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Chapter 7

“You lost your temper?” Cray sang, “Han, you killed two of those Rakshasa before they even had a chance to surrender. Then we killed the rest in self-defense.”

Han sniffled and wiped tears from the corners of his eyes. He pointed to each of his cousins, spattered in grey remains, tallying. He gave a curt nod when he reached a dozen. Han threw all the firewood that had been stacked to one side on the Pneuma’s remains. “Seeing the body on fire… It looked so much like Pringar or Elsaap… If these Rakshasa kept living, they would have kept killing… We couldn’t have arrested them, and they outnumbered us…Counting my cousins as one fighter, I mean…”

“Yeah, you’re right about those Rakshasa. Master Craygarta has dealt with a couple of these types before. They live among other Nefilim, changing skins to blend in, but then they’ll kidnap a victim and reveal their true form, deep in hiding.”

“I didn’t think I would ever kill anyone,” Han said, shaking his head slowly.

“Our training includes meditation for a reason Han. You saw evil beings doing terrible things and you knew what had to happen. I’m glad you got the jump on those two and that your cousins helped.”

Liberty monkeys stopped grooming one another for a moment to offer a round of solemn, “howdies.” As if to indicate that if Han chose to act, their own decision had already been made.

Han looked at his hands, they trembled from the emotion of the conflict. He had been in the right, but discovering murderers preparing to eat someone, then fighting and delivering justice, and losing Sita proved too much. The boy sat on a log and held tufts of his green hair in his hands.

Cray put a hand on Han’s back. “Take it easy there buddy, Wisp will be back any minute and then we’ll fly to Sita and end this. I’m going to tell Master Craygarta where we are and what has happened. CSF will be down here soon to help find her.” Cray stood motionless, sharing information.

“Why would they want her Cray?”

“She revealed that her grandfather was their leader, perhaps they intend to use her to barter for freedom, or perhaps they intend to harm her to get revenge on Marduk. These Rakshasa were canniballistic monsters before the Tablet of Destiny granted their freedom. They seem happy to pursue their old lifestyle, despite laws that prevent them.”

“They don’t know good from evil?”

“That is not for me to say. They do not respect the sanctity of sentient life. They have demonstrated that they are dangerous to let live.”

Monkey chatter broke Han and Cray from their conversation. Hanuman’s cousins had retrieved a pack from one of the dead Rakshasa. The little green monkeys were pulling contents out and spreading them across the ground. One monkey carried a slate over its head in both hands and dropped it in Hans lap. The pair looked from the device to one another and back to the slate. Han unlocked the display and read a message the previous owner had open.

Camp outside the Underworld village of Takpour. There is an entrance to the Northeast that will lead you to the forest outside the human colony. I will alert you when it is time to strike. Your Rakshasa brothers will skin change to pass as human, then infiltrate their colony and retrieve as many idgeul as you can steal. You will need at least one for each of your crew in order to find the seventh tower.

The only other thing we need from the humans is the monkey boy who has been empowered by the gemstones. Studying him will allow us to develop soldiers and enforcers for the rebirth.

Send the monkey boy to Haran, sedated. Use your acquired idgeul to reach the seventh tower and retrieve the artifact.

After twelve long years of hiding and waiting, our goal has come to fruition. At last, it is time to place Nibiru and Haran back under the control of their true masters. Be fearless, your actions will bring about the new dawn of our old empire.


Cray gasped, startling Han. “These Rakshasa are not acting alone! They planned on kidnapping you, Han!”

“There are six towers. One for Grisdorans, Craygarta, Minotaur, Exendel, Saitarans, and one for King Gil. What is this seventh tower? Could there be another race somewhere on Nibiru, trapped in stasis?”

“Enzu is on the missing Nefilim list along with his mate Ningal. From this message it appears that they have gone to Haran and… What’s this bit about true masters?”

“They must mean Anki.”

“We would know if the ancient Anki came back!” Cray sang, his lowest pair of arms rubbing together, creating a melodic voice, “By all accounts, subtlety and secrecy was not their strong point.”

Han gasped. “Who needs ancient Anki? Nefilim who have never been granted free will from the Tablet of Destiny only need to obey any Anki. They listened to Pringar when she first came with the humans.”

“Of course!” Cray sang. “Twelve years is plenty of time on a planet full of Pneuma to find or make Anki. What if they escaped with the human defectors and have been gathering Anki? While the humans and the Pneuma fight?”

“We’ve got to stop them Cray! Luck prevented them from kidnapping me and now we know about their plan to enslave every being in the solar system.”

Cray nodded once and clenched his fists.

Han began looking through the slate once more. “We need to find directions to this seventh tower, but this Nefilim slate must work different than the one I have… I can only get the note to come up.”

“Leave it for now. Sita is great with computers. We’ll think about saving everyone after we get her back.”

Han and Cray scoured the remains of the campsite, rearranging their packs with supplies they might be able to use in the rescue. The youths paced about, awaiting Wisp. After Han lost his patience three times, and Cray talked him down from rushing after the Rakshasa, Wisp returned.

Han told the cloud girl what they found. When asked where Sita had been taken, Wisp’s cloud form took the shape of a map. It displayed their location, the remainder of the jungle, and the town the boys knew was called Takpour. One of the larger buildings in the town glowed a bright orange color.

“Wisp, can you carry me and all my cousins?” Han asked.

Wisp took on her girl form, blew a chilly gust, furrowed her brow in thought, then flexed her arms and smiled. Pink and yellow rays burst from her countenance.

“Great,” Han replied. “Cray, are you ready? Does Master Craygarta know about the letter?”

Cray nodded affirmative.

“Let’s get Sita back.”


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