A Walk Beyond Time

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When the earth starts receiving radio signals from different planets, they send a group of astronauts to different galaxies to study the chances of survival of life in those galaxies.

Scifi / Adventure
Abir Choudhury
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The Signals

Tension keeps ringing while Earth receives radio signals from multiple planets at the same time. The International Union of Extraterrestrial Interference pressurizes John Manup to decode the radio signals. After hours of trying, the signals were deciphered but the outcomes were not pleasing.

“Soon there will be a war, an intergalactic one.” said John.

“A what?” asked the President of the International Union of Extraterrestrial Interference.

“A war between humans and extraterrestrial beings.”

There was silence across the whole room. These words spread like wildfire through the news all across the globe.

“Everyone be prepared the war may be declared at any moment.” reported the NEWS channel worldwide.

“So what are we gonna do now?” asked the President.

“We need volunteers from all Space Organizations of the world.” answered John.

“Six volunteers from the Big Six.”

The next day, International Union of Extraterrestrial Interference received letters from the six organizations with the names of the volunteers.

James Morrison from NASA; Katylin Hugo from ESA; Terra Kugin from Roscosmos; Kim Hung Jao from CNSA; Hyu Kino Mirai from JAXA and Rahul Tyagi from ISRO.

The President handed the list to James and asked, “These are the volunteers, now what should we do?”

“I need these people to go on a no-return mission to find out resources from different planets to develop the human society and give them the force to defend their planet against the aliens.” answered John.

“They will give me the report and then we will start preparing the people.”

The volunteers went through severe physical and mental training.

After 3 months, everything required for the mission was ready.

3 groups were made, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.

Alpha (James Morrison and Katylin Hugo) would go to Latem I galaxy.

Bravo (Terra Kugin and Kim Hung Jao) would go to the Ecrouser III galaxy.

Charlie (Hyu Kino Mirai and Rahul Tyagi) would go to Efil VI galaxy.

The spaceships designed for these missions can cover a distance of 1 lightyears in a matter of minutes.

March 13, 2072, the day of the takeoffs of the spaceships. All news channels focused on the site of launch.

The countdown starts.

James keeps asking himself the same question, “Can I do it?”

Katylin supports him and gives him courage for the rest of the trip.

With this they start their flight, and leave their planet.

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