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Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Journal Entry


Today, the service station was broken into by the gang of men that kidnapped myself and Amanda all those months ago. I thought they would have been dead by now, but obviously they were still hunting people down in this corner of the country. It must have been pure chance that they stumbled upon this place.

Anyway, I took care of two of them. It didn’t feel good at all, but in order to survive, I had to do it. In fact, it feels really bad. We need everyone we can find to make this thing easier, but these men were hell bent on themselves surviving at any cost.

At the same time, we were attacked by a Screamer. Luckily, the Screamer took care of the leader before he had chance to shoot me. But then the Screamer attacked me too. If it wasn’t for Amanda, I’d be dead.

Which brings me to the point of this entry, this particular Screamer had… evolved. I think that’s the best word to describe it. There was no human left, maybe a little bit in the eyes, but the rest was plant-like. It was well protected by vines that had completely covered its body and it could grow those vines instantly to catch and wrap up its prey. The vines were strong. I tried to cut through them but they were too tough, if I did manage to cut them, the wound would heal. Amanda stabbed it in the back several times and it appeared to have little effect. It was only after I stabbed the knife into its scull that it fell to the ground and died. They no longer have human blood, it’s almost like plant sap. I’d guess at them being 80% plant and 20% human, yet they seem to be very intelligent. I think we are going to struggle to outsmart these creatures.

On the plus side of things, I have my rifle back, and Amanda has a pistol now too. We stand a slightly better chance of surviving now.

For now, I am going to repair the damaged doors and we will stay here for a few days until we figure out where we are going to go. There is no point living out our days holed up in a service station. Maybe there are other survivors out there that could use some help, or maybe we are on our own, I don’t know. But I need to find out.


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