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Set in the city of Tokyo, Japan. The world ended after the explosion of a Chemical Plant alongside a virus, leaving the remaining survivors of Tokyo to retreat to an underground base, governed by the Prime Minister of Tokyo, the outside world inhabitable to them. Young Kimura Hiro, a victim of the incident (Black Storm), wakes up blind in an underground base, along with a group of kids quarantined in the same room away from the rest civilians. They are told of the shocking disaster and 28 of them, their genetic structure altered by the deadly virus responsible for wiping half of humanity. But is the virus the only enemy to them? How come a Chemical Plant for generation suddenly explode? What lies in store for the Bio-genetics? Find out as you experience the thrilling dark adventure of the Bio-genetics, through trials and harsh cruel reality, as they strive to reclaim the surface (The outside world) lost to them. ©All Rights Reserved

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1: Black Storm

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** Solemn Silence **

** Heart Beats Slowly **

The era of extinction...

Kimura Hiro took slow breaths as he turned, the calm wind blew around him weightlessly, his clothes danced with the rhythm of the wind. His spiky dull red hair in several lining, dance freely. His chocolate brown eyes broaden in enthrallment at the large Chemical Plant in a distance, giving strange vibes that sent shivers to his spine. He wondered if he was the only one sensing something out of the ordinary. Something was off and his whole body was unease just by the feel of it.

The large Chemical Plant in a distance, made of clean irons and pipes, standing tall reaching the skies. At the tip evaporated black smokes into the bright blue skies.

The very existence of humanity...

The Chemical Plant gave beaming vibes that vibrated, shocking the earth thoroughly. Hiro's broaden eyes shaking tremendously.

Wiped like a blank paper...

Hiro slowly turned to his parents. They faced him with a broaden grin against their lips.

That day it was calm and pleasant...

Hiro trembling eyes fixed on them both.

A day I wished that could last forever...

The birds in the skies soaring freely, in a calm rhythm.

I never knew the value of that one pleasant moment...

Suddenly the Chemical Plant went off in an enormous explosion, levitating up into the skies embodied with smokes and flames broadly.

If only that day never happened...

The explosion leveled down gradually in an enormous wave, wiping everything in sight.

The day of the Black Storm.

Tokyo, Japan

Year 2020

The Kimura's Resident

Hiro flashed open his chocolate brown eyes, staring at the white ceiling, he took harsh breaths as held his forehead that had beads of sweat. His breath calmed down. Some weird dream. He thought sitting up, his eyes scanned his room.

It was wide in space, his bed was wide also but not enough to take the space in the room. A wide screen TV at the other end, bookshelves and a wide wardrobe.

His eyes drifted to the game pad scattered on the brown floor. The video game must have messed with my head. He thought turning to face the window, his eyes landed on the Chemical Plant at a far distance. A really weird dream. He thought again with a scowl against his features, his eyebrow flicking together.

"Hiro dear are you still in bed?!" his mom voice came in.

Hiro's eyes drifted away from the window towards his room door. It clicked open and his mom step in.

Kimura Aiko was a beauty in her age, dark long waist length hair and light coffee brown eyes.

"You look fashionably dressed this morning" Hiro blurted, raising an eyebrow.

He knew his mom was always casual looking, even as a professor she was, her looks didn't count to her, just what she always have to offer to her students in terms of knowledge, to the point Hiro nicknamed his mom 'The casual mom professor'. Much to Aiko disagreement.
She blushed.

"Now, now dear, you don't need to compliment me" she said flushed, waving her hand in front of her face.

"It could only mean one thing" Hiro said facetious.

"Dad is coming home isn't he?”

Aiko paused her action as she smiled broadly and nodded.

"He finally coming home aren't you excited?!" she asked.

An intense silence came from Hiro as his expression changed in less than a second.

"I couldn't be happier" his tone was in a sarcastic matter that made Aiko's smile fade slowly.

"Hiro" she said his name with no humor in it.

"Well I better get ready then. Dad is coming home" he said the last part robustly.

He got off his head walking towards his bathroom swiftly and then shutting the door.

Aiko sighed.

