Time To Repair

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Chapter 20

Northampton England, Tuesday August 12th 2262

19:44:19 hours

Simon was feeling fairly full following his roast beef dinner - the meal had been superb.

He placed the plate and cutlery back into the food teleporter and sent them back to the restaurant. He had dined in only his white baggy boxers, in case he spilt gravy on his shirt, now it was time to get dressed. He grabbed a large glass of lager from the chiller unit before wandering down the hall towards his bedroom. He got as far as the entertainment room and stopped. Was there time before he went out? He decided there was.

Simon plonked himself down in the armchair and got comfortable.

“Select Two Bored Busty Girls Call The Engineer, non-interactive,” he announced, not bothering to call up the entertainment list. He knew what he needed right now.

The room dimmed down to complete darkness, Simon felt a shiver of excitement run down his spine. He hadn’t experienced this particular production; Larry had assured him though of its ‘quality’.

The temperature in the room increased drastically, for a second or two he suspected that Nature And All Her Beauty had started again with the Amazon production, not the type of beauty he was thinking of right at this moment.

The room lit up to reveal two beautiful large busted young girls sitting on a sofa to his left. Simon couldn’t decide which of the scantily clad girls he liked the most - the blonde or the brunette.

The entertainment room had transformed itself into a somewhat rundown apartment. The room he now shared with the two girls seemed to contain everything from a grubby looking kitchenette, to an unkempt double bed. The décor was in a bad state, the grubby stained walls hadn’t been cleaned in years. The room smelt slightly damp, despite the high temperature.

“It’s definitely got hotter in here,” the blonde girl said to the brunette.

“You know, I think you may be right after all,” the brunette replied, wiping the back of her hand across her forehead. “If I take off anymore clothes I will be sat here in my bra and knickers!”

I hope so, Simon thought.

“Can we call the engineer now then?” the blonde asked. “We should have called him yesterday when I first noticed how hot it was getting.”

“We can’t really afford it, but I guess we don’t have much choice,” the brunette replied, pulling down her skimpy low cut top revealing her cleavage. She blew cool air down her front in an over-the-top alluring manner.

Simon got his first feelings of arousal.

The blonde girl got up and crossed the room to the door which was in the back wall. It slid aside as she approached to reveal a dimly lit landing. There was a neighbour’s apartment door opposite; a communal teleporter was also visible to the right, despite the poor lighting. A welcome gust of cooler air could be felt now the door was open.

The blonde stopped in the doorway. “Sheila opposite had a man in last month to sort out her system.”

“I bet she did,” the brunette interrupted. She giggled.

The blonde smiled. “I’ll go over to hers and get his contact details.”

She promptly left and was knocking on the door opposite as her own door slid closed behind her.

The room went dark for a second before lighting up again to reveal the two girls. The Brunette was sat on the bed in just black lacy knickers and was sorting through a selection of bras. Perspiration trickled down her cleavage between her large breasts. The blonde, dressed in the same top and high cut shorts as the previous scene, checked her strap for the time. “Bella will you get some clothes on; the engineer will be here in a matter of minutes.”

Bella held up the bra that matched her knickers. “Found it,” she declared, waving it about in front of her. She wandered over towards Simon, stopping within touching distance of him. The smell of sweet perfume mixed with the aroma of her sweat wafted towards him. His intense excitement was clearly evident in his underwear. She put her arms through the straps and fastened it up afterwards. “From what you heard from Sheila,” she replied, turning to face the blonde. “He won’t mind one bit if I answer the door just like this.” She giggled at her friends shocked face. She was about to head back to the bed to dress when she noticed the back of an earring on the floor in front of her. She bent over seductively to pick it up; revealing her most intimate areas to Simon through the underwear that barely left anything to his imagination.

Simon’s heartbeat increased and his breathing got heavier.

Bella pulled on a very short blue skirt and a tight fitting white blouse over her black bra. She was halfway through buttoning it up when there was a loud knock on the door.

“I’ll go!” Bella said enthusiastically, leaving the last four buttons undone as she skipped to the door.

