Alterworld: Destiny's Reprise

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Summoned to an alien world. Darius has been tasked with saving their world from an ever encroaching evil, The Darkness, an omnipotent entity hell bent on consuming all life and returning the Endless Night

Scifi / Erotica
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Chapter I: The Approaching Storm

Chapter I: The Approaching Storm

“Okay, you handled worse storms than this, you got this.” I muttered to myself before I grabbed the radio holstered on my belt. “Rick, Rick you read me? Over” I said over the radio,

“I read you loud and clear Darius, how’s it lookin’?” Rick replied in a gruff voice.

“Not good Rick, it’s a big one, why didn’t the NOAA radars pick up this fucking beast?” I asked before I walked back to my company-issued Vehicle.

“Not to sure Darius, we checked about twenty minutes ago and nothing was showing up then BOOM, this big ass fucking storm just showed up outta nowhere.” Rick responded with slight irritation in his voice. “Just get your ass back here, we are going to need all hands on deck for this beast.” Rick ordered over the radio.

“Yea, I’m on my way back from the outpost.” I replied, starting the engine of the vehicle and heading down the dirt road back to the Lodge. As I was heading back to the Lodge I peered over at the approaching storm and saw darkening clouds twist and turn changing shapes and growing with each passing minute

“Damn, this one is going to fucking suck.” I said to myself as I stepped on the gas and sped down the road.

My name is Darius Shepard, and I’ve been working at The Grand Lodge about five years or so working as a tour guide showing the tourists across the Island and immersing myself in the local customs and traditions. I studied my ass off understanding and learning about the island’s flora and fauna to keep not only myself but the guests safe and to keep the locals happy. I started off as a seasonal tour-guide only working during the spring and summer and being relegated to small trails that only ventured to the coast as most of that was already mapped out but, Rick Kasper III, owner and Manager of the Grand Lodge saw me busting ass day iu and day out studying and working with the local indegnious tribe with small tasks and duties. Apparently he liked my gusto so much he hired me on full time as one of his lead tour-guides a few months later and I am forever grateful for him giving me this chance to work and essentially live on this beautiful Island.

“Darius...Darius you read me? Over.” Rick’s voice boomed over the radio, I quickly grabbed the radio from the dash and responded.

“I read you loud and clear Rick, what’s up? Over?”

“Outpost 7’s SUV is running flat, think you can swing by and grab them? Over.” Rick said.

“How many? Over.” I asked as I approached a fork in the road.

“Four, a TG, White shirt and two guests. I guess they stopped there when the storm siren went off but the car is running flat.” Rick replied.

“Roger, I’ll grab them before I head over to the Lodge.” I responded. I looked at the rickety signs that haven’t been taken care of well and saw Outpost 7. I gassed it and sped in their direction. “Rick, what frequency are they on? Over.” I asked.

“Three. Over.” Rick responded.

“Three huh, okay.” I said as I was fidgeting with the frequency tuner on the radio. “Outpost 7 do you read me? I repeat Outpost 7 do you read me? Over.” I shouted into the radio.

“Uhh...Ou-Outpost 7 here re-read you loud and clear.” a nervous voice responded over the radio.

“Who am I speaking to?” I asked, nearly dodging a pothole that was filling with water from the flowing water from a nearby hillside. As I sped towards Outpost 7 I looked into the rearview mirror and saw how dark the horizon had gotten and how much larger the storm looked. “Jesus fucking Christ.” I muttered still speeding down the dirt road.

“Uh...Jaime, Jaime Kingsly.” The voice responded.

“Jaime, is the TG there?” I asked as I saw raindrops falling on the windshield.

“Ye-Yes, she is working on putting on the spare tire.” Jaime responded.

“Okay, put her on.” I demanded after a few seconds I heard a female voice on the other end.

“O’Reilly speaking, who is this?” The voice asked with irritation in her voice.

“O’Reilly, It’s Shepard, Rick is sending me to pick you up and take you all to the Lodge.” I responded.

“Okay, well you better get here fast cause that storm is barreling over us.” O’ Rielly replied.