On their way to the airport in a black SUV car, Hiro played a car race game in his transparent iPad, it was the center of his attention to take his mind off where they were going. The car stopped in a small holdup. The traffic was overbearing for Hiro, especially with the loud car horns blowing everywhere. Too bad he left his earpiece at home, because he could really use it right now.

"My my, I hope we get there in time" Aiko said checking her watch, she couldn't wait to get to the airport.

"I apologize Mr.’s Kimura, it seems we will be a bit late" their driver said, his eyes at the review mirror.

"It's alright" Aiko said as a smile pursed up her lips.

"Or we could just turn back" Hiro said rolling his eyes.

"Hey Hiro!" Aiko hissed, pulling his ear hard.

"Ouch! Ouch! Mom!" he cried in pain.

"Quit the attitude!" she hissed at him.


Hiro scowling, his arms folded as they waited inside the wide hall filled with crowd exiting and entering. Hiro and Aiko stood close to the entrance. What's the use of being here, when he's just gonna go back again. He thought rolling his eyes.

Aiko was beyond happy knowing her husband was around, she just couldn't wait to see him as the excitement thrilled her insides, it has been months since they last saw him.

In a distance, a man walked towards the entrance carrying a bag, he had dull red hair with little spikes, kept short and dark brown chocolate eyes. He was dressed formally on a dark blue uniform and a hat, his eyes searched the crowd. He smiled when it landed on his wife.

"Dear!" Aiko said in a high pitch voice due to the noise in the airport.

"How is it possible you can see him in such a crowd" Hiro said hearing his mom, he faced her. His mouth dropped.

"Really mom...“ Hiro said with white eyes.

Aiko shaped her fingers like a binocular just to sight her husband faster.

"Look Hiro, your dad's here" Aiko said.

"Yeah I can see that" he said sarcastic, he was a bit embarrassed by his mom childish antics.

Hiro faced forward and his eyes landed on his dad. After five months he was finally back.

"Tsk!" Hiro just made an annoyed sound looking away. Aiko rushed to her husband giving him a hug in a tight embrace.

"Welcome back, dear" Aiko said breaking the hug.

"It's good to be back" Kimura Haruto said with a warm smile, they both stared at each other eyes not minding the people around. Their face inches apart.

"Please don't kiss or anything you guys are in public" Hiro's voice came in.

Aiko blushed.

"Come on don't say things like that" Aiko said innocently like that wasn't about to happen.

Oh Hiro you mood killer. She thought mischievously.

Haruto just chuckled nervously scratching the back of his head. His eyes drifted to his son who didn't meet eyes with him.

"Hey Hiro!" Haruto said with a broad grin spreading against his lips as he playfully scattered his hair.

"Quit it dad!" Hiro said moving away as his cheeks heated, embarrassed.

"It's nice to see you son, I missed you guy’s a lot" Haruto said amused.

Hiro looked away.

"Yeah, Welcome back" he grumbled under his breath, he turned walking away.

Haruto looks instantly sadden.

"He's still angry isn't he?!" Haruto asked.

"Yes, he really expected you to come on his birthday last week" Aiko said sad.

"Dammit! I can't believe I missed him turning 11" Haruto said rubbing the back of his head.

"Um dear!" Aiko said with her eyes close as her sweat drop.

"Hmm?" he turned to his wife.

"He just turned 12" she said. Haruto mouth dropped.

In a distance Hiro overheard their conversation. His fist tighten, his eyes lingering on his dad and then his uniform, the two stars and eagle and the name tag 'General Kimura'. His teeth clenched, he hated it all, the position, the rank, the uniform. He turned in anger walking back to the car.


The Kimura's Resident

"So dear how long are you staying?!" Aiko asked, turning a plate for Haruto.

They were in their wide dining room filled with antiques. They sat at the center, a servant walked to and fro serving the dishes on the dining table, before stepping out.

Hiro's eyes drifted to his dad for his reply.

"Well I only have a week, the Prime Minister have another assignment for me" Haruto said digging in his food.

"Really dear! We can spend more time together" Aiko said excited.