It slid aside to reveal an attractive tanned young man in denim dungarees over a white t-shirt. He held a large tool tray in his right hand with a variety of tools in it, jutting out here and there in an untidy fashion.

“Are you Ruby?” He asked in a deep voice.

“No, I’m Bella, Ruby is my flatmate.” She pointed towards Ruby who was rising from the sofa.

“I’m Guy,” he announced. “Ruby called me earlier about your environmental controls.”

“Yes, that’s right, do come in.” She stood aside to let him in.

“It’s hot in here,” he said gruffly.

“Almost unbearable,” Ruby agreed having joined Bella at the door.

“Where is your environmental panel?” Guy asked taking a good look at Bella’s breasts through her open blouse.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Bella confirmed, delighted that Guy had been checking out her breasts. “Follow me,” she said with a seductive smile. She turned and entered the kitchen area. Guy couldn’t help but check out her rear as he and Ruby followed her into the small kitchenette.

The lighting dimmed to blackness again. When the lighting went up Bella and Ruby were perched on the end of the bed. Guy appeared in front of them clutching an environmental probe and reader in one of his large hands. He was perspiring profusely; his white t-shirt was now stained with darker patches of sweat.

“I’ve taken a good look at it,” Guy informed them, mopping his beaded brow with his free hand. “It’s not good news I’m afraid.”

“Oh no,” the women said in unison.

“You need a new control element,” he said bluntly.

“Are they very expensive?” Ruby asked.

“I guess with my time and the element itself you’re looking at around six hundred V-credits.”

Get on with it! Simon thought, he considered forwarding the feeble plot by a few minutes but resisted the temptation. He took a large mouthful of his lager; the heat in the room seemed to be increasing by the minute.

“Oh no, we can’t afford that much,” Bella said with a gasp.

“Is there anything we can do to reduce the price?” Ruby asked. “Sheila opposite said you were quite flexible with her payment options.

Guy smiled. “Well, if you help me out with a certain something...” he rubbed his penis roughly and unsubtly which appeared to be rapidly growing in size behind his denim dungarees. “Then I guess we can come to some sort of arrangement.”

“How much discount do I get for helping you out?” Ruby asked with a cheeky grin.

“I guess I could knock off a couple of hundred V’s.”

Bella blatantly stared at the enlarged bulge behind his dungarees. She licked her lips seductively. “How much more if I help you out too?” she said, with a not so innocent giggle.

“You girls will have me broke at this rate,” he said with a smirk. “Okay, call it 250 V’s and you had better do whatever I want you to.”

“Deal!” the women said together as they stood up.

“I always insist on payment up front,” Guy informed them.

“That’s fine by us,” Bella announced.

Guy threw the probe and reader onto the sofa and wriggled out from under the loose shoulder straps that held up his dungarees. They fell to the floor revealing that he had nothing on below the waist. Both women gasped at his size.

Guy grabbed Bella, pulling her roughly towards him. He ripped open her blouse whose buttons flew to the floor. A sharp tug and he had her skirt and knickers around her ankles. She gave a short squeal in surprise at his sudden brutality; wincing as his finger nails dug deep gouges into the skin on her waist.

This is more like it! Simon thought, enjoying the scene that unravelled in front of him. He glanced down at his own underwear, noticing a small sticky damp patch.

Guy snapped his fingers and pointed in the general direction of his groin. Ruby obliged, dropping to her knees, beginning her duty. Guy buried his face in Bella’s large breasts; biting her hard enough to bruise. He touched and probed her roughly everywhere with the chunky fingers of his left hand, while he pulled Ruby forward by her hair with his right, forcing himself into her further, his short sharp relentless thrusting making her gag.

Simon slipped one of his hands below his waistband and started gently caressing himself.

The sordid scene in front of him froze. The grubby apartment started to fade; his own walls, ceiling and floor started to materialise again. In a matter of seconds there was a fifty-fifty split between the girl’s apartment and the outline of his own room. The temperature plummeted to normal and the sexual smells from the apartment evaporated.

What the… Simon thought as his mum’s voice filled the room.

