“Proof that one day we existed”

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The story is about a letter that a girl called "Elisa" wrote about the end on Earth and also it shows some of the behaviors people went through when all of this chaos started

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To: Whoever finds this letter

It all started in 2028 when people went crazy and began to stop caring about the world, as if it were a starfish, which regardless of having an arm removed, regenerates itself and returns to its normality.

And we actually started with the ocean; We all knew that ocean areas were going through tough times, but somehow it was like everyone forgot and all the progress we used to make on campaigns, and all the people who helped, automatically disappeared within weeks. People started creating more garbage, the recycling campaigns had ended because people did so and everything started to get worse ...

In the middle of the year 2029 all the rivers, the sea and the ocean, even the lakes, were no longer safe and by “safe”, I mean the water since the people who lived in towns, could no longer go to bathe there or collect water for their daily life and also certain types of species became toxic and others ceased to exist since many who went fishing, did so in large quantities as if the fish were going to run out in hours, and this is what started the end of the world.

Due to this previously, many factories and companies that were in charge of giving trade to seafood, began to create synthetic seafood and these factories, with the toxic gases that they created began to pollute more and more until this contamination entered the farms. livestock and agriculture and all animals and vegetables stopped being produced until they were no longer useful and had to extinguish their existence. And thanks to that more factories created more synthetic foods, and not just seafood, now it had to be all kinds of food.

And now we go to the final phase of the problem, the “AMBITION”. In 2020 to 2022 we saw a great evolution in technology, because there was a global pandemic that ended a large part of the human population in the entire world, and it is that despite the fact that there is already a vaccine against this virus called Covid- 19, there are still people who die because of not believing in it. But let’s not lose the topic, when the Covid-19 issue happened there was a quarantine and in it, we could observe too many technological advances, such as new phones, smart homes, and of course, new machines that helped make human life be easier, and obviously as human beings we always want more advances to have something to talk about at home or with friends and also the companies that are responsible for producing this type of technology also need to create more to have more profits and a better reputation.

And it was there that everything went out of control and they began to create technologies that, to be honest, were well beyond the reach of human intelligence or rather their ability to advance and acquire a higher level of intelligence than of this technology. With these types of advances, people began to lose their jobs and it is only to imagine because back in 2019 there were already machines that could replace fabricators of metal pieces, now in 2030 there were robots that could replace even a teacher.

Thanks to all these advances, companies began to fail because as there were not many jobs anymore, there were not many people who bought their products, and adding the lack of jobs in terms of agriculture and livestock, it can be said that the world was in its last stages. And the creepiest thing is that we created all of this ourselves and, as was said at the beginning, the world is not like a starfish that, despite having a piece removed, it can be regenerated. In the middle of the year 2032 everything was about to collapse, people in the street began to be seen as something usual, there was more crime, and natural disasters began to increase due to all the pollution that we had created, by this point most of the humans were regretting for everything we caused.

But something that we did not know and did not take into account is that NASA scientists were always one step ahead of us. Until they gave the news that they had already thought that this was going to happen and that is why they were studying, doing thousands of experiments with humans and with other species, the probabilities of inhabiting another planet called “red-18”, when they said that, the population that remained in all the countries were too happy, until they announced a disadvantage of the idea and it was that due to those experiments were done in a short and hurried time, they still did not know if it would work for a lifetime and for so many humans, in conclusion and to explain it better is that not all could go because they were not sure that they would all survive, and that before they had to experiment with a few families first but to be chosen they had to go through certain tests and agreements.

With this news people began to worry because they wanted to go to the other planet but they were not sure they wanted to because they did not want to die trying, thanks to that, few families went to do the experiments, including mine, two weeks later they announced to the two families that would go to the new planet and those were my family and that of my best friend; Although we were nervous about what could happen, we knew that if we stayed on Earth we would die sooner or later so we decided to try it and if it worked we would remain as history as the first families to inhabit another planet.

The preparation for the trip to space began and after six months full of practices and certain knowledge about the planet “red-18”, the trip began, we arrived there after 1 year and we began the experiment, 2 years passed and we were still alive so they started creating more trips with more population.

Now, 3 years later in 2037 we are the majority of the population that remained before we left because the others did not make it up to this point, but we are well and acquiring new knowledge, the only thing I hope is that this planet lasts us much longer and not go back to making the same mistake as with the past one.

With Love,


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