Normally anytime he was back home from the states it was only two or three days he spent at home.

"Well at least it's longer this time" Hiro said flippant under his breath as he ate.

But they heard him, Aiko looks sadden. Haruto dropped the rice plate and chopsticks on the table.

"Yes Hiro, so tell me is there any place you would like to go?!" Haruto asked with a smile against his lips.

Hiro's eyes were fixed on his dad, they both stared at each other in extreme silence. Haruto with a jocular look, Hiro scowling.

Aiko looked back and forth the two.

"Um..." she pointed out.

"The time I needed you, you weren't there" Hiro blurted.

"Am sorry I missed your birthday" Haruto said sad.

"How old am I?!" Hiro asked contemptuous.

"Hiro!" Aiko warned, she didn't like the tone he used.

"You're 12 of course" Haruto said. Hiro slammed his hands on the table.

"THAT'S BECAUSE MOM TOLD YOU!" he shouted getting up.

"HIRO!" Aiko shouted at him.

"It's alright Aiko" Haruto said with an unreadable expression. Aiko turned to him.

"But dear" she said.

Hiro clenched his teeths.

"You may be here" Hiro began as his furious eyes landed on Haruto.

"But you will always be away".

Their eyes lock for seconds, the heated stare coming from Hiro mostly.

He ran out of the dining room upstairs.

"Hiro" Aiko said worried, about going to him but Haruto placed a hand on hers. He shake his head negatively as he smiled.

"It's alright Aiko, this is mine call I will talk to him" Haruto said fidgeting.

Aiko eyes trembled staring at her husband.

She nodded.

Haruto stood in front of Hiro's door, he took a deep breath adjusting the wrapped package he held and then loosen his tie a bit before knocking, but no answer. He knocked again.

"Hiro am coming in" Haruto said. He waited for a minute before opening the door, stepping into the wide room.

Hiro was seated on a futon, his legs crossed, his gaze fixed on the wide screen TV, his fingers moving on the game pad. A headset on his head with a mouth piece.

"Hiro" Haruto began but no answer but he knew Hiro heard him. He walked towards him and sat on his bed dropping the package beside him. For a second Hiro eyes drifted to it but then back at the screen.

"Am sorry" Haruto began once more.

"I know I messed up because of my work, and am not always around" he add sighing.

"I just want you to know, I will always love you".

But still no answer, Haruto eyes drifted to the car race game on the screen. He smiled remembering when he played with Hiro when he was five, back then he wasn't promoted and not too stuck up with work, he missed those times when they had all the time in the world.

"I see you're still into car race games, I thought you would have upgraded to military games so that you could surpass your old man" Haruto said in a jocular manner.

"I hate them" Hiro finally said flippantly, he kept playing his game.

"I hate the guns, the explosions, I hate everything".

Haruto smile faded knowing why he did.

"I see" Haruto said.

"You hate what I do that's why" Haruto add looking away.

"It's alright" he said again rising to his feet, hands in his pocket.

"Your mom and I planned an outing tomorrow at the amusement park, we think it would be nice so get ready okay. You have me for one week, anything you wanna do" Haruto said walking towards the door.

"Good night son" he turned with a broaden smile against his lips.

But then he pause hoping to hear a response from Hiro but nothing. Haruto smile faded slowly, he step out shutting the door.

Hiro turned to the package, his eyes lingering on it for a moment before turning back to the screen. He sighed turning to the package once more, he unravel it, a tag there. 'I know it's late but happy birthday son'. He opened it and froze. He brought out an headset, black in color but also in form of neon, the sides with a button each lined with red, It was the latest model not even out on market yet, he has always wanted it ever since he read it online. His looks darken, his fist squeezing against the headset. He didn't even know whether he should be mad at him or not.

"How did it go dear?!" Aiko asked as Haruto walked into their large room.

She was on their majestic bed relaxing, a book at hand, wearing her medicated glasses. The table light on, on the nightstand close to their bed.

"Well I know you can guess" Haruto said sighing, he was stressed out. Aiko looks sadden, she removed her glasses placing it on the nightstand.

"I take it... it didn't go well" she said. Haruto sighed again sitting on the bed.

