A Different Species

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Chapter 8

Kargon was clueless as to what June had been repeating to herself since he led them up the grass dense mountain. He noticed her heavy breaths once they reached halfway. He assumed her planet didn't have many mountain terrains or that June lived far from them. Luckily what he set out to find was just atop, then he'd take her to his home.

"I've got this! Just ten more steps," June repeated after counting ten more steps who knows how many times.

"Un . . . Deux . . . Trois," she began to count in French until she reached ten, repeating the process again.

The moment she reached the top, her hands landed on her knees.

"I did it," she said through heavy breaths.

She threw her fist up, but immediately dropped it back onto her knee.

I'm going to be so fit by the time I get back to Earth.

"Woo!" She slurred when her breath left her once more.

"Kargon, you giant," she took a breath. "Have mercy on my small ass and let me—"

When June looked up, she found him crouched in front of a field of exotic flowers staring back at her. Having heard his name, Kargon watched June straighten herself as she admired the landscape.

The flowers resembled lilies ranging in colors. Some even had a blend of several colors. When she took a closer look at them, she saw that a few of the stamens as well as the rim of the petals were fluorescent. June was in awe. Her gaze shifted to Kargon's form. He had plucked a handful of them and was now digging up fist-sized quarts clumped together in patches by a cave entrance.

She blinked. Was that always there?

Kargon's violet eyes met June's green ones and she immediately made her way towards him. He handed her a quart.

"Histles," he said and pointed at the quart.

"Lopies," he lifted a white spotted, pink colored lily.

"Oh," heat emitted from her cheeks. "Thank you."

Their fingers brushed as she took the flower from him. She watched him place as many quarts into the leaf bag he had made on their way here, keeping the lilies in hand. She followed him into the cave where he began setting up what would be their resting place for the night.

Get it together June. He was just being nice to the alien he suddenly had to take care of.

She snorted. Alien.

Then again he could've left me to die.

But Kargon wasn't that type of . . . alien. June learned that in the short time they had spent together. If only there wasn't a language barrier between them.

Suddenly, another thought came to her.

Are there other humans here?

She hadn't seen any so far, but she couldn't be the only one alive . . . There had to be others, she thought. Right?

I'm not that special to be the only surviving human. There's no way.

Kargon noticed June pout her lips as she lost herself in her thoughts. He wondered what she was thinking. He wanted to be able to ask her about it. He wondered if anyone home knew anything about June and her people. It was unlikely, but not impossible. If they didn't then the Amazons must know.

Nepune was Helon's sister planet. It's habitants are females, known as the Amazons, and would always be only females. No man is allowed to live there, much less visit. The women in Nepune weren't forced to live like that, they chose to. If at any point, they wanted to leave, they could and were always welcomed back.

Kargon wondered if June wanted to live with the Amazons. It didn't seem like she minded being with him, but he didn't know how things would be once he introduced her to the rest of the clan. There were more males than females, including the children.

He hoped June wouldn't leave. Despite the language barrier and the short time they knew each other, she was still here with him.

By the time the cave was set for the night, the sun was starting to set. Kargon lit the fire and ate some fruit stored in his bag. As he did, he planned their journey back to the clan. The path they traveled to the mountain was the safest, so they'd go through there once morning comes.

He glanced once more at June. Her eyes were set on the flower he had handed her. She twirled it in her hand admiring every inch of it. A small smile graced her lips.

As he turned away, a small gasp left her lifts which immediately sent his eyes back to her.

The flower and rock he handed her were beginning glowing. Histles and lopies had properties that allowed them to save energy from the sun and use it as a source of light. They were common offerings of appreciation, mainly between lovers.

Not that June was his, Kargon reminded himself. He simply wanted to give it to her to show his appreciation for trusting him and being one of the few friends he had. Nothing else of course.

Warmth filled his chest when June continued to admire the glowing gifts, more enthusiastically than before. He busied himself by counting the histles and lopies he collected, making sure he had enough to bring back.

• • •

June couldn't seem to look away from the field in front her. When she noticed the lopy in her hand begin to glow as the sun setting, she sat at the entrance of the cave watching the field light up. Even the midnight sky looked just as beautiful. June had never seen this many stars whenever she looked up at the sky on Earth.

It was then that she thought of how long this would last. There were so many differences between this planet and it's habitants compared to humans on Earth. Humans were more advanced in many things. While it has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages. How long would it take for this planet to evolve to that level? Would the sky look just as beautiful as it does now, or would they become impossible to see?

Would I be here to see it?

She hugged her knees, resting her chin on one.

The possibility of making it back to Earth wasn't impossible. Would it take time and hard work for it to happen? Yes, but if she was able to teleport once who's to say she couldn't do it again?

June was clueless as to what she'd find if she made it back. The explosion at Area 51 managed to travel miles, but how many? The fact that it traveled from Nevada to Arizona meant that California, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon were also affected. But what if the blast waves went beyond that?

She had to know what happened. She’d find out somehow. A breath escaped her lips. For now she’d stick with Kargon. The corners of her lips lifted at the thought.

She gazed at the sky once more and wondered where their journey would lead them to next.

June will soon arrive at Kargon's home. Any theories on what might happen?

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