A Different Species

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Chapter 2

"Oh my God, June! Today's the day!"

June glanced over at her coworker of three years and friend since college.

Destiny stared in awe at the flat screen tv that was embedded to the white wall. The news reporter gave a breakdown of what would happen for the next two hours—historic as they called it. Two months ago, the government had released documents to the public containing information about some of the research they conducted in Area 51. Today, they would discuss their findings further in detail.

"I swear our generation is a different breed." Destiny spun around in June's office chair, turning away from the screen and facing June. Her black mixed honey brown tight curls bounced and swayed from side to side. Her tawny skin had a natural glow to it and was covered in brown specks. Her brows were sculpted to perfection, lashes painted and pointed to the roof above them, and lips covered in gloss. "We managed to make the government release the documents."

"After we basically tried barging into Area 51." June commented, but kept her gaze on her desktop screen. She scrolled through her emails, answering those of potential and current clients.

"We didn't barge in there. We peacefully surrounded the area and asked that they let us in or release documents about their findings. You're making it seem bigger than it was."

"So, the government releasing documents about things like time travel and aliens isn't big?" June raised an eyebrow and let out a small laugh. "I'm still surprised you actually joined them."

Destiny had brought it up the moment she heard about it. She asked her friend to join her, but June refused. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in the cause. It was that personal matters had gotten in the way. It was believed by many Americans that their government was hiding things from the public. Even June and Destiny knew it was true.

Although June couldn’t join her best friend, Destiny kept her updated of what was going on through pictures and videos. They even had a video call as the protestors marched to Area 51. June supported her friend and the cause for the march.

"YOLO?" Destiny shrugged her shoulders.

Immediately, Destiny and June bursted into laughter. It was always like this at work when they were left alone together. Laughing over small things, June listening to Destiny's compiled research on space and extraterrestrial life, and Destiny bringing her mother's home cooked dishes — to name a few.

"Hurry up and finish up, June. You don't want to miss this." Destiny's golden-brown eyes turned back to the screen on the wall. She bounced her right leg and tapped the edges of the arms of the chair with her acrylic nails.

The corners of June's lips curled up. She closed the site she was in and shut down her desktop before turning her attention to the news reporter. Behind the reporter stood a line of military soldiers, guarding the gates that lead to Area 51.

“So, when is it that the scientists will come out and talk?" June asked.

"Should be any second now," Destiny responded, but did not remove her gaze from the screen. “Beemo, raise the volume up five.” The voice service complied to Destiny’s command.

"Good morning America! And hello to all our viewers from around the world. My name is Rachel Patel and I'll be reporting today’s event with the help of my crew."

At that moment, two military vehicles came into view as they made their way towards the crowded gates. The camera zoomed onto the vehicles as the reporter continued to speak. "I know how anxious you viewers must be waiting to find out what has really been going on in Area 51 after many years of it all being kept in secret. Today, August 13th, 2311, marks a historic day, all thanks to those who marched and protested two months ago."

Rachel continued to explain what was being seen on the screen. "At this moment, three scientists have stepped out of the vehicles and are heading towards the stands behind the guarded gates. Let's take a few steps closer and see what they have to say."

Each scientist stepped in front of one of the three podiums. "Good morning," spoke the one on the farthest left. "I am Dr. Solberg and thank you for joining us today." No smile, or any other emotion, presented itself on her face.

"Alongside me are my colleagues, Dr. Martin and Dr. Quinn." The camera caught both men nodding, and just like Dr. Solberg, their faces held no emotion. "As we all know, today we will be discussing our research here at Area 51, marking the countless years of research spoken today in America's history."

Before she could say anything else, alarms blared. Red lights flickered through the tops of each pole posted along the gate. Immediately, the reporters began to question the scientists of what was going on while the military soldiers held them back. "We ask that you all please take a few steps back," spoke Dr. Martin. Dr. Solberg and Quinn were already on their way back to the vehicle they transported merely moments ago.

The cameras were no longer on Dr. Martin. All viewers could see was the building was the direction in which the main building of Area 51 was located. Rachel continued to try to alleviate the situation, knowing that her viewers were just as confused as her.

All of a sudden, from the distance, an explosion was set off. All national television could hear next were the screams of the crowd and watch as the cameras fell to the ground as they tried running away from the scene. Unfortunately, the blast reached them before they could make it to their vehicles. The last thing seen was a wave of sand engulfing the reporters before the screen went black.

"Oh my God, June!" Destiny jumped from her seat and turned. Instead of looking at her, her gaze was caught by something outside. June's fear only grew when she registered Destiny's terrified gaze. She snapped her head out the glass walls and stumbled while getting up, knocking her chair to the ground.

Before any of them could scream, the walls shattered, and a gust of wind filled with debris sent them flying backwards. June saw her office being destroyed and replaced with a new setting. Clear blue skies and a ray of sun clouded her vision as she cried out through her fall.

As if hearing her wishes, her fall came to a stop when her body slammed against something. The moment her head landed, everything went black.
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