"Ever since I got promoted, he's changed, well I know he has always been naive but he's gotten worse, we aren't close like we use to anymore" Haruto said with trembling eyes.

Aiko moved close to her husband, she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I also tried to talk to him, he just uses studying and games to wave it off" she said sighing.

"I just feel we should give him time, he's still young, he dosen't understand the way the world works" she add.

A small smile formed on Haruto's lips.

"He's a gifted kid, he will come around" he said facing his wife. She closed her eyes giving him a charming smile.

"Now don't think of anything" she said pushing him forward, he stiffen as she placed his head on her lap, patting his head gently.

"You have had a long journey just relax. Hiro is our son, he's strong willed just like you. We just have to be there for him" she said gently. Haruto smiled relaxing his head more on her lap.

"Yes, we just have to be there for him, always" he said.

Next Day

It was a sunny bright day in the city of Tokyo, buildings stood tall and brilliant, it had an amazing scenery that could enthrall anyone eyes just by the mere sight of it. At the center of the city was a large Chemical Plant made of clean irons and pipe, the magnificent tall Plant powered both energy and chemical wastes in the city, the pipes above giving off black smokes into the skies but didn't affect the city. It was a sight to behold.

The Higa's Residence

In a quiet neighborhood close to the road inside.

Higa Shino shaky eyes were fixed on his sister, he had dim white full hair and hazel eyes, two scars on his side left cheek and one slashing his nose. His little sister, Higa Michi, groaned in pain, sweating profusely, she had short curly dark hair and dim blue eyes. Shino placed a hand on her forehead, which held beads of sweat.

"Your fever is getting high" Shino said worried, he bought out his phone about calling his dad but then he paused.
Dad is probably busy. Shino thought, his teeth clenched. It's up to me. He thought again with tighten fist. He slide his phone back in his pocket.

His dad was rarely home, so it falls down to him to be the grown up and care for himself and his little sister. He understood how important his dad work was, Michi was also important but he knew he was capable of caring for her in the absence of their dad.

'I will be right back, I have to get you some drugs' Shino motioned in sign language, saying the words to his deaf and dumb sister. She nodded feebly.

'Don't take long, I will be waiting for you' she motioned with her hands in feebly.

'I will surely come back I promise. Wait for me' Shino said in sign language. She forced a feeble smile.

Shino pulled the covers more against her body, she closed her eyes taking harsh breaths with each breath she took. He rose to his feet walking to the door sliding it open, he turned to Michi, his worried eyes lingering on her once more, before he step out. He slide the door behind, he sighed bringing out his wallet, he counted.

"This is everything" Shino said with trembling eyes.
Our allowance is over for the week but this should get some drugs, then I will call dad. He thought. I have to take care of Michi. He was determined as he walked out. He knew his dad will be back home soon, so he wasn't that much worried about their lack of recourses.

The Saito's Residence

In a small neighborhood, the sound of dog backing could be heard. In a bungalow house not close to the road side, inside.

Saito Ten took some money from a purse on the table, he had dark messy hair that suit his looks and his overweight body.

He swallowed hard, his deep blue eyes moved to and fro as he counted the money. Alright that should do it, with these I can get Kaiyo a gift. He thought as the medicated glasses he wore shined blank white, he smiled mischievously. He just couldn't wait to get his very special friend a gift, she was the one who always stood up for him when no one did, and she was worth getting a gift even a million times. He smiled broadly at the thought.

"Caught you big brother!" Saito Kagami said in a high pitch voice, she was Ten's little sister, having dark short hair and light green eyes.

Ten fidgeted slightly with a squeak as his glasses cleared.

"Dammit Kagami! You almost gave me a heart attack" Ten said stunned taking a deep breath.

"Caught you stealing from mom's purse, she won't be happy when she finds out" Kagami said in a sing tone voice.

Ten just rolled his eyes.

"I know you won't tell, just tell me what you want" Ten said facetiously, with a bird like shaped mouth. Kagami smiled brightly as she clam her hands together in excitement.

"An ice cream from the amusement park near by" Kagami said grinning broadly.