“Only me Sweetie!”

Simon closed his eyes and groaned; his excitement faded away rapidly in his hand.

“Only me Sweetie!” Her voice repeated. He removed his hand from his underwear. Why did she always have to call at just the wrong time?

“Only me Sweetie!”

He could forget about relieving his frustrations before he went out now. There was nothing quite like your mum calling when you wanted some ‘personal time’, to put you off the job in hand. It was his own fault; he should have spoken to her earlier; he should have foreseen her call.

“Answer call; outgoing audio only,” he barked grumpily.

The image of his mum appeared as a slightly transparent figure. She was positioned to the left of Guy, Ruby and Bella and for a few seconds she was as translucent as they were; it was as if she was part of the scene. Simon was horrified. Thank god she couldn’t see what he could.

“Hello Sweetie!” she said excitedly.

“Hi Mum,” Simon said with a sigh.

“I can’t see you darling,” she said as her own apartment gradually replaced the girl’s.

“Again you have called me just as I’ve got out the shower.”

Bridget squealed with laughter. “I do seem to do that a lot lately.”

“Hmmm,” Simon murmured.

“Have you spoken to Spencer?” she asked, her lounge having now completely replaced the previous squalid room that had occupied the entertainment room.

“Yes, I had a long chat with him earlier; it sounds like you have had a fabulous day together.”

“Oh the best; he is so generous - he has spoilt me rotten. He wouldn’t let me pay for one thing; my day in New York hasn’t cost me one single V.”

“He thinks the world of you Mum, he loves the way you care for him and have looked after him since his Mum died.”

“He’s like a son to me Simon; I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She wandered round her lounge the way she always did during a call.

Simon smiled as his eyes followed her. He liked the fact that his mum was so close to his friends.

“Did he tell you about the wonderful lunch we had?”

“Yes, a bit,” Simon confirmed.

It didn’t stop Bridget relaying a blow-by-blow account of the lunch, from the odd emotional grey suited old man they met outside the restaurant, to the colour of the table linen and how much Spencer had fancied their waiter. Simon listened patiently for ten minutes without interrupting.

“Well, having listened to you both,” Simon said when she had finished. “It sounds as if you’ve had an amazing day.”

“Oh, we have!” she agreed enthusiastically.

“I can’t quite decide who is the most excited about it,” Simon said with a grin.

Bridget laughed.

“I suppose I would have to say Spencer at a push,” he admitted.

They both laughed.

“Where are you going tonight with him and Larry?” she asked.

Simon didn’t want another debate about the call with Larry so chose not to tell her Larry wouldn’t be joining them. “Spencer noticed a bar in New York earlier called Zara’s; I think we are going to start there.”

“Yes, I remember that place,” Bridget confirmed with a frown. “All loud music and full of young girls in barely enough clothes to cover their modesty.”

“It sounds perfect,” Simon said with a sly grin.

“Simon!” Bridget said with genuine shock.

Simon laughed. “Well, if you want me to meet a nice girl to settle down with, I am going to have to go to a few bars.”

“You are not likely to meet a decent girl in a place like that I can tell you.”

Who says I want a decent girl just yet, Simon thought. “They can’t all be that bad,” he said instead. “I don’t suppose we will be in there all night anyway.”

“Hmmm,” Bridget frowned.

“Look Mum, I’m meeting up with Spencer soon. I will speak to you tomorrow, perhaps fill you in on my wedding plans when I meet up with Miss Right this evening,” he quipped.

“Very funny,” she said trying not to smile.

He laughed, closely followed by her.

“Love you Mum.”

“You too darling; have a good night.”

The call ended.

The room reverted back to the frozen translucent scene that had been playing when Bridget had called. The other three inhabitants re-materialised in the graphic pose Simon had last seen them in. He sighed; he had no interest in self gratification now since speaking to his mum.

He closed the programme and trudged down the hall to his bedroom and then into the en suite. He would perhaps resume it when he came home later; that’s saying he came home alone. He grinned at himself as he stood in front of the mirror. He felt like tonight was going to be his lucky night.

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