“I’m not too far away about four klicks south of you.” I responded gunning the gas.

“Heads up Shepard, got two civy’s with us.” O’Reilly reported.

“I know, Rick told me. hang tight.” I responded. I arrived a few minutes later and the rain had started to fall harder. I saw the run down vehicle and the O’Reilly flagging me down. “Hop in!” I shouted unlocking the doors.

“Thank Christ you got here in time cause if you didn’t we’d be stranded.” Jaime, the white shirt said as he closed the door..

“Hang on!” I shouted, gunning the gas pedal and tearing out of there. I looked over to O’Reilly, her tan skin just a few shades darker than the Beige Pseudo-khaki TG uniform she was wearing, her skin glistened from the rain and her dark brown hair shined like morning dew early in the morning. I quickly glanced at her drenched shirt which was soaked and revealed her black bra underneath. I quickly moved to the rearview mirror where I caught the gaze of the two guests staring out the windows with a little frightened look on their faces. One of the guests was a heavier set elderly looking man, balding with the weird crown around his head and a moustache both pale white like snow, and the other guest was a younger blonde wearing a sun hat with expensive looking sunglasses on them.

“Ma’am, Sir are you two okay?” I asked, looking at them from the rearview mirror.

“Ugh, this whole trip is ruined!!” The blonde woman shouted, crossing her arms.

“Now darling be nice to these young folks they are the reason why we aren’t in the rain.” The old man muttered with a stereotypical “Southern” drawl trying to comfort the blonde.

“Don’t touch me!” She shrieked, slapping him a few times before turning her body to face away from him and the white shirt trainee who was unfortunately stuck between the hot-bloodied harpy and the southern gentleman in the vehicle.

“Oh, boy…” I Whispered to myself. I again turned my attention to O’Reilly who apparently still didn’t notice her drenched shirt due to her fiddling with the radio receiver mounted to the dash. I cleared my throat to get her attention, she looked at me with a “Yea, what do you want?” expression.

“Jaime right?” I asked The White shirt trainee as I locked eyes with him in the rearview mirror.

“Yes, Sir.” He replied sitting up straight like a soldier.

“Sir? Kid I’m only 24, you can drop the Sir, there should be a bundle of clean towels in the back there, can you please grab some for our gracious guests and yourselves please?” I asked, pointing to the back of the vehicle. I looked back at O’’Reilly who had a confused look on her face. I cleared my throat and leaned in close to her and whispered.

“Didn’t want to say this in front of the White Shirt and the Guests but...Your shirt, it’s kinda soaked.” After I whispered that to her I saw her face glow bright red like a cartoon character after they eat something spicy or after something embarrassing happened to them.

“Kid, wanna throw a towel up front for your TG?” I asked Jaime who graciously threw a towel to me. I handed O’Reilly the clean towel and she quickly snatched it from my hand and covered herself.

“How long did you stare?” She asked, trying to keep her composure.

“I wasn’t staring…” I responded trying my hardest to hide a smirk. “I simply noticed that our Guests and young Jaime were soaked from the rain and that you were probably just as soaked as they were, hence the towels.” I explained keeping my eyes on the ever-worsening conditions. “Christ, I can barely see past the hood of the fucking car.” I muttered to myself.

“Hey, there’s a minor with us!” O’Reilly exclaimed slapping my arm.

“Ouch...Sorry, it’s just, if this continues I don’t know if I can make it back to the Lodge safely.” I explained

“What? What do you mean you won’t be able to make it back to the Lodge?” The blonde woman shrieked. “What are you going to do just leave us out in the middle of this freaking storm?” She continued to shriek.

“That’s not what he meant, is it Uh…?” O’Reilly tried to reassure the woman as she cocked her head to the side and gave me a look as if asking me a question.

“Shepard, Darius Shepard, and no Ma’am that wasn’t what I meant, what I was trying to say is it might take a bit longer seeing as I can’t see past the hood of this car and the wind is battering us like we’re nothing.” I replied looking over at O’Reilly. “But, don’t worry Ma’am I WILL get us back to the Lodge.” I looked into the rearview mirror to look at the woman to insure her that everything was fine.