"It's a deal then, but am leaving right after that" Ten said adjusting his glasses.

Kagami nodded in agreement.

"Deal!" her voice cheerful.

"But what's the money for?!" she add curiously.

"I want to get a gift for Kaiyo, today's her birthday" Ten said smiling broadly.

"Oh your girlfriend" Kagami said jocularly.

"She's not my girlfriend... but well she's a girl and my friend... but not my girlfriend okay" Ten said in defiance as his whole face heated.

Kagami stared at him dumbfounded, her eyebrow twitched.

"But it's the same thing!" she protest.

"No it's not!" Ten
hissed with blank white eyes.

"Now let's go or no ice-cream for you" Ten threaten as he walked out.

"Big brother" Kagami cried comically with anime eyes, running after him.

Amusement Park

The park was joyful and colorful with crowds, different activities going on, games, clowns, lots of competitions and so many others going on.
The big roller coaster ride spinning with people in it.

Hiro walked with his parents exploring colorful theme park.

"Here you go Hiro" Aiko said handling him an ice cream, he took it.
Her eyes landed on his headset around his neck. A sweet smile formed against her lips.

"Ah I see, your dad got you a present, hope you like it" she said jocularly.

"Late birthday present", Hiro corrected.

"Even at that I know you like it, even though you don't show it!” Aiko playfully scattered his head.

"Mom!" Hiro moved away from her embarrassed.

"Make sure you tell him thank you, okay!”

"Tsk!” he just made a sound looking away.

"Your dad loves you", her look turned serious.

"Whatever" he murmured under his breath.

"Aiko, Hiro! Over here let's play some games and win prizes" Haruto said holding a toy gun, getting ready to engage, Aiko rushed to him.

"Oh yes! Let's win tons of prizes", she squeaked.

"Over here Hiro!" Aiko called waving at him.

Hiro's eyes landed on the toy gun his dad held. He turned away from them, walking further away.

"Just give him some time dear" Aiko said to her husband. Haruto sighed, forcing a smile, nodding.


Hiro stared at the skies, watching the birds soaring freely in the skies. He was about taking a lick at his ice cream when a fat boy bumped into him, the ice cream falling on the ground in the process.

"Hey! Watch where you are going!" Hiro fired at him.

"Am sorry, am sorry sorry sorry" Saito Ten said frivolously as he bowed his head countlessly in apology and ran out in a hurry.

Hiro watched the fat boy running away. His eyes landed on the ice cream on the ground, melting away. He grimaced, looking back up, slightly pissed.

"Weirdo!" Hiro said putting on his headset. He pressed a button on it, he needed some music, this day was becoming hectic for him.

"Hello Hiro, my name is Avatar, what can I help you with" He heard a female computer voice, that only him could hear. He froze.

"Avatar?" he said puzzled, he was hoping to hear a song play, but heard this instead.

"Yes Hiro I was installed by your father to assist you with all you need".

"A computer program?! But I thought this was just a music headset, with self-download".

"I am
a headset but I can also provide you with other needs. Calls, music, orders, communications and so much more" Avatar said flippantly.

"He did that, for me?!" he said with stunned looks.

"Yes Hiro, would you like to confirm?!”

"What?!" Hiro said dumbfounded.

"Calling dad", the call went through with a dial sound.

"What?! No no no!" Hiro panicked. He turned to his dad's direction. Hiro panicked more when his dad brought out his phone, He froze when he smiled broadly and answered it. Haruto eyes landed on Hiro, the phone close to his ear.

"Yes Hiro" he heard his dad through the headset speakers. It was like they were in their own world, the rest of the event around invincible to them in fast speed.

"I see you met Avatar, I hope you like her, I programmed her just for you, so anything you need, Hiro" Haruto said.

Silence grew between the two, Hiro's trembling eyes on his dad. He was never always around ever since he got promoted, he was rarely home, rarely came back on holiday's or his birthday.
The distance grow between them ever since it happened, they were like strangers any time he came back home. But right now, their eyes locked together in their own world, Hiro's looks couldn't help but sadden, his eyebrow flicking together endearing.

