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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Journal Entry

Day 468.

I can’t believe it’s been four hundred and sixty eight days since this started. It’s been four hundred and sixty eight days since… since I freed Natalie from this horrible virus. Not that I’m counting, it just seems to be stuck there in my head. I am haunted by questions. Did I do the right thing? Why her? Why not me? I’m sure she is better off up there with the angels than being down here in this lonely, evil place.

Yesterday I had a run in with the Screamers. They had been stalking me for days and they finally found my house. There were too many of them, I had no choice but to blow them to pieces… and my house in the process. My house is now gone. I’m sad but I couldn’t stay locked up in there any longer. It has been over a year since all this kicked off and no help seems to be coming. I have faced the fact that I’m on my own. I may find others, but even then, I am alone. How do I know if they are friendly? How do I know they won’t rob me for all I have? At the moment I have very little, everything went up in smoke with the house. I have limited supplies. I need to find food and water, the shelves in the shops and houses around here are all empty now. I have maybe a week’s supply of food. Not good.

I have siphoned enough diesel to last a good few hundred miles or so. I am going to move further afield to look for supplies and hopefully find a safe place to sleep. Until then I will sleep in my truck.

Emotionally I feel like I’m losing grip. Now that the comfort of home is gone, I feel alone, not just lonely but… alone. I have not talked to another human for months, I only talk here, to my only friend - a piece of paper. I suppose it keeps me sane. Whisky helps too! But my alcohol supplies are also running low.

I’m going to head south. In a few months, winter will be upon me and I have nowhere to keep warm but this truck. Birds head south for winter, so I figure ‘What the hell’ I will too. If nothing else, it will be a few degrees warmer than here.

As always, I will talk to you again my friend.



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