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The day after tomorrow

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This story is about a worldwide catastrophe, and everything that happens as a result of that.

Scifi / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was June 7, I woke up, took a shower and I went to work like every day. For some reason I felt weird today, like something was happening, but until this moment, I didn’t understand the signs…

I left my house, to my bad luck the bus had left me, I had to walk, while I was walking I observed how a group of birds flew uncontrollably, it seemed that they had no direction; the sky looked a very different color every day, gray, green with little red rays, but again I didn’t care.

I got to work, and like every morning, I made a coffee, while I watched the news on television, the weather girl said that an extreme cold was approaching, as in many years it had not been seen and that we should take care of ourselves.

My work day ended, a boring day and I returned home, but first I stopped by to buy a hamburger for dinner. As I left the building I felt a wave of cold wind, my hands felt cold, so I tried to go home as quickly as possible to get under the blankets.

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