A Different Species

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Chapter 6

June carefully watched her step. With her heels in hand, the soles of her feet were bare to the foreign ground. Her ears listened for any sudden sounds. Although the giant in front of her had enough muscle to fight and protect, if at any moment her life was in danger and Kargon would do nothing against it, she'd dash back into the forest and run as far away as her legs would allow. She knew she wouldn't survive if she came face to face with one of this planet's many predators.

June's eyes scanned Kargon's feet. Her copper brows knitted together when she noticed he walked without a care of what he stepped on. Did they not wear shoes?

The only reasonable answer she could come up with was that—along with the rest of their body—the soles of their feet were tough enough to withstand much of the harshness of their planet.

Her thoughts then brought her elsewhere. June was clueless about where Kargon was leading her to. She wondered what he was doing before he had found her. Nonetheless, it seemed to her that he wasn't going to let a mere human stop him from finishing what he was planning on doing in the first place.

He didn't seem angry about me coming along with him. He wanted me to go with him, so that's good . . . Right?

Either way, June was thankful for Kargon. If one day she could speak his language—or him hers—she'd tell him personally. For now, she'd show her appreciation through her actions.

But what could I do?

Her eyes trailed up Kargon's back and landed on the two horns on top of his head. Even with his mask covering most of his face, she could tell the horns began at the base of his hairline and ran just til they reached the back of his head, curling in a bit. His jet black hair was cut short along the sides except at the top where it pooled over his eyes sometimes.

June took another glance at his back, especially the burn marks he had. She couldn't imagine how painful it must've been for him, neither how he got them. He was able to start a fire when taking care of her, so she assumed he wasn't traumatized by fire, or at least she hoped he wasn't.

She swallowed the lump in her throat, instantly feeling her tongue become dry. June made a mental note to watch him next time he started a fire.

Her thoughts went away when she noticed something else. Why was I suddenly getting so close to him? I wasn't that fast.

Then she realized.

Shit he stopped walking.

Her feet planted themselves into the ground and her entire body froze. Had she stopped a second later, she would've bumped into him.

June watched Kargon reach up into a nearby tree and pluck a few fruits before handing one to her. They had about the same shape, size, and weight as an apple but the color was the same of an orange. I'm guessing I can eat this.

Her eyes once again went to Kargon who grabbed two more from the tree. When he turned to June, seeing the fruit was still in her hand uneaten, he brought one to his mouth and took a bite of it. June followed his lead and took a bite out of her own.

The taste was a tad bit sweeter than an apple.

Upon finishing, Kargon handed her two more. She ate them while he plucked more and then ate.

June was about to stand from the fallen tree trunk she sat on when Kargon lifted his hand for her to stop. She tried to stand again when she saw him take a step back, but once again was told to stop.

Keep eating, he wished he could tell her. I'll be right back.

Kargon knew this part of the forest was safe and he didn't have to go far to get what he needed. When he felt she understood him, he began walking away.

It's not far, he reminded himself. She'll be okay.

The look June had on her face when she realized she'd be left alone was the only thing Kargon could think of as he walked away.

He passed by two trees before he saw what he was looking for. A plant that only grew in these parts of the forest. It could grow as tall as a tree, but there wasn't much use for it except for its leaves.

Kargon pulled out his dagger and cut a large leaf from it. Immediately, it began to shrivel until it shaped itself into what looked like a bag. He then cut a vine hanging nearby that he'd use as a way to tie around the opening of the leaf bag.

As he repeated the process a second time, Kargon thought of the trip he—and now June—were on. In about a day and a half, they would arrive as long as nothing stopped them along the way. Then, it would take about five days to get back home.


Did she want to come with me?

Kargon knew she wasn't from his planet based on her attire and native language. Whether she was from Nepune or another planet, it seemed as if June was stranded in his planet. He had no clue as to whether her people would come and find her.

Were they the reason why she was here?

In the meantime, she'd have to go home with him. Kargon wouldn't be able to sleep if he knew she was left alone to fend for herself.

As he finished tying the new bag, he wondered how June would fit in with his people. There was Andreika and Hana at least who he knew the three would get along easily. They could then introduce her to the other females.

But there was still the issue of their language barrier.

Kargon knew it wasn’t something that would solve itself in one day, but at least it seemed that June was interested in learning his language. During their journey, she’d point at a few things to which he’d call by their name. June would then repeat it, Kargon would nod when she pronounced it right, and June then either say some things in her native language or keep her thoughts to herself. There was progress.

Kargon flung the two new bags over his shoulder and headed back to June.

At that moment, June brought her seventh fruit up to her lips. She should’ve felt bad that Kargon would have to pick out more of them when he got back, but food had always brought her comfort when she felt alone.

Get it together woman!

She took another bite.

He’ll be back. He just went to do something.

She stuffed her cheeks after two more bites. Her brows furrowed as another thought came to mind.

Why am I being clingy?

June tossed what was no longer edible onto the pile of scraps that laid within a foot from her. In an instant, she snapped her eyes away when her peripheral vision caught movement.

A sigh of relief pushed past her lips when her gaze landed on a familiar giant.

See? Nothing to worry about.

Kargon noticed the pile by her feet, but didn't say anything about it—not that June would understand. When his eyes took in the guilty look on her face, he frowned. He wanted her to eat, even if he couldn't tell her with words, and she did. There was no reason for her to feel the way she did.

He left the pile as it was, knowing nature would have its way with it, and focused on collecting more fruit to bring with them. He placed as much as he could in the two bags he made before handing one to June who didn't hesitate to grab it.

With that, they continued with their journey.

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