A Different Species

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Chapter 16

Kargon missed June's touch. He surprised himself when he had placed her hand on his forearm when he noticed how nervous she was upon seeing the walls of his home. He did it for her. He wanted her to know he was there with her. He thought she'd stay with him at least until she settled for the night. He thought he'd be fine when they'd have to part ways then. But it was too soon, he thought. June got along fine with Raziel. Kargon didn't need to worry.

And yet, he still did.

He tried to listen to what Fajra was saying and managed to voice in, but his attention strayed to June when she started walking away with Raziel.

Kargon didn't like this feeling. It felt wrong to want to state his claim on the human. But he wouldn't do so.

"Where did you find the human?" Fajra asked.

He noticed the slight shift of tone in her voice. She wasn't as welcoming of the woman as Raziel was. Kargon knew that a few of the others would feel the same, but once they got to know June, things would change. He'd introduce Fajra to June later on.

"She was in danger—a frol."

Fajra's eyelids widened. She gave Kargon a quick rundown for what he assumed were injuries. It made him feel a little uneasy. "The wounds were not deep. I healed quickly," he told her. She curtly nodded.

"I will bring the histles and lopies on my next trip." He looked around. "I have to go find Nikos."

Fajra stopped him from leaving by wrapping her hand around his wrist. Kargon went still and Fajra immediately yanked her hand away and apologized. Kargon kept his gaze set ahead, brows furrowed and heart aching. "I have to go."

With that, he left. He found Nikos outside of Raziel's tent, where he knew June and Raziel would be. "Brother," Kargon nodded.

June and Raziel's mumbled voices could be heard by the two men. Nikos returned the gesture. "The female gets along with Raziel."

"It's easy for them to understand each other."

Nikos remained expressionless. "Don't frown, brother. It is not your fault for our lack of knowledge. Her language was taught to the royals, but you learned through her."

Kargon hasn't realized he was. He relaxed his forehead. "It was not always easy to communicate." It still isn't.

"She is here now. You can still learn from her. Raziel can also teach you, if you ask."

Kargon hated asking things from others, even from Nikos. He felt indebted to them and the pity they had for him only grew the more he asked from them. With June it was different, he didn't need to ask her to do something. June insisted to help, not because of pity, but because she knew she needed to survive. Maybe she thought Kargon would leave her someday, maybe out of curiosity and to learn a new skill—maybe both.

Kargon's eyes locked on the covered entrance when he heard June's laughter. He could've sworn he heard her say his name, but the rest was muffled. So was Raziel's response.

There was movement which resulted to footsteps. The curtain was pulled open and out went June, followed by Raziel. June's smile grew the moment she saw Kargon.

Raziel spoke to Kargon and Nikos in their native language. "You two should join us next time. There is much to learn about Earth and it's humans." His gold eyes landed on Kargon. "We prepared a home for June next to yours. She trust you most which is why I think you should be the one to show it to her as well as the rest of the tribe. Take her to Ixvis if he's available."

Ixvis? Kargon wondered what he had to do with June, but nodded nonetheless and turned to June who stood there awkwardly. "Kargon will show you where you'll be staying," Raziel told her. She thanked him just as she had thanked Kargon many times before.

"After you big guy," she told Kargon.

With that, Kargon guided June away from the two men and through the tribe. It's people went about their everyday lives. The stares were nothing new to Kargon, only he realized they weren't directed at him but at June. He stood closer to June. She didn't notice it because she wasn't paying attention to him. She was staring at his tribesmen, their homes, and everything else that caught her gaze.

He wondered what went through her mind. For starters she must be comparing Helon to Earth. Besides their appearance, what else was different? Was there anything familiar to her?

He pushed the thoughts away when he recognized the home they had built for June. Just as Raziel said, it was next to his. This was good . . . And bad. Mostly good, Kargon thought.

He pulled the curtain back and gestured for June to enter. She did so quietly. Everything part of the home was open except for the bedroom which was separated by a wall. Comparing it to her apartment in Phoenix, the home itself was a lot smaller, but comfortable for one person to live in. She was actually looking forward to living here. But she still wondered. "Kargon," she turned to him. "Where's your home?"

Kargon frowned. He didn't understand. June made a series of mimes while repeating her question. Understanding what she had asked him, she followed him outside and saw him point to the house next to him. It had better structure and was somewhat bigger. That didn't bother her, then again, she was an unexpected guest. She, however, wanted to know more about Kargon.

She directed her smile at him. "We're neighbors." She repeated the phrase and pointed at their houses and themselves.

"Nae-buhrz," Kargon repeated. June nodded.

She took another glance at his home. "Mind if I go in?" She pointed to herself and then his home.

Her question brought insecurity in him. Kargon was barely ever home, usually spending his time out in the wild. While June and others acknowledged the hut his home, he didn't have a place he called home—or at least one that stood. His home had burned down with his mother. There was nothing of significance in there.

Noticing his hesitance, June raised her hands in surrender, just as she had back in the cave when he didn't want to remove his mask. "It's okay. Didn't mean to pry."

Now he felt . . . Guilty. Insecure. Afraid. He knew June was a curious woman. She always asked him questions, always wanting to learn. She didn't mean any harm when she asked for him to remove his mask. She didn't mean any harm now. Would he really deny her a second time?

His trauma fed thoughts didn't help. He remembered the scream June let out when she regained conscious after he saved her from the frol and brought her into a cave. He remembered the pity looks she gave him at times when she saw his deformed skin. He remembered the worry and fear in her voice when the fire occurred and he almost killed them both.

June didn't deserve to have someone like him around her. He couldn't change who he was.

His plan was to bring June here and distance himself from her. She would forget about him at some point. Living beside each other didn't help. Then again he always stayed outside the walls of the tribe for days, weeks at times. But every time he thought of leaving her, there was a heavy weight in his chest.

He didn't want to hurt her. Didn't want her to feel as if he abandoned her. She did call him her friend. Friends didn't leave each other.

Kargon walked up to the entrance and pulled the curtain open. With a glance back at June, he watched her smile return before she quickly made her way inside. Once both inside, he watched her look around. The place was empty in the sense of personal effects. June said a few things he didn't understand, but he did understand 'thank you'. She was looking at him when she said it. He nodded.

June busier herself again with inspecting his home. Whatever she was saying made her laugh and widened her grin. He'd wait till she was finished for them to leave. There was no rush. No negative feelings or thoughts invaded the moment. It was just the two of them.

Suddenly, June shrieked and all his senses were in alert. It all happened so fast. One moment June was falling and he went in to catch her. The next they were falling together before his back took the hit against the floor. He saw what scared June—a swil. The little critter made a run for the exit. When he glanced back at June to assure she was okay, he was caught by surprise. Her face was red. Inches from his. And their bodies? Flush against one another. His hands, he realized, were on her waist. Her hands were on him. One on his shoulder, the other on his thigh.

He was too stunned to speak. June didn't utter a word either. They simply stared at each other while their hearts raced.

For a moment he saw June's eyes leave his and down to his lips. What was she thinking? He wondered. Her green eyes met his violet ones once more and he could've swore she moved an inch closer. He felt her move. He felt the slight add in pressure where her hands were placed and the slight change of movement of her body sliding against his.

"Kargon?" Called out a voice from outside his hut.

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