“Trust me when I say this Ma’am, Darius has been doing this for the past five years, he’s endured a lot worse storms than this one, right Darius?” She said while quickly locking eyes with me.

“Ye-Yea, I’ve been doing this since I was hired, if anyone knows these trails and roads better than me they’re lying. Don’t worry Ma’am I’ll get us safely to the Lodge, Promise.” I again locked eyes with the woman whose eyes seemed relieved to hear me say that. “Uh…” Before I could finish O’Reilly responded.

“Grace, Grace O’Reilly.”

“Right, Grace, radio Rick and let him know we are going to be a bit late to the Lodge.” I asked her, still keeping my eyes on the road. Grace quickly picked up the radio from the holster and tried to radio in to Rick.

“O’Reilly to Command, do you read me?” Grace asked only to be met with static. “I repeat O’Reilly to Command, do you read me? Over.” Grace asked over the radio again.

“Com-...-Reilly...-Over?” A jumbled voice responded over the radio.

“Huh?” I replied, giving a weird look to Grace.

“Comm-...-O’Rei-...-Ver?” The voice repeated.

“Shit, storm must be messing with the radios.” Grace said as she smacked the radio.

“Hey, we have a minor here.” I jokingly remarked motioning to Jaime.

“I’m right here and besides I’m only 15.” Jaime responded.

“Do you want me to smack you with this radio?” Grace replied with a brief but noticeable smile.

“Ya’ll sure ya’ll should be jokin’ round with this storm I mean I ain’t tellin’ you how to do your job son but maybe you should be payin’ ’tention to that there road.” The older man said pointing to the barely visible road.

“It’s okay Sir, I’m pretty sure I know where we are, if I’m not mistaken we should be near Boar Rock.” I exclaimed, scanning what I could see from the windshield.

“Boar Rock?” The Gentleman asked.

“Yea, the natives call it Boar Rock well, because it looks like a Boar, it’s a marker to let us know how far we are away from the Lodge. Boar Rock is about five-point-two miles from the Lodge meaning we have a short way to go.” I explained, still trying to find it.

“Darius, look out!!!” Grace shouted before I slammed on the brakes. Everyone in the car jerked forward from their seats as the vehicle came to a complete and dead stop.

“Jesus, what in the Sam Hill? Hey! You could’ve killed us boy!” The Gentleman shouted.

“Nice catch.” I said to Grace who gave me a smirk

“Well if you were paying attention to the road and not looking for a big Boar statue you would have seen the downed tree in the middle of the road. But, luckily I was paying attention.” She replied. “Tree looks small enough to get it out of the way, care to help?” Grace asked before readying to leap out of the car into the raging and dangerous storm.

“But your shirt?!” I exclaimed.

“What, you’ve seen my bra already does it matter? We need this tree out of the way unless you want to risk getting us teetering on a tree.” Grace cheekily responded.

“Jesus, way to make me look like a chump. Jaime, ready to earn your Uniform?” I asked readying to open the door to the vehicle.

“I’m ready.” He replied scooting past the gentleman.

“Ma’am, Sir please stay right here, we’ll be back.” I said reassuringly.

“Well where else are we supposed to go?” The woman sarcastically responded as she rolled her eyes.

Just as Jaime and I exited the vehicle I was hit all over by the force of the storm, I could feel the rain stinging my skin as it fell hard and fast and the wind easily manhandling me; I was 6’2” 245 pounds so I wasn’t too happy about being manhandled. As I tried to reorient myself I faintly heard Grace’s voice over the sound of the roaring winds.

“Darius, you take that side Jaime and I will take this side, we’ll try and get it mostly out of the road.” Grace shouted but, it sounded like she was whispering it through the storm. I gave a thumbs up and walked to the end that snapped and waited for Grace and Jaime to ready themselves.

