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Caspian is a boy who lives in a VR world, he hides away in VR away from his sad life as an orphan. Caspian is considered special in his play made up but online world, he can be respected in there so he takes his chances in the VR world.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

;Spawn Mot; Okay so I need to meet up with Sy today. We're gonna meet the spirit of Kelmel. I assume you don't know what any of those are. A Mot is a flying creature, it has brown or white feathers and wings, blue eyes and it's a bird. Sy is my teacher, and Kelmel is a legend in this world she's ancient. Hello, the name's Caspian Uren. I spend almost all my time in a Virtual pretend World, my username in the game Lore Discovery is Pel and I'm level 184, pretty high and elite. My friends go by Sy, Nelly, Mina and Rosie. Nelly goes by Nell, Mina Min, and Rosie Rose. In real life I'm called Cass short for Caspian. Anyways quest time, maybe I can get a Golem.

I climb onto the Mot and tell it my destination, this one's a work one, there are work one's, guard one's and pet one's you mostly see work Mot's. Hey I forgot to mention, I'm a male. I have no interest in relationships. But enough about me, let's continue.
Nobody's Point Of View(POV)
"Your finally here! You could have missed the meetup." "Yeah I wouldn't have. Not with this fast speedy Mot." "Yeah okay, let's go Pel." The two walked into a modern technology place with cameras, laptops, bots, Androids, many more. "Ah hello Sy." A man said to Sy. "Hello Sir! Today as we've scheduled we're seeing Kelmel. Observation." "Yes, yes follow here." The man led Pel and Sy to a storage-like room. "Here rap this rope around your waist, we're going down." The two obeyed and went down a hole being lowered down by technology. "In here." The two walked into brightly lit room with a setup of an 'illusion' though some people knew it was the spirit of Kelmel.

The spirit then 'awakened'. "Ah hello young generation, it seems you'd like to speak. What is the matter. Your not satisfied with the timeline now? Should I change it." Kelmel asked seems she was up to date about everything. "It's 2084 we're good thanks M'lady." "I understand, technology is too good to lose. Anyways problem?" "No, we'd like to know how to summon Felsher." "Oh you want to speak to Felsher? Okay, I'll get you a book on how to summon every ancient person that ever lived. Felsher was born 80,000 decades ago, he's old." " info.." "Oh please, bye for now young one."

"Kelmel is weird." "Yeah, yeah Kelmel is awesome, let's fix your hair." Sy said it being obvious he was paying no attention to the other. "Yeah uh huh." The two traveled by Mot, same one as before. Pel decided to name it Narrow for it's narrow beak, Pel liked how fast and cute it was.

"Yeah thanks for the cut." Pel thanked. "Yeah, yeah." Min rolled her eyes and shooed Pel away. Sy had already left and Pel was tired so he went home and immediately fell asleep.
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