Devil Knight The Scholars of Aria

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One years has pass and Crono Zunder faces his most dangerous enemy an ancient enemy of the Old World return to finish what they started eons ago and tries bring everything to extinction once more. (Recommend you Read "Devil Knight" then "Devil Knight Vampiric Lords" then "Devil Knight Nightmare of Alassa" as this is Sequel to them.)

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A Normal Life in Cathedrals

In the city of Cathedral which was one of the most advance city in the world it been one year since Crono Zunder Legendary Cadet Knight has merged the world back together in that time he saved two cities from total destruction and had finally came back to his home able to rest a bit but Crono didn’t take much time off as he wanted to return to his duties as a Cadet Knight.

In resident district in a house which has become Crono’s house. Upstairs in a bedroom a Young man was putting on a black battle suit with green stripes the green is to show he a Soldier Division in the Cadet Knight a new model which can now keep your body warm in below zero weather and in the neck part if he press a button his helmet forms around his head. He had black hair mid length to his shoulders, pale skin and red eyes this was Crono Zunder. Crono looks in the mirror and sees his hair and says, “I need a haircut then again I’ve been busy of late.” Crono then finish and heads downstairs to the kitchen.

In the Kitchen of Crono’s House there was a young woman with long blonde hair to her back, pale and she had red eyes she was wearing a blue dress with and white apron. This was Irene Kramer this was Crono’s Girlfriend. Irene was making breakfast. There was something on the table what looks like a little green octopus in a jar with one red eye seem to be reading a book this was Azah, God of Nightmares.” Azah Jar has two little holes on it so he can use tentacles. Azah flips the page. Crono then says, “good morning.” Irene then says, “good morning Crono sleep well.” Crono then says, “no I think someone is mad at me.” Azah then says, “wasn’t me just bad luck plus my power is limited in this form.” Crono then says, “really well you got me real good at work already.” Azah then says, “I just didn’t want to hear that woman yell.” Irene then says, “Alana well no sleeping on the job.” Crono then says, “where Abel.” Irene then says, “he left he had a meeting this morning.” Irene then give Crono a plate of eggs and toast. Crono then says, “does he even sleep.” Azah then says, “no he watches TV at night with me.” Crono then says, “must be great to be nocturnal.” Irene then says, “you better eat before you go.” Crono then says, “alright.” Crono then eats his breakfast and gets up and grabs Azah’s jar.” Crono then says, “ready for work.” Azah says, “you doing boring paperwork and I sit in a jar all my life no thanks.” Crono then says, “to bad Alana’s order you need to be watched just be glad she didn’t make you sit in Cathedral Prison for what you done in Alassa.” Azah then looks away from him in the jar. Crono then says, “well we are off.” Irene then kisses him on the check and says, “have a good day.”

Crono and Azah then leave the house and start walking to work. Azah looks and sees a bunch of people happy and enjoying themselves. Azah then says, “you humans make me sick.” Crono then says, “were all not that bad now.” Azah then says, “sure doesn’t mean I have to like them.” Crono then says, “almost a year living with us still hasn’t change you did they really did something so horrible to your sister that you can never rust humans well you be living in that jar forever at this rate.” Azah then says, “better then trying to befriend them.” Crono worries about Azah even though at one point he was his enemy at one point but truly wish for Azah that he could coexist with humans.

Crono and Azah get to the Cadet Headquarter and head for the Soldier Division to his and Joel’s office he sits Azah in the coffee table and says, “what channel.” Azah then says “Thirty Five.” Crono then turns the TV on to the channel which was the history channel. Crono then says, “there you go.” Azah then says, “thanks.” Crono then goes to his desk and starts his paper work. Azah keeps watching until they get to the part where they explain the war between Cathedral and Obelisk and the War Hero Reggie Zunder, Crono’s deceased Uncle.” Azah then says, “even after millions of years you humans still fight each other for nothing.” Crono then says, “That war wasn’t pointless by then Obelisk was doing terrible crimes like slavery that was the reason we fought them years ago.” Azah then says, “nothing change at all.” They then see a man in a cadet soldier with a dark green cape on he had blonde hair and blue eyes this was the Captain of the Soldier, Joel Flynn. Joel then says, “Ah Crono doing work like usual and Azah learning of our history.” Crono then says, “how was the meeting.” Joel then says, “oh you know we just stand there and listen to Alana for three hours.” Crono then says, “anything on us.” Joel then says, “nope we good.” Crono then says, “how was Abel.” Joel then says, “good he understands quickly then most now that he the Captain of the Lancers.” Crono then says, “he a skilled warrior I know first hand.” Joel then says, “yeah you told me about Vampires, Nightmares and Even God at one point.” Azah then says, “that fool.” Crono then says, “the false god right Azah.” Azah stays quiet. Joel then says, “jeez never seen him like this that much usual he like talking.” Crono then says, “he in a mood today but if I was in a jar I would too.” Joel then says, “I know what would cheer him up let’s go get burger for lunch” Crono then says, “I could go for a burger today.”

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