“On Three!” I shouted. Grace and Jaime gave me a thumbs up from the other end of the road. “One...Two….THREE!!!” I shouted lifting my end of the downed tree and fighting the wind that was blowing against me. I pushed with all my might to get the tree mostly out of the road before I dropped it and stumbled my way back to the vehicle. I tried to open the door to the vehicle but with the winds it was difficult but I somehow managed to gather some more strength out to quickly get the door ajar slightly before hopping in and nearly avoiding the door slamming shut on my hands.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” I shouted wiping the excess water from my face and hair.

“Here, you need these more than we do.” The woman said, handing all of us towels.

“Thanks.” I responded grabbing a towel and quickly drying off before gunning the gas again.

“How do you feel?” Grace asked as she was drying her hair.

“Fine, fucking tree was heavier than I thought not going to lie.” I responded quickly looking at Grace and trying not to stare at her chest. “Uh...Jaime, catch!” I shouted opening the glove compartment and throwing him a spare TG shirt. “You’ve earned it.” I said smiling at him through the rearview mirror. “Sorry about the delay but we should be nearing the Lodge shortly.” I said to the woman and the gentleman.

“Hey, sorry about earlier.” I said looking at Grace.

“Sorry about what?” She responded.

“When you asked if I saw, I did, black suits you.” I explained.

“Oh, I know that you saw and after I found out who you were, I definitely knew you saw my bra you think you’re slick but you’re not.” Grace replied.

“Wait, after you found out who I was, what is that supposed to mean and what do you mean I wasn’t slick? I thought I was.” I was actually intrigued by what she told me and I found myself cocking my head and giving her that look.

“No, you’re not slick and what you haven’t heard? Your Darius Shepard, Rick Kasper’s Protege and one of the biggest heart-throbs on the island. All of the female TGs always talk about how you always flirt with them or how you always get them all so hot and bothered.” Grace explained.

“Really? First I’m hearing about this.” I responded blushing a little bit.

“I hadn’t really met you yet since this is my fifth month out here but when you said your name I couldn’t help but wonder, and now I know why.” Grace sneered with a mischievous smile.

“What’s with that look?” I asked, looking at her with some concern.

“How about instead of telling me that you’re sorry, you prove it.” Grace explained.

“Prove it? How?” I asked with an interested tone.

“How about...A date, after the storm blows over and we take care of the Damage, clean up and reports of course. Dinner at the Moonlight Cafe then your place.” Grace said.

“My place? Why my place?” I questioned.

“Isn’t it obvious, you’re Rick’s Protege, while we “Regular” TGs have to share rooms with roommates you and the other Sups don’t have to, right?” Grace replied.

“Hmm...I-I’m still not getting what you’re telling me.” I responded. Grace leaned in close to my face and whispered.

“Mhm, no roommates means no one will interrupt us when things get a little…” Before Grace could finish Jaime cleared his throat.

“*Coughing* MInor…*Coughing* I’m still a minor...Phew, sorry I had some flem in my throat.” Jaime said jokingly.

“Ahh...Right, right.” I replied feeling like a complete dumbass. I took another glance at Grace before letting out a big smile. I might’ve hit the jackpot with her, she is everything I wanted in a girl, tall but not too tall, curves in all the right places, a beautiful smile and not to mention a rockin bod.

“Just imagine the look on the rest of the girls faces when they find out that you and I…” Grace was again cut short by the sound of the radio.

“Darius where the Hell are you? You read me? Over.” Rick’s voice boomed over the radio.

“Crap...Rick you read me? Over.” I responded over the radio.

“Yea, where the Hell are you? Storms kickin’ shit every which way.” Rick replied with a hint of worry and anxiety.

“Almost there, just passed Boar Rock had to take care of a downed tree, I can see the crown of the main building, Over.” I replied

“Well hurry and get your asses and the guests back to the Goddamned Lodge befo-” The radio cut out before Rick could finish his sentence.

“Shit...Rick? Rick, you read me? Rick! FUCK!!!” I shouted into the radio just before I chucked the radio against the dash.

“We gon be okay?” The Gentleman asked scooting forward in his seat. Grace looked at me and saw that I was visibly frustrated and unable to keep my composure.