"Dad I... ", Hiro paused as a strong feeling overwhelmed him. He slowly removed the headset placing it around his neck. He turned.

Hiro took slow breaths, the calm wind blew around him weightlessly, his clothes dance with the wind, his dull red spiky hair freely against the wind. His heart slamming in his chest, knowing he felt something off. What could it be to make him tremble with uneasiness.

The Chemical Plant in a distance stood calmly, the sudden calmness was deceiving, then it gave beaming vibes in form of a loud sound of heartbeat, just once it did.

Hiro eyes shaking tremendously, the feeling he felt, it frighten him to the core, he wondered why, he paid too much to his attention to sense something was about to happen. But was his mind playing tricks on him or clearly that thing was about to combust.

With sharp breaths he turned to his dad, his mom waving at him with a smile against her lips.

I never knew the value of that one pleasant moment...

Hiro close and opened his eyes slowly in motion, each breath he took still sharp and deep.

The Chemical Plant went off in an enormous explosion, levitating up into the skies embodied with smokes and flames broadly. Gaining the attention of everyone.

Nagami Yuki violet eyes drifted away from Hiro she watched from a distance, in the same amusement park. She faced the explosion. Watching the huge fire going up levitating up enormously.

"Kaname look!" a girl said beside Imamura Kaname at the same amusement park, he looked away from the game booth, his black eyes landing on the explosion. He paled.

Saito Ten coming out of a store with a small bag, a smile pressing against his lips. Suddenly the earth he stood on vibrated and shock abundantly, he halted turning, seeing the explosion. His eyes broaden in horror.

Higa Shino walked along the streets with a bag of drugs, he kept trying a number in his phone but he wasn't going through, it was as if his phone service disappeared, the sudden vibration of the earth alerted him, he turned seeing the explosion, he gasped in horror.

Katsuji Haya halted, she carried a package waiting for the cars to pass by and the lights to turn red, her ears were deaf to the raging car horns everywhere. But then she blinked in confusion, watching people stopping, they stared behind her with horror looks, even cars stopped too, people stepping out. She also felt her body vibrate, out of curiosity she turned.

The Masaaki's Resident

Tears fell from Daiki eyes nonstop, he sobbed painfully, his eyes on the ground, tons of papers with drawings scattered on the floor, ripped to pieces. He turned to his mom at the parlor, who stopped crying and stared at the window in total bewilderment. Their house vibrating like an earthquake was about to happen.


The Takai's Resident

Takai Yumi was hidden in a wardrobe, she sobbed as she cried, but then she stopped puzzled when she heard no sounds of mockery from her senior siblings. She gasped as everywhere vibrated suddenly, she trembled in fear of what was happening.

The Nakata Family Dojo

Nakata Mirai carried a boy of eight, seated on her shoulder as they ran around in laughter, other kids cheering her on.

The earth suddenly vibrated gaining their attention.

"What's that?!" Mirai said at the sudden vibration.

"Sensei look!” one of t
he kids pointed out, Mirai's dark yellow eyes followed the trail of her hand to the skies, at a particular area, an enormous explosion was present. She froze.

In a dark alley, Miyuki Sumi, with tears falling from her eyes, walked aimlessly, a bloody dagger at her hand. She wiped her nose with her arm, her clothes bloody also, her body trembling.
Walking out into the streets, she halted her steps, she faced front seeing the explosion a few miles away from her.

On Air

Okura Kaneki turned to the plane window, his palm against his jaw, turbulence struck the plane suddenly. He steadied himself, others in the plane panicked wondering what was happening. Kaneki turned to the window his gaze drifted down, his eyes widen in extreme shock when he saw the explosion.

The Amusement Park

Hiro turned to the explosion, his eyes broaden.

The very existence of humanity...

Haruto panicked, so did Aiko. She rushed to her son, trying to get to Hiro. Saying something inaudible to him.

Wiped like a blank paper...

The explosion from the Chemical Plant leveled down in an enormous wave, coming up ahead with great amount of speed, destruction following it.


Everything was wiped in an instant like a wave, leveling the city.

The day of the Black Storm

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