The Devil's Gift

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It was then that I realised that even up until that very point

I was still doing God’s bidding. Everything I had done was the path I was meant to walk. It was he who prevented me becoming a victim in the church, he knew that I’d want revenge. He lured the Devil to Greyton, knowing she’d offer me a chance of revenge. Every step of the way, I’d been allowed to continue, never making the choices I thought were mine alone to make. God intervened at every step. I was never meant to meet Klomano, never meant to die that day. It was he who made me delve into the depths of Agartha. Every life that had been lost in the name of the vampires, he’d planned it. He cared not how many thousands died, so long as I was successful in retrieving the ring, it did not matter what happened. He’d turned his back on mankind for Adam and Eve’s betrayal in the Garden of Eden.

I made a choice, then, one of the very few that was still mine to make: I refused to continue my quest of vengeance. I gave up the mantle of leadership, I handed it to my trustworthy friend and ally, Reyjak. He gratefully accepted and wished me well in my future endeavours. Oceana returned to Venice, where she led with wisdom and courage, a true leader. Armaita stayed to assist Oceana. Sophia, the baby and I then left for Paris where we began a new life. We live in secret, there is no one that knows our true identity here, though people have speculated.

Even now, I wonder whether my choices are planned, but I do not linger on these thoughts for long. For now, Sophia and our child, Lucy are ready. The taxi is here. I leave you with a message, one that I urge you to remember for the remainder of your days: Free will is just an illusion.

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