“Yea, we’ll be okay Sir, please sit back in your seat, it isn’t safe.” Grace responded as she put her hand on my upper back.

I felt all the rage and frustration slowly leave my body and I thought about how my mom used to calm me down when I was angry or sad. She would put her hand on my back and slowly rub while humming and telling me “すべてが大丈夫になるだろうダリウス (Everything is going to be okay Darius)”

“Iye Ishtal lok no Indirre Brokka? (Is he the one Brother?)”

“Uei, Iye Ishtal lok no Indirre Strokka. (Yes, he is the one Sister.)”

“Ilum U antes (So be it.)”

“Ilum U antes (So be it.)”

“Kommu Hista Strea, Hiena los Indirre, Samirea uim no Drakuo (Come forth Storm, Heed our call Hero, Save our world from the Darkness)”

As I approached the Lodge’s main building I saw most of the front was blocked off and a wall of sandbags placed in the front entrance to prevent the lobby and the main building from flooding.

“Grace, radio in to Rick if you can and let him know we’re here and I’m heading to the Drake Lot.” I asked Grace as I maneuvered around fall branches and debris as not to damage the vehicle.

“Rick, this is O”Reilly we are headed to the Drake Lot. Darius is with us.” Grace said over the radio.

“O’Reilly? Drake? Okay just get your asses in here before the storm worsens.” Rick responded. “Boy, am I glad to hear that yall are safe, radio cut off before.” Rick explained as I headed down towards the parking lot.

“Um not to sound stupid or rude but, why the hell are we heading towards the ocean away from safety?” The blonde woman asked as her death grip on my headrest tightened.

“We’re heading to the Drake parking lot cause the other lots are blocked off by the sandbags and last thing I want is to turn the Outdoor dining area into another pool for the resort.” I replied.

“Is it going to matter, the water is flowing down towards the ocean right? It’s going to flood no matter what so why not just break through to the other lot on the upper level?” She asked.

“Sorry to butt in Ma’am but the doors to the other lots are locked, when the Storm Siren goes off and the gates get shut they won’t open until the all clear signal goes out.” Jaime replied

“Ain’t that kinda of an oversight? What if you have to send folks out to help with getting the others to the safe areas? how ya’ll gonna get out if the doors are locked?” The Gentleman asked getting out of his seat.

“Drake, Hammerhead and Kraken lots are part of the response teams hence why we are heading there.” Jaime responded confidently.

“How the hell did you know that?” I asked turning back to look at him.

“Oh, my dad is the Chief Engineer for Magnus Systems, the same system that the Grand Lodge Resort uses.” Jaime replied with a smirk. I shot a quick surprised glance to Grace.

“Smart kid.” I muttered. As we approached the gates of the lot I realized that it was closed probably to prevent it from possible flooding. “Shit, Grace radio to Rick to get someone to open up Drake.” I asked stopping at the overhang.

“Where are you going?” Grace asked just as I was unbuckling my seat belt.

“To get the gate just in case they can’t make it, I don’t want to be out here longer than we need to. We might be the only ones left out here so hang tight while I get the door.” I replied. Just as I was about to open the door to get out I felt Grace pull on my arm, as I turned to her I felt her soft lips press against mine.

“That’s for good luck.” Grace said with a big grin on her face.

“Well then…” I replied shocked.

“Well, aren’t you going to get the gate? Or did you lie so I would kiss you?” Grace asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Right...The gate...I’ll go and...Get the gate.” I exclaimed quickly getting out of the vehicle. Just as I exited the vehicle I landed in freezing water that rose slightly above my ankles. “Holy Shit thats cold.” I shouted to myself as I quickly shuffled to the control panel. “Come on, come on...7...7...4...2...0...Yes, okay!” I shouted with glee I motioned for Grace to hop in the driver seat and drive into the lot.

I waited for a few seconds to let Grace hop in the driver seat of the vehicle before I started to walk into the Drake lot but just as I was about to enter a loud and deafening thunderclap boomed, echoing in the tunnel and the entrance to the lot.

