Time To Repair

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Chapter 19

Somerset England, Tuesday August 12th 2262

18:39:04 hours

Norman was really starting to irritate Hillary Jane; she wasn’t sure just how long she could keep her words civil. He followed her from room to room like a little lapdog at her heels begging for attention from its master. They were now in their bedroom, he was dressed and ready for his night out, she wasn’t.

“For goodness sake Norman!” she exclaimed loudly, as she breezed past him again and headed for the dressing room. She rummaged through the countless hangers of outfits, sweeping them aside on the rail one by one, trying to find something suitable for her night out with Tamarah. Norman scampered after her seeking the reassurance he desperately needed before he could go out himself. She felt his presence behind her as she continued the search.

She spun round to face him. “What is it?” she snapped.

“I…I just wanted to make sure you were okay with me stopping out all night at Terry’s place… I can come back after our museum trip if you prefer?”

“Norman, I have said I don’t mind you staying at your brother’s countless times over the last week, how many more times do I need to say it? Shall I write it down for you on that writing set I bought you last week?”

“I just thought you might have changed your mind; that’s all” he whimpered, looking down at the floor.

“If I had changed my mind you would have been the first to know about it.”

He looked up into her eyes, how he loved her. Butterflies danced around in his stomach and he felt a little nausea with it.

“I feel a bit guilty about going out and having a good time with Terry, knowing you are going to be hating every minute of your night with Tamarah.”

“It’s a business thing Norman, I’m not seeing it as a social event; I never do with her. My main aim is to keep her happy and amused and therefore keep Albert Stein on board, nothing more.”

She continued to delve through her clothes, turning her back on him once more.

Norman stood there in silence. He had done everything he could since she had been home to make her happy and to try and ease his own guilt. He had prepared all her favourite dishes for their evening meal, put on clothes and underwear that he knew she found him irresistible in, and let her do all sorts of things to him in bed; things that he wasn’t exactly comfortable with, but went along with anyway.

He checked the time on his dat-com strap. “I will be off in a few minutes darling so I had better go down to the port room.”

She was now rummaging through shelves and drawers. He just stood there waiting.

She turned round again, rolled her eyes and sighed heavily. He seized the moment, rushed forward and kissed her, throwing his arms around her. She reluctantly put hers round him. She didn’t have time for all his stupid soppiness tonight; she was meeting Tamarah soon and still hadn’t decided what to wear.

“I love you darling,” he said with passion and devotion.

She patted him on the head in an attempt at a show of some sort of affection. “You will miss your port slot,” she informed him pulling away.

“Yes, you are right darling,” he said, checking the time again. “See you in the morning, I won’t be late.”

“Bye Norman,” she said, turning back to her hanging outfits again.

Norman slipped down the stairs and rushed to the port room.

Minutes later she heard the high pitched whine of the teleporter and breathed a sigh of relief. At last he was gone. She spotted a knee length red dress that she hadn’t worn before. It was a bit of a change to her usual black but tonight she felt like something a little bit different.

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