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Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Journal Entry

The Doc informed me today that I am infected. The cure has stopped it from developing further but it would appear that I am half Screamer. Not sure how I feel about that. On the plus side, it means I am stronger and quicker. On the minus side… What if the virus somehow takes over and turns me fully into one of them. I guess I have to live each day to the fullest and not dwell on things that might never happen.

So, what’s happened since my last journal entry, let me think.

Oh yeah, we caught a Screamer! That’s the good news. The bad news is that that’s how I became infected. It shot a vine into my chest and pumped in the virus or poison or whatever you want to call it. When I woke up, I paid a visit to my angry, imprisoned friend and injected him with the cure and injected myself at the same time. I knew I was sick, I knew that my days or hours were numbered, so I just did it. But like I said before, it doesn’t seem to be a cure. It halts the process, stops it in its tracks. So I shouldn’t get any worse and my Screamer friend won’t get any better.

The other news is that the Screamer spoke. It actually said, or growled rather, a few words. “No peace”, “Nature”, and “No more humans”. The last one chilled me to the bone but made me realise that we have to stop these things from completely wiping out the human race.

The Doc, Amanda and myself have had a long talk and have come to the conclusion that nature is aware that everything has been screwed up and is trying to reset itself. No more Screamers, no more technology and pollution. Starting again from scratch, so to speak.

We are going load up a vehicle with food and medical supplies and venture out in search of other survivors. Friendly survivors, hopefully. Then we can rebuild some sort of civilised existence. If we see any of those creatures on our travels, then I won’t hesitate to kill them by any means necessary. Harsh I know, but we can’t coexist with them. They are the result of a mistake that our government and probably governments worldwide have made.

It may be selfish, but all that matters is the survival of our new family and any other survivors we can find.


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