“Fuuucckk, that was loud.” I shouted, still cupping my ears from the clap. As I finished reeling from the pain I saw Grace, Jaime and the guests getting out of the vehicle towards the entrance to the lower portion of the Lodge. I gave them both a thumbs up to let them know I was fine.

Just as I was about to walk in and close the gate I heard a voice, it sounded like it was shouting but whispering at the same time.

“Kommu Hista Strea, Hiena los Indirre, Samirea uim no Drakuo (Come forth Storm, Heed our call Hero, Save our world from the Darkness)”

“Darius? You okay?” Grace shouted down the tunnel towards me.

“Did you hear that?” I asked, stepping back out into the raging storm. I felt the rain pelt my skin and sting but something was drawing me back out For some reason I felt as if I was being pulled into the heart of the storm, being pulled and compelled by that voice.

“Kommu Hista Strea, Hiena los Indirre, Samirea uim no Drakuo (Come forth Storm, Heed our call Hero, Save our world from the Darkness)”

“Darius what are you doing?” Grace shouted. I turned back to see her sprinting towards me.

“Grace! Stop!” I shouted just as a bolt of lightning struck the control panel and caused the gate to come crashing down, if Grace was another step or two closer she would have been crushed by the four-hundred pound gate.

“Darius, what are you doing?” Grace shouted.

“You didn’t hear it?” I asked again, staring into the dark ominous storm that still raged dozens of miles away.

“Hear what?” Grace asked.

“That voice.” I replied, turning back to her. I saw a look of confusion and anger in Grace’s face as she was processing what I was saying.

“What voice?” Grace asked, trying her hardest to shake the gate loose from its bearings “Jaime!! Get help, Darius is stuck outside the gate!” Grace shouted, still furiously shaking the gate.

“Got it!” Jaime replied sprinting down the corridor.

“Darius!” Grace kept shouting to get my attention

For some odd reason every time she kept shouting my name it became more and more muffled as if being drowned out by the storm. I stared even deeper into the horizon until I saw what seemed like three figures, two of which seemed feminine and the other masculine standing there staring at me as if staring into my soul and judging me.

“What the fuck!?” I shouted snapping out of my stupor. I heard Grace shouting my name and I quickly turned around and saw her, Rick, Jaime and two other TGs trying to lift the gate. I turned back around to see the figures disappearing into the clouds of the storm.

“Darius, what the fuck are you doing boy!” Rick shouted just as they were about to attempt and lift the gate. I quickly shook the thought of the cloud people out of my head. I sprinted through the rain back to the Drake Lot but, half-way before I could reach them to help them lift the gate a strange gust of wind blew and knocked me back towards the storm. “What the fuck?” I thought to myself as I lie on the road trying to catch my breath after being thrown back about four feet. Just as I was getting up I heard the distinctive sound of a tree toppling over, and as I looked up a massive branch came barreling towards me, I tried my best to dodge it but my body froze and I couldn’t move. I felt the massive branch hit me square in the ribs and knock me off of my feet as if someone were using it like a baseball bat and I went flying backwards.

Everything slowed down like in a movie and I thought I saw my life flash before my eyes. As I went flying I saw Grace’s, Rick’s and Jaime’s face filled with horror as it finally clicked in my head. Oh shit, I’m dead and for some reason something welled up inside of me a sense of fear, anger dread and betrayal, I didn’t want to die, I still haven’t done anything with my life, I haven’t had a girlfriend, or had sex or made anyone proud of me I don’t want to die…

“Kommu Hista Strea, Hiena los Indirre, Samirea uim no Drakuo (Come forth Storm, Heed our call Hero, Save our world from the Darkness)”

I again heard the voice echo in my head before I hit the bizarrely ice cold ocean and began to sink into the abyss.

“Why...Why me? It’s so cold...So Dark…” I thought to myself before everything began to fade to black.

*Thanks for reading the first chapter of this story, I know I haven’t finished my other one or posted more but that one is put on hiatus until further notice due to me writing this one.*

*Please let me know what you think about this one. I’ve been working on this one for a while and for some reason I felt like I should write it. I haven’t written in a long time and why not?*

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