either exploded or flew off their mountings as the human form robots tried to jog out of the way but yelped as they were either crushed or thrown about as they were consumed by a wall of fire as the munitions behind the turrets exploded into a raging fire. The bridge shook violently from the explosion and robots and clones either grabbed hold to something or staggered to the point of almost falling till it stopped and Remos yelled, “What the hell happened?” The same robot in the port control pit replied calmly, “Main battery section E-22 and E-22 Ammo Storage destroyed. Fire suppression and fire crews are activated and suppressing fire.” Another Lt. clone approached the captain and spoke aloud, “Sir that is close to the engine room! If that happens again we will lose the ship!” Remos asked aloud, “What’s going on with our fighters?” The Lt. replied, “Sir, we can’t get the locks to disengage as the computer system is still out!” Remos yelled, “Then rip the locks off manually! We need fighter support, NOW!” There was a repetitive beeping noise and a robot spoke aloud, calmly, “Captain Remos, a Star Destroyer is coming out of warp!” The captain looked a little relieved as he looked down at the robot that gave the report and Remos asked, “Designation?” The robot replied, “Captain, it is the OSS Triton!” The captain and the Lt. looked out the main viewports and there was empty space when suddenly the Star Destroyer Triton appeared.

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