A Different Species

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Chapter 7

June's clothes clung to her like a second skin. It wasn't as sexy as how fictional books painted the image of her clothes perfectly fitting her, showing every curve of her body. No, June's clothes were soaked in her sweat.

Not only was the stickiness she felt becoming uncomfortable, but the stench that was coming off of her was becoming unbearable.

Well at least Kargon hadn't said or did anything that seemed as he was displeased, June thought. Not that she could understand anything he said unless he pointed at it.

It felt as if they walked for hours, but the sun hadn't begun to set. Kargon, however, knew that they needed to find shelter soon.

He took a glance at June who kept staring down at the sweat stains on the front of her shirt. He began to wonder how her people lived. Why did they cover themselves with so much cloth? What were the rules of her planet? How different was her planet from his? So many questions that lead to more questions.

Kargon turned to look ahead just before June noticed his staring.

They walked for about another thirty minutes before stopping in front of a small pond that reminded June of a... jacuzzi?

Bubbles rose and popped upon reaching the surface of the water. What in the world?

June took a step closer and peered at what might be inside it. There weren't any living things inside, except for the small vines at the edge of the pond that began growing into it. The floor and wall of the pond were made of the same material. Some kind of stone, June assumed. There were stones jabbed into the wall that looked like a small staircase.

This is where they bathed?

She turned to Kargon who was already looking at her. June pointed at herself and then the pond without breaking eye contact with him.

Kargon nodded and walked to a nearby tree. He pulled out his wooden bowl and dagger. He drove his dagger into the trunk of the tree just above where he placed his bowl against. A white substance oozed out of the tree and into the bowl. Once full, Kargon handed the bowl to June.

Like spreading butter onto a slice of toasted bread, he spread what was leftover of the substance on his dagger onto his palm. He then crouched over the pond and washed his dirty hands clean.

"Oh," was all June could muster out. So it's soap.

I totally would've figured it out.

June nodded at him when he met her gaze.

I can finally—wait a minute.

As if he somehow understand why June didn't jump right in to the pond, Kargon pointed at himself and then at something on the other side of the bush he stood beside of. June walked until she noticed another pond identical to the one she was itching to get into.

Understanding what he meant, she nodded and walked back to her pond. By the time she turned to look back at Kargon, he was already over the bush and removing the cloth wrapped around his waist. June immediately looked down at the bubbling water in front of her before she saw anymore of Kargon's skin—and she saw plenty already.

June quickly stripped naked and made her way inside the water. She didn't bother stopping the sigh that left her lips.

After washing herself clean, she washed her clothes and left them to dry on the grass. She knew they wouldn't dry by the time she got out, but at least they were cleaner than before. Leaning back against the wall of her bath, June could only think about her current situation.

I'm stuck in an foreign planet with an alien who I can't even make conversation with and have no idea where Destiny is nor how to get back to Earth.

An airy laugh left her lips.

I am so screwed.

She looked up at the clear sky. She wondered what would've happened if women had taken the news about being in danger seriously. Then again, telling all women to get the hell out of Earth without proof as to why and what would've happened to them if they did stay did sound crazy.

What would've happened if we had left?

It was too late for that now.

June made her way out of the water and got dressed minus her bra. She buttoned the upper half of her shirt and then used the rest of the fabric to tie a knot, leaving her stomach exposed. She threw her bra in the bag Kargon had given her and waited for the giant.

• • •

Night had finally fallen and the pair had gotten settled into the cave that would be their home until morning.

As they sat by the fire, Kargon took in June's current state. Her clothes, although wrinkled, had finally dried and her hair was still damp at the roots. Kargon noticed that it took its natural shape of waves with a few strands sticking out.

He wondered what her planet and people were like. Did the women of her planet have short hair? Did they wear similar clothes? Did the men in her planet have longer hair?

He ran a hand through his damp hair.

It wasn't that the women in Kargon's planet didn't have short hair, but it was still something you didn't see very often. History, more like the men, made it a custom that women had to have long hair while it didn't matter for men. It was only till recently did things started to change, but you couldn't easily shake off customs that were forced upon you since the moment you were born.

Were her people more liberal in how they lived their lives?

There were so many things he wanted to ask June.

If only they could speak the same language.

He watched June take a bite out of the fruit they had carried with them. Kargon almost laughed at the face she made. The longer the fruit went uneaten, the more sour it would taste. Nonetheless, June kept eating.

He'd hunt for meat tomorrow.

His eyes shifted to the rest of the cave. Their beds were made, there was enough wood to have the fire last all night, and food wasn't a problem since the forest around them was full of all kinds.

Keeping watch of the entrance wouldn't be a problem for Kargon. The area they were in wasn't full of threatening animals, or at least none he couldn't stop. Besides that, he knew they wouldn't come into the cave.

If for some reason something did, Kargon would do anything to stop them. He was a light sleeper and quick to react. He had been since the incident.

Kargon balled his hands into fists. Don't think of it. That was a long time ago.

The sound of June's voice pushed away the horrid memories.

June watched Kargon's jaw and fists loosen the moment she had called his name. For a moment she wondered whether she should stay awake longer, try to interact with him in some way like having him tell her some things were called in his native language. She just didn't want his thoughts reverting to what had made him so angry, or was it something else?

I should stay awake a bit longer.

As if sensing her worry, Kargon sent her a small smile.

She returned the gesture and watched him settle into his leaf mat. June followed afterward and sleep wasted no time in falling upon both of them.

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