A Different Species

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Waking up in a foreign planet, June finds herself confused and shocked, thinking she had died after an explosion at Area 51 sent blast waves through America. Now all by herself, surrounded by unknown territory, June has no other choice but to embark on a journey in hopes of making it back to human society. However, with death seemingly waiting at every corner—wanting to finish what it started—June finds herself in the hands of an alien willing to save her from the unprecedented dangers coming her way.

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1

A/N: For those of you familiar with The First She, it was one of the books that inspired me to write sci-fi. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein also has the same idea of a human traveling to a different planet. Only that the main character was raised in Mars and then ends up in Earth. Not to mention the movie Avatar was another inspiration.

My story, A Different Species, does have the similar idea/trope of a human traveling to an alien planet, but the characters and events are not the same.

I hope you guys enjoy it ❤️


The headline read. The news reporter spoke of the incident. Several other news report channels had similar labels, each expressing their view on the situation.

For exactly three months, there were videos circulating through social media about a woman who claimed that women weren't safe on Earth. That besides the injustice brought upon them for years by men, there was a greater threat — one that would lead to their extinction.

The only solution was to leave Earth.

One night, she claimed she saw the end of all women on Earth and their salvation. For three months, she traveled across America spreading the word. Many thought of her as a joke. Few believed her to be a prophet of some sort, only for them to be harassed and forced to join the opposers or the neutrals. Only a handful remained loyal to her word.

It was a battle across America between the supporters, opposers, and the neutrals. A battle that added to the on-piling problems that surfaced every day.


The live broadcast no longer showed the news reporter, but a friend of the missing woman. "She was my friend. My roommate. She wouldn't just disappear without telling anyone. Someone did this to her. Someone took her. Maybe she was right about a few things. Maybe about all of it."


Mad woman. That's what they called her, even when they knew her name, Clarice Munda.

"I wonder what happened to her," Destiny said. Silence followed and made itself known.

June uttered. "As much as we both want to believe that Clarice was sane, she had no proof. Plus it would be impossible to get every woman, the good and decent, out of Earth. Besides, where would we go? Clarice never said where. Scientists have not found a planet like Earth where we don't have to rely on spacesuits to be able to breath." At least not that we know of.

"This world is shitty," Destiny mumbled. "I can't even walk to my car from here without having to constantly worry about my surroundings. And my car is literally just outside the building!" Destiny sighed and sunk back in her seat. "What if Clarice left like she said we should've?"

"As fucked up as I sound, I hope she didn't. Because that means that what she said was right,” June admitted. While facts provided comfort to what had been unknown, there was still so much yet to be discovered. What if humans could settle on another planet? There was a theory that if humans were able to exist, so could other beings. Where were they?

No words were spoken afterwards. While the news reporter’s voice rang within the room, both women’s minds were somewhere else entirely. June's word struck hard at the thought.

If Clarice's words were true, the women of Earth would soon meet their end.

Or will they? 🤔
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