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Who doesn't really wanna know what really happened in those stories that were half told? Imagine if flies could open their mouths and tell you the whole story. This little fly in particular has alot to say and it ain't about trash. Take a second and come into a flies mind to see how much people really don't know about there own surroundings.

Scifi / Mystery
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Now as a fly, I've seen countless unseen activities. Things you couldn't imagine. Things you wouldn't believe. The twenty three day life span of a fly is very entertaining. The phrase fly on the wall is very true for me because I can sit on the wall, eat my trash and watch future unsolved mysteries unfold just like if I were at the movies.

Every fly on earth knows each other. That's a big reason why we know every little thing that ever happens.

I have a couple of stories that I'd like to share with you. The first one's about this guy named Andrew that stayed in Manhattan. At about twenty six years old as a manager at KFC, he was getting tired of how his life was set up. Hes been a manager there for at least three years, and his pay was still looking like shit.

Getting off of work and coming home to an empty apartment everyday wasn't so exciting for him either.

After living a twenty six year life of being lied to and betrayed by his friends and foster parents, he recently cut them off. He found out a couple of years back that his foster parents weren't really his real parents. They decided to come clean after his real mother finally decided to come find him.

His mother was only fifteen when she had him and he was put up for adoption. She didn't want him anyways. She was just hot in the ass and mistakenly gotten pregnant.

Being that her parents knew this and had no intentions on helping taking care of another child, adoption didn't sound too bad. They kinda figured something like this was gonna happen anyways. They preached to her all the time but she never listened. She was a disobedient child.

Andrews life living with his foster parents wasn't all that bad. He had a normal regular childs life. He really had no needs for anything.

After shutting everything down at his job and coming home to his apartment, he checked his answering machine. Five messages were on there. The last message came from a restaurant called Windows On The World. They wanted him to come in for an interview the next morning at eight.

He applied for this job about a week ago. They payed more and it was a very different environment. He was looking forward on just being a regular employee again. Being a manager was more stressful than what he thought.

He sat on his couch and turned on his television while cracking open a beer. "Damn, I still can't believe Aaliyah dead man." He said to himself taking a few sips from his can.

They were still talking about how much weight there was on that plane to make it go down and crash the way that it did with the young talented singer Aaliyah inside of it.

"Um um um. Baby had a bright future ahead of her too. Damn." As he continued to shake his head.

One of his friends called his phone. Looking at his caller ID, he decided not to answer. The person that was calling was a friend that betrayed him a while back still trying to get Andrew to talk to him.

About a couple of months ago, him and that friend were at a club and a fight broke out between Andrew and some other guys. The friend that just called him didn't jump in. As a matter of fact he snuck off pretending he didn't know a fight was going on.

Andrew knew a girl that was at the club that night. She use to work at KFC. The friend that snuck off didn't know that.

After security broke the fight up, with Andrew curled up on the ground with a bloody nose and mouth, his friend snuck back pretending he was coming from the restroom checking to see if Andrew was ok.

The girl that use to work at KFC with Andrew seen everything. She went to go see how he was doing also.

"Yo son you good? What the fuck happened?" Andrews friend came up asking.

The girl twisted up her mouth at him letting him know that she knew where he was hiding.

They all helped Andrew up, leaving the club shortly after that.

"Man where the fuck was you at nigga?" Andrew screamed at his friend on the ride home.

"I was in the bathroom. I told you that shit."

Andrew tucked his bottom lip into his mouth feeling that it was swelling up.

When he got home, he got a phone call from the girl that he use to work with. She still remembered his number. She use to call him quite often to tell him that she wasn't coming to work. That was the main reason they fired her. Andrew tried to save her but he couldn't. She knew that. That's why she wasn't mad at him.

"I hope you know that nigga you rolling wit a fraud Andrew." She told him.

"What you mean?" He asked her kinda knowing where she was going with this.

She told him what really happened while he was getting jumped on. Explaining to him why she thought he did what he did. He knew she had no reason to lie to him.

When she use to call in for work, she would just plain out tell him that she just didn't feel like coming in. No employee has ever been that straight forward with him. She wasn't dumb at all. Just had no time for bullshit.

Ever since that night he got jumped on, Andrew has been ducking and dodging that guy not wanting anything else to do with him.

While Andrew was drinking his beer, looking at the phone ring, the guy left a message on the answering machine.

"Son, what's up wit ya? You been on some like real deal funny shit lately kid. Hit ya boy back aight."

Shaking his head after listening to the message, Andrew walked back over to his television to cut it off and to go into his bedroom to set his alarm for him to get up the next morning for his interview.

Laying in bed, he was thinking about how his life was currently set up. The people that surrounded him. What he had to show for it. It wasn't much and it was sorta leaving him in a dark spot while everyone else was living their life, looking and seeming like everything was going perfect for them.

"Damn, all mothafuckas do is lie and try and get ova on a mothafucka. Ain't no such thang as loyalty now a days." He said to himself laying in his bed watching the fan spin around.

He had a girlfriend not too long ago who just had a baby. Quite naturally thinking that the baby was his, she came clean one day telling him that the baby might've been someone elses. As sad and shocking as the situation was for him, he knew that he had to get a blood test to make sure he wasn't putting anymore wasted time into something that had nothing to do with him. The test results came back that he wasn't the father, and the relationship ended immediately after that. He made her move out of his apartment and she moved back in with her mother.

The other guy who she messed around with ended up going to jail two days later for a gun and drug charge.

She only talked to Andrew one time after that, after calling him at least twenty to thirty times a day without him answering, trying to apologize and explain what was really going on because he wasn't trying to hear it earlier before the blood results had even came back.

He really loved that girl and that baby. He was also about to ask her to marry him. He thought he was doing everything right but apparently not, and he had no patience to listen to anything that she was trying to explain to him. She was already pregnant when her and Andrew first met. About four or five days pregnant if I'm not mistaken. She didn't even know at the time herself. Her and the other guy were still talking.

It didn't take long for Andrew and the girl to start having sex. A couple days into it. Then the pregnant symptoms started to kick in about a month later.

She only had sex with the other guy once. He shortly turned himself in because he had a warrant out for his arrest. He got out about ten months later already knowing that she had a baby and it might've his. They never talked while he was locked up but he still heard things while he was in there.

She knew it was a possibility too because they didn't use any protection.

To make a long story short, they immediately found each other once he got out and he told her that he wanted to be in the childs life if the child was his.

Andrew and the other guy both took blood tests without Andrew even knowing the other guy had even took his. Andrew's came back first. Shortly after that, the other guy ends up going to prison, and yes, he was the father.

The next morning the alarm goes off to wake Andrew up so he could make it to his interview.

Riding up to the building were his job interview was at, he would have a ways to go up before he got to where he needed to go. It was the